Reviews for A Perfect Union
Butter-bluetack chapter 33 . 10/24/2021
I really thought our resident twelve year old would make it past the bloodbath.
darthnell chapter 46 . 6/2/2021
Oh nooo Liana turning her hatred inwards baby nooo ;-; Ahh she's being smart and compliant ;-; It's definitely the best move right now.. and probably the easiest for her tbh ;-; Ahhh she is so not vibing with this ;-; Her inner monologue a h it's Ouch bro.. Oh shoot Edison ! ;-; Omg her potentially looking after Edisons cats a h.. I hope she does ;-; God rewatching this must be fking torture ;-; A a h Erossssss /3 Tham.. fucking Them. Bye. A h Liana wanting to forget everything noooo a h ;-;

YESS SHE TOOK THE CATS 3 Ohhh shit victory tour. Distric ohh yeet. Ohhh no Piper's family.. ;-; Ohh Liana wanting to create things a h ! That's so cute of her ;-; I love that.. Robotic miceeee ! ;-; Babey. She's Babey. Ah rip her being li ke. Distant from her family oof ;-; "I'm sure they'll understand." Demetria honey... You're a fucking idiot. Oh rip Liana wishing she had the Capitol's mindset about this shit.. oof ;-; O h oof Piper's brother yeeT.. Yeaahhh there is no right answer to that question oof. Ohh my god Piper's parents separated after tha ! Wow literally nobody gets a happy ending hi ! Aw Olive.. A somewhat friendly face is nice ;-;

Oh.. Oh my god L-Liana?! GAMEMAKERS OFFIC WHAT.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IM. JHHJFJHDFH.. Ohhh yeet Haymitch be on his clever shit.. Snow doesn't like that oof. HEY! Don't call Sapphira a hag you ass. Ohhh man the setup for DT I'm.. :eyes: Fhjjd I love everyone being like "Jesus Cory stop being such a pissbaby" but no he must pissbaby it's in his nature smh. Fucking. GAMEMAKER LIANA THOO BYEEEE.. That's so awful but also kind of iconic of her ? ANYWAYS I LOVE ALL OF THIS 3
darthnell chapter 45 . 6/2/2021
Rip yeah Marcel, not much else to be grateful for in the arena than still being alive somehow. A h Marcel.. The constant battle in her head for her worthiness.. :pleading: It's a lot to handle. Ope she's realizing Sperry is still alive oof.. Oooooh Marcel be Angry.. Ooh.. see it's cold but I have a feeling it may not remain that way for long, and perhaps we will thank Liana for that hjfhjdf. O h shitttt she found Sperry oh my god... Ohhh there's no way they're both walking out of this o o f.. Ohh man Marcel's taking Action.. Ohh man she's got the dagger oof.. Ahhh so much for a D6 victory there.. Rip Sperry finding out about Teresa's miscarriage in her last moments ;-; Oooh man it's just Marcel, Eros, and Liana now oh fuck..

Bro I'm not ready for Eros to die ;-; Like I just simply love him so much ? I'm not Ready ;-; A h h thinking Thots.. I'm just. Nervous for him ;-; O o h the air smelling like smoke yeet.. Hello Liana hjfhjfd. Eros regretting everything oh nO! ;_; Nooo stop not wanting to live! Stoppp his words are breaking me ;-; Please be selfish now Eros, you can be miserable later (I know he won't but. A h ) O h he stumbled across Marcel oh man.. Okay yeah sorry Marcel I'm rooting for Eros here because. I love him. Ahhh he got her.. Love you Marcel but you were really no match for him a h.. Aw her warning him about Liana though, that's nice of her hjfhjf... Or is it... He did just kill her maybe it's a trap- And now she's dead lmao. Ohh no he's definitely in a vulnerable position trying to scale the mountain oof.. Oh no what's Liana holding is that her bomb oh fuck.. He's realizing she's a threat, good. She is ;-; A h Eross he's hesitating for too long, and. Liana's quicker a h fuck... Oh man that could have so easily taken out both of them oh my god.. Shit ;-; Eros being more afraid of himself in his last moments, hi Ouch? What in fuck man I'm. I knew I wasn't ready and I'm NOT! :'C Bye I already miss him.

