Reviews for Centrifuge
darthnell chapter 33 . 7/5/2021
Man this send-off for Valentin.. I'm not gonna lie, as psycho as he is, he's one of my favorite subplot characters in the DWD verse ;-; Like half the time I just can't tell whether he's unhinged or not bc he does such a good job at hiding it but jhfdjhfdh oh man he was out for so much blood in c24 (also maybe he acknowledges that winning wouldn't've been a good outcome for these kids ;-; ) Lol he knows this is his death sentence, but I love how he just doesn't care. LOL "Who's laughing now, sister dearest? Because it's certainly not you." BYEEE.. Like yeah he's gonna get the bullet for this or however they kill him, but damn it all if he doesn't go out on his terms with a bang like that.. Fjhfdhd he's just. Exstatic now, I love that..

Ooh these Games get forgotten rip.. Makes sense that the Capitol would want to bury this as much as possible (and. Overshadow it with the Quell). Ohhh Valentin got the poison injection hjfdhjfd that's fucking poetic I love it.. (Okay honestly? Big Grand Admiral Thrawn vibes. c: Like, his death in Legends. Like Valentin is a bit more... off his rocker than Thrawn obvi but. Vibes). Valentin really got the last laugh here dhfhd. For now. Rip Maryse lowkey wishing things could've been different, or Something..

Ohh rip yeah. Snow is.. not taking any prisoners here oof. And Tal's double-crossing comes to light.. Rip Maryse, you should've picked better friends. Byeee her pulling a gun, I love that for her.

..Okay, but who shot her though. ..I'm gonna say Varsen because I want it to be Varsen jhhjfdhjfd. Rip of course this puts Snow in hero status oof.. Ohhh shit Oberon is gonna be the Head Gamemaker for Fail2 h... Inch Restinggggg... :O Sennnn 3 Ooh Oriana pardoned.. Nice Nice..

Ohhh my god Varsen and Snow's interactions byeee Varsen has No fucking fear I adore tha t. I absolutely adore it. Fjhfdhjdf like of course they'd get along.. Like this, at least. For now. Who knows if they still will once Fail25 rolls around, I mean I've peeked at the prologues there so :eyes:

Rip both Maryse and Valentin being erased from history.. Not the impact Valentin wanted. And of course Snow lands on top (haha). Ol' Cory really pulled a fast one on them there jhfhjfd. Makes sense that he'd want their names hidden in dust too, spotlight's on Him now, no one else... Hence. Quell.. Honestly, brilliant. Like I fucking doubt Suzanne Collins could come up with anything better herself tbh like. Your Snow is so much more insidious than hers in BOSAS.. Like it's so chilling but so well fucking done. Everything about this verse is so well done I love reading the things you write ;-; This story was so fucking excellent and it ripped me apart, and I'm. So ready for Fail25 to do the same :'0
darthnell chapter 32 . 7/5/2021
Ahhh man this. This whole finale was a fucking. My fucking heart just Dropped reading all of this it just kept getting Worse but. A h hh h ;-; Man the fucking narrative is just not kind to these poor kids either, that hurts ;-; Merrick's tenacity ahh.. He's fighting whether he likes it or not. And Isabelle fighting cus she doesn't know what else to do a h.. And Sephtis with his adaptability.. It's a good quality for him here. Ohhh shit the, "This isn't the ending Panem expected. It /is/ the ending they deserve." And like. Okay coming from reading Syzygy... It is ;-;

Ahhh god my fear for Isabelle during this whole water part and it. It just kept getting Worse for her, like, it's such a nice full-circle moment to when she was drowning in the beginning, but also I was so terrified for her.. Like she's. She's so fucking miserable and I want to take her out and bring her somewhere Else and then when the rain starts an the water starts acidifying, oh god. Lik eit was horrid fucking reading that with Katya and Wallis and now Isabelle's stuck in it too, like god.. And she doesn't have a choice but to keep moving if she wants to preserve what little life she has left (though we know that won't help in the end ;-; ) Ahh her losing the spear and then the water turning pink a h h.. Like I was so fucking Stressed hjfdjhfdfdj it's such a horrible way to die ;-;

Ohh god like I wasn't sure if she was gonna make it to the lighthouse but Merrick and Sephtis not letting her in hurt my fucking heart.. Like I get why they didn't but. Blease ;-; Awwe shit Merrick. Not wanting to die like this, buddy I'm so sorry hjfdfd but it's for th ebest my dude.. ;-; Idk, they don't realize the acidification shit yet so they don't know that Isabelle is weakened by that but. Agh just the sound of her desperation hurts ;-;

Rip Sephtis, his injuries being on-par with Merrick's.. Like yeah Merrick's been tortured to hell and back but he's on his feet and shit Sephtis.. is only standing cus he can't feel the pain and even then, it's barely ;-; Fuck I'm glad Isabelle managed to get through the door even in ter state, it's just. Horrid to watch her suffering ;-; Ooh she doesn't understand Merrick's decision.. Rip. Honestly if it was between the three of them like this, I have no idea who'd be able to make it out.

Their reactions aw ;-; Isabelle collapsing, Merrick looking up, and Sephtis not reacting.. Merrick and Sephtis racing up the stairs, though it won't to them any good.. Ohh god them just. Getting eaten alive by the acid like god fucking dammit Valentin you couldn't've picked a kinder death for them hhjfd ;-; HJFDHJFD THEY JUST LET THEM SIT THERE FOR HOURS LIKE SHOOT THEM OR SOMETHING PLEASE ;-; Okay I'm glad it didn't feel like too long for them but holy fuckkkk.. God Valentin using this as his final rebellion.. Okay the image of the Capitol insignia with the red cracks.. That's kind of sexy hjfdhjfd. Ah god.. Aw Sephtis would've been the winner if they let him.. M after reading Syzygy, I'm glad hesnot but. Man, jesus. That was one hell of a fucking ending my duuuudeee... Kind of brilliant for a Quell lead up honestly like. Really fucking brilliant ;-;
darthnell chapter 31 . 7/5/2021
Fjhfdhjdfhjfdhjdfhj Varsennnnnn "Great ass, though. Big loss to Four." I can't stop thining about that hjhjdfd. Fuck I just. Love them so much. The lack of real emotion at Sev's death though.. Oof ;_; (Though perhaps that's being kept strictly inside..) Of course that's not something Varsen would want to air out in the open if it could be used against them. Aw Tal sees Isabelle's panic ;-; The water rip.. Not doing her any favors. Merrick and Sephtis in the lighthouse a h ;-; Political espionageee assassinationsss yessss Oh my god escorting.. Or. Mentoring c: Fhjfdhjsdhjfh. Stan one Senn Velasquez ;-; Aw Tal lowkey already seeing them as like. A sibling ;-; I'm curious how their relationship will progress tbh.. Ohhh Tal working against Maryseee yess.. Of course Maryse would never expect it, she's too busy looking out for the "bigger fish" which. Her mistake.
darthnell chapter 30 . 7/5/2021
Okay time... to finish these reviews bc there are just. So many thoughts ;-;

Rip Merrick, killing Padma just.. not being satisfying.. That makes so much sense though, like after what he endured, it was just. Too quick. Fjhfdhfd. "saying nothing (obviously)" jhfhjfhdhj I laughed.. Ahh rip Merrick still just. Really doesn't feel like living, but he's here.. For now. Okay his decision here, the choice not to kill Sephtis.. That honestly surprised me but like, it shouldn't have. His logic is incredibly sound, and like even though he's been feeling dead in his own body for a while now, he's still not keen to just hand the victory over to Isabelle.. ;-; Ooh the "Now he's expendable." Yeahhh that part gets to him, I imagine. But yeah that was such a smart move for him and I love that.. Rip Sephtis just sitting there and accepting death jfdfh he's just as surprised. His ruminations on Padma's corpse.. Him coming to the conclusion that "Torture isn't... anything." It's just more pointless pain for no reason, just like the Hunger Games, and oh man, he just wants to be Done ;-; The torture defintiely meant something to Padma, but it's worlds of a different experience being on the other end of the knife (or whatever numerous weapons she's used). And Merrick just feels empty aw.. Like poor kid just doesn't have anything to replace the pain with, he hasn't known much else other than pain in his life.. Ok, but between Sev and Cal and these two.. Unexpected team-ups of the century hjdhjfd.

Aw shit Isabelle.. ;-; I think all of them are just Exhausted at this point which. Yeahh that's definitely understandable ;-; Honestly, everyone that's left (and most of the dead too) were exhausted before they even got reaped. Aww noo Isabelle just feeling like her decision to volunteer just made shit Worse.. Like yes but also oof ;-; "All she's /proven/ to the people back home - is that she's not someone worth fearing but someone worth pitying." God, that hurts. But are either of those things what she wanted? She was already feared, though not enough to escape the ridicule. Giving her district even more of a reason to be afraid of her... (And I'm not just saying that cus we know I've read Syzygy hdffh). Ooh going after Sev as a means to try and escape her guilt for Maxim's death.. I'm afraid that will only be as satisfying as Padma's death to Merrick, which is to say Not. Ohh man her recognizing the pointlessness of Maxim's death.. Okay, if she had more time, I can imagine she might turn that attitude towards rebellion and like.. connect the pointlessness of his death with all the others. But she is also, as she said, so desperate to be wanted, I'm not sure if she could look past her needs (and that's not a criticism for her being selfish at all, her needs and desires are. Totally valid. Like, look what happens when a person doesn't get a basic level of acceptance). Fuck, I love Isabelle.. Like her driving force for volunteering and fighting is just. Also her undoing, it's so tragic. They're all tragic but we know that hdfhf. Okay but "Maybe winning for Maxim will mean something where winning for Isabelle won't." ;_; (I see that foreshadowing though, for Syzygy.. a h ).. Man, her and Maxim's relationship though like. Strong platonic relationships like that really just always get to me ;-; Fuck she's so intense I love it..

Ah fuck Sev time.. Okay, when I was reading this, I'm gonna be honest, I was initially worried for him because of the chapter title, but then I got more worried for Isabelle because of the water, and that's the Opposite of her element, so good job on keeping me guessing for that hfhjd. Sev's cowardice though, like. I really love that as a character trait for him, like it's so interesting to see, especially on a Career. Man, he'd kick me for saying that, but I'm not even taking a dig at him with that, even though I know he'd see it that way. Like I just really like his gut-instinct sense of self-preservation with that.. But also man, I'm pretty sure I've said this many times before, either in reviews or DM's, but this kid really is just constantly always on the edge of a mental breakdown, and when he's not on the edge, he is Having a mental breakdown ;-; That's also gotta be fucking exhausting. Byeee him being so mad that Isabelle killed Cel instead of him.. Okay like I get that though.. Like the bit about not being able to have closure from Cel's death now.. Yeahh that bit's throwing him over the edge here ;-; Aw at the same time he's like admitting that Isabelle has more right in her grudge than him.. But also that only matters to a point, he's not Isabelle and he's got feelings too. Ohh shoot he's deciding to fight.. Okay, honestly. I would love to see that Sev victor arc, Where is it I know you have it. Give... I'd like to think his wouldn't be as bad as either of the three Syzygy arcs ;-; But maybe that's just wishful thinking.. (Or maybe that's why you killed him here jhdfhj). Oh man the mental breakdown.. Aw him just. Pleading with her, I'm sorry that hurts too ;-; And Isabelle just doesn't even really have the energy to be angry anymore.. a h. Fuckkkk this hurtssss like. This was so well-written but also Hi ouch fuck. He's so desperate in the end and he can just. Do nothing about it. Hate that for him :C Also the little bit of pity for Cel in his last moments ahh.. Like he just kind of gave up physically but like. Not mentally and that hurts man ;-;

Ooh shit the storm's coming.. The part about the cannon not quite being as loud as it should and Sephtis just. Not being convinced that all of this is real a h ;-; Like I imagine he's prolly a little woozy from all that blood loss but also Padma's absence is. Really just having that effect on him, I think, like. She's been such a strong and insidious presence in his life up until this point that it makes sense for him to feel not quite right that she's gone.. (almost kind of like Shinigami and how she continued to haunt Sephtis even after death..) Ah man and Sephtis of course is missing her in a similar way to how he missed Shinigami.. Like not exactly the same obviously, but they both had such a negative effect on him. Also "She lived by stepping on other people's backs to keep herself ahead, and Sephtis survived by staying on his knees and kissing their bootstraps." A h.. Yeahh the whole class difference between him and Padma, that's not an easy thing to just ignore in their relationship, especially since Padma, as much as she wanted to shun her upbringing, kept that mentality. Ooh Sephtis also can't feel closure in her death.. Yeah rip ;-; Ohh rip him laugh-crying ope.. Ah man poor guy is losing it ;-; "corpsemade" that's a fun word ;-; Ohh the hand-holding, a h I love that.. It's. It's nice ;-; Even though it's not what Sephtis deserves from Merrick (not what he thinks he deserves) it's. Just nice ;-;
darthnell chapter 29 . 7/2/2021
Ahh my god Padma. She's just. She's something else, man hjhjhj. We love a negative character arc hjfdjhf. Like she just. Was already bad and then got Worse, like damn girl.. Also her targets as an assassin being the type of people her mother did business with loll.. Lucky ig that she never was assigned to kill her mother.. LOL her and Sephtis being the rogue and the barbarian, I love that metaphor. ..I know I previously wondered what her mother might be thinking watching this, but.. Damn, that train of thought, and her describing her current state of power as "exalting".. God it's so chilling. Fhjdfh her development was going from "I enjoy killing and subtly manipulating people" to "I enjoy straight-up torturing people (:" Like holy damn, bitch.. hjfdhd. She's so far gone in the deep end, like.. In the beginning she was just treading water out there but now she's just. Digging under the ocean floor jhfdhjf. Sephtis just not vibing with her, it's. Definitely valid hjfdhjfd. Also holy shit her just twisting the fucking knife with his insecurities just because she can and because she needs to like. Keep him in line.. Truly the snake that she's been made out to be hjfhjd. Damn her reaction to Sephtis saying she's just like her mother o o f.. HJFHJDF IM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS IM WORSE. Fhjdf it's true though, she is much worse than her mom like got damn. God she's just utterly terrifying. And she doesn't even seem like.. Insane, she's so Controlled, and that's what makes her so insidious.

Isabelleeeeee 3 Ohh man she's outside the clinic and tracking fucking Sev and Cel who are ALSO outside the clinic oh god damn hjfdjhfd.. Shit's about to go fucking Down. God the fucking Tension.. and Isabelle feeling that Shit's Wrong with this place oooohhogod djhjfd. Like the readers knowing exactly what's inside that house but neither of these three knowing, and Isabelle following the Fours but Them not knowing, god it's so fucking tense.. Lolll Isabelle's analysis of the Sev-Cel alliance.. and her saying Cel's just as unstable as Sev but just doesn't want to admit it.. M yeah that. That fucking Tracks. Oooh shit the part about Rita taking advantage of Isabelle's need for a companion.. ;-; Also she's so valid for wanting a friend who's not her parent, I don't see that as selfish at all ;-; Lolll her hating the Fours so much.. Oh god they went inside aw shit.. Ooh yeah the Four alliance can't last forever, not by any means, I think Isabelle's got that right on the nose there.. Ope sneaking around the back omg.. Ooh I love her deciding to take risks like that a h ;-; Also I have a feeling what she's gonna find.. Ack god the shattered glass going through her skin ouch yeet.. Okay she managed to get in and.. Yep there's Merrick :skull: Ah man.. Rip Isabelle was Nottt expecting that wheeze.. Avox!Merrick ;-; (Oof, if Merrick wins, I have a feeling he'll stay that way ;-; ) DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR REVENGE OH MY GOD YESSS FUCK YES WE LOVE A GOOD REVENGE AR YESS... :DDDDD

Ah man Sephtis.. he really revolves around Padma, like as much as he hates her, he just. Can't let go.. Oh fuck, it's like. It's like how he can't let go of the complicated mess of feelings he's got for Shinigami, like. She did horrid things to him and yet he still wanted her approval and.. yeah. Like him following along Padma like this, it's almost just cus it's a routine.. Though this.. might be a breaking point, hopefully(?) Ooh his jealousy of Padma like.. having parents, rip.. And like her throwing away her privileged life because she can, and that in itself being a privilege.. No wonder it grates at him. Man, and he still lets himself be her partner (her sidekick..) I mean. I'm glad he doesn't vibe with her torture kick though hjgf. Ope Career time.. JHFHJFD HES THROWING TEETH BYE HJFHJFDHJD. Best c24 weapon: Merrick's teeth hjfdhjfd. Followed closely by Varsen's frying pan, that was iconic. Fhjfdhj Sev is just like "?What the Fuck?" LOLLL byee Sephtis getting speared through the arm and just. Not even flinching wheeze.. Man he is just. Freaking Sev the fuck out fdhfdjfdj. LOL I love Cel stopping Sephtis form killing Sev bc she wanted to :skull: And Sephtis getting speared the the leg r i p. This fight is not treating him well. Ooh rip Cel not being able to see still.. Worst time lmao. Ohh my GOD ISABELLEEEEE JHHJJHF SHE JUST APPEARED AND "Miss me, Four?" JHFDHHDF FUCKING ICONIC BUT ALSO OH FUCK CE FUCK... LIKE IM SAD ABOUT HER BUT BYE THAT WAS SO GOOD SHIT.. AND OF COURSE ISABELLE WANTS TO GET SEV TOO AND HE JUST. JFDHJSFDHJF FUCK IM WHEEZING HE JUST NOPED OUT OF THERE LIKE FUCK HTIS JHFHJFD.. Sev being a coward is just so fucking funny sometimes honestly like. I jsut love that part for him jhfdhfdhj.. I mean it was smart of him too, like. Isabelle's clearly out for fucking blood. Oooohhh my god of course Padma is gonna kill Sephtis now.. He's.. He's way too injured, and there's five left.. Awwe man, kid just Accepts it, just like Grey did with Varsen oof. Oh. Ohhh m FUC HOLYYY FUCKKKK SHIT HOLY OH M MERRRICK! mERRICK ! HIM! THATS' SO FUCKING GOO OH MY GO D.. ITS WHAT HE DESERVED.. LIKE DONT GET ME WRONG, PADMA FUCKS BUT OH MY GOD SHE DESERVED THAT SO BAD HFHJHJGHFHJ IM SCRREAMINGGGG GOD BLESS MERRICK AND ISABELLE FOR THAT, FUCK.. A H H H..

