Reviews for A Perfect Union
darthnell chapter 32 . 5/24/2021
Launch time :D Bro I'm Nervoussss... Eros is nervous... We're All nervous ;-; FFHJHFD LANA'S HENCHMAN AND FUCKBUDDY.. It's True :skull: Omg a toga.. Bruh... Rip Filia worrying she'll rip it and end up naked hjfhjfd. Mm I'm still :eyes: Eros's plan.. JDHJFD BELL.. He's Doing That.. Lad's not afraid to kill, we vibe with that. Rip Moira thinking about the Bodies.. hjfdhjfd. The Games being a highlight, rip.. Ffhjf Edison just being glad he got P*scal killed.. Good. His energy, I love that. Ooh Liana is Prepared.. I love that for her ;-; She's got her notebook and everything.. Iconic. Ooh Kingston having regrets about Lana? Interesting.. Well. Not really, he's probably going to die hjfhfd. Lana may not have been lying about her rituals, but I don't doubt she's cruel.. FJDFJFD "Stupid mortals" I love her bye.. Ffhf she already wants to cover her toga in blood.. I bet she will. O p e she's got Targets already :eyes: Ooh Clemensia pov.. Ooh bro I'm so curious about this arena.. ;-;

Ope Clancy lowkey regretting kissing Ares, ri p.. I mean lowkey being on death's doorstep is the best time for that. /shrug/ Fhjffhd he has no clue how to feel about her rip.. Ooh Ares do be catching feelings.. aww so many uncertainties for her.. Well good luck sis. Rip Camber missing his allies.. Mm lowkey idk how far he's gonna make it here rip. Ooh rumors of a castle ? Idk if I believe that since the togas don't seem very castle-like.. Ope ohh no Sperry feeling the sickness come back oof. She's got a lot to prove but idk if she'll be able to.. Mm Palmer.. possibly sensing hints of the arena ? Or just wishful thinking.. Ooh Marcel.. Maybe she and Teresa will get lucky if the don't end up partaking in the Bloodbath there.. Oh rip Edison and Alarico still wanting to go into the Bloobbath.. not a good idea maybe after pissing off Lana. Aw Challis.. already preparing to lose allies oof ;-; Ok lowkey I thought Teresa might be pregnant earlier and I'm still ? But yeah I guess we'll just have to see. Injections ooh.. I assume just the trackers but.. maybe not ?

Mm Alarico bro maybe u Should be worried there are Many Careers and you are but a humble lad.. Almost excited nooo ;-; Ooh Saf hoping aww ;-; Lowkey cruel but /shrug/ The kids would have to die anyways if she's to make it out. And speaking of.. Ooh Alabastor not vibing with Morgan, Inch Resting.. O h my go d he Hates Morgan omfg.. Damn. Oh my god.. I'm :eyes: :D Lowkey I love that for him.. LOL Piper also not vibing with being mom-zoned.. Valid honestly. It seems Uncomfortable. Ahh rip Pith.. he doesn't really have much going for him honestly ;-; Poor lad. FDHFD DEPHRA.. God, she is so, so dead. At least she's straight Vibing. ..Did she somehow like. Take drugs or something before this? Fjhdjhfd. Mm Morgan honey, you are also so, so dead. Like that's really not news though, honestly.. Aw Etta.. She at least wants to make it out. Rip her not wanting to be a disappointment.. Well.. Idk girl, we'll see. At least if ur dead u don't have to worry :V LOL they one-upped him, get Fucked Cory. O o h that arena omggg.. That sounds so cool it's Vibes :D It is simply. Death time now hjfdhjfdhj..

Ok I feel like I should do some BB predictions.. Dephra, Morgan, Etta, Alarico (he's just Not being smart), Pith, Palmer... and maybe Edison ? I feel like definitely at least one from the less-toxic-fraternity alliance ;-; Yeah.. Ig we'll see how well this goes !
darthnell chapter 31 . 5/24/2021
"He got to talk about himself, which was somewhat his favorite topic." ALARICO HJFHJFHJF.. Love you buddy. Aw him talking to Edison and checking in on him ;-; The three of these guys.. Man I love them ;-; They're just There for each other and that's just. Real good ;-; Aw nooo them discussing Hunger Games things.. I mean that's the Point but still Oof ;-; Mm yeah, Alarico's.. Interactions with the Careers the previous night probably didn't do their alliance any favors, rip. Ope omg Pith ! Aw him confessing his crush, oof.. That's Rough, and Alarico is very much taken but I mean if there's a chance they'll die tomorrow, might as well get it out in the open.