Ah Lianaaa ;-; I do love her though she's Good ;-; She do be hella Injured hjfhjfd. A w she's so confused babe.. ;-; Oh shoot Lysistrata hi :0 Oh man both of them invading her room jhfdhjfd I'd be Scared.. But at least they seem cheerful and non-threatennig despite the fact that they just orchestrated the death of 23 teenagers jhfhjd. Ooh they fixed her eyes omg.. Lmao Clemensia.. "As a treat, we're gonna make you relive the past incredibly traumatizing week in front of a live audience ! (: Isn't that Fun ? :D" Fjhdhjd of all the possible victors thuogh, I feel like Liana is the one to be most appreciative of that rip jfdhfd. Oh shoot Liana forgets everything omg.. Ohh rip watching the Piper murder.. Aaaand the dissectionnn fhjfdhhdfhjd.. Oh man now that she's out of Immediate Survival Mode it's all just hitting a h ;-; A h she's cryinggg ohh noooo ohhh "She felt guilty taking love from people when she wasn't worthy of even being /liked/." HI OW?! This poor fking bean a h ;-;

God, this was such a ride my dude, I loved this so much.. These lads were absolutely excellent, I'm so glad I poked my nose into this at this time right here and now ;-; Like there were so many damn amazing tributes in this cast and they all grew so much over the course of the story, it's just. So good man ;-; I loved Liana and Lana but honestly I will forever be simping for Eros too, I didn't expect to love him as much as I do but ? Here we fucking are ;-; Also the way Liana lowkey crumbled at the end there was just. God that was fucking Ouch man. And like Clemensia and Lysistrata, as girlboss as they are.. They are simply an Issue ! jhfdfj. I'm so looking forward to seeing Liana in DT when I eventually start reading which will hopefully be soon ;-; Anyways I love this I'm gonna read the epilogue now hjfdhjfd.
darthnell chapter 44 . 6/2/2021
Aw Piper.. Alone, sad, and fking Bored sjhdhs. Missing Saf :pleading: We're just gay in this Chili's tonight I guess ;-; Oh and her family, they're cool too ig jhfdfd. Omg the horse is back ;-; Horse girl supremacy yesss.. Where will horsey friend take us today.. Oh no not horsey friend yeet.. Oh man her hitting the horse rip ;-; Aww poor Piper, she feels so bad about it too oof.. ;-; Oh shit angry!Piper.. Angry!Piper found someone o h it's Liana isn't it.. Mm she's not gonna be able to do it, she's too sweet ;-; Ohh shit this doesn't look like it's going well for her ope. Aww rip yeah she's gone, oof.

Oh no. Awwwe noo Teresa's face on the horse : the nightmares nooooo.. A h that's so awful god.. Teresa though bless a h.. 'Win for yourself" a h that's exactly what Marcel needed to hear too, heck.. The Realizing.. it's good for her ;-; Marcel isn't going down without a fight here ;-; And she's still got her poison too I assume so she's not exactly weaponless.. Can't afford to be weaponless this late in the game ;-;

Oh man Liana.. yah you just killed someone girl hjhfd. Ope she is just kind of vibing in a weird way there rip.. "Hm. That there is a dead body. I did that. Neato." Ope. Ooooh man here it comes... Rest in fucking pieces Piper, literal fucking pieces :pensive: Liana lowkey do be a bit psycho jhdhjd. I wonder how she'll feel about what she finds hjdfd. HJFHJDHJ the Gamemakers just being chill with her Doing That. OH MY GOD SHES CURIOUS WHAT HER AND PIPERS PARETNS WERE THINKING LIANA YOU PSYCHO HJFHJFHDH.. I guess whatever it is, she got it from her dad hfdhjfhjf. Omfg she's proud... Lianaaa fdhjhdhdh. Time for murder plotting and volcanoes for Liana jhfdhj.. Nooo don't kill Eros, I like him ;-;

Aah Sperry ;-; I love that she's made it this far.. I honestly didn't exepct that of her but it's good ;-; A w her wanting to help the other girls at the bunker bless.. She really has grown so much in her time here tbh.. I love that for her ;-; She did it all on her own too. Nothing to lose maybe, but she's got everything to gain ;-; She's got three touch opponents though, and I don't think they'd let her sit out and hide during the final fight rip.. Ope is Sperry underestimating Marcel and Liana mm that might not be a good move for her. They're both here for reasons too. Don't know if she's gonna get the chance to fight on her own terms here, rip..

Also you know I already guessed the victor so. Oopsie. Brb just getting ready to cry.
darthnell chapter 43 . 6/2/2021
Oh Moira oh no.. She thought she was free but Lana won't let her go that easily, no she won't.. Shit's getting down to the wire here, Lana's not about to just let her go.. Ope and the murders are catching up even more with her rip.. Ohh Moira so wants to be done aww ;-; O h yeet Lana is Here.. Man, she's so insidious.. it's so good though, I love that for her jfdhjfd. She's such a fun villain.. Man she really did her homework on Moira there rip.. "Why are you pretending it matters now" o o f.. She is just fucking twisting the knife here jesus.. Ohh no The Returning.. Mmm Moira do be lookin like she's not returning to District Two oof.. O h my god at the end there.. Fhjdhfd I can tell Lana had like. Way too much fun with that rip.

