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Marshal Barachiel chapter 30 . 8/8
Umm... Arturia having a problem with how Ritsuka defeated Herc...? In the original VN, she has no qualms about sacrificing a village to gain victory. Saber not liking 'dishonorable' methods is simply a Fate Zero thing and her characterization there is butchered.
codywhite162 chapter 40 . 8/3
Excellent work on this chapter! Looking forward to what happens next!
sUbSoNiCSoundwave chapter 40 . 8/1
When it comes to your comment responses to the Babylonia Singularity, the easiest thing to do would probably be to make Caster Gilgamesh not know who Artoria and Shirou are. As from what I understand this was back in a time when Gilgamesh has yet to pass onto becoming a Heroic Spirit. Thus much like how Shirou and Artoria of this story's timeline doesn't recognize who Scathach is from the Shadow Spear timeline, this version of Gilgamesh would have no memories of who Shirou and Artoria are as he has yet to meet them.
Dimihd chapter 40 . 7/31
This work sometimes not enough a description the level of Bond that Shirou has with the rest of the servants.
GORDON chapter 40 . 7/31
I admit, I got a bit disappointed on this chapter beingnso short.

But it’s the life, I am also disappointed in Scathach not teasing Arturia And Shirou about their counterparts of her world acting rabbits (being cuddly each other) as well seeing the embarassing of the two lover birds.

I have two questions:

1: the Shirous of Avalon Bond And Sword And Arrow copied these weapons: D’eon sword, diarmuid And fionn’s spears, Balmung etc, ?

2:have the Zeltrechs of Avalon Bond And Shadow Spear watched the event sof Sword And Arrow?

Continue with the good work.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/31
I want to see Scathach together with her Shirou. The cameo was nice but ultimately meaningless. What's the point of having her here with a Shirou that isn't here?
kakaroto1997 chapter 40 . 7/31
Good Chapter
SmithOnix chapter 39 . 7/15
Seventh Singularity: Babylonia

Huwawa, referred to as the Demonic Beast Humbaba, is mentioned by Mash Kyrielight when entering the Cedar Forest.[11]

In Nasu's Blog, he suggests that Huwuawa was resurrected, in the opposite direction of the Black Cedar forest, in the mythical Mountain of the White Cedar. Now known as Death Huwawa (死フワワ, Shi Fuwawa?), she is, impossibly, being restrained by a "beautiful golden Oni" and her mysterious bandit group, unbeknown to the rest of the Singularity's inhabitants.[12]

Interlude: Created by Gods, Weaved by Humans, Returned to Earth II

Huwawa appears in Enkidu's second interlude. Moriarty traps Enkidu within Chaldea's virtual simulator, in a simulation of the Cedar Forest, and the countless souls comprising Huwawa attack them. The ghost of a little girl absorbs the others, and Enkidu apologizes that they do not know how to save her or make those flowers bloom again. They try to kill her with Enuma Elish but Huwawa blocks it, and so Gilgamesh intervenes with Gate of Babylon.[2]

This is the reason why Ibaraki Douji not appeared in defense of Uruk despit ebe summone dby Gilgamesh, she busy keeping Humbaba away.

And look:FateZeroHumbaba
Humbaba in the Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide 1.
Humbaba originally appeared in the Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide 1 with a radically different design.[13]

During the planning stages of Fate/strange Fake, Kinoko Nasu told Ryohgo Narita that Gilgamesh's response to Huwawa suddenly appearing in front of him would be "like Vegeta facing Perfect Cell or post-transformation Frieza"; he would let out an angry yell and rapidly fire the Gate of Babylon.[14]

basically: Gilgamesh is scared of Huwawa/Humbaba, being th eon,y being able of inflicts fear uppon the golden king.
Dr. x chapter 39 . 7/14
Hello, Enthusiast, it already has been a longtime, I wanted informs you of this:
The reason why the Einzbern Family has such bad luck is due they having this Noble Phantasm in their possession:

Das Rheingold.

Japanese name:
Fafnir, Siegfried, Einzbern family
Das RheingoldWP (ラインの黄金, Rain no Ōgon?) is an unending mountain of treasure that both provides great wealth and curses its owner with great misfortune.

Siegfried gained the treasure hoard from defeating Fafnir. Siegfried claims the amount was exaggerated, but says it was still enough for some to be left even by the time his great-grandson was an old man.

It is accidentally summoned in the Grand Orders after the summoned Fafnir is resurrected, so he asks Ritsuka Fujimaru to help him find it to keep it from being found by someone else. If the treasure is allowed to flow freely, the humans who find it will become prisoners of the great wealth, eventually causing much destruction as the country is filled with betrayal and distrust.[1]

At some point it came into the possession of the Einzbern family.[2][3] Because of knowing the gold very well, they can coin vessels of the Holy Grail.[3]
ITACHI chapter 39 . 6/28
The story is being good:

But I have a question: why Shirou and Arturia not subjected Ritsuka to Training of Hell?

And Information: do you knows the Light Novel Fate Strange Fake?

