Reviews for The Black Family's PR Nightmare
G Fawkes chapter 63 . 3/22
Just for argument's sake (it's what I do), if Sirius wasn't guilty, was never charged, not given a trial, and illegally incarcerated... should he be referred to as "the former felon"?
I know we call the criminal 'type', that aren't behind bars, felons. Is it fair to call an innocent man, the same?
123a456e chapter 63 . 3/23
Great chapter! I can't wait for Peter to get what's coming to him
aiachrstn0809 chapter 1 . 3/23
I'm willing to read a long chapters every update hahaha. I hope hermione and harry will be cunning cause they have so much potential. I hope the black family will nurture that. It's also nice to see friendships from different houses too. Cassiopeia Black is the queennnnn
aiachrstn0809 chapter 63 . 3/23
This is one the best thing ever! I can't wait for more. Blacks are such a badass, if only regulus was alive thooo
SkyeMoor chapter 63 . 3/23
Slytherin manipulation ought very well to understand a Gryffindor's drive for justice and happiness.
Here's a toast to you!
Guest chapter 63 . 3/21
Great chapter, love the mad plans
the7horcrux chapter 63 . 3/22
I love it oh my gosh I'm so glad you're back! Looking forward to an update so much!
Guest chapter 63 . 3/19
stevem1 chapter 63 . 3/21
Loved Cassiopeia’s and Sirius’ conversation.
Hank1967 chapter 63 . 3/21
Excellent chapter! Really enjoyed the scene with Cassiopeia, Sirius and Pip! That was great! Glad to see Cassiopeia bring Sirius on board. Looking forward to McGonagall's revenge on Dumbledore. That should be entertaining. Hopefully she'll transfigure him into a toilet or something similarly useful... That last bit with Wormtail was rather well done, too. Scary, but well done to misquote Ron. Typical narcissist - always blaming someone else for their own stupidity. Can't wait to see what's next!
petuniatc chapter 63 . 3/21
So does this mean Peter's about to turn up in the Weasley's garden?
First - love the picture of Harry with his nanny cat/kreazle. It made me smile even if I couldn't see it.
Second - at first Sirius' conversation with his aunt upset me then I realized it was to show how damaged Sirius had been by all this - both Azkeban and his upraising in the house of Black. So good one in showing how he really is.
More soon and thanks!
Guest chapter 63 . 3/19
If i am reading this right Peter is gonna get his bum captured. love it thanks stay well.
era-romance chapter 63 . 3/20
finally got around to reading this chapter and I'm glad I did! XD
dianaanne chapter 63 . 3/20
Glad to see you got through the trial and such. Hoping Peter is found quickly.
Guest chapter 63 . 3/18
Amazing chapter as always! Love Sirius's nickname for Agnes! She really is a badass isn't she? And Harry is going to be adopted by Sirius! Can't wait to see Minerva exact her vengeance on Albus! He really deserves it! And Pettigrew is going into hiding now! So excited for the next chapter and the upcoming legal battle (love all the scheming and manipulating)!
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