Ohhh my god okay. Okay. Predictions.. Fuck. Hm.. I can't help but think that either Merrick or Sephtis are gonna be next.. Like Sephtis is just. Very injured now, I really thought that was gonna be the end of him here, but.. Maybe we'll see what he's like without Padma first ? (..Can he handle that hjfdhjfd) But like.. I don't think Merrick will have mercy on him, Sephtis wasn't as horrid as Padma but he was still very much an accessory to Merrick's torture so. Go get your revenge, buddy ! :D And between Isabelle and Sephtis.. Awww man. Fuck, they're. They're both just such good characters, I feel like they'll end up fighting or smthin in the next chapter and one of them won't make it out but. Idk, they're both such strong fighters too.. Fuck idk ;-; But yeah um. This chapter was so incredibly good I loved it well fucking done ;-;
darthnell chapter 28 . 7/2/2021
The Leio and Sev alliance.. Ahh they make me nervous, just cus. Not trusting Sev hours.. Even though at this point it's definitely better for Leio's mental health for him to have a person to look after, given how absolutely depressed he was at being alone.. ;-; I'm just worried though that Sev's gonna take advantage of that and off him when he gets the chance. Rip being useful alleviating some of Leio's guilt aw.. ;-; Lmao Sev being confused why tf he cares.. That tracks for him. Lol Leio just apologizing for everything, bruh.. Like it's a mood but oof. He literally did nothing wrong.. Sev on the other hand.. Boy. Rip Leio trying to have a conversation and Sev just not having it.. Idk his quietness is just making me worried that he's about to snap and turn on Leio rip. Aw rip now Leio's talking to try and block out the pain of losing his allies oof.. Ooh okay he and Sev are sticking together for now aka Sev is not killing Leio now cool, we like that.. I'm nervous about Leio's chances here though because he simply doesn't seem like he's able to hurt a fly, mean while Sev is just.. I haven't been keeping track of who's killed who, but Sev's up there, with Maxim and half-credit to Grey, rip. I'd give him partial credit to Varsen too for the stab wound but considering Varsen isn't actually dead.. Still points for stabbing his ally in the back though oof.

Ooh Cel time.. Awe man, I could've guessed by those lyrics up at the beginning, of course now her blindness catches up to her oof.. ;-; Bad timing ? Or. Lol perfect, intentional timing, on your part lmao. Lollll even she's not surprised.. I'm glad that didn't frustrate her as much as I thought it would, tbh. I guess cus she's been Expecting it any day ;-; I love her trying to diminish it as merely a nuisance.. And her determination to take on Sev even with that and her dinky little knife.. Strength of will ! We love that ;-; ..Like honestly, it (the blindness making a reappearance) may have been something that would've set her over the edge in frustration in the beginning, but like. Growth ;-; Loll and hatred for Sev, of course that's a driving motivator. Ooh aw her thinking of home.. Yeah, this arena is definitely very Four-esque.. Ooooh she's noticing the water.. Flood time oh yeet. That's.. not gonna be good for Miss Isabelle rip ;-; Ooh shoot her little wind-current navigation thing.. Bye that's so smart wtf, I love her for that ;-;

Merrickkkkk.. Jesus christ keeping him alive through all of this is so fucking brutal, man.. Ahh the self-harm noo ;-; Poor lad oof.. Like man, Merrick really did not have many good moments in his life at all and this is helping zero percent. Fhjfdhjd I kind of love him having tried morphling before and being like "ew this shit sucks no thx" fdhhfd. "Nice" isn't good enough for him (isn't enough for him to throw himself down the rabbit hole like his mother did). Oh oof Padma taking out his teeth and sewing his lips together a h hate that.. (Though I like how he admits that was smart of her since. He fucking Bites fhd, as is his right, honestly). And his little character analysis of Padma.. As good a plan of showing loyalty to the Capitol as the torture might be, it probably Won't be her ticket out of here hjfdhfd. Sephtis's small acts of kindness though.. I'm curious what he's thinking here, like. Maybe this will be enough to get him to take out Padma.. Like it would be really neat to see either him or Merrick getting back at her for this.. and at the end with Merrick planning/wishing to take Both of them out.. Like I'm not sure how probably that would be given his current sorry state, but. ;-; Ahh his self-hatred aw :C Worst time to ruminate on that fhddhf. But yeah, he's not dead yet so. Maybe there's room for a come-back before he does die..

Mm Sev time.. Rip of course he's noticed the flood too. Oof yeah that injury is gonna do him dirty here.. Lmao though, him recognizing he's got enemies in both Cel and Isabelle.. Rip. Hey, at least he's got Leio there. Oooh shit no Sev having tried to kill himself before a h ;_; Fucking. Oof man ;-; All he wants is not to be written off.. Which I mean like. Writing him off at this stage in the arena would be a stupid idea, he's a fucking powerhouse in here. Ohh rip him admitting to using Leio and his grief Oof :skull: Classic.. Classic Sev fdfhd. Oh shoot Leio asking him why he volunteered.. Of course Leio's curious, why wouldn't he be? Especially after that bit with Grey on day 1... Rip him not actually answering.. Aw Leio buddy there he goes apologizing again.. ;-; LOL Isabelle, "Strong enough to snap my neck. Love that for her." ME TOO ;-; I love her. Ohhhh shit knife time and. Cel time oh Ope.. That's not going to end well ooof.. Ohh no and she's spilling the past days' events oh yeet. Maan that's. That's honestly smart of her, drive a wedge between Sev and his new ally before the two of them can become a problem.. Awe man and of course it's getting to Leio too, he's too trusting to ignore that, and. It's not like she's really /lying/ either oof.. Of course that would upset him. O h god Fucking dammit Sev you absolute asshole o h my god.. LEIO DID NOT DESERVE THAT HJFDHJFDH ;_; Byee and he's blaming it on Cel now.. Like. Okay she did verbally stir up trouble here but Your knife, Your ally. You're the one with the backstabbing track record, Sev.. Though at least he stabbed Leio in the front :skull: Ohh man they're just fucking grappling each other at this point oof.. Ooo.. Oh? A sponsor gift? Fhjfdjd uwu what's This? :0 Oh my god hfdhjjh.. They're. Allying bruh.. Okay honestly like. They're gonna fucking need it if they're gonna go up against the fucking Tens, it's.. It's them, and Merrick and Isabelle right now.. Oh shit is that it am I forgetting anyone :V Okay I don't think so, Leio was 7 so there's 6 left, and that's 6.. Ohh man. Shit's goin n
darthnell chapter 27 . 7/2/2021
HJDFHHJDFH I READ THIS YESTERDAY AND IM JUST HJFHJDH YES WE ARE INDEED THANKING GOD FOR TAL VELASQUEZ JDHHJFD THIS IS FUCKING GLORIOUS IM SO FUCKING ECSTATIC HJDHDFJ I SAID "MAKE IT STOP" IN MY LAST REVIEW AND U DID! YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKIN D.. Fdhjd god that would've been terrifying if you'd picked Padma instead holy fuck.. bUT IM SO GLAD IT WAS VARSEN A H HDFFFDJFDH.. Oh my god I'm so excited for whatever your plans are for them and OH FUCK THEYRE GONNA BE IN FAIL25 TOO FDSJFJDJHS IM FROTHING BYE JHFDHJFJH.. This is a somewhat belated review/reaction bc I read last night and then reviewing had to wait bc #internet probs bu reliving this is so good.. Also.. I'm curious how this whole deal is gonna end up affecting Varsen ? Bc while they're happy to be alive and "on the winning side for once," idk how they'll feel about.. Being the Capitol's puppet, bc I think that's just what they're gonna end up being here, idk if the Capitol would be too inclined to let them run around and just wreak havoc, it's gotta be a more controlled havoc.. Otherwise yeah, the Capitol would have no problem just offing them ;-; Which uuhhh hi I Don't wanna see happen ;-; Fhjdhd Varsen follow the rules challenge wheeze.. FDjhsfdhjhjsfhjsfdhj I'm just. I'm just excited to see More of them fuck.. It's not what they Deserve but it's what I want for them jhfhjfdsfd ;-;
darthnell chapter 26 . 7/2/2021
Ohh no Isabelle oh my god she's trying to revive him she doesn't Realize stoppp that hurts my heart n o ;-; Shittt she Knows ;-; Ohh fuck I'm reading her vengeance thoughts through gritted teeth, her demand for justice and fairness.. I love. That. Like there's so much fucking Conviction, "Blood demands blood" Like holy hot damn... And it's not just them it's towards Two too, I feel her anger so much, it's Pristine.. "Over everyone that's ... defined her identity since she was old enough to have one." God I love me a fucking avenging angel Isabelle fuck.. I Feel her riteous fury. A H H Maxim undeniably having her respect, Fuck.. That's so good and Excellent.. I love how she takes her time too, like she Knows what she's about.. "Her gaze so filled with /hatred/ that she hoped it makes him wither." Like it's so Raw right now, I just want her to see it through like this.. Fuck I love h e r.. Her laughing too jfdhjfddh it's a cute look on her, if a little insane but I think they're allowed to be a little insane at this point fhfh. LOL her Sev, "Don't even fucking talk to me I'm gonna stab you, hoe"

Lolll Sev aboutta snap.. Do it I dare you.. Okay, like I understand his whole tiredness and anger and exhaustion at being labeled a fuckup for his entire life, but he just goes on and on about it, I feel like he has an issue with like.. Taking responsibility for his actions? Like he's always blaming someone else and here like, dude you literally killed Maxim, like blame the Games, sure but you can't deny that you killed him and a number of others, like you're gonna have to deal with that responsibility (if he doesn't die first lol). LMAOOO BYEEE HIM JUST DRAGGING VARSEN INTO IT.. Bc fuck them, ig.. Time to get your fucking hands dirty Varsen hjfdhj like, "Why don't you get in here and do it through bloody teeth, V?" Okay that's iconic I'm not gonna lie hjffd. BYEE HE STABS BOTH OF THEM JHFDHJFD THATS SUCH A SEV MOVE IM CRYING HFHDF. Ooh shit Cel just instantly getting to him again oof.. She really is just the personification of his insecurities.. Or at least, that's the label he's given her, fair or not. Ooh rip the bits about his family.. I can see how that would be a bit grating, they just.. Treat him like a joke here ;-; Huh Sev and Cel just.. getting tired of their fight here, damn.. LOL Varsen snapping at him bye. Man Sev just seems so damn Drained right now, given that he's walking away from this.. LOL both Varsen and Isabelle hounding him like that.. Ig he needs some time to recup and shit.. fair.