Ares omg.. "Since Camber is probably going to die, I should say a more sincere goodbye to him :D" jhdjhfhjdj.. That's so /oof/ but also like. It's Likely.. Fhjfhjhdf and then she and Clancy "bye asshole" fdhjd I love that ;-; Aw Ares not being able to sleep.. Can't blame her. Hm Clancy looking "oddly handsome" inch resting.. I seem to recall Clancy saying something Similare.. oPE YEAH THEY DID THE SMORCH.. Ngl that's kind of cute of them ;-; Fhjjf Camber's gonna be so left out.. Though if he gets bb'd ig it doesn't rly matter :skull:

Rip Morgan Mom-zoning Piper.. Awk. Ope now he openly admits it.. Alabastor like "Fuck this I'm outta here" fdhjjdfjh awkward convo time rip. Oof Piper and Morgan being worried about their families.. understandable ;-; Wow he is simply just mom-zoning her so hard.. That's just. A huge burden I don't think Piper can handle (or deserves to handle) right now.. And the "You'll only make it if you think you can." ..Meanwhile Morgan has lowkey given up a long time ago.. Yeah, I won't be surprised to see him go. Honestly I'll be even more surprised if he makes it past the Bloodbath.

O o h Eros has an Idea :eyes: I wanna know the Eros idea :00 Ohhh shit Lana drama.. This reeks of treachery, but I am not exactly opposed... NOOO STOP LANA AND BELL GOING AT IT WHILE KINGSTON IS PLAYING CARDS IM- HJFDHJFDHJD I CAN'T.. Oh my god. hjhjgf. Ohhhohoho that's a dangerous plan.. But honestly it's good for them to have Contingencies.. Lana might not be so easy for them to mess around with though, like maybe she'll end up going for them first instead which. Would be /oof/ "What's there to love?" O o f Fila.. so much for the potential of her being in lesbians with Lana :pensive: Ig Lana's got Bell for that kind of thing. Hmm Eros.. is that All his plan was ? I wonder if he's hiding anything from Moira and Fila.. Inch resting...

Ooh Livia being lowkey sus of Snow.. Yeah she Should Be. He like. Sucks. Of course he's not telling her about his Plans ugh.. "That actually put a skewer in my plans." U g h.. Gross. Yeah it would simply just suck really bad to be married to ol' Cory there. "Don't you dare become your father." WHEEZE.. SHE HATES HIM THAT BAD HJFDHJHJ.. Lowkey curious what Lucien is like in DT tho.. But not as curious as I am for the upcoming BB :D
darthnell chapter 30 . 5/24/2021
Bell's outfit omfg.. Fhjhj him being like "I feel bad for Edison so maybe instead of murdering him, I will only brutally injure him :D" Wow Bell you are simply so kind. HJFHJFD "Seeing her [Moira] be less depressed was nice." JHFJHD stop he's so dumb it's funny.. Geez him and Lana.. they've got quite a relationship. Honestly I feel like it's gonna turn out badly for him once they get into the "legal murder" phase of this.. FJHFDHJFDH OF COURSE HE'S STRIPPING HFDF.. How could he not..

Omg nervous Lana :'0 Fhdjf Kingston gassing her up nice.. Aww Lana's blessings.. Her speaking about the Collective ooh.. Omg more Lana backstory? :eyes: Ishmael.. Whomst is he.. Her real human dad ? :0000 Aw she misses the Collective ;-; Oh oof, her being afraid that her rituals and things are beginning to lose their meaning ahh.. ;-; "What if everything she'd lived for really didn't mean anything at all and it was all made up in her head?" Oof ;-; Girl... Perhaps. "Her perfect union." bROOO THE TITLE HJHJFJD :DDDDD Mmmm I'm ready to see Lana in Action too, she's got so much Potential I just know.. she's gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the arena ;-;

Aww Clancy ;-; "The idea that he could survive in the arena happened to feel weirder than any of his theories." aWW BUDDY ;-; Aww I'm glad he and Ares have managed to improve their relationship so much over the course of this ;-; Omg new theories :eyes: Omg the Avox theory and the number 20 theory Clancy buddy.. He's cute though jhfdhdf. "Still feral over the fact that the Capitol was real" HJFHDJF I love that for him. "He didn't really feel like being dominated." hhJHHJHFDJHD IM CRYING JHFHJFHFD.. Glad he's not allies with Teresa then :skull:

Ooh Piper being frustrated with her alliance.. Her being worried she's turned into a babysitter.. Well. Yeah, it was called the "babysitting" alliance hfhdfj :skull: ..What if she went rogue to go be in lesbians with Saf :eyes: oH HI SAF ! Mm of course they ask about her alliance, rip.. O o f straight-up calling them the weakest tributes of the bunch.. Hello? Dephra? Girl got a 1 hjfhf. Omg the swan story hgfhf.. Rip. Ooh.. "Maybe they'd have their own downfall and she wouldn't be there to help them." I mean.. as bad as that might be, it might be the best thing for Her, I feel...
darthnell chapter 29 . 5/24/2021
Hm yeah D3 is without a mentor now.. For the better, but maybe they could get a Capitol one hopefully ? Her reassuring Edison he did the right thing ;-; ..Omg Edison smiling at learning that P*scal fking Died GOOD.. HE DESERVES TO SMILE. Fjhdhf Liana, "Can you please go over, in Great detail, exactly how P*scal died, we would love to know (:" jhfdhjfd. Ooh free day ! ;-; Aw Liana being like "ew I don't want to do vain things like go shopping or eat fancy foods" and then two seconds later like "god why can't I fucking be Normal" Ouch ;-; I felt that. ;-; Sip and Sketch omggg.. "A boat that looked like a District 12 version of the one the host drew." BYEE DUNKING ON D12 HFJHFFJ.. Omg red wine.. Lowkey having that rn it's my fav ;-;

