Reviews for The Black Family's PR Nightmare
Village-Mystic chapter 65 . 7/19
The sentiment of the letters brought some tears and sobs.
jkarr chapter 65 . 7/19
nice update
Stephanie MRV chapter 65 . 7/19
This is going to fuck up all of dumbles plans. I am so fukcing happy.

This made me cry. It was so damned sad.
Harry missed out on a lot if Dumbledore had continued to do as he pleased. That bastard.
This sounds more like two intelligent people who prepared for the worst during war. This seems more canon than anything else.
I would have done this dammit. The fuck JK you robbed Harry of this.

I cannot wait for more. Especially from any future interaction with Harry and Hermione. I do hope their friendship continues. And that Hermione arrives at hogwarts ready for her 3rd year. That girl is beyond brilliant and holding her back is a crime. I hate that they do that and justify it. She was fucking bored there.

The blacks can afford private tutors and to speed up her learning. Keep her at hogwarts with her cousins by making her an apprentice or something but please don't hold her back. She needs to flourish. Plus Dumbledore will hate it.
katmom chapter 65 . 7/19
setokayba2n chapter 65 . 7/19
Oh, No! the horrible, horrible secrets, what could happen to poor Magical Britain if anything of what is read in the will become public, it could be the most horrible thing that could finish it, hurry everyone need to be obliviated 'For the greater good'
VdG chapter 65 . 7/19
The lists of letters to be delivered were quite moving.
mike3308 chapter 65 . 7/19
I'm glad that they got the will opened.
Hank1967 chapter 65 . 7/19
Excellent chapter! Loved the goings-on between Sirius and Elvira. Hmm, seems like Sirius has pretty good instincts if he's scared of her. Must be something to do with his dog form. Also enjoyed the goings-on with the Goblins. Thought you did a nice bit or world building there by explaining some of the back story on the Goblins. Glad to see the will finally opened. Enjoyed the obsessive-compulsiveness of the Potters. Thought that rather humorous. Of course, if you're confined to a small cottage with very limited visitors you've likely got all the time in the world on your hands. May as well obsess... Can't wait to see what's next!
DarkRavie chapter 65 . 7/19
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
bahnannah chapter 65 . 7/19
It still makes me incredibly sad and furious that their life was snuffed out by 2 old men with God complexes. Dumbledore set up Riddle and he continued afterward with everyone in his eyesight, not even ending after death. When he didn’t want to help people by giving them details on grindlewald and fighting him, I knew then he was a sneaky bastard. I wouldn’t ever expect someone to fight a battle they don’t want to but since Dumbledore was GW’s lover and coconspirator, then yeah, I expect him that help or be strung up beside him.
petuniatc chapter 65 . 7/19
OK, first Elvira scares me. Just wanted to put that out there.
Second - the list of letters to deliver almost made me cry. The letters themselves probably would make me cry. Also I want a look at the little black dress!
Thanks and looking forward to more.
Ifriqiya.lisa chapter 65 . 7/19
This is the best possible will ever ! I love Elvira ! She’s so spirited !
Your writing is as always exquisitely amusing !
mwinter1 chapter 65 . 7/19
Oh come on what of Dumbledore's reaction?
Monster King chapter 65 . 7/19
Good job please continue
teresa.mcadam chapter 64 . 7/13
I do love this fic. Can’t wait to see what happens! Thanks for sharing another amazing chapter with us.
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