Ooh Cel.. Yeah her just letting Sev walk away and not stepping in with Varsen and Isabelle.. Like being a person of action is great and all but this just seems like a new wave of fatigue for both her and Sev here. Their push-and-pull is interesting like that. And Cel like.. Alllmost admitting that she and Sev have similarities.. Lmaooo byee her straight-up deciding not to step into the fight with Isabelle and Varsen like #not my problem hjfdhjfd. Mm but then she Does though, honestly valid ;-; Ooh a hidden knife.. Love that for her. Also I love that Varsen is still fighting with a fucking. Frying pan jhfhjfd. Like, if it works.. Why not. O o h she sided with Isabelle.. Color me Zero percent surprised.. Rip Varsen though.. ;-; I am just not wanting Varsen to die but I already read this chapter so I know what happens I'm just re-skimming and re-living my emotions agh.. Isabelle and Cel lowkey agreeing to be on the same side here.. Varsen GIGGLING JHFHJDDJF.. God I love them ;_; O h.. Oh shit what's Varsen doing with.. with the necklace.. Oh my god (ok I'm still sus about that necklace) but like their fucking.. Monologue there hjfhjfd I adore it, I Do.. OFFENSE INTENDED JHFDJHFD.. "AS MUCH AS I HATE TO PULL AN ANGELO VEROGE ON Y'ALL... FUCK THIS SHIT." JHFDHJFJHD BYE LIKE IM DEVASTATED THAT THEY'RE DYING BUT HOLLY SH HJFHJSFDHJFDF AHH FUCK MY GOD.. Varsen Santana, aka the heart and fucking soul of this story hfdjh ;_; You were the absolute Worst and I adored every fucking minute of it. Okay, Isabelle and Cel going separate ways, good for them FUCK VARSEN'S DEAD A H GOD.. I like don't want that happening? Hi? I. JUST AFTER I SAYS THEY WERE MY FAVROITE IN THE LAST REVIEW THIS FEELS CRUELL FUCK.. :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

Ahh man, okay cooling down with Leiothrix pov.. Fhfhjd poor guys is so depressed rip. Okay enough of depressed Leio he's got Company now.. I spent a couple minutes guessing whether it was like.. Sev or Isabelle, but it ended up being Sev.. Pfft, his like. Highkey emotional breakdown, ouch.. Like Sev just looks like an Absolute fucking mess here. Compared to him standing tall and walking away from the fight between the other three.. He'd kill me for using the word pathetic, but it's there hjfdhjd ;-; Though at this point, I think he's got the right to act a bit pathetic, this shit is. A lot and also he done been Stabbed hfdhjd. LOL Leio like wanting to focus o himself but then this big dummy's ol heart was moved by the mental breakdown happening in front of him.. Rip. Ooh the way they lowkey almost fought right there, but Leio, he used his head, I appreciate that for him. Sev seems.. genuine in his breakdown, like he didn't know Leio was hiding there, so can't have been like. Faking that. But also like.. Sev is simply not the most trustworthy person, I lowkey expect him to turn on Leio the minute he gets rested enough.. Which would be real shitty of him given that Leio's fking Helping him at this stage in the Games.. Hm. Idk, Sev's not really in a position to be attacking and shit right now, and dude seems tired as all Fuck. I want to think he's being genuine here, honestly.. ;-;

Fuck like I'm. Still not over Varsen dying a h goddd.. Make it stop ;_;
darthnell chapter 25 . 7/1/2021
Ah fuck Merrick.. Ohh shit man this part about his mother holding him during his panic attacks.. Oh. Oh my god that's so fucking soft I'm. And like the fact that he's thinking about that Now oh man.. Okay normally I feel like dying might not be as bad as a panic attack if it's quick but.. The shit that Merrick's going through mm nope that is. God that's just Bad oof. To put it lightly. Okay like I'm glad he's got a positive memory of his mother though ? Like through all the shit he's had to deal with, and even it it ended when he got older at least he had that. Doesn't seem like much but it's something. Also glad that they're drugging him out of high hells for this, it's definitely a mercy.. Though Padma's not one for mercy here so like.. Hm. "I'm kinkshaming" MERRICKKK DFSFHJD STOP IM WHEEZING IM NOT SUPPOSED TO LAUGH NOW BYE JHFDHJF. Padma calling him "kitten" is so chilling bye. Ahh him spitting on her, I love the defiance.. Good for him even if she does rip out his fingernails for it, she was doing that anyways :skull: SEPSIS HJFFJHFDJ :skull: Ooh Sephtis being a bit reassuting.. I wonder if this like. Bothers him. Also whether the morphling was his idea or Padma's..

Fhjfdh rip Noa just having to sit there and watch Varsen and Sev's banter.. I mean I find it entertaining but I can imagine she's just Done with it jhfdhjfd. Ope Varsen calling Sev "fucking annoying" inch resting.. Ohhh ye s Varsen's subtle cunning I love that for themmm :DDD "They play the role of /dumbass/ so well it's sometimes jarring." God yes I love that.. It's true, like Varsen is just. Naturally good at that I think ? It's just part of their behaviour in general, I don't think it's just a thing they do for the Games.. But alas. This is Noa's pov not Varsen's hjfdhjfd. Awe she feels bad for Grey.. ;-; Bro me too she's so sad fuck.. I like that Noa was taught to be critical and questioning, that's really neat. Like I'm sure that's the exact opposite of what the Capitol wants of people like her from district 9 and here she is, Thinking. I like that she's recognizing that there's more than what meets the eye with Grey and her background ;-; Ooh "misguided honor systems and institutionalized violence." Yep there's Career training in an nutshell hjfdhj. Pfft Sev asking Noa if she's okay? Whack. "Pack looks out for pack" ok sure buddy.. Lol Noa's thinking the same thing. O p e Cel found themmm.. Man she's fucking Brave for confronting them all on her lonesome, like she's relying on a fucking lot here.. Ooh Noa leading her to Sev...

Varsen yess of course they pick up on it so quickly.. Ooh Cel broke all the weapons too, damn, that's smart of her. Pfft the frying pan.. Such an iconic weapon honestly. Fhjdfjhfd oh man she's here it's Drama time.. God Cel and Sev really just wanna fucking gut each other so bad, I love it.. Like Cel really just knocks all the common sense out of this dude. Lmaooo they're catfighting over Noa byee hjfhj that's so funny.. Like it's so middle school but I love it. Ooh and Cel's weakness is revealed to the open.. On national tv that is hjfd. Oof Cel fucking dragggeddddd himmm byeeee hjfhjdhf. BYE VARSENN JHHJFD THEY'RE ENJOYING THIS JUST AS MUCH AS I AM WHEEZE.. Fuck it, this shit is what makes them my favorite. There I said it, they're my favorite (except for the bullying Angelo, I still haven't forgotten) Ohh my god Cel holy shit.. that was such a baller move of her honestly, and like.. it made her and Sev's fighting over Noa Meaningful.. and "I'll support whatever decision you make" ? I love that? Like that show of camraderie right there.. And then fucking. God dammit Sev using Grey as a meat shield nooooo :'CCC God that's so up his alley bu whyyyy ;_; Fuck I hate that for her.. Like of course Noa's the one that ends up digging in the knife too, after she and Grey had come to a sort of understanding with each other.. Ahh man. Ah rip and there goes Versen with their frying pan.. Rip Noa. ;-; Aw Varsen's send-off to Grey.. I kind of love that ? Like it felt.. Genuine. Like. Oddly sweet of them, but I'm glad for it ;-;

Ooh Maxim and Isabelle.. ;-; Rip Isabelle's not vibing with the commentary hjfdfjd. I love that neither of them really feel like doing the whole Career thing, that's so valid of them.. Ooh rip Isabelle wondering about what Two thinks of them oof.. Okay every time you describe Isabelle's muscles I gain like 5 HP I want you to know, it's giving me Life ;-; Awwww ah Maxim wishing they could've met before ! ;-; Same! Fuck! They would've been such good friends without all this Games shit going down, and they know it too.. Fhjfdhj they work well together here though ;-; Ope knives oh no knives.. Sevilin hjfdhjf bye he's screaming after Cel that's so funny, he's just. So fucking enraged I'm wheezing.. Oooh Maxim and Isabelle are setting a Trap ohh man.. R i p they got Cel oof.. Oh my god this is just chaos incarnate.. LOL and of course Varsen shows up at that minute laughing like a psycho god I love that hjfdhjfdhjd. Ope less fun Maxim has a knife in his chest oof.. ;_; Oh noo.. O h oof.. God dammit Sevilin he's just on a fucking rampage.. Awe nooo Isabelle.. Shit. ;_; Ohhh no Maxim dying is so fucking sad n o oo o.. A h him asking Isabelle to win for him, fuck.. ;_; Oh man. God that was an emotional rollercoaster jhfdjhfd ;-; Fuck.. I'm gonna miss these lads ;-;
darthnell chapter 24 . 7/1/2021
Hm this TW.. Yes, this is an excellent thing to read during my morning coffee wheeze.. Loll I was right about Sephtis having Issues there.. Okay it was a fairly obvious conclusion but. Even if u can't feel the pain doesn't mean there's not a Problem.. That is after all the point of nerves hjfhjfd. Ooh the contrast between his and Padma's relationship during their time at the Cirque and right new.. Oh wow and Padma actually being helpful here ? Of course there's ulterior motives but. Yeah it tracks.. Ooh PAdma and Sephtis in the final 2.. I kind of doubt it'll happen but that's an interesting thought. One of them returning to Ten would be. Something. Lol Sephtis being bothered by needles, rip. "My mercy will only extend so far." Ffhjfhjfdh Padma jesus.. She's such a fun villain though.. Iconic.. Okay I'm zero precent surprised they're planning to torture Merrick (rip) esp given the TW but.. That's an interesting reason.. It. Makes sense ? It's. A hell of a way to show the Capitol that they're not rebels. Though if they end up taking it too far.. (Is too far even a thing here though hjfdhjfdjh)

Rip Grey.. Mannn Varsen was messing with her so fucking hard here, and she just. Absolutely fell into it, oof. They just have. Way too much fun playing with her like this.. Aw man, the way she just like.. Accepts it after her little thought rush there a h h.. Also I find it kind of ironic that she lowkey volunteered for the same reason as Varsen? But like waaaaym ore desperate.. Like they both want recognition, and Grey's like clawing for it while Varsen just Demands it. Rip. Idk if anyone else but Varsen would've picked up on her resignation, but I'll bet that's exactly what they wanted. Ooh hunting.. I can bet they're gonna find something today yeet. Ooh Grey telling Noa about that little Incident.. Oh shit her admitting that she doesn't feel safe with Sev and Varsen.. yeah I'm really curious what she and Noa will be getting up to in the future because I think they'll end up deciding that sticking together is a better option than being on their own against Varsen and Sev.. Aw they respect each other too, that's cute ;-; Lol Grey calling Versen disgusting in her head.