Because I going informs you about the reason why the Ishtar of FGO lost Gugalanna( the bull of heaven):

Is because the Ishtar of the Universe of Fate Strange Fake: stole Gugalanna, this is to showcase show powerful anngoddes is:

And information: apparently Ishtar placed a curse/blessing on the earth/world: If Gilgamesh and Enkidu, for more improbable that be the possibility, being summoned On-The same Grail War, Ishtar also shall manifests to punishes on her words: the two ungrateful.
Kirby III chapter 39 . 6/28
Information on Caster Gilgamesh:

Berserk Button:
He despises it when people willingly do something, yet complain about having to do it. Part of why he gets angry at Ereshkigal right before the boss fight against her is that, she willingly took up the role as the Goddess of the Underworld, but her reason to join the Goddess Alliance was to get out of the Underworld after years of ruling it. It would be one thing if she was forced to do so, but she made her choice to do so.

Another one is any attempt on raiding his treasury. He will not stand down when anyone tries to steal from him as shown in Ibaraki's Interlude where he comes back from the Underworld just to stop Ibaraki from trying to steal from him. He actually goes to his Archer form during the battle to show just how serious he is on defending it.
Another thing he despises is pity, especially if it’s for Uruk’s people. Knowing they will meet their end fighting Tiamat, the people of Uruk fight on regardless of that fate. Seeing anyone take pity on that is more like an insult, and one he takes very personally. He even threatens Mash that if she showed genuine pity for him and his people, he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill her on the spot.

Death by Irony: His Archer version is infamous in the Fate franchise for holding back his immense power to toy with his opponents, and then paying the price for it; in all the routes of Fate/stay night he's been killed because he didn't put in enough effort. Midway through the Babylon singularity, Caster Gilgamesh ends up overworking himself governing Uruk and commanding a three-front war to the point that he literally dies from stress and overexertion - in other words, he was killed for putting in too much effort. He gets better, fortunately, since the metaphysics of the Underworld allow the Protagonist to fetch his soul and revive him one time.

Discard and Draw:
Within the story, Gilgamesh is considerably weaker than he might otherwise be because he emptied most of his Gate of its weapons and gave them to his soldiers to help defend Uruk, in addition to sealing away Ea. In their place, he primarily uses magic staves to launch powerful magic blasts. This in addition to summoning seven Servants from the Throne of Heroes to help fight the siege.

The summoned version, however, claims that he's simply in the Caster vessel to ward off boredom (and to make fun of Solomon, the current owner of the Grand Caster vessel). However, when first summoned he claims he's in that form in response to Uruk's crisis, so he might not be entirely truthful

Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue": In the 2018 summer event if you make a Slice of Life AU doujin about on the Knights of the Round Table taking care of a baby Lion King, Gilgamesh in his Establishment Spiritron Dress suggests the sequel include the rich neighbor called "The Oldest King" who becomes the Lion King's new tutor and they fall in love.

Kindness Button: Despite demanding respect and reverence when addressing him, he still enjoys seeing defiance. Notably when the Protagonist calls out King Gilgamesh for hiding the fact many citizens were kidnapped including Siduri, if the protagonist chooses to call him a jackass he merely smiles, mentioning that he likes to see them fired up and orders them to save the civilians who were kidnapped. Also shown with his own citizens. Every life saved that keeps on fighting is in its own way a triumph. Gilgamesh saw in his clairvoyant vision that he would be alone when fighting Tiamat at Uruk’s fall, the fact 500 citizens still stand at all is in his eyes a testament to the power of humans and especially the Protagonist, who commends them for being able to Screw Destiny.

Older and Wiser: While older Fate materials show that Archer Gilgamesh isn't actually any younger than Caster Gilgamesh, the latter actually has the maturity and wisdom that comes with all their experiences, and it shows; Uruk's citizens are really capable, content, and happy with his rule. In his first meeting with the heroes, he is shown making several tactically smart choices with his army (such as sending out patrols led by people familiar to the area, in addition to using it as a chance for the person familiar with the area to see his home), and he even listens to the heroes despite not agreeing with them.

Other Me Annoys Me: This example contains a TRIVIA entry. It should be moved to the TRIVIA of God is that he and his Archer counterpart find each other's priorities to be an implied object of ridicule and both versions of Gilgamesh would mock the other if they had a chance meeting in Chaldea.
Justice Boy chapter 39 . 6/28
This fic is being great so far.

I would like of recommend you read on this character Richard I on type moon wiki and read the light novel: Fate Strange Fake. This can helps you with future Fate fics.

Curiosity: during the duel between Caster Gilgamesh vs Chaldea, will the Uruk King tastes defeats ? Because if so: I recommend Shirou threatens him in sword point and forcing to promise not try anything to Arturia.
Time1066 chapter 9 . 6/28
The story is mostly pretty good other than some issues with flow and such, could definitely use an editor. But man, with the whole vampire thing, it takes like five minutes to hunt down the information that they're still susceptible to even normal weapons, the church sacraments and holy weapons are just MORE effective. It's seriously annoying to see.
KaneGehabite chapter 39 . 6/9
So, reader questions.
About the 6th Singularity.
1) What will be the relationship between Arturia and the Lion King; will they be separate personalities or will Thuria be thrown from her native body into the Goddess of the Spear and back again?
2) Who will be the main adversary of the arc? Will the singularity be like in FGO or identical to that in Arcade, i.e. will Jacques de Molay and his warped crusaders be the main enemy? Or shorten everything to a fight with Ozymandias, since he keeps the Grail in his possession?
About the 7th Singularity.
3) Will Shiro and Arturia reconcile with Gil? Or a rivalry to the very end?
Illya Emiya chapter 15 . 6/4
They're my fave couple too!
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