Piper in denial oh no.. Ahhh she's so pitiful rip.. Oh my god she saw Lana using Saf's body as a shield OOF ;-; Oh man six left it's getting down to the wire ;-; A h Piper thinking that maybe she'd be better off dead girl nooo ;-; Oh oof, the comparison between Saf and Alabastor's deaths.. That's brutal but I love it.. Ghfdhjd scaling the tree omg.. Love that for her. Good she got herself a weapon, she definitely will need that in the coming days ;-;

O o h Lana timeeee yesss.. The.. The Time of Red Shore...? o h my go d.. O O F. HFDHJD. Oh man Lana just. Doing the exact same type of abuse that her parents did to her is fucking. Oof. Like that's so messed up hfhjfhj. O h shit /that's/ where the "born from the sea" thing comes form oh my god.. ;-; Wait no stop I love that ? Me getting emotional over Lana Lotus? It's more likely than you think ;-; "It was a symphony of falsehoods but it kept Lana afloat." Oof man.. But that kind of thing, it simply can't last :pensive: (though the White Whale itself.. I know it will outlive Lana..) Oh shoot, her having nothing left now that most of the Careers have been decimated by her acts.. Loneliness really does get to everyone ;-; Oh shit mist.. Tbh that does not look like a good sign.. she's remembering (or hallucinating ? ..Also don't hate me but I'm just now realizing the white whale-Ishmael-Moby Dick references.. though to be fair. I never read the book hjfhjf) Man the voices of her parents are brutal.. Ohhh no Lanaaaa.. That do be a sick-ass mutt, fking straight up snagging her from the side of the cliff damn.. A h god.. Highkey though it's such a fitting way for her to die.. I absolutely love how you write this it was so poignant.. Fhjhdf and of course only the most badass mutt could take her out, no mere mortal could do the deed ;-; "She returned to the sea that had once spat her out"... It's such a good way to end it a h ;-; Fuck she was horrible but damn it if I'm not gonna miss her.. ;-;

Eros 3 Ok lowkey I think he's my favorite Career (but in all honesty that's not including Lana bc she kind of transcends the mere category of 'Career' so) yeah ;-; Oh my god he's the only Career left now shit.. Eros alone is just ;-; Omg no Moira thought her trauma would magically disappear when she won girl.. :pensive: Alas that was never to be. O h my god Eros I love you but the way you simply Don't want to look at the portraits, I'm gonna fucking kill you you dumbass.. Thank you imaginary Fila hdfjdhfd. Like THIS, YOU SIMPLY NEED TO KNOW. Ohh man is he gonna start getting overconfident now ohhh no... Oh nooo ;_; Buddy please don't underestimate the others a h..

Bro this was such a huge chapter in terms of like.. events (yes I mean because Lana died hjhjdhf) and it was so good.. I had such a good time here, and now there are only five left a h h.. I'm just. I'm simply vibing ;-; I love this story dude 3
darthnell chapter 42 . 6/2/2021
Ahh Lana.. "Their combined brains made Bellerophon seem like an intellect." R I P hfdhjhjfdd.. Oh man the psychological torture.. That's brutal o o f.. Oh shit Lana lore.. Omggg her father... Ohh noo shitty parents a h.. And she's just fallen into the same habits they did, and meanwhile building her life (and the Collective) upon the lies she's spun about the white whale o o f.. ;-; Oh my god she's gonna sacrifice Moira oh shit... With added bonus more psychological torture ! :D

Ohh no Saf and Piper... Yeahh it definitely feels like their time together is very quickly drawing to a close. Staying away from the feast might've been a smart idea, but I don't know if the Gamemakers would be too happy if they tried. A h Saf is still determined to win, which means Piper has to die aw.. I love them sticking together through it though, until the end.. even if it will in fact be the end for one if not both of them.. ;-;

Liana staying away ooh.. Yeah, I can see how the Gamemakers would give her a pass for that, she's been Up To Stuff (meanwhile Piper and Saf have just been doing absolutely nothing this whole time except being cute and gay hjfdjhfd ;-; ).. Ooh Brent was an animatronic thing ! That's super neat omg.. Ohh holy shit she's using it to build her own weapon omg.. A BLADE FAN HJHJFHFD LIANA YOU'RE AMAZING HJFHFHD.. O h m the volcano.. Bruhhhh She is so very Up To Many Things, I love ittt..

O o h Marcel got there first ! ;-; Bless.. Rip out of shape from not running and also the fact that she forgot to eat for a couple days oof ;-; Smart of her for only taking what she needs there.. but also oh my god the Teresa centaur mutt bruhhh.. /jazz hands/ Psychological torture ! :D Oof man.. ;-; Fhjhjd centaur!Teresa kicking her in the crotch r i p.. At least Marcel got her poisons though :0 And she's certainly using them there, rip..