Ooh Leiothrix :0 Awe he has been very much not sleeping oof.. That's understandable but. Kid needs his sleep.. He's got a whole day ahead of him and the Careers are Hunting.. Poor lad needs his time to grieve though, rip.. Hm.. Grieve later win now..? Idk, if he gets hung up on grief, he's not going anywhere. He definitely seems to be.. spiraling, which is fair given his position rip.. The loneliness is already getting to him damn.. Like I'd say "come on, it's only been a day" but to be fair he did watch all of his allies die, it's not like they're coming back or anything, their absence is forever. Aw yeah sleep buddy. Jk no sleeping only bad thoughts. Fhjfdh sucks that now of all times is when he can't stop thinking in circles.. Oh man he is really just Sitting There.. That's so fucking miserable oh my god.. ;-; Like.. at this point would he even get up if Varsen and freinds just barged through his door? I can't tell if he's like.. given up yet, but.. Idk if something doesn't happen and he's just left there to wallow, I feel like he might ;-;

Awe man here it comes. Mm of course it's Padma too, this is simply no surprise.. Oh lol rip her accidentally stumbling in on Sephtis doing an assassinate jhfdhjdf.. She was just captivated by it damn.. Man she's so damn messed up but in the most goddamn terrifying way possible jhfhfd. Hm.. I'm almost glad that Merrick's still a bit drugged up for this, like we know what he's about to go through is absolutely horrid so.. At least he'll only be like half-awake through it all. Though I imagine the pain might make him start kicking. Mm okay Just.. skimming over this part again wheeze.. Yeah Padma is certainly.. Cut Out for this ahahahaa lmao... Horrible joke but now we get to make all the eye puns hjfdfhd. Again, definitely good job with the uh. Descriptions here.. sending our biggest F in the chat for Merrick right now oof. Damn Padma of course she enjoyed that, it's. Very up her alley. Fjhdh I'm just imagining like. Her mother watching this now and being like "What. The fuck." :skull: Damn she wants the eye as a trophy? Ig you do you Padma. "Too pretty not to look at." Certified psycho fdhfd.

'KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED' HJSFDJFDHHJD STOP JFFJJ.. That pun better have been intended.. Well I'm betting these next few chapters are also gonna be utterly horrific so ! :D Fun times ! More deaths, rip.. We are Looking.. (but only with one eye jhfdhjfd)
darthnell chapter 23 . 6/30/2021
Isabelle ! Her and Maxim I'm ;-; Ahhh she really just thought she was gonna die, fuck.. I mean she still might but. Okay the part about her begging for Maxim to help out of desperation but not specifically asking to be Saved and not thinking he'd actually Listen.. A h. ;-; Ooh her owing him.. Yeah Isabelle definitely seems like the honorable type, which I love for her.. Aw Isabelle taking after her father's moral code ;-; Rip yeah the two of them are definitely the least active Careers.. Well, Cel maybe but she's just Vibing after going feral on Sev hjfhd. LOL "your sarcasm's showing" byee hjfdhj. Ope and there go the cannons.. Ohh my go Isabelle ripping off the door like an absolute badass I fucking love that for her ye s. Okay that sounds like a worse shack than Varsen and friends are holed up in, but hey shelter's shelter. But yeahhh damn 13 on one night, that's wild jhfdhjfd. O h soft conversation.. Fuck they trust each other I am so here for that ye s.. After all this like why shouldn't they hoenstly? It's very cute of them and I love it ;-;

...Okay wait hm. Katya was being shriveled up by acid in her last POV but she flashed through the lineup of tributes from the anthem, but.. Didn't hear her own cannon (as she probably shouldn't).. But she saw her own face in the sky.. and Cel's saying she heard the two cannons and then the anthem.. Idk. Interesting. Lol she's just vibing in this little settlement here, nice. Aw her little obersvations of the dead ;-; Rip her just straight up refusing to care about her lost allies rip.. She's just like "huh. oh well" meanwhile people are absolutely Seething for her death /cough cough Sev/ Ooh she's gotten some Stuff, nice.. Loll "blind-side" bye. Aw, at least she hasn't had any troubles yet with her vision in the arena, though I don't doubt that it's going to happen.. Ahh man her I-need-to-be-Perfect mentality, babe no.. ;-; Pfft the pub reminding her so much of Four.. I guess that really does give her and Sevilin an advantage here though like at this point I'm not really sure how much that counts for. Though hopefully she won't make the same mistake as Mo and think of this place as safety ;_;

Awe fuck Merrick.. Rip him realizing he shouldn't have been as much of an asshole to Hana.. yEAH BUDDY, YA THINK? Damn like he was So determined to push her away he almost doesn't have the right to feel sad about her death, but I'm glad he does because nah, he actually deos feel shit and care about shit. Ahh fuck the "you deserve better" line and.. the way you delivered that format-wise, that packed a Punch ow.. ;-; Like the leadup was so harsh but the finish is. Soft. Ahh man. Also bruh he's hiding in a cabinet jhfdhjfd he's hiding in a cabinet in the same place as the Tens.. who Know he's there.. Yeahh this can't be good for him. Oh man he watched the whole thing with Mo noooo ;_; He should've leftttttt... Ah man the little conversation between Padma and Sephtis there hjfdhj they're so terrifying bye. (Their camraderie though? I love it) Rip Merrick bad time for cursing very bad time, yes oops they have found you rip. God Padma is so fucking terrifying bye I'm also enamoured by her hjfdhjfd. Okay going feral right there is probably the most valid thing Merrick's done so far here jhfdhjd. He's defintiely screwed though.. Oh my god him getting Sephtis with the saw but dude just doesn't feel anything cus of his fking nerve damage oof.. (That might be a problem for him later bc whether he feels it or not he's still injured..) Ohhh rip they got him woth morphling.. Damn, of course :skull:

Varsen ! :D It's loving Varsen hours. Why? Bc I said so. Do they deserve it? Probably not, they killed Hana but. Alas. Lmao of course they love nighttime. Them taking watch.. As Sevilin said earlier, Varsen being responsible? Definitely sus. (Though I think that was just Sev's excuse to converse with them out of earshot of the others.. point still stands). Lmao Varsen hates waiting, unsurprising. O h ? :eyes: A gift from Tal? What are they playing at omgggg.. I'm. I am Looking, what is going on here there are many levels of sus I am Intrigued.. LOL they're so blaze about all of this.. They're so excited to get their hands dirty again, oof.. Like sure they say they don't like it but... I simply don't believe that hjfdhjd. Pfft the subtle drag at their allies.. Varsen just drags everyone tbh. Ooh more little hints about their life back in One, it's been a while.. Varslore.. Rip they're dragging Holleck too hjdhfd. No one escapes.. DAMN not even Angelo escapes and he's fking dead.. Okay bud, I can excuse murder, but I draw the line at bullying Angelo smfh. LOL bye they're worrying about their hair.. Ooh the Gift.. of course they've gotta hide the evidence but.. Okay this is an interesting gift, I don't really understand how it's gonna help but.. It's cute, ig ? Hm. LOL "Bite me." Ooh a token of favor turned in their boot.. Uhh was that mentioned already because I have forgotten oops. I'm curious what Tal's backing of them means in all of this.. It's. Definitely Something... I'm very :eyes:
darthnell chapter 22 . 6/30/2021
Ohh my god. Okay. So last chapter broke me. This one did too (': Onto analysis/thoughts..

