Reviews for Civil War: The 90th Hunger Games
Firedawn'd chapter 15 . 8/11/2021
hi xavi! so sorry it’s been a while, but i’m here now!

geoff and corrigan's interactions were really sweet... i just love the insight that geoff doesn't really know who he is, beyond being a writer, and his little spiral there was so neatly done. im so excited to see where you’ll bring his character!

peace having weed in their underwear is iconic of them! they are just sweet and restless and so very much a stoner. abhijeet talking to penny and proposing setting up a romance storyline makes me laugh so hard oh my god. "not the stoner." this sends me too hard. "my own kind…” “stoners?" line killed me. these jokes are immaculate xavi, pls keep them coming you legend.

ludwig is just... ouch ;-; i still love his mentality, and him being ready to fight himself, and to fight for the capitol, in essence, because he's not "a rebel like them" is amazing. excited to see more of him!

thank you for writing!
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 15 . 7/15/2021
- “Corrigan offered a grin known by many hearts in the Capitol.” is it because he’s famously good-looking or because he was whored out by the capitol
- "Can we not?" Geoff interjected, his sentences broken with unease.” LMAOOO GEOFF DRAG THAT FUCKER
- “Geoff continued somelemly, pulling out a folded piece of gray paper from his pocket- his token.” :(( he brought it with him? Aww…
- ough we gotta start thinking about facades for geoff.. How do we market him in a way that works?
- i guess you can go with the nice guy image but nobody will go for that unless they’re really adamant on supporting underdogs
tl;dr he do be sad :(( sad face.

- “Cakes rested lopsided, embellished with shallow bites and finger marks; shining candy wrappers spilled from their empty plate; a glass filled with tangy pink liquid sat untouched but for a lip gloss stain at the rim.” bruh you make this all sound so good and i don’t even like sweets
- “It's dumb- but at least it's kind of pretty, right?” i think this to myself at least once every day
- "No no of course not. Why would I ally with that, stoner?" the boy continued, uttering the last word as if it were a slur.” ABHJEET WHAT THE FUCK LMAOOO
- "I'm a better actor than she ever was," lmao i love him talking shit about a canon character that’s so funny to me. And also so true katniss was a piss poor actress
- "Are you sure? I am always prepared to listen to a good rant!" i fucking love doe doe i know ive said this before but she’s so superb
- "And well here I am. Just kinda alone, I suppose," they admitted, their freckled cheeks flaring a muted pink.” i just want to give peace a huge fucking hug
- "Oh why of course! It's the yeast I could do!" she’s an icon
- “Did she just call me a loser?” DD IS DOING HER BEST OK PEACE.
- “My own kind… "Stoners?" I GUFFAWED
tl;dr you know i can’t help but feel like peace and saber are gonna be allies. like they seem like they’d be such a good pair pls. That’s my prediction

- “The day seemed to have come and gone in a hot flash- one moment he was reaped before the eyes of the Nation, next he was all alone.” yeah that sure sounds whiplash-inducing
- “Their neighbors hated the Kanteros.” i can see why. Bootlicker ass
- “Everyone knew the Kantero's were a clan of "bootlicking assholes". AHAHHA EXACTLY. TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH
- “He clenched his teeth together, his stomach struck with sudden anxiety.” real shit i do feel bad for him though he’s deluded and pathetic but that’s how he was taught. There’s no easy way to break out that cycle of thinking
- “His father was a warrior- fought for the glory of the Capitol.” how you still gonna respect the capitol ludwig
- “And though his head spun with doubt- Ludