Reviews for The Black Family's PR Nightmare
FlowerChild23 chapter 64 . 21h
This is amazing!
Guest chapter 64 . 7/1
So glad for the updates! I love this story! I am grinning like an idiot after reading this last chapter.
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 64 . 7/3
so sweet
Griezz chapter 64 . 7/3
Oh and I can see everything leading to the Great War between Kreature the UnmanageableSupreme Commander Pip for the soul of Grimmaud Place.
Griezz chapter 64 . 7/3
The first few chapters seemed to be a bit of a slog; now, however, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next chapters of the story. Hermione is so delightful in this fun-sized version of herself, that it's easy to ignore the OOC. (Mind you, I'm now envisioning a teenage Hermione studying diligently at Hogwarts, when Blaise or Draco or Susan suddenly walk past, only to lean over and say in her dad "Dragon! Roar!
IWantColouredRain chapter 64 . 7/3
Poor Sirius. But Harry’s going to love him & I can’t wait to see them together!
Griezz chapter 53 . 7/2
feels eye twitching The Ws and the Ms... have a centuries-long feud... back to... Verona? ARE YOU SAYING YOUR STORY'S CANON IS THAT THE WEASLEYS AND MALFOYS INSPIRED THE STORY OF THE MONTAGUES and CAPULETS?!

For years, I've held fast to the idea that "RomeoJuliet" is the most DISGUSTING work that Shakespeare ever produced! Despite being held up as an iconic romance, it is nothing but a steaming like of bullshit! Both children are so goddamn STUPID that they suicide over someone that they had met less than a week before. Hell, Juliet (who, remember is less than 15 years old) is looking forward to marriage to one guy, but abandons all thought of him to run after a guy she meets at a party. Then, when her fiancee is killed by her sudden crush, she doesn't spare one thought for the dead fiancee. Instead, she starts an overly-complicated, overly-emo plan to take her suicide, only to really do it when the plan naturally gets screwed up.

Honestly, the gene pools of both families were improved by the self-removal of those wastes of flesh.

ahem As you can tell, I have some issues with that particular story.
Jemma Blackwell chapter 13 . 7/2
Not much said about Lucius in all this - Helen against him makes my skin crawl
bkerrmom1 chapter 64 . 7/2
OMG I ran out of chapters ! Waaaahhh! I am so addicted to the insanity! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next ! Absolutely love the parenting advive!
Griezz chapter 46 . 7/2
2/3 of the way through the story, and my vote for Story MVC (Most Valuable Character) has to go to Supreme Leader Pip! He has even trained Draco to call him that. Vote Pip... For The Lols!
Griezz chapter 29 . 7/2
Is it just me or, when CassiopeiaIsla are talking, does anyone else picture or hear EdinaPatsy from "Absolutely Fabulous"? (Jennifer SaundersJoanne Lumley were comedy gold!)
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 64 . 7/1
it was a great chapter thanks for the update. Virtual hug!
Guest chapter 64 . 6/29
So glad to see an update! Love this story!
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 64 . 7/1
Great chapter end. Thanks for the update.
Olivia chapter 64 . 6/28
Wonderful! another wonderful chapter. I've read a lot of Sirius takes over custody but this is the 1st time reading about him getting hands on experience. hehehe.
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