Mmm Lana being the Problem.. Well, it's too late to change leaders now. Mm yes she's certainly got Kingston wrapped around her fingers.. and Bell.. BELL AND LANA MAKING OUT PLS.. Lowkey like that's fitting for them jhfhjf. Hm yeah Moira, Fila, and Eros having their little inter-alliance there.. They simply just enjoy each other's company more ;-; Aw wigs.. Trying on clothes omg.. That's so cute of them. DRAGGING MICAH fdjhfhfd.. Love it. And Clemensia "the angrier one" jhfhjfd.. Aw rip Moira not looking forward to the Games, oof..

Dephraaa omg.. Lowkey why do I feel like this is the last Dephra POV we're getting wheeze.. Mm Dephra HONGRY.. She's playing a whole different Hunger Games hfdhjdfhjfd.. HFHJDFHJ THE SOFT-BOILED EGGS ARE BACK OMG.. I feel like I should eat one in her honor but I honestly don't like soft-boiled eggs oof. Uhh I've got some egg-shaped leftover easter candy, that'll have to do jhhj. "Dephra no longer needed to be loved, just to be tolerated enough that someone wouldn't mind sharing their last few days with her, yet even that was too much." OOF JHFDHJD. ;-; Well I'm glad she liked her ramen.

Fhjjhd Marcel and Teresa just Not vibing with the children.. valid. "Since they planned on simply not going." Honestly that's the best kind of Bloodbath strategy they can have hfhjfd. "WEIRD LOOKING GIRLS" HJFDHJFD BRO RUDE HFDHFD. Aw them riding the carousel.. Marcel thinking about how she'll never get older, rip.. ;-; Also huh, interesting to see how Capitol parents explain away the Hunger Games to their kids.. "You'll understand when you get older." Yeahh, I'm sure he will. And Marcel unfortunately won't ;-; (Unless she wins but I feel like she doesn't oof)
darthnell chapter 28 . 5/24/2021
The Capitol loving Sapphira, we stan honestly. Ffhdh Micah being miserable.. I mean. "Bellerophon and Moira didn't mean anything to him." Yer kinda an asshole buddy. HJFHJD Sapphira scaring him and yet him wanting to be her... He is Thoroughly intimidated, I love that for him. Yikes, Micah lying about training his tributes bruh.. Rude smh. Like he's definitely not the worst mentor here but. It's a Low fucking bar, sir, that bar is Underground.

Rip Mags being forced to deal with Kingston and Lana hjdhjd.. Lana being straight up evil o o f.. hjfhd It's kinda funny tho. Ope P*scal interview.. Yeeeahhhhh yeet. Biiig yeeet.

darthnell chapter 27 . 5/24/2021
Private session time ! :D Lmao rip Lysistrata not feelin it.. valid girl. Aw Eros is so cute ;-; Bless this lad.. Seems like he did pretty decently there ;-; "weakest out of his alliance" oof.. That's rough buddy :pensive: Ooh Fila.. :0 yess girl kick ass.. Predicted first nice ! Hm I feel like those are never accurate though, rip. Omfg Bell stripping of course.. Stripping in front of a pair of lesbians hjfhj. Whelp. "Since it [being near naked] appears to be a common thing for him." jhfhjfdhj yeah.. Ooh Moira doing some camouflage, that's an interesting thing for her to demonstrate. Neat though :'0 Omg girl the heads hjfdjhjhd. Aw poor Edison :c Points for bravery ;-; Fhjfhf "talk about the hat and his 15 cats in the interview." Lmaoo classic Liana there.. A 6, not bad. Pretty solid session ;-; Lol "Kingston, you're average for a Career, which I guess is good." Lana session omg.. The sea blessing hjhj.. Yes good entertainment that's for sure ;-;

Ooh I guess the dagger thing worked out for Clancy, a 7 is surprisingly good for him. Ooh Ares getting an 8, damn girl ! Hell yeah! She said "these weapons? Mine." Rip Camber being the weakest of their alliance.. Yeah I feel like they'd be the most likely to do a backstab.. If he makes it far enough. Ooh a solid score for Sperry too, bless ;-; Hm good for Palmer with the plants.. fairly average score for a 7M I feel though so :shrugs: "Which was insanely impressive despite the fact that he had absolutely no personality while doing it." FDJHFH YEAH.. That might be his downfall here. That and him not wanting to kill.. Aw they seem to appreciate Marcel too, bless. 5 is alright for her, I feel. Ope Challis, rippp.. "Challis simply didn't have much success in anything despite trying again and again." BIG OOF BUDDY ;-; R i p jokes being his only substance :skull: Ooh a 6 for Teresa, good for her ;-;

