Reviews for The Lust of Gryffindors
SJ chapter 32 . 7/7
Female reader - you are doing it pretty well for a bloke just note women ideally have 2 different types of O. One with the clit and another type from internal thrusting. Multiples is generally 1 clit O after which it is too sensitive to want stimulated more for a while followed by waves of repeated internal ones. A really good lover should always make sure a lady comes externally before entry then she will absolutely come with him a short time later.
fictionfanfanatic chapter 54 . 6/10
please write more stories like this good god. i loved every chapter you're spelling, and grammar are great.
Solo chapter 5 . 5/18
That was a masterpiece
Lawhai chapter 41 . 5/17
Harry may never tell Draco, but every time Draco is being a little shit, he will know, deep down, that he literally fucked his mother.
Lawhai chapter 25 . 5/17
Does the necromancer get some action?
Frederick Gurney chapter 54 . 5/5
Absolutely incredible. One of the first smut novels that I read, and I think it completely spoiled me. The plot mixed in was perfect, and the smut beautifully written. Everything else that I read just sounds barbaric compared to this.
Cateagle chapter 25 . 4/23
I am surprised Hermione didn't try taking both American boys at once, either in a "spit roast" or in a double penetration.
lulu2613 chapter 48 . 4/22
Pansy and Hermione were my favorite unexpected pairing!
as chapter 1 . 4/1
CrackJack chapter 4 . 3/16
Honestly good story. Also love the writing style. Definitely a fan of your work
Adriaan De Belge chapter 54 . 2/18
I thoroughly enjoyed binge-reading this story. Very refreshing!

Keep going!
Guest chapter 48 . 2/17
i love this smut fic, its so awesome. how do u write this stuff i can barely write an essay
Guest chapter 40 . 2/15
Pansy Parkinson x Harry potter
Henry Cutler chapter 14 . 1/6
In the 6th paragraph you actually used grope in a smut to mean the more common definition, to be reaching for something you can't see. Truly incredible. This is why I read smut, for the moments like this.
noyoosername chapter 54 . 1/5
This is hands-down the best smut fic I've read. Granted, I haven't read a huge amount, but still. There's a perfect balance between smut and story, which I found myself getting invested in despite starting this purely for the smut. Many kinks I really loved (if you're turned off by exhibitionism, this one may not be for you), and some that I didn't, but even the parts I'm not into I found myself reading purely because of how invested I had already become. The divergences from canon are fully believable as an alternate retelling of events, and best of all, it's all very competently-written and extremely hot throughout. The only thing I found myself disappointed with was that a certain character didn't make an appearance around chapter 25/26, but that seems like prime material to be included in a sequel/side story. Fantastic work!
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