Reviews for Kunoichi amongst Heroes
Cyricist001 chapter 65 . 4/16
Doesn't Noriko have access to Sakura's files? She was basically strong armed into UA.
I wonder if she will le it slip that she was trained to kill people and infiltrate places, that would certainly make her more popular with the higher ups (sarcasm aside, the Commission could actually like that if they can pull her strings, I doubt Sakura would say no to some dirty work to let's say remove some bad apples permanently who abuse others but get through the loopholes in the law).
CRUDEN chapter 65 . 4/16
Thank you for the Chapter
silverhawk88 chapter 65 . 4/15
Sakura is like the big sister of the class! I am loving it!
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 65 . 4/15
Sakura trolling bakugou will never not be funny. IDK how feel about her support move.

3milly chapter 65 . 4/15
dorm room spin off!? yes please
Walkmanapprenticewordsmith chapter 65 . 4/15
one thing i wished she said...i DONT want to be a hero. i was forced to be here"
Monster King chapter 65 . 4/15
Awesome work please continue the story
NathanielTheCat chapter 64 . 4/3
Like, I enjoy the story, but I have some issues with it. For example Sakura has absolutely no reason to keep going back, especially considering she can solo most of the MHA universe. She might not be Naruto but she is still really strong. They can't hold her.

So the fact that she just sometimes acts like a doormat is frustrating, as well as when she'd be able to destroy an enemy and just keeps letting allies get in the way. Just call a clone, and remove your ally from the line of fire, and destroy them.

Also, I'm not saying she would kill every enemy, but she would definitely kill enemies like All For One and Overhaul with no mercy, as it should be.
Jonathan chapter 64 . 4/2
Gran capitulo es pero con ansias el próximo y de las otras historias cuando subirás
Dak1on chapter 64 . 4/2
Can't wait to read how that show-off went. Great chapter!
zakan chapter 64 . 4/1
Good chapter
Luxo11 chapter 62 . 4/1
I read one more chapter after the actual dumpster fire the last few were and i remembered why i dropped it before. You nerf sakura when it’s convenient for you so you dont have to change the plot because you are afraid you wont be aboe to write without following canon. Take a leap and change suff because at this point its just MHA with sakura adding literally minuscule anounts
Luxo11 chapter 61 . 4/1
Walkmanapprenticewordsmith chapter 60 . 3/31
come oooooonnnn... as much as things change the more they stay rhe same...

all this influence in the story and all the plot points havent changed. did ya really have to do mirio so dirty? she destroys everyone but because mirio has to get hit with the bullet she takes a hit? cmon! df!?

aside from that and you spelling shoto as shouto which gets me confused that its aizawa, im loving the fic
Jose19 chapter 64 . 3/31
The idea of Shinobi being Heroes in Academia is ludicrous in itself they are mercenary soldiers who kill by orders and do anything if allowed.

Sakura in itself is a good person but no Hero the only Shinobi that qualifies for this is Naruto.

Sakura will admit this gladly because he is charismatic and able to do the impossible.
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