Aw Sperry on high alert.. Smart. Staying away from the feast is probably smart on her part, I can't imagine her making it out if she were to go up against Lana or someone hjfhjfd. Aw her being clean finally.. she'll need as much of a clear head as she can get ;-; O h shoot the boss.. Geez, these mutts are brutal like man.. Oh my go she Stabbed.. I love that for her ;-; Sperry do be absolutely Vibing right here in this arena.. Lowkey like I feel like she'll kill again before she goes.. ;-;

Aww shit Moira.. ;-; She's really being dragged through the wringer like this oof.. Lana is fkin merciless. Moira just does not want to be doing this now.. ;-; And of course as they get closer to the scene of the Bloodbath, her regrets come back oof.. O h shit Piper and Saf a h nooo... Awww not Saffff ;-; Lana got her wish there, even if Moira got away, rip. I feel like Lana will still be living in Moira's head for a good while.. (or however long she has left)

Oh Eros.. Eros.. Oooohhhh he wants to kill Lana so bad hdfhjfd ;-; N o not him berating himself for being selfish nooo Eros you're perfect stopp ;-; Ope hopefully he'll be able to work with the bow there.. O h my go whyyy are you caressing Saf' /girlll/ O h my god not Saf as a meat shield jhjhhjdjdhjd Lanaaaa.. fhjdd. Eros being like "yeah nevermind fuck this I'm out" fdhjfdj he's so valid ;-; Oh rip she's going after Moira though oof.. ;-; Rip Moira.

A h Piperrr ;-; F in the chat for the lesbians ;-; Aww the whole leadup playing in Piper's mind o o f.. And the minute she loses track of Saf that's when it happens a h h.. Man, poor girl is Going through it. Worst part of arena lesbians: when they fking die a h ;-; Ahh noo Piper being all alone now.. I mean like. At least she had her time with Saf to not be alone, but there's no way it's not gonna make the loneliness just. That much worse oof.. ;-;
darthnell chapter 41 . 6/2/2021
Liana ! 3 Omg she wants to dissect the mutts.. I mean, I bet they're honestly pretty interesting inside. Aw it took two days for the murder thing to hit omfg.. Sometimes it really do be like that ;-; "The creature was a minotaur, even though it was acting immature for one." FDJFD that made me laugh, I love the assumptions that go into this line.. Oh my god she's so smart.. Fuck yes I love her omfg.. Also I know she doesn't realize it but she took out Edison's killer.. ;-; Fjhfdhjd and with the same type of riddle, I fucking love that for her.. DISSECTING BRENT YESSS.. Bye bitchhhh..

A w Fila missing Eros.. ;-; Those two are very good. Ope it's reaching breaking point with Lana.. Oh man Lana is crafty there, and Fila and Moira just. Fell straight for it.. Y'all are dumbbb hfhhjfd.. Like the honor of sticking to an agreement like that is cute but. It's not a good enough deal to take, they should've 2v1'd her... O p e and of course Lana wins against Fila there oof.. Tbh, that's a bigger oof for Moira yeet.. Though tbh Moira can just. Try to sneak-kill Lana or something and not honor that agreement; if she succeeds in killing Lana when she does, then no harm for her.. But alas, we'll have to see.. ;-;

A w Marcel being alone.. Alone with her thoughts is never a good state, especially after what she just lived through ;-; But at least she's Realizing.. She's got the will, I love that for her. Aw she wants to live so she can remember Teresa, that's sweet ;-; She's got a plan there too ooh.. Though there are still enough Careers left that she. Has a good chance of not making it out of a feast rip.. Poison would be a neat weapon for her though :0

Awww noooo Eros doesn't know who died o o f.. Nooo he's so hopeful a h.. I'm glad he kept his eyes open to watch though, he needed to know. "He couldn't tell if the dots on her face were her neatly arranged freckles or the stars in the sky." a W W W.. I love that line, it's just. Particularly good ;-; Man, that's the problem with forming arena relationships that are closer than the ones back home: when they (or you) inevitably die, it's going to Suck ! ;_; Aw he still wants to wait for Moira.. I don't think she's coming buddy ;-; ..Oh shoot a feast omg :0 Also final eightttt omg...
darthnell chapter 40 . 6/1/2021
Aww Sperry.. ;-; She's such a sad kid damn.. Man, I don't know what she'd do if she ever found out that Teresa didn't in fact kill anyone.. I don't know if she'd be able to handle that ;-; "It was barely a house and so far off from being a home." ;-; Poor girl.. she really just has herself and no one else; that's such a lonely thing, especially in a place like the arena. It seems like it's taking a bit of a toll on her will to live, oof.. ;-;

Lmao Ares being bored.. Tfw u murder ur only friend and now there's no one left to talk to :pensive: At least the morphling took care of the parasite, though she still seems a little out of it there.. Oh my god Clancy.. Definitely fake Clancy bro.. LMAO the way she judged that, girl.. Definitely should've asked a question a mutt wouldn't've been able to answer, rip.. Oof though, being ripped to shreds like that.. brutal ;-;