Yesss 8 for Alarico.. he Vibes.. Brass knuckles omg.. I love that for him. Aww nervous Saf ;-; She did pretty good w her 7 though ;-; Oh rip Alabastor and his 4. Ooh Piper vibing with her lasso, I love that for her ;-; Pith.. tbh I feel like what he did for his session is p much what Peeta did for his and like. Tbh that's much more deserving of Pith's 5 than Peeta's 8 wheeze.. Omg Dephra and her 1.. :skull: Fhjfjhd her being predicted 24th r i p.. Oof Morgan.. Kid's given up highkep. "It was quite depressing knowing that he's most definitely screwed" JHFHJDH.. Rip Etta too. Not really much to say there hjfdhd. Well, those scores definitely leaned high in nthe upper districts.. And then they just sort of.. petered off.. which honestly tracks with the lower-district lads, rip.
darthnell chapter 26 . 5/24/2021
CoRiOLaNuS hjdfhjfhd (Cory in the House vibes intensify) Anyways gays time hjfhjfd. Clemensia and Lysistrata are v cute together ;-; Lmao Snow being "a bit insufferable".. Sorry girls get used to that, I don't think that'll ever go away. R i p he interrupted them :skull: Worst, honestly. Also them having a cheaper wedding than he and Livia, but actually being in love, now who's the more valid couple? It's not even a question lmao. Minotaur mutt omg :eyessss:

Ooh Camber allying with Clancy and Ares.. Interesting. I'm curious how that's gonna go since like.. Clancy and Ares already have a bit of a strained relationship, and even with Camber they're still going at each other. Like playing mediator's gonna get tiring at some point, especially if it doesn't work fhhf. Plus Camber doesn't seem too pleased about how they divvied up the weapons situation there.. Fhdhj and they straight up say they don't mind killing the two of them. This will be... Fun.

Aw Etta spending most of training just hiding in a corner and reading about... hiding hjfdhjfdhf. I guess she's already doing a good job putting that into practice..? Ooh, bloodletting, that's interesting.. I feel like that'd be hard to practice on e dummy since like.. it doesn't have blood rip. Fhjfhd watch her get into the arena and be like "well, I didn't get to practice my bloodletting in training so I'm just gonna dO IT NOW MORGAN COME HERE" jfdhjdf.. O o h oof he was calling her annoying behind her back? :skull: Bitch move, tbh. Lmao Alabastor being rude too oof.. But her not seeing the knives, that's bigger oof come on girl use ur eyes.. Omg she Tore into that dummy hjfhjjhf that's so funny I love that for her though..

Oh rip Pith regretting his no-allies decision.. Miserable Pith aw.. Omg.. dude's crushing so hard on Alarico omgg.. I'm sorry bro but he's very much Taken :pensive: ally-wise and boyfriend-wise. "Presumably to help Dephra, who was as usual, acting like a hot mess." JHFHJDFHJ RIPPP.. It's true though :skull: Oof Pith is just like "Yeah no I'm gonna sit here instead of actually talking to people, I'm good thx." /stares at Alarico/ dffdhjd. Good luck buddy.

Oh no :C Man, we fucking hate P*scal in this house. I hope he dies horribly in the next chapter or soon or. Something. Yeah.. I feel like Lysistrata and Clemensia just simply would not vibe with that.. Also they gave him an 8 aw.. Edison beating the shit out of the dummy and pretending it's P*scal.. very valid ;-; Anyways, yes, take care of the shithead.. /chants/ Public! Execution!
darthnell chapter 25 . 5/24/2021
Aww Sperry's doing such a good job, I'm proud of her ;-; She's really got this training thing down pat.. survival skills, camouflage, and fighting with daggers are all pretty smart and well within range for her. Her trying to work the extra hours, aw.. unfortunately that won't be able to match up to a Career's level of training, but trying certainly doesn't hurt. It's the best she can do, given her situation. Also her not choosing to find allies is an interesting choice :0 She's doing a good job of staying out of everybody's way.. also rip her BB prediction for Dephra lmaoo..

Diana... Oh god what the hell could Snow possibly want with her.. Mm I don't like where this is going. nOT THE GRAPES NOO DFHJFHFHHJD BYEEE.. Aww nooo :c Not the prostitution shit noooo.. I guess it had to start somewhere but. Big oof ;_; Also F for Diana, who just wanted to get out of this line of work and now it's only gotten. Worse !

