Reviews for The Black Family's PR Nightmare
drakensis chapter 65 . 7/19's disturbing that they expect someone to surveill Harry to the extent of sending letters when he has his lowest possible moment, and almost as much so for his first love.
noisygravestones chapter 65 . 7/19
oh my god. that is funny and a little heartbreaking all at once. keep up the good work, your writing is very enjoyable.
Charlie0925 chapter 65 . 7/19
Great job here honey! I'm glad to see that the ball is finally rolling in getting Harry's custody sorted out! ;)
Nanchih chapter 65 . 7/19
Interesting Will. I like the delivery dates on the letters! Has anyone located the cat? It's been years!
roon0 chapter 65 . 7/19
What a marvellous chapter. What a marvellous story.
liasora chapter 65 . 7/19
I became teary just reading this last bit of Lily and James' last will.
Guest chapter 64 . 7/17
I have to keep telling you that I love this story, I laugh through it from start to finish
alix33 chapter 65 . 7/19
You meant "demand that the Potters' will be reopened", "slaughtered all the tenants on his estate", "the Potters' newly opened will", "
"battleax" should be one word.
Minister Bagnold only has mannerly and miserly cups of coffee, implying a tiny amount of coffee each time? Poor her!
Those letters to Harry mentioned in James's and Lily's will broke my heart.
Fibinaci chapter 65 . 7/19
Omgolly, Imagine how bad things must have been to have to consider all these possibilities for leaving your kid an orphan
leez-bee chapter 65 . 7/19
Awwww the letters list was such a touching moment (‘:
Amazing chapter as always!
Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 65 . 7/19
Enjoying the story thanks
dianaanne chapter 65 . 7/19
Fascinating; will they catch Peter soon?
Village-Mystic chapter 65 . 7/19
The sentiment of the letters brought some tears and sobs.
jkarr chapter 65 . 7/19
nice update
Stephanie MRV chapter 65 . 7/19
This is going to fuck up all of dumbles plans. I am so fukcing happy.

This made me cry. It was so damned sad.
Harry missed out on a lot if Dumbledore had continued to do as he pleased. That bastard.
This sounds more like two intelligent people who prepared for the worst during war. This seems more canon than anything else.
I would have done this dammit. The fuck JK you robbed Harry of this.

I cannot wait for more. Especially from any future interaction with Harry and Hermione. I do hope their friendship continues. And that Hermione arrives at hogwarts ready for her 3rd year. That girl is beyond brilliant and holding her back is a crime. I hate that they do that and justify it. She was fucking bored there.

The blacks can afford private tutors and to speed up her learning. Keep her at hogwarts with her cousins by making her an apprentice or something but please don't hold her back. She needs to flourish. Plus Dumbledore will hate it.
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