A h the gals ! ;_; They're so precious.. Also knowing and respecting each other's boundaries yes.. We love that ;-; Unfortunately they can't stay on their paradise island forever.. Ooh a long bridge oh no.. That sounds Dangerous yee t.. Aww them holding hands to cross it bless.. Also Piper lowkey being the caretaker in their relationship even though she's older oo.. It would be interesting to see how they'd work out together outside of the arena, but alas.. :pensive: Ope sirens.. LMAO Saf chased them away with the picture of Rey lmaoo.. Damn, ig she's that ugly.. (jk she's prolly cute even though she's a bit oof).. Hopefully these two will get a couple more days before the end.. ;-;

Lmao rip Kingston barely leaving an impression in Moira's mind oof.. Tbh Lana actually trying to honor him in her own way is more respectful than what either of these three were doing.. (Unless Lana was doing something sus and lowkey necromantic with her ritual lmao).. I also agree with Fila that if they want to actually kill Lana they should do it now.. Eros is right that they'd probably lose someone in the process but. This is the Hunger Games.. I feel like Fila and Moira are simply not going to see Eros again once they split here yeet. Like.. good on them for thinking they could take Lana but I simply don't think it will work as well as they want it to :pensive: I'm :eyes: at whatever's gonna go down the next day though...

darthnell chapter 39 . 5/26/2021
LIANAAA... Lmao Kingston just following Lana around like a lost dog, so on brand for him.. Damn, of course Lana wants her to jump instead of pushing her. Same reason she didn't feel like killing Kingston earlier, I guess, damn.. O o h they let her take her kit.. and eROS YES.. THE WINK FDHHFFD.. I love that for him.. Ohhh my god she just. She just Did That with the boat gIRL YESSS.. Fuck who died though? I'm betting it wasn't Lana.. Kinda hope it was Kingston hjdfhjf sorry but but I like the others better yeet.

Oooh shit is Sperry following Teresa and Marcel then? :000 Omg it is... HJDFHHJDH she thinks they killed Clancy omg.. I mean. That's a fair assumption tbh. Ohhh shit.. Teresa taking the hit for Marcel o o f.. Sperry meant fucking business man.. She had no idea though ;-; But alas, it didn't matter.. Rip Teresa ;-; Marcel is Not happy about that.. I feel like she's the type to try and seek revenge for that maybe.. and if Sperry isn't willing to do that again, it'll end poorly for her oof..

Aww man, Marcelll.. ;-; O h her digging a grave for Teresa's unborn kid a h h... Ohhh now and she told Teresa she'd protect her but it just. Didn't happen a h.. Aww the song part was cute too ;-; That was. A Sequence of events.. Marcel deciding to live for Teresa and her baby aw.. Well, maybe I was wrong about her wanting to exact revenge on Sperry for killing Teresa but. I guess we'll have to see.. She needs to take her time to grieve and then she can decide...

...Meanwhile in the Isle of Lesbos... hjfdjhfdh. Man, they really are just having a grand old time sipping coconut water and being gay with their paradise and horses while people are just dropping dead around them hjfdhjfhd.. gift... Omg the picture of Rey byeeeee jhfhjhjfhf.. That's so mean but so funny wheeeze... Like right in front of her new gf too fdfh ;-; Piper: "Fuck that bitch lets kiss" Also like "You're so ethereal" byee that's such a cute compliment ;-; Like Girl.. She's doing it right hjfhjf. Also I was right about Kingston jhh Nice.. Ope that means the other three are just stuck with Lana though.. :eyes:
darthnell chapter 38 . 5/26/2021
O p e Teresa.. I feel like I called her being preggers earlier rip.. ;-; Ohh wow that's a Lotta blood oof.. "She was just so utterly pregnant and she just didn't want to admit." LMAOOO RIP JHFHJFDHJ. O h man ouch her fucking. Holding the body of the baby o o f.. "She saw her baby splattered over her body like it was just another dead Tribute." Yikes man.. that's honestly so fucking sad, ouch.. Aw Marcel too.. Man, I'm glad she's got Marcel there to support her, that would be hell to go through on her own. (Also maybe those two will get a break for being interesting jhhfdf).

Fdfjhdfjh Eros like "hey Fila check out my cool Open Wound :D" Oh my god though, Fila being so protective over him a h.. ;-; I love that for them.. Ohhh no Eros blaming himself for that, because of course, that's part of Lana's goal.. ;-; I'm glad Fila doesn't blame him though.. A h their Moment.. Man, five days in and they're already cracking at the seams thanks to Lana. LOL Moira "hey y'all I wanna get in on this hugging and crying too pls" Lmao her not believing Kingston's dumb ass.. Wait I love that they're saying they love each other that's so good.. "Thank you for being a home." aHHHH STOPPPP.. ;_; MY HEART DUDE..