R i p Fila getting yelled at by Lana for getting too drunk :pensive: I mean yeah she was, but honestly girl's gotta get a chance to cut loose before she (potentially) dies ;-; Gotta give her that.. Aw hanging with Eros and Moira :'0 Omg they're painting nails that's honestly so cute of them ;-; Blue, purple, and pink... So did u make that the colors of the bisexual flag on purpose or...? Ffjhjd.. :0 Artist Moira coming out to play aw ! That's so cute.. Also Fila's parents never letting her paint her nails bruh smh what is wrong with them.. Fkin Losers.

Aw rip Saf missing Rey oof.. ;-; Also her deciding to book it from the Bloodbath.. smart move lmao. "It was better to be fat than to be bored." MOOD.. Iconic of her honestly. Go get ur dessert girl u deserve it. Omgg man she's crushin on Piper there.. That's so cute though ;_; Arena lesbians pls :pleading: Rip her not wanting to ally with the babies - I mean Alabastor and Morgan - but alas.. Mmm kind of hope they end up meeting again in the arena though (lmao maybe the boys will get BB'd.. pave the way for the gays jhdfh). But yeah, Saf seems like the type to just fall really hard really fast, judging by this and her past relationships.. ;-;

Bro these boys are so cute honestly, I literally adore their friendship :pleading: Non-toxic masculinity at its finest ;-; Omg Alarico giving Challis piggy back rides byee that's so cute ;-; Them just vibing on the roof aw.. "Us against the world" ;-; I love.. They really would make good friends for each other if circumstances were different ;-; O p e ohh no getting interrupted by Careers oof.. Mm Lana and Bell what are you two doing, inch resting... Oh oof Alarico and Lana getting into a little tiff there.. Big Yikes for u man.. Omg pillow fight byee that's so cute ;-;
darthnell chapter 24 . 5/23/2021
Rip Kingston.. He just wants so bad to be done with Elizabeth oof.. which even though she's literally Dead, he just cannot be rid of her :skull: ..That's callous, but oh well jfdfhd. I mean, he's even just Done with Mags asking him about Elizabeth and shit.. Man, this is honestly just leaving him incredibly susceptible to Lana's influence. I don't think he'll be escaping her anytime soon, especially since he's starting to see her as a savior oof.. Like the way he'd join her cult so fast if they were back in D4 :skull: jfdhjfh..

HJJHJJHJ Alabastor: "The best thing about Morgan is that he could be easily manipulated if need be :D" He's so much fun, byee.. Fhjd Morgan sucking at axe-throwing though, oof.. "They don't expect us to be good at them" They Sure don't buddy.. You're supposed to be Career fodder jhfdhfd. Oh rip, speak of the devil.. Mmm yeah picking a fight with Bell might not be smart oof ;-; Fjhfjhd Alabastor Also lowkey seeing Piper as a mom figure oof.. I wonder how she feels about that tbh. Feel like that could get. Awkward. Also Alabastor feeling in control of how things end.. Cute buddy, but you're Twelve :skull:

Fhjdhj Palmer really said "Don't talk to me." That do be his Vibe.. Ooh a meeting with Diana.. Probably more beneficial for him that training if he knows he's not gonna find allies. Also rip Perry.. Hmm he's got a plan, but idk how well going to the Cornucopia's gonna work for him, especially since he seems content with not killing/injuring someone which. That's gonna be a problem in the Games, buddy.. Like be true to yourself sure, but I guess like. However badly he wants to die for that, only he can decide.

Ffhjhfd omg Marcel and Teresa lifting weights cus they think it'll be intimidating, rip.. hjdhjf. Ffhjhdf it working on Sperry and Dephra lmaooo.. Ope rip Teresa almost fainting.. Lowkey is she pregnant? Fhjfdhjd. Aw Teresa seeing Marcel as a little sister, that's cute.. LOL Marcel, "I'm poisonous :D" Also Marcel sticking with Teresa because she'd be bored without her aww ;-; That's cute.. And Teresa just missing having an actual friend, rip ;-; Like being a live-in housekeeper - I'm sorry, housewife - just doesn't cut it for her ;-;
darthnell chapter 23 . 5/23/2021
SAPPHIRA POV DHJDJFHJFSDHJHSDH /goes feral/ ..Anyways. Party omg.. that's so much fun ;-; Also having the tributes interact with potential sponsors mm.. Oof. I love that Fila's warmed up to Sapphira ;-; It's what she Deserves.. D1 team back on track, so iconic of them. HJHJD Sapphira: /puts her hand on Fila's shoulder/ "Fila. Get Lit." Sapphira and Anais are so cute ;-; But yeah, I can see how they'd be a bit strained if Anais is (maybe unintentionally) distracting Sapphira from her job.. ;-; Also Sapphira learning more about Fila.. Yeet it'll be.. Interesting to see how things turn out in the arena with her and Lana ;-;

Aw Alarico doesn't wanna talk to people.. That's a Mood buddy ;-; Pith omg he flirtin? You flirtin Pith ? :eyes: A h no Edison having a chat with his mentor.. Pls no.. :C Wait them linking arms that's so cute byeee ;-; Ohh my god their bad dancing stoppp that's so precious ;_; Alarico doing the wormmm bro I love him ;-; Ohhh noo him dancing with the dude reminding him of Atticus ;-; Sad gay hours :pensive:

