Reviews for It was just a favor!
marymary123 chapter 25 . 9/27
Please get to it. Please
Cacau Black chapter 25 . 9/27
Edward is a terrible person. This chapter showed he wouldn't respect, love and de te for her how a real mate would do. I hope Aro makes Edward suffer.
Great chapter!
Rebadams7 chapter 25 . 9/27
Oh boy!
catgrl chapter 25 . 9/27
Hmm so Edward had a lot to say here. Wow the things he knows about Carlisle poor Esme. Hmm I’m guessing Bella is the guest getting brought out. Can’t wait for more to come.
traceybuie chapter 25 . 9/27
Edward and Carlisle both are sexist, cheating scumbags. ugh... Does Aro want Edward to kill Bella? WTH? He will not be used to her scent anymore. Peter is gonna go nuts when Aro attempts this plan. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Rebadams7 chapter 24 . 9/26
Well duh! The storm gathers strength as does Charlie
Robin.D chapter 24 . 9/25
I wonder what the storm is she's talking about :-\:-\ good chapter :-):-):-):-)
Robin.D chapter 23 . 9/24
That was a hell of a good chapter :-):,-):-):,-)
kouga's older woman chapter 24 . 9/24
Hope he learns the truth about Alice!
B4bidden chapter 24 . 9/24
so glad u made Edward wait abit longer.
marymary123 chapter 24 . 9/23
The storm of going after Bella and Peter. Bad move
traceybuie chapter 24 . 9/23
So they are reunited with the girls finally. Yay! Marylyn is cryptic as shit. She puts Peter to shame with that trait.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
Missysue32 chapter 24 . 9/23
WoW! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
catgrl chapter 24 . 9/23
Yay at least the guys have finally gotten to the girls. Bella was told that Charlie is becoming a vampire. Can’t wait for more to come.
P.S. Hmm will we get a Charlie POV?
Missysue32 chapter 22 . 9/23
Please Update Soon! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!
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