Ares alive ! :'0 Fhfhfd even she's surprised.. Aw no, here comes the regret.. ;-; The parasite taking over her brain omg.. rip ;-; But yeah to be fair Clancy did try to kill her first so. Rip. LOL Livia sent her a gift.. (I assume that was a plot thing and not a contest winner...?) Oof at being rewarded for killing Clancy.. ;-; It tracks though. Mm morphling.. Aw Ares not vibing with being alone ;-; I'm curious to see if that will actually help her here.. Maybe there's more growth for her yet ;-;

Lmao Kingston buddy, there is Zero trust going around in this Career alliance. At least nothing involving you or Lana, at least. Mm Lana being all he has left.. Just as she likes it jhfhjf. A human captive omfg.. girl... Awe no that's where Liana's chilling, isn't it... ;-; Awe no it is Liana ooohh no.. Omg Lana tied her to the ship bruh.. Well.. that's one way to stop the others from burning the ship with her on it. (Though I guess they could just kill Liana since she'd need to die for them to win anyhow, but I feel like they will Not Do That ffhfd). Oh man... The dissecting kit though.. Highkey hoping someone on this boat gets dissected :D Feel like it'll be Kingston wheeze..
darthnell chapter 37 . 5/26/2021
Lana omfg.. "It was his death and he could do it himself." JHFDHFJHDJH GIRL OMG.. She's straight-up hypnotizing him, I love that.. Ooh Lana's v confident in her abilities.. I am excited to see them :D Also that bit about Ishmael I'm :eyes: I need to know More.. Rip Lana being disgusted by Eros.. ;-; Lol watching the sunrise together.. Oh.. O p E THERE SHE GOES.. She did That... Okay wow man, I know what everyone was talking about when they said "Lana's reign of terror"... And I know that's not the worst of it but damn.. Man that's fucking Brutal.. I love it jhfdhh.. And like. It's incredibly smart of her too ? Like why go up against all four at once when you can tackle them individually like that, and then you don't even have to kill them yet... Oh shit "the hero Ishmael said she'd never be." Have we unlocked.. Daddy issues ? :0000

Ooh Marcel starting to get Unnerved by the boredom.. I feel like she's right to think that way tbh. If she's not being entertained, the people back in the Capitol surely aren't being entertained, and that only spells bad news for her and Teresa.. Rip Marcel lowkey wishing Teresa were still sick so she won't have to kill her later down the line.. ;-; Lmao her not really believing she'll win, oof.. Also I feel like moving would be a good idea for them. If they don't move, something else will make them.

Aw Sperry wishing for a friend.. ;-; Yeah, the loneliness would definitely get to anyone ;-; Aw the bit about her sneakers.. Ouch ;-; She really does have like.. just about the saddest backstory jhfg ;-; Ooh a voice :0 Mm I wonder who that was ? She determined it wasn't a Career, so like.. Maybe Ares since her POV is next? Lol. Sperry stumbling amid an Ares-Clancy argument.. Though idk if whoever it is will take too kindly to Sperry and her knife.. They might shoot first and ask questions later, rip..

OM S.. GIRL JHFDHJFHJD.. SHE'S NOT PLAYIN HJHFHG.. Lowkey though I was wondering how she could just be Chill with bugs crawlin up her nose like I'd die hjfhjd.. But oh my god getting Clancy with it too.. Ffdhjfhfdjhdjhfdhjfd HE COULD TAKE IT UP WITH HER IN HELL WHEEZE.. Oh shie he tried to mercy-kill her and she was Not having it wheeze.. Rip, it doesn't look like she'll end up lasting much longer thanks to that parasite though.. ;-; rip Clares.. I guess they are meant for each other in hell.
darthnell chapter 36 . 5/26/2021
Ooh Liana.. I feel like she's smart there for not Quite trusting the houses.. Ooh I wonder if the Capitol purposely threw Edison's body her way (with the help of Brent lol) in hopes that she would dissect it.. Feel like that would get her lots of bonus points up there fdhjdf. Ooh pasta.. Hm half-cooked crunchy pasta certainly isn't the best, but hey, it's food ! :0 Sponsor gift ! I assume they gave Three a Capitol mentor then ? Omg.. a dissecting kit :DDDD Ohh man they reeeeally wanna see her go ham on somebody there.. I have a feeling she'll get the chance but. Whom...