Sfhjf Etta and her book.. Morgan just does not vibe w her rip.
Morgan: "Maybe I'll find other allies."
Other allies: "Hi"
Morgan: "No."
Like bro pick one jhfhjf.. Omg the dead mom jokes bro.. Fhjdh "Maybe if I tell them all about my dead family members, they'll go away :D" fdjhhj like Buddy, pal... ;-; Broo the dead mom jokes nooo hjdhjdhjd.. Aw they're allying anyways ;-; "Morgan couldn't help but see Piper as though she was his second mother." Mm.. Idk if I should say "oof" or "aw" fdjdfhj.

LOL Marcel being like "Palmer looked dead inside at the parade.. embarrassing of him." She ended him and he doesn't even Know.. Ahh Marcel chatting with the crusty men ack.. well, at least she knows how to avoid their advances ;-; Awww Teresa pulling her out omg ;-; that's so nice of her, looking out for other girls.. Fhjfhjd looks like they've got some stuff in common there.. I love that for them honestly. They seem like they'll be a good alliance ;-;

SCHRODINGER'S MENTOR STOPPP HFDHJFJHDJH I ALMOST SPAT OUT MY DRINK JHFFH... "HE WAS PRE-STRIPPED" HJFFJ I'm just thinking of like. A chicken cutlet for some reason idk why but hjfdhjfhd. Oh my god his. His "analysis" of the other Careers this is killing me... "she had the tightest ass he'd ever seen"... "straighter than a strip pole"... "dominating as hell and kind of a vixen" jhfhjfdh his head is in One Place :skull: hjhjfdhdf he's wearing a leather suittt omg hjhfd.. Fila being "sexy but boring" r i p.. Oh rip drunk!Fila.. Glad he didn't kiss her ahh.. Clearly she had enough with just dancing hjfhj. "She happened to do a pretty good job of matching her puke with the color of the dance floor." I DIED HJFDHJDHJ Like I was on vc with a friend and I had to stop bc I was laughing so hard at that line dhfhfdjfd.. Aw him being genuinely concerned, I love that ;-; Oh my god Fila with the chocolate milk again.. Girl how are you not yakking again that is literally the most vile.. like Especially just after puking.. Ig she's just. Built diff jhfdhjfjh
darthnell chapter 22 . 5/23/2021
Oh damn, those are some brutal dreams for poor Ares ;-; Lol Clancy being briefly nice to her before they go back to normal.. Omfg he stole a coffee machine Bruh.. Clancy honey I really don't think you even Need coffee, he just already has. So much energy hjfdhjf.. Also the hotel ooh ! I'm guessing it's still too early in the Games for the whole Training Center building to have been established like it is in canon.. That's interesting that the tributes and mentors all get to eat breakfast together :0 Ultimate planning sesh lmao.. Also can I say again I love that these two are allying... Like that's either gonna help them a whole lot or be just. The biggest damn mistake they'll ever make hjhf

Lannnnaaaa omg.. Bruhh she's gonna try to get the rest of the pack to do her rituals omfg.. Of course Kingston's already complied :sheep emoji: hfdhjfd.. Ooh Bell is a dissenter already hm.. Once Lana gets the lead, I feel like he won't last long.. Ghdhf Lana's already got a whole schedule written for them omg.. Pfft her initiation kisses.. "Fila, probably a closeted homosexual" rip Fila hjfd. Hmm yeah some slight drama in the pack already, oof.. Depending on how well Lana can keep them under her thumb, though, I feel like they'll end up being quite efficient..

Shfhd Snow not trusting his Gamemakers, oof. Ooh mutt drawings omg :eyes: Taken from a greek myth book omg yes, I love that.. where's the wife centaur we need her.. "For the first time in what seemed like forever, Coriolanus was genuinely fascinated by something other than himself." WHEEZE HFJHDJH DRAG HIM.. Large Mutt :0 Mmm Exciting.. Gjhdh Even Snow is excited lmao. Him wanting to take credit for their work bro.. fuck u smh

"Liana had yet to decide whether or not she meant quirky in a good way." Fjhdhjfd Liana omg.. It's. A fair judgement though. HJFDHJD SHE SHOT HIM DOWN SO QUICK RIP.. She's so determined to go solo aw.. LOL her notes.. "Dephra's getting bullied lol how embarrassing for her." :skull: Wanting to hide and keep her head down, smart. Ooh trying to tone down her intelligence too, that's also smart. "Liana Taylor did not want to be seen as a threat, even though she deeply thought she was one." I hope for her sake that she's right.. oH "something explosive" I am LOOKING