Awe Leio, poor lad is. Alone. I think that's the worst thing for him to be. He's the type of guy that just. Needs to be around people ? So like. I guess good for using that fact to absolutely Destroy him jhdhjhf. Rip of course he's the type to. Blame himself for all of this too oof.. And he's still in the danger zone here, I'm sure Padma and Sephtis aren't too far away... Aww his brain telling him he pretty much killed them, big fucking oof. Okay yeah Padma and Sephtis are Here you need to Go my dude.. Okay I love. The part where he's like envoking Elowyn here.. Like I think he finally Gets what she's been like. Fighting for, like he Feels it.. Aw he's ready to crumble but.. Even in his mind he's not alone ;-; The mental reassurances from Linnet aw.. Though the fact that he's talking to her out loud wheeze hjfhjf. Yeah no doubt someone heard that right there, time to run off.. I'm curious to see how he's gonna adapt throughout the rest of the arena like.. He's changing, but he's still gonna be all on his own (unless he comes across someone else..? Idk)

Grey ! :0 Loll them camping in a shitty little shack bye.. Fhjdfh the backdrop of Varsen and Sevilin's banter, I love that. Damn Grey really is thinking about the least important things right now; it simply doesn't matter what the people in One think right now.. Her and Noa though, I think they should. Stick together. They don't really have any quarrel with each other outside of like.. the Games as a whole.. LOL Varsen armed with a frying pan.. Now that's something to see hfhjfd. They'd make it into a good weapon though.. I think Varsen could make anything into a good weapon tbh. LOL the no-pun-intended.. I appreciate that, as I do all puns. Please, intend them. O h bye Grey lowkey almost-panicking at the thought of Noa leaving wheeze.. It's kind of cute ;-; Awee Noa doing as promised and helping with Grey's wrist.. Bless ;-; LOL Grey realizing Sev actually like-likes Varsen.. Okay now that could be something to exploit, she should keep that in the back of her mind. FDhjfdfd bye the ass smack. They're something. Lol responsible!Varsen being suspicious.. Fair. Aw the splint.. Oh okay damn, Sev so snippy. Rude hfd. I mean.. it's a fair comment to make, but also. Oof. Aw Grey admitting weakness to Noa.. yeah those two should ditch the others sooner rather than later, methinks.

Ooh yess we get this conversation.. Pfft Sevilin being picky about the arena, bye. Lmaoo he's just Waiting like a loser, Sev honey.. Fhjhjd of course Varsen's messing with him. "Go off I guess" WHEEZE.. Bye Varsen is literally just Dripping with sarcarm I love that.. Gossiping about Noa though.. Of course. ..Okay "the little owl perched atop the roof".. Are they referring to like.. an actual owl or did they notice someone spying on them..? Idk if I'm reading too much into that.. (But Varsen does seem more likely to notice a tail than Sevilin lmao). Okay so Sev's hoping Cel comes to take care of Noa hm.. It's.. A very vague plan, to say the least. Like first they're gonna have to find Cel to bait her.. Though I'm curious to see how it'll work in action, and how they'll do that without Noa realizing.. And how it may or may not interfere with Noa's own plans... I'm curious what Varsen actually thinks of the idea; like, if they thought it was dumb, I don't think they'd let Sev know jhfdhjd. Lol byee their little kissing-killing pact thing.. It's so on brand for the two of them hfdhjfd.

Awwe shit. Okay yeah um. I am knowing how this ends up and ;-; A h h h... Fuck. Mmm Wallis gripping onto Katya's sweaty hand, fuck, Katya is Always the exception when it comes to her preferences.. ;-; Ahhh Wallis just. Choosing to stay with her rather than being alone and saving herself, because she hasn't met anyone like Katya before, hasn't met anyone that she could just be herself around like this and appreciated her for it.. Ahhhhh aw man, fucking. Wallis is just. Accepting the fact that they're gonna die ah god nooo :'CCC And she chose to be with Katya anyways a h ;-; Shit, Katya's accepted it too ouch.. Ahh the way this has so quickly sapped Katya's energy, and how much Wallis hates that ;_; Wow it definitely doesn't feel like it's barely been a week for them hjfdhjfd ;-; Ohh Wallis has Things to Tell Katya before they die.. and "since she knows Katya won't judge her for it" a H ;_; They're still joking around though ahh.. I love that for them, they're just.. All they have left is themselves now. (Also the idea of the Capitol accepting criticism Is a funny one hjfhjfd) Wallis joke !1 ;_ ; OTTERS ;-; They're Otter s s hjfdhdf ;-; I love them. Oh no.

I don't like it hereeeee... I hate i fuck.. Not good smells no :C Ahh no they just. They just both realize they're not gonna make it, it's too late ahhhh noooo.. Wallis not wanting to tell Katya what's coming I hate it hereeeee fuckkkkkk.. Ahh my god the fucking . RESIGNATION. It fucking KILLS me. Ahhh no fuck. Katya breaking apart a bit ther ooo oo .. Her regrets.. Man, it's getting more frantic as it goes on, it hurts to read, like I can feel Katya getting more panicked as her thoughts go on a h.. Ohh and of course Wallis has to Tell her she has to Tell her before they Die.. GOOD KATYA KISSING HER FUCK.. IT'S WHAT THEY DESERVE AT LEAST THEY GET THAT BEFORE ALL THIS SHIT HAPPENS IM GLAD YOU GAVE US THAT AT LEAST BUT HOLY SHIT THE FUCKING. THE ACID BRO WHY W H Y.. God it's so fucking Brutal like. (Okay but "Wallis looks at Katya like she's the entire /world/" Stop that's so good ;-; ) And now they're Dying and Horribly, they don't deserve this fuck.. Hhhdhdfhhhshfd hfsd sfh fha a h god that's. Well you are definitely doing a very good job with descriptions here it is very Descriptive and fucking Ouch oh my god I think it's burned away Katya's pain receptors a bit I have no idea how she's still fucking Conscious and Speaking omg - the fucking. Portraits flashing so fast in front of her oh my god and her seeing her own what the Fuck that's. Oh my god o w that's. That's so absolutely brutal I'm. God. These deaths are killing me almost as much wheeze.

Okay I am Again, left sad and broken by Haiden writing I guess this is just what Happens now. Good job, I guess? My heart and emotions are in your hands. My fault for putting them there jhfdhjsfd. Um. You write good. Fhjdh.
darthnell chapter 21 . 6/30/2021
Ooh Noa.. Okay all these things defining her right now, I feel like they come with a "but" hjhjfd. They're absolutely good qualities to a person, and up until this point she has exhibited them but... Ah there it is jhfdhjfd. Oooh she's Madddd... Mad at Maxim, or Sevilin, or Both..? Oh rip it was Maxim, and she's regretting it oh man.. O o h "chose to chanse vengeance".. That's why she chose to follow Sev.. Ehehe that's Fun c: Her and Grey though, I'm interested to see where that goes.. I feel like the two of them have more in common with each other than either Varsen or Sev.. Or maybe not in common, but their in more similar places right now than they might think they are.. Aw Grey looking lost ;-; Noa lying :eyes: but also her offering to help Grey, that's good of her ;-; Ooohohohoh her wanting to make Sev Pay.. Bye like I love that for her I hope it works wheeze.. LOL her lying about it being alright.. I wonder if Sev picks up on any of that.. But also Sev highkey being more open than Cel yeet.. (though. I'm thinking about Noa and Cel's hug before the Games though and ;-; Rip that I guess..)

Ohhhh shit noooo Katya and Wallis caught in a riptide oh fuck nooooo ;-; How.. How tf are they gonna escape that a h.. LOL Katya's fear being an inconvenience pfft.. Yeah fear tends to be that. Katya's sarcarsm though, I love it hfdhd. A h no Wallis isn't leaving noo... Fjhfh Katya's just jumping to conclusions. /Nerd/ aw ;-; Theyre so cute bye. Ok but the hand holding.. ;_; They're like lil otters jhfhjddf. Oh no Katya please don't be all "what's the worst that could happen?" that is just. Inviting trouble to your door, and I think the two of you are in enough as it is right now. Oh shit them getting pulled out to sea.. Yikes.. Would they like.. hit the force field..? Would there even be a force field? A a h Wallis being nervous ;-; Katya trying to distract her is cute, bless.. Ooh Wallis makes some good points there in her nervous monologue.. Especially about the entertainment factor of being dragged out to sea lol.. Though Katya can make it entertainin, I'll bet jhfdhf. Ahhh Katya helping calm her down though a h that's good.. ;-; I'm glad they have each other in this.. Would suck to be caught in a riptide alone.

Ahhh Hana.. Hana you make me sad too ;-; Man, only she could just feel overwhelming sadness at being nearly choked to death, rip. Ohhh shoot the flood of memories aw ;-; I love how she relates to the addicts that she helps too, it's so Genuine.. like. Idk even though she wasn't an addict herself she Gets it, I feel. Ahh oh my god she found Merrick crying oh shit aw ;-; Oof. Ahhh the memories of Zachary and his kid ouch.. Her empathy is just. Infectious ;-; Zachary reminding her of her dad though oof.. Like I can see why that would spur her to want him to get better and to help him when others gave up. It was personal for her.. And Halle just.. reminded her of herself, after her mom died.. Oh no "who needs me?" Shoot.. I mean I hope even without Hana, Zachary can recover.. But also Hana's dad oh no.. And the juxtaposition of her holding on to her mom dying and Varsen choking her o o f.. A h h man. That's. It's just so Sad but also bittersweet, but also. She left her impacts, and I love that for her.. She was just. Too sweet for these games, honestly. ;-;

Maxim is just vibing here.. And the cannon, oof. Aw him not leaving Isabelle, bless.. I mean, I wouldn't really expect him to at this point. Would be counter-productive to saving her in the first place hjfhd. Man, I love the development of his and Isabelle's relationship.. Like I feel like I say this in every review but it's still just So Good.. ;_; Like they had such strong misconceptions of each other but once they looked past those they like. Actually vibe with each other.. Yeah ;-; Ohh god yeah and the cannon that is simply the least reassuring sound in the arena when you've got an ally right next to you clinging between life and death.. Ohh my god no he's. Not okay.. Okay I've read the POV before reviewing so I know the cannon wasn't for Isabelle but man I really thought it might've been her's and not Hana's when I was like. Reading through his absolute Panic, god.. A w w it's. It's so sad to read shit.. Like Maxim just Immediately internalizes it and fucking /spirals/ like Damn, fuck son. Oh man the part about him wanting to die in a way that his district would respect ouch.. ;-; Fuck, dude was straight up about to drown himself there, a h ;-; Mm sure glad Isabelle didn't fucking die. Fuck I'm glad they still have each other here, even if it won't be for much longer ;-;