Oh my god Kingston is so fucking Distressed jhfhfjhfhjf.. Ooh even he's on to Lana for killing Bell.. Man, dude just keeps going back and fucking forth with Lana in his mind hjfhjf.. It's almost like he's possessed, and he still refers to her as 'savior'.. I wonder if she like.. drugged him somehow ? Or she's just. That damn powerful and charismatic... Oh shoot, he overheard Eros, Fila, and Moira.. O p e and he's telling Lana even though he doesn't want to omg.. SHE JUST LAUGHS IT OFF GIRL FHJFHJF.. Pay those weaklings no mind.. jhdfhj.. Ooh I wonder how speaking with the three of them is going to go.. Lana may have vibes through the ceiling, but four on one is just not good odds for her.. ;-;

FJDJFDJ PIPER.. "Fuck those guys, I've got a gf now lmaoo.." Fhfhf the way she simply doesn't care.. It's sweet that she feels Bad about not caring but honestly.. It's kinda funny gfhj.. Meanwhile she's all heart-eyes Saf.. Omg the girls found a horse.. Pegasus.. Of course it finds Piper lmaooo.. horse girl supremacy ;-; A W it's letting them ride it.. and Not killing them omg.. Oh shoot a paradise island.. Mm y'all idk if that's actually a paradise it's probably Very Very deadly oof.. Feel like they might get lulled into a sense of security with that, oof.. ;-; It seems way too good to be true ;-;

Aw Clancy and Ares.. ;-; They're kinda cute tbh fhhf. Theory time omg.. LOL yeah smart idea not to tell the theory about Snow and Ravenstill.. That'd get them iced for sure ;-; Fdfjhjfd Ares's theory lmaoo.. she pulled a sneaky there hjhjf. It's nice that they grew so much closer together through their time here.. Of course it can't last though rip. Pffft Clancy not wanting to lose his virginity on live TV.. yEah can't blame ya there dude.. Hopefully Ares won't be like.. Too upset by that ? We'll see how it goes, I guess.. LOL their alliance name now.. I love it.
darthnell chapter 35 . 5/26/2021
Aw Teresa and Marcel found each other bless :'0 Yeah, avoiding the Cornucopia was smart of them fhdjfh. Looks like they got their food sitch covered there too... as long as those are Actually blueberries. ;-; Seems like they are for now, since neither of the girls dropped dead djfhd. Their interactions are cute ;-; Though I do wonder at what point they'll have to move from their place.. Would be better for them to move sooner rather than later ;-;

Oof Moira's thinking about her kills.. Lol it being therapeutic.. I can see that for her though ? Like in a weird way. And she's gotta do it anyways to keep up with the pack (she's doing a pretty good job so far there). Ooh boat :0 Fhffh she knows Lana killed Bell too.. Man, they are just. Letting that happen I guess.. Lana said "I do what I want (:" Ooh they changed out of the togas too.. LMAO Kingston's such a simp byee.. LOL Lana getting them all to do the Ritual of the Salt.. Rip ;-; Moira: "I want the Fuck off this boat"

Ooh Sperry :'0 Omg she found a dagger ! Bless ;-; Lol she prioritizes her weapon over food for a bit there.. valid though ;-; She's doing pretty well for herself, all things considered. Aww the stars reminding her of her parents.. Ooh the repetition again for her with the dagger ! I love that ;-; It's such a neat writing trick :'0 And she did a damn good job with hunting that deer(?) too, that'll hopefully last her a while.. Probably more than the berries will last Marcel and Teresa tbh fdhj.

LOL Eros after spending more time with Lana: "God I wish I was dead so I didn't have to deal with this shit" fdfjf.. I love how they all conclude that Bell's death was no accident.. And yet they're still So terrified of her, I love it.. Like her vibes.. just Incredible. Ohh shit that plan though :eyes: Burning down the ship with Lana on it.. Whhhyyy do I get the feeling that that is Not gonna work out for them... Man, by getting them in the boat, Lana really put them all in her home territory. Smart of her hjfdhdf.
darthnell chapter 34 . 5/26/2021
Awe noo Edison.. The boys are gone ahh ;-; His first human friends awww buddy ;-; Poor lad's like "Whelp, now that I've had human friends, I just don't want to be alone!" ;-; Awe no not the Cornucopia.. I get it but also. That's perhaps Not a good idea by friend.. Brent omg you named it.. Of course the minotaur is guarding the labyrinth, 'tis his duty.. Oh a riddle.. Oh. Ope ohh no aww ;_; Rip Edison ;-;

Omg Liana is Ready... Girls just wanna dissect, amirite? ;-; Lmao getting rid of the toga nice.. Fjhdfhj
Liana: "Boy I sure wish I had a weapon to dissect things and a body to dissect..."
Deadison: "Say less"
Awwww she wasn't vibing.. ;-; Honestly that's so valid of her.. There will be better (worse?) people to dissect when the time comes... Edison was too good for that ;-;

S a f byee she's so cute ;-; ..That's prolly not the Smartest thing to do but it's Very precious ;-; Also "cesspool of flatlands" is a super neat description for Nine I love that.. Sfdhfd even Saf knows Lana is sus, incredible.. Omg her first thought is wanting to find Piper, she's so head-over-heels ;-; Either way, being alone would prolly Suck, esp for someone like Saf ;-; Aww they found each other pretty quick I love that.. "Maybe we can be lonely together" /cries/