Dephra stoppppp the eggs girl I can't hdhjdjhd.. Man, she calls everyone bullies, but she can't even remember Pith's name.. ASIAGO WHEEZE.. CATALYST... Oh my fucking god "Lana called her a 'neophyte wannabe', which was rich coming from someone who's name is 'Anal' backwards." DEPHRA STOPPPPP DJHFFDFHJDH.. Like I kind of feel bad for her but also she's lowkey delusional.. Fhjfd Even Sperry is like, "Mmmm no thx" bye.
darthnell chapter 21 . 5/23/2021
Aw Camber vibing with the Capitol ;-; Or at least the way it looks, which is valid. Wow, Annette's a bitch hjfhjf "y'all only have a week to live, have fun uwu xoxo" Camber fantasizing about winning aw ;-; Him and Sperry being excited about their outfits is kinda cute too ;-; Hopefully they'll get better ones than last year ;-; Oof Sperry questions.. That was nice of him to ask her in private, like even if she didn't give him the gory details, it was kind of all he really needed to know. Enough for him to be like "lmao yeah I'm glad I'm not her." (Also I appreciate the note on his pronouns ! I assumed he used either he/him or they/them the way u wrote it before :'0 )

Piper, rip.. Literally ;-; F in the chat for Piper's body hair jfhjf. At least this prep team doesn't seem Too bad honestly ? Like telling her that they already think she's pretty and just want to make her more pretty.. It's a kinder attitude than I expected, at least ;-; But yeah, can't be too fond of them after all this waxing, oof ;-;

Ooh damn, Eros really lucked out with that outfit, Tigris did an excellent job ;-; The haircut was a neat idea there :'0 Als cloak.. Literally who doesn't love a cloak they're. Simply the best hfdhjfd. Aw "Sapphira's old-school aesthetic that seemed to have entirely taken over her life." Rip.. but it's so cute though ;-;

Sfdhdfh Challis "I fucking hate it here" :skull: he's valid though, rip ;-; Evelen as celery though omfg.. jhdfhjfhjd ooF. Omg he does not vibe with Teresa r i p.. Oh him and Alarico Interesting.. Fhf Alarico not being able to find his chariot, buddy.. ;-; Man, he and Teresa are really not getting along anymore there.. just. Getting on each others nerves.. Challis was just doing the best with what he got aw ;-; Rip a D8 alliance :pensive:

Mm D1 and D2 absolutely killing it, classic.. We love it.. Omg Edison wore his top hat.. I love that for him ;-; It really is his Thing.. Rip Kingston in his skirt, but hey Lana's working it :D Omg Clancy.. poor guy. Learning the Capitol is real like this must be just a huge shock hjfhjd. Hm, at least Camber got a better outfit than last year's D6 it seems ;-; Palmer sleeping omg hjfhjf.. Close enough. Teresa just vibing, I love that for her. Rip D9, I'll bet they're getting new stylists next year lmao.. Piper omggg.. let her be a bodybuilder pls hfhfd. CELERY JFHJJH somehow that's perfect for Dephra. It just has her Energy. Oof, D12. "Being President sure didn't change his bitch of an attitude." WHEEZE HJFHFH IT SURE DON'T..
darthnell chapter 20 . 5/23/2021
Saf not liking Alarico r i p.. Ghjjhf she's just not having this lovey-dovey boyfriend talk.. I mean fair though, she did just get her heart broken so no doubt that stings ;-; Lol "you're only valid bc you have two moms".. Aw it's cute though that that gives Saf some hope for her own future ;-; (barring the Hunger Games though, rip.. ) .. Oh my god rEY NO.. Ohh man Big fucking oof. Saf was fking right about running being a Horrible-ass idea but. The two of them ended up on the same train anyways... Maaaan that fucking Sucks ;-; Omg she's still not taking Rey back.. ok honestly? Good for her.. like what Rey did was shitty. ..She probably didn't deserve to be Avoxxed for it, but neither did Saf deserve to be reaped.. And hey, Saf has a backbone now so :V good for her ;-; That's so sad though still ;_;

Aw Alabastor getting a hug and being like "? Help" ;_; that's like funny but also Sad at the same time ;-; Piper's concern for him is nice ;-; Fhfjhd him being like "well I might have to kill her so might as well emotionally guilt her" bRO hjffhfd.. Not.. a bad strategy though, I guess? Oof. Ope Piper digging in way too much to his personal traumas (even though he aired them out in the open).. They've definitely got an interesting relationship so far. Oof she lowkey made him cry rip.. the "lol can u not" :skull: He's right that he needs allies though, I wonder who else he'll manage to gather together..

Omg Pith trying out Ashby's scooter hjjhfgj.. "Congratulations on not being dead." HJFH BRO.. It is an impressive thing though. LOL THEM EATING ALL THE FOOD BYEEE.. Sorry Dephra, no eggs for you :pensive: Lowkey that's so funny though hjhjf. Pith is Already done with her hjfhjf.. Rip even Ashby is like "yeah she's a goner lmao".. Glad she thinks at least one of her tributes has a chance though ;-; Pith is certainly ahead of Dephra in that book.

