Reviews for The Black Family's PR Nightmare
Reina36 chapter 65 . 7/24
the will was opened!
lol I just love Cassiopeia here she's wonderfully zany
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 65 . 7/23
Wow that will was intense! Love the idea of the charmed howlers/cheer letters.
the7horcrux chapter 65 . 7/22
Agh I love it
General Mac chapter 65 . 7/22
wicked thanks love it more when you can pretty please
Light on the Horizon chapter 65 . 7/22
Really loving this story!

I wonder if Petunia will actually get that letter...
nif-ravenpuff chapter 64 . 7/22
I have never bookmarked a story so muchthe perfect one-liners and vignettes make it so worth the wait!
fancyspinner chapter 54 . 7/21
I’m not sure that I could talk about how many ways I love the story! Lol thank you so much!
fancyspinner chapter 44 . 7/21
This is the kind of sore that I just hug every day! I know that I go years without reading, but this is amazing!
fancyspinner chapter 11 . 7/21
This story is fantastic! The characters are leaping off my phone screen. Definitely a favorite.
Guest chapter 65 . 7/19
Not gonna lie, I imagined Harry receiving a letter in the woods or the graveyard (darkest time of his life? Or would it have been in the cupboard under the stairs?) and got a bit choked up.
I truly love the world you've built and as much as I want to know how it all ends, I also just want this story to go on forever so I can live in this world a little longer.
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 65 . 7/20
thanks for the update! Virtual hug!
trainreader chapter 65 . 7/20
thanks I really enjoyed those different situations when to deliver the letters. they show how much Harry was loved
123a456e chapter 65 . 7/20
Great chapter! I like their will, it feels a lot more of a realistic will for 2 early 20s to have then some others I've seen in stories. And yet parts were still heartbreaking.
Ghargr18 chapter 65 . 7/20
Oh, the list of those letters has me crying, and we don’t even know what they say yet! Fantastic work as usual
lillianarose93 chapter 65 . 7/20
Holy fuck once again you’ve put out an amazing and unique chapter. I’m a nobody, but the letters you wrote that were left for everyone moved me to tears. That’s a special touch I don’t think I’ve ever read before in a story, and if I have and forgotten then it wasn’t nearly as rememberable as this was.

Anyone wondering if they should read this: read it! It has an immense amount of original and unique groundwork and background information being created that will set the story up to be several 100s of thousands of words I bet. You won’t regret reading this story!
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