Mo ;-; OKAY WE SAW ME CHATTING ABOUT THIS IN THE DISCORD CHANNEL I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS I WAS NOT READY FOR ANY OF THIS IT HURT SO MUCH IT REALLY DID.. Like. Him realizing Hana was dead and then just. Not fucking being able to accept it, but Knowing deep down.. and. Oh fuck it's just Immediately downhill it breaks my fucking heart he does not deserve thissss ;_; Ohh my god like. The way you write his internal monologue is absolutely gut-wrenchin, like I can Feel, so much, just how horridly this is affecting him.. Like he's just So not okay and I want him to be okay ;-; Like Hana's death blending with his latent feelings about his father's death, which. He very clearly has not been able to process, o h he's in the absolute wrong place ;_; And the repetition of "death" a h ;-; Fuck. Him holding on to Leio.. feeling restrained but then glad bc he wasn't Alone a h ;-; aND THEN HIM BUMPING INTO HANA'S DEAD BODY OH NO THAT WAS NOT VERY COOL OHH NO.. ;_; Ohh my god oh my god and like the way the settlement seemed like a place of safety because it was similar to his home and it's not, it's Not ;_; God Padma and Sephtis are the absolute Worst people to come across because we know how this ends ;-; Like fuck man, they're so cruel.. God. Okay but the end of this though.. Mo telling Leio to run instead of calling for help oh my god and him.. Him just accepting it and being read like god this broke my fucking heart but the end at the end oh my god it's so sad but almost. Good? In a way ? Like. Him seeing (or thinking he sees, but it doesn't really matter at this point) Hana and hearing his dad and his mom I'm. I am not okay. Like "tranquility" and "comfort" a h h ;-; It's. Very well done, I'm a Mess. I'm simply a Mess.
darthnell chapter 20 . 6/29/2021
Ahh rip Grey.. The start of the Games isn't going too well for her it seems.. Well, she is one of the few to have obtained a kill, but I think that's being more of a detriment to her (her mental state, at least) than a success. Oh, and the broken arm, rip.. Varsen just.. gripping it a Little too tightly, oof.. She's right to be nervous around them, I feel. Awe rip Leio's words playing over in her head, oof.. Man she just wishes she were not here right now jhfdhjfd. Aw her thinking she deserves the pain.. Also fucking Ouch, you did probably too good of a job describing the pain right there rip.. I mean, I know this is hardly as bad as it's gonna get, but still hjhf. Rip getting lost in the what-ifs.. that's simply not a good time ;-; And they've got the task of finding Sevilin, nice.. Lol not surprised Varsen doesn't want to let him go so fast. Grey is so terrified of them though, which she's absolutely right to be but. Oof. Better to be on Varsen's good side now, but she's right to question when that'll change.. I think the trick for her will be to anticipate it before Varsen can turn on her, because I doubt they will have an issue with doing so hjfhf.

Wallis and Katya a h ! ;-; Ohhh shit her thinking she'd be dragging up Katya's corpse and still doing it anyways a h ;-; That's. Ouch ;-; I love that she did that though it's. It's very good ;-; Like Wallis going against her nature and thinking with her heart right there.. Ohh she's afraid of being separated form Katya a h ;-; This baby crush ain't so baby anymore methinks hjjhffhd.. Aw Katya's shock-induced silence aw ;-; Ooh pulling Katya.. yeah that's a good plan. Take advantage of human buoyancy hjhjf. Katya just absolutely trusting her in this though a h ;-; We love a relationship built on trust ;-; Quite literally. Fhjfdhjd Katya panicking girl, chill pls ;-; "Didn't realize you were into choking." KATYA HJFDHJFDHFD BYE IM WHEEZING JFJ.. "Why are you like this" That's a fair question fdjfdhjfd.. They're so fricking cute though I'm ;-; Also at first I didn't realize they hadn't made it to shore after the last chapter; theym being stranded on the pedestals is honestly kind of ominous.. like the corpses of everyone who drowned are just Lurking below them jhfdfjd (unless the Gamemakers cleaned those up..? Idk)

Ohhh Cel time ;-; Oh oof, her instinct to run.. ;-; It's so sad though, like even with the support group she has it's still not enough, and she blames herself for it, which I can see how she'd come to that conclusion, but also like. There are a lot of things out of her control here, and the way her snow directly attacks her ability to be productive.. Yeah, oof. The pride thing ;-; Ahhh "she'd decided that their love for her wasn't enough." Dammit, that's the worst part of her mind talking ;-; And then her brain convincing her that she's not enough.. /cries in Metanoia/ Oh man, the doom is really closing in on her here, oof. Fjhhjd the way she hates Sevilin just as much as he hates her bye.. I can't help but compare her attacking Sev on impulse to Wallis diving in after Katya on impulse, it's the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, but it's kind of funny putting those two next to each other like that jhfhjd. Damn, Sevilin is everything she's not and vice versa, like. Idk, they're so different and similar at the same time, it's really interesting to see it laid out like that. Ooooh storm brewing.. Yeah it seems like more than one person has noticed the settlement..

Ooh Varsen feeling out of their element, perhaps? Or more into it.. Looks like they dig the vibes of the Games way more than the arena itself.. LOL Varsen being quite unashamed at how much they're enjoying the violence here.. Like why do I like them as much as I do, I don't know but they're just such a fun, problematic character fhdhjfd. "never even claimed to be /sane/" Pfft yeah.. Sane wouldn't really be a good look on Varsen. Too constricting. Ooh the part about them just completely volunteering on a whim, for recognition.. Well, they're certainly getting what they wanted. They're one of the strongest players here, imo.. Tied with Padma I think.. (I would include Isabelle, but considering her recent disadvantage.. oof) Rip Varsen's hardly even worried about Hana and friends being an actual threat.. Oh rip them sensing Grey's impending mental breakdown oof.. Hmmmm that is just making me think that Varsen's gonna be the one acting first once their alliance eventually breaks (if neither of them die beforehand). Also like I really enjoy the way Varsen speaks hjfhj their affectations are just. Very enjoyable to read ;-; Oooh they've found Sev and Noa.. I'm curious how that will go down.

Padma and Sephtis yesss.. Already making good on their promise to wreak havoc in the arena, F in the chat for poor Aster hjfhfd. Lol the two of them are just so blaze about all of that.. Makes sense given their previous job with the Cirque lol. Ack Sephtis missing Shinigami noooo :C Nostalgia really is a hell of a drug.. Ooh what's the deal with Blackrose.. (that has got to be the most ominous clown name btw hjfhfd) Mm assassins and performers is what they are.. Probably the best kind of people for the Gamemakers to play around with in here lol. Also lowkey re: the rebellion, I feel like Sephtis is maybe more prone to it than Padma.. Though I can't help but wonder if both of them were given a real chance to join it.. (Padma would not thrive in canon District 13 lmao). Oh damn, the part about Sephtis strangling Aster with the wire because he felt like he needed to reenact killing Shinigami.. That's like. Holy shit fhjd. That's messed up but also a vibe hjfdhj. Lol them exchanging "what if you win" thoughts, that's cute of them honestly.

Merrick rip.. Unsurprisingly, he is Also hating it here hjhjhgf. Bye "/Caring/ is overrated." Plot twist: he cares a lot, actually ;-; "Lonely".. yep, there it is ;-; Awwwe man he really does care.. Like how could he not ? Refuting himself in his own mind, rip.. He's still kind of depressing though, with the "whats the point of me living" thing.. ;-; Rip. ..Oh. Oh shit M. Merrick. You're. You're stalking the Tenssss ohhhh bro nooooo oh nooo oh my god that is just. That is simply not going to end well for this kid oh sweet jesus.. Bye I'm scared for him ;-; Ohh my god jhhjh he Knows how stupid it is even, Bro.. He's getting a thrill from it bye.. Is that worth dying for, Merrick? ..I guess it's better than doing nothing. Okay but him wanting to see how far he can keep stalking them without them noticing.. Mm buddy how. How do you think this is going to end, may I ask.. "He's not /smart/. He's a dumpster fire." Okay, accurate hjfjd this is the dumbest thing to do, so. It tracks :skull: Ohh rip Merrick being. So jealous of thier proximity a w ;-; Bro you're as touch-starved as your "whore mother", methinks.. ;-; Or even just. Company-starved. Poor lad.. Ouch that internal argument.. He's fucking brutal to himself a w ;-; Spoiler: he was not fine.

Ope Padma.. Ok so she hates politics and being controlled by her parents, valid, we know this, but also.. Okay, I think she just hates being forced to observe and not participate, or. Dominate, which would've ended up being the case jhjhfg. Because honestly she would've been the most cutthroat businesswoman, but instead she's just a cutthroat, I guess hjfhj. Yeah, like she admits that she likes parts of it, aka when she gets to partake in this. Aw dancing, that's kind of cute of her ;-; The judgement though, rip.. Lol the dichotomy of her being as manipulative as she is and at the same time hating rumors and lies and stuff.. Rip yeah there's probably a shitton of gossip being spread about them back in Ten.. Though I think she kind of appreciates how wholly she was able to ruin her parents' image hjfdhjfd. oPE OH NO SHE'S NOTICED MERRICK FUCK.. OF COURSE SHE HAS OH LORDT.. Oh god damn, and of course she knows exactly who it is too, the absolute deductive Queen that she is.. Ohh no she's got a Plan already I'm. This simply does not spell good things for poor Merrick's future here awe fuck.. LOL the peacock analogy bye that's funny. Oh no "performance" awe hell, Merrick. My dude, my guy, my buddy. You should run away.
darthnell chapter 19 . 6/29/2021
Alright... it's Time..

Ahh Isabelle again.. Aw man yeah not being able to swim here is. Definitely the worst wheeze.. Oh no she's hysterical that's a bad sign oof.. Bye this seems so terrifying for her I'm. ;_; A tad to lalte to realize you fucked up but alas. Aw Maxim.. Look I love how you developed their relationship so much.. It's so complicated, like they're not allies, they Decided Not to be allies, and yet Isabelle's looking at him like he's a lifeline, and he's so very clearly concerned for her.. It's like they're pining but for friendship jhfhjffd. Oh rip someone already died.. the plates tipping oh no.. Ahhh they're reaching towards each other, bless ;-; Ohh non yeah drowning sounds like. A horrible way to die. (help me mr obama) Ohhh fuck Maxim coming for her and Not abandoning he love that, I love that so much.. a h and she doesn't believe it nooo.. Oh my god "she can't remember a time since her mother passed that anyone's spoken to her so gently." Bro. I'm crying what. Oh man. Fuck this is so good, these two are excellent.. Ooh Isabelle realizing she's doing this all for herself.. she's so fucking valid for that honestly. I'm love he r.

HJFHJFDHJ CEL FUCKING TACKLED HIM BYEEE... She's out for fucking blood, god damn.. Okay honestly it was probably a smart move for her to try and take Sev out as soon as possible bc shit's Bound to get ugly between the two of them, but considering the fact that she's Not Succeeding here.. This might make things Worse wheeze.. Oh my god Cel cackling bye hjfhfd. Man, this arena is very quickly getting under everyone's skin here.. Ffhhfddfhj he just runs away (swims?) from her bye.. ..And then mentally berates himself for it oof. God he's so bitter fhdjfdh. I think I mentioned it before, but like.. the way Cel so quickly became one of the berating voices in his head.. Like I kind of love that story-wise but also big fucking oof jhfhjd. Like I wonder if she even realizes.. Yeah things are gonna start getting even uglier between the two of them I feel.. Ohh shit not the Nines fhfhhjd.. Boy seems way too fucking happy about this rip.. Karmic payback ahahhah oof.

Ohh no Katya.. Aw she can't swim either but hey at least she's got a better outlook on her chances here than Isabelle and her panic attack rip.. She's.. not quite succeeding but brain functions are happening ! A good sign. Clinging to the tube, that's smart ;-; You go girl :'0 Ahh noo she can't hold her breath anymore rip.. awe no not her life flashing before her eyes oof.. Omg and here comes Wallis like an avenging angel y e s.. I loveee thissss yessss ;_; Idk where the heck Wallis would've learned how to swim but she does seem like a fast learner for this kind of thing. LOL the mouth-to-mouth.. "I could kiss you!" "Think you sort of did." I FUCKING LOVE THEM OKAY ;-; Ohhhh fuck Katya sobbing shit my heart.. These twoooo, god I love their exchanges.. Like they've grown to care about each other so much in such a short time, it's ;-; I love them. Aw "The worst has already happened." Hmm Katya.. perhaps not so smart to test fate like that, but I do think things will look up for them at least before they start going back downhill.. At least I hope ;-; They deserve some softness..

Hana ! ;-; Ohh the four of them made it bless.. But how long will that last hm. They've only just gotten to shore, they may be out of the water now but this is still the Hunger Games, kids. For now I guess teamwork makes the dream work hjfjhfd. LOL Devika thinking they're all badasses.. She's cute but y'all are still just at the beginning.. Probably not a good idea to get too comfortable with the sense of relief. :0 Mo.. ;-; Fuck I love him so much.. The part about him still feeling unsure about the group, but then only relaxing once Leio includes him, he's such a mood.. I love this kid. Aww Hana's speech there babe.. She's so good ;-; LOL yes leader Hana.. Mom leader hfdjd. Bye the Sevens wanting to just chill, y'all.. Mo and Hana know better. Aw Mo's changing already, I feel it.. ;-; "Will we be safe?" oof.. There's no good answer to that question. Oh rip a newcomer.. Rippp Hana wanting to help her yikes.. Here's where the empathy will be a weakness.. Oh shit Varsen. Big mcfucking Oof. Here I thought Sevilin was having fun, but Varsen's a different level.. Oh shit them wanting Hana specifically.. I can see why, bc of her healer/nurse thing. Rip ;-;

Yeahh Varsen might be just as unhinged as Sevilin, but they're. Definitely more controlled. Aww Hana calling out for all of her allies to run oof.. Varsen has backup.. I'm noticing that he and Grey are both armed with makeshift weapons here.. I'm curious if there will be actual ones somewhere else in the arena or.. they'll all just be forced to beat each other to death with sticks and rocks wheeze.. Dead is dead either way, I guess.. Oh rip "nothing personal" yeah oof. Well, unless Varsen and Grey manage to kill the four of them right here, I'm sure things will start getting personal later on wheeze. Ah rip Leio trying and Devika.. aw man. Filler status coming to bite her in the ass rip. Aw Grey.. Look ik she just killed a kid but I still love her ok ;-; She's clearly not jazzed about it. Like even Leio, as stunned and angry as he is, can see that.. No sympathy for the devil though, Leio's snapped.. just like Grey's arm yeeT fdfhd. Oh rip Varsen choking Hana bro nooo stahppp ;-; Oh my god Leio.. you. You just fking gave up bro what jhhjd. Shit's simply too much for this kid, alas..

Ohh Mo ;_; Fuck.. yeah he's been silent in all of this.. Ope but not for long.. (Also jesus Varsen, wanting to take their time.. They're wearing their villain card Proudly jhfdhjfd) Oh man, Mo's scream.. ;-; Like I can't even hear it but it hurts my heart, fuck.. Oh good it moved Leio.. A h shoot Mo is Relaizing Things omg ;-; Ohhh fuc him not being paralyzed by the fear anymore fuck yeah Mo ! Shit, Versen being Mo's fear personified and Mo just Not taking that anymore, ye s I love that for him.. JHFHJHDF HE BIT VARSEN BYE FHHFD tbh like I love Varsen but they're a problem, they deserved that hjfdhjfdf. Fuck yeah, send them running.. Mo fucking saved them, he fucking Did That, god I'm so proud of him? Leio fucking gave up and Devika's dead and Hana was dying, it was just Mo left and he's the reason Leio and Hana are still alive right now and ;-; God, that was such a huge moment for him, like it Sucked and no doubt it'll probably end up wreaking hell on his mind, but him breaking through the fear to save Hana.. I just think that's Excellent ;-; I love him getting to be the hero here it's Really good ;-;

Ooh shoot Noa.. Jesus christ Sevilin.. Yeah, "unhinged" is definitely the word. His rage towards Cel is destroying him mentally, honestly. Ooh Noa lowkey taking advantage of that.. Very smart of her honestly. It's kind of the only thing she can do at this point, her life is very much on the line here, Sev's Dangerous, especially uncontrolled like this.. Time to turn the nice girl stuff off and play Sev here like a fiddle hfdhjfd. Damn, like day 1 and Sev's mental breakdown is fucking immenent.. It hasn't even been That long bro.. (though honestly, this is just the catalyst for what probably would've happened anyways, I feel..) Aw Noa trying to subtly work her way around him towards Aster, rip.. And Sev just being in his own world with his villain's monologue against Cel hjhjfd. Pfft "inferiority complex" that's definitely the word. It's kind of painful to watch actually, oof.. Him looking dangerous but also childish in Noa's eyes.. Yeah that tracks. Lol "But can I trust /you/?" That's simply a fair question. Lmao I love how Sev is like "of course" because he just wants to distance himself that much from Cel.. Meanwhile like why the fuck should Noa trust him at all ? ..He Wants her to trust him, though, which is interesting.. and makes it easier for him to play into Noa's hands like this... Ohh fuck shit fuck DISTRICT TEN FHSDHFHJFDJH THEM! BYE THEY'RE ON THE PROWL

:0! Maxim and Isabella ! I love them, fuck.. A h duude just admit you care about Isabelle hjfhfjfd ;-; They really are so alike, I love it for them. Rip Isabelle literally being dead weight at this point in time but. I love that Maxim's picking up the weight even though he doesn't quite understand Why, it's just. It's good ;-; Like he's trying to convince himself to Not but it's just not happening, sorry Isabelle's staying alive now ;-; Ohhh the trust.. ;-; Yeah.. Ahh him not able to let her die with so much fear and conviction in her failure.. Good. "Nobody... has ever trusted Maxim as much as Isabelle did in that moment." ! FUCK ! ;_; That combined with the line from Isabelle's POV about no one having spoken to her with such gentleness in their tone since her mother died I'm.. I'm Soft ;-; And Maxim giving Isabelle the support he wants for himself.. Like I love that ? It's so unexpectedly selfless of him and I vibe so hard. Ohh shit and this leading to his realization that he doesn't actually want to die.. GOOD YES ;-; Ope oh shit Noa and Sev yeet.. Ohh man, Noa lowkey blaming him for.. That. Rip.. I mean, Maxim couldn't have known what was gonna happen there, couldn't have known that his choice would lead him to picking Isabelle over the Nines.. and Cel wasn't there either (where'd she go oof..) I guess so much for that alliance.. I wonder if Noa will end up sticking with Sev.. Now That would be something to see, especially since he lowkey contributed to Aster's death.. Oof.

Ohh man that was a hell of a bloodbath.. Well first the bath, then the blood LOL. Oh man Day One having five fking parts :DDDD Hm. "Keep your eyes peeled" is that. Is that a pun, are someone's eyes gonna get peeled...? Fhjhjfd. Anyways I'm excited for Arena stuff, idk how much I'll end up reading today but we're just vibrating excitedly over here hjfhjfdhjfd
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