Oh rip Dennis.. Yeahh F in the chat for Etta and Morgan for being stuck with him.. He Simply does not care. You'd think that if Dennis's tributes did better, he might get promoted, but ig he just can't see that far ahead hjfdhjfd. Aw she and Morgan Almost bonded over their dead moms, but then he had to ruin it by being convinced he's going to die, rip.. Granted, that's maybe not the best way to start a friendship/alliance lmaoo.. Good on Etta for being all "I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, bye." Though if only she had a mentor to tell her that running straight to the Cornucopia May not be the best idea.. rip ;-;
darthnell chapter 19 . 5/23/2021
Omfg Clancyy bro ;-; He's trying jhfhjf. LOL he believes the Capitol isn't real, but Snow killing Ravenstill is outlandish.. Y'know, I love that for him. Oh shit the thing with his sister, Ouch? Hello ? :'C Clancy and Ares deciding to put up with each other is a good start :'0 ..Now they have to put up with Solis, rip.. Dude's Strange. aW Ares told him about the Dowlette situation.. oof ;-; Fhjfhf That's another one of Clancy's theories proven right, hm.. These two seem surprisingly off to a good start, I would not have expected that for them, but I Vibe with that :'0

Bruh, Sperry's pov.. That was just. So well written ? Like the repetition of the "District 6 had never won before." interspersed with the withdrawal symptoms, and the parts where her vision was floating, and seeing her parents.. Also the way she wasn't sure if she was talking out loud or not, and her having to deduce that by judging Camber's reactions.. Idk, that was just really neat dude ;-; And her coming to terms with her decision to volunteer, of course she's gonna be thinking "oh shit I'm gonna have to kill people now if I want to survive" and then her deciding she wasn't going to let it break her.. ;-; (Also the part where Festus reminded her of the boss so she didn't interact with him, Oof :'C ).. Man she's such a horribly tragic character ;-; Hopefully once she gets through the first day of the withdrawal symptoms, things will be a little bit better for her during Pregames ;-;

Ripp Palmer is so out of his element :skull: At least Marcel and Diana are bonding though ;-; Lmao Palmer, "wow I wish I could go birdwatching rn" Dude honestly has big ace energy, we stan ;-; Rip Diana trying to include him and Marcel being like, "Hmmm actually Perhaps not." Hm, going alone might be good for him - though it Really isn't a camping trip, buddy.. Who knows though, maybe he'll find a better ally once training starts ;-;

A w Challis crying on the couch stoppp ;-; I hate that for him, the poor lad :pleading: Dhfjhdj Teresa trying so hard not to be mean, rip.. Challis has some valid points there, oof.. Lmao the fact that Teresa just never thought of the Games since getting married, rip.. At least she doesn't really seem worried ? "She couldn't wait for men to become obsolete" GIRL SAME WHEEZE.. That was a nice little bonding moment between these two ;-; Rip her not wanting to ally with him, but hey, no reason to be mean about it ;-; I like how she's both kind and determined too, like she's got her priorities set with going into this, but she's not willing to immediately give up her basic human decency ffd ;-;
darthnell chapter 18 . 5/22/2021
Fila immediately hating Sapphira noooo omg ;-; I mean like. I guess in Fila's eyes, she came on a little strong there with being so prepared.. LMAO her notebook that's so iconic though ;-; But yeah she's just excited ! ;-; Or maybe she (Sapphira) is nervous about messing up on her first year ;-; Fila and Eros are getting along by the looks of it though, that's good ;-; Omfg the dog licking Eros's nipples stoppp jhfdhjf

Hmm Bell and Moira don't seem to be getting along as well, oof. At least Moira is feeling better since leaving Two. They seem to be united in their annoyance against Micah though hfdhfj. "No more twinks from 4" omg hjgfhjgf.. Yeah Micah you're gonna quickly get to a point where it's Extremely inappropriate to be attracted in tributes, you should probably stop Yesterday. Loll "You can take a nap after you win" I mean that's a Fair point

Edison and Liana definitely don't seem like each other's sort of people, which. Not really a bad thing, just a general thing.. Rip she assumed he was suicidal.. That's fair honestly hhgf. Like.. a spur-of-the-moment decision, buddy.. ;-; Lmao Liana being all "well I love dissecting fake bodies OvO" She's cute tho ;-; "Edison forgot he was wearing his signature top hat since it was basically embedded into his flesh" WHEEZE HJFJ.. Oh. Oh no Pascal stay Away god.. I Do Not Like. This man needs to be hanged.

Lana omfg girl what.. Rude? Maybe ask b4 kissing someone pls.. Also "Isn't it crazy that you basically killed her?" Omfg she's not holding back jhfhjgf. Omg Lana kissed Mags too bruv.. Lmao Mags being brutally honest with them.. At least neither of them seemed to take that to heart. Lana doing her rituals, I love it.. Ooh she's getting Kingston to join :0 Tbh he seems like he'll be pretty easy for her to wrap around her finger rip.
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