R i p Clancy and Ares just like "..Yeah Camber's prolly dead. Whelp bye!" ;-; aW Clancy admitting that he underestimates Ares too frequently.. ;-;
LOL Clancy: "Hey Ares wanna hear about American history?"
Ares: "That's some fake-ass bullshit"
the bugs.. I could Notttt byeeee I'd Freak. Straight-up ;-;

Edisonn /3 I'm gonna miss that lad. Tbh I feel like he can be credited for that P*scal kill jdfhjf
darthnell chapter 33 . 5/24/2021
BB TIM H.. Bell POV :eyes: HJFHDJ HE'S RIGHT NEXT TO DEPHRA BYE GIRL.. Ooh a maze.. :0 That's inch resting.. I l ove that though it's cute ;-; HFJH DYEAH SHE'S GONE OOF.. Dephra being the first death.. Kind of iconic of her.. Kind of stupid to go running STRAIGHT FOR THE CORNUCOPIA WHEN UR RIGHT NEXT TO A CAREER IDIOT WHEEZE.. Aw rip Bell, not being able to get through the maze.. At least he's already got a kill. O h shit Lana and Alarico oof.. Ope Lana's going O f f.. Her wanting Bell to cover the body, interesting.. Aslo rip Alarico, that's what you get for charging straight into the Bloodbath :pensive: O h shit Lana girl.. O h my gOD SHE STRAIGHT UP.. SHE TOOK HIM OUT RIGHT THERE LANA OMFG.. D2M DOWN IN THE BLOODBATH SHIT BRO I REALLY DIDN'T THINK.. O O F MAN.. OH MY GOD. BRUTALLLLL

IM STILL REELING.. Ok Camber.. Oof he can't find either of the Fives.. ;-; Oh oof Camber had gone in my dude, that was Stupit. O p e Moira cutting off Palmer's whole-ass hand, no we don't play around Here sir, this ain't a cute little camping trip here hfdhfh.. Rip dude. Mm yeah running is smart Camby.. Oh oof Pith at Fila's mercy rip.. OOF HE GONE.. Yes Camber honey you should Leave.. Rip he's screaming now aw ;-; Oof Eros found him aww naw.. Lad's surrounded, big oof.. Mm yeahhh rip Camber buddy :pensive: Didn't run fast enough ;-; Also it looks like Eros, Fila, and Moira are gonna be the leading Careers here since. Lana fking Killed Bell.. At least depending on Eros's Plan.. But perhaps Lana just straight-up doesn't need allies. hjfdhjf.

Ope Piper.. THE HORSES GIRL.. YOU'RE IN THE HUNGER GAMES SWEETIE NOW'S NOT THE TIME TO BE WORRYING ABOUT HORSES WHEEZE.. Ope Alabastor's got Etta oof.. Rip girl ;-; DSFHHJDF MORGAN'S HEAD OMF BYEEEEE.. O p e Lana found them o o f.. Fhjfh Swan farm :skull: Mm Lana's mind games hjhdfhjd she's just having Fun here.. Piper honey omg.. Sweet of you but also Girl.. O p e Lana killed Alabastor instead o o f.. Of course she lied rip ;-; Well now Piper can be in lesbians with Saf :D hjfdhjfdhfd.. Ayeee she's not dead though ! Progress ;-;

Fila oooh.. Wow nine people, that's a beefy Bloodbath. Honestly. I love that though, it's so good.. Fhjdf Fila being "Actually I'm pretty okay with murder for now." yEAH BELL WHAT DO THE OTHERS THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT THERE.. O O H LANA LYINGGGG OMG.. LAN G.. SHE'S SUCH A VICIOUS LIAR I LOVE THAT.. Fhjffh Fila thinking Lana might've killed him but honestly not caring oof hjdhfd. Lmao Kingston didn't get any kills, I feel like that's v on-brand for him. "Being Lana's bitch" yeah that's pretty much him. O p e Challis aww no.. Awwwe noooo.. Well, Kingston got his kill. The way Lana ordered him though.. Mmm... She's Vibes. "aS i WAS SAYING" JHFDHDHJ LANA.. "ODDLY THERAPEUTIC" MOIRA GIRL JHHJGF.. That's so funny though jhfhjfd.. And the head.. :skull: Ooh, Fila being worried about being on Lana's good side.. Mm that might put a teensy little wrench in Eros's plan there.. ;-; Aw her feeling trapped though oof..

Wow okay dude.. that was the beefiest Bloodbath and like honestly.. I love that. It was so fucking brutal, like you did not hold back there.. Lana... fucking Lannnnaaaaa she's absolutely a dominating force in this arena so far, I don't think anyone would've doubted that for a second. Also three kills Damn girl.. I fucking love that for her, it's so iconic.. And Moira with two, bless.. Aw rip Edison being part of the loners group now ;-; Only 14 left, man.. I love it here hjfhjhjgf
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