Reviews for Kunoichi amongst Heroes
mallarieTwinkies chapter 18 . 1/16
amazing story
Tsukimine12 chapter 18 . 1/15
Go, Sakura! Stain's kill intent must be pretty tame compared to what Sakura has felt before, huh?
Loved it!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/12
Awesome story, keep doing what you keep doing I love reading this fanfiction, everyday I always make sure to refresh and check your stories,
Just keep doing your best and don't let someone discouraged you from writing you have a lot of fans :)
ricsi0309 chapter 1 . 1/10
Things do feel a bit rushed here, though obviously that's for the sake of the plot.

She should by all means be able to read the context clues and understand that Erased Head is an alias, its not as if shinobi don't use those. And then not asking if she knew where she was from just so that she doesn't lie was also a tad forced.

I do hope it's only for the beginning.
AsakiYuukihime chapter 18 . 1/10
please update this was so goood oh my god
QuixoticDaydreams chapter 18 . 1/9
Ah I love how Shinobish Sakura is, she's truly cut from a different cloth than they are! Konoha strong ;)
artemis926 chapter 18 . 1/4
awesome chapter! like always. totally looking forward to Jan 30 btw.
anyway, I was wondering? will you add the movies in this story. like sakura won the sports festival, so technically she should have gotten tickets to I-island?
Saif Omar chapter 18 . 1/1
I never thought I'd say this but Sakura was a True Chad at the end. Can't wait to see everyone's thoughts on her.
OneYuTriSlayers chapter 18 . 1/1
good chaper. I do hope next chapter you have Sakura say to them the samething Kakashi told her, Naruto and Sasuke. Those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. Next chapter is the perfect time to use those words and I can't wait to see there reaction to them.
camagassi72 chapter 2 . 1/1
Also please hurry with the updates I cant with that long ur story is awesome
camagassi72 chapter 18 . 1/1
Awesome sorry loving ur rendition of sakura I really like the dark irry energy u bring to her which comes from her yrs as a battle hardened child soldier and assassin. It shows the folks in mhaverse and UA really do have a different back ground . Her life and train with her powers puts her above alot of heroes and villains. Plus sakura should be able to get way with breaking theaw as she doesnt have a quirk.
Papilionem chapter 18 . 12/31/2021
HAAAa leí este capítulo muy rápido!
Realmente estoy ansiosa por más!

Y Sakura noqueando a Stein fue UFFF!

Esperaba que Sakura regañara más a los héroes profesionales, ya que se supone que ellos son los adultos protegiendo a los niños. Incluso en el manga me quedé con cara de "wtf", es decir, se supone que los pro héroes están en constante contacto con la muerte, entonces, ¿por qué sorprenderse?

Estuve de acuerdo con la ideología de Stein muchas veces y este caso no fue la excepción!

Al parecer eres fiel a las publicaciones de cada capítulo y lo agradezco, es más, pienso que es muy sabio de tu parte, de esa manera la gente es menos ansiosa con las actualizaciones y usted, señor o señorita autor, no se estresa mucho. Dos pájaros de un tiro xd

Saludos desde Perú!
Toad chapter 18 . 12/31/2021
I will add Gigantomachia and maybe strong nomus to the list. Endeavor can actually defeat her if he manages to roast her with prominence burn. At that point its better for Sakura to just let Endeavor overheat than direct combat. Overhaul is dangerous to her but he isn't physically as dangerous. But other than that Sakura is too strong for others. I like to think current Izuku surpasses her when he uses all his 7 quirks power at once in 100%.
Toad chapter 18 . 12/31/2021
The only ones I see defeating her the usual top tiers in all might and all for one territory and that certain woman from the States and of course current shigaraki .
Greatazuredragon chapter 18 . 12/31/2021
Awesome chapter, thanks for the update.
And happy new year.
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