Reviews for 07 - Cuppa Wake Up
Aviantei chapter 1 . 8/1/2020
Sanae? Not charging someone for a cup of coffee? Suspension of disbelief broken.

Anyway, it looks like Kairi Hearts may be a thing! Even if it’s not, I like these little snippets you’re showing us. Kairi definitely needs time to shine and develop, and Sanae’s a good contender for helping out with this sort of thing. He’s got a knack for asking the right questions, which are things Kairi needs to answer.

So, yeah. Kairi Hearts when?

Slowly catching up with reviews over here,
verdance chapter 1 . 7/18/2020
This was so good.

I haven't played TWEWY, but I really like the way you made Shibuya the Underground of San Fransokyo. And the talk about Kairi's passiveness in the games makes me happy no matter how many times I see it. Just the way you explored her character made for more depth.

I love seeing a character's thought process because it makes them feel real. And the great thing about fanfic is the ability to explore that character's mind, especially if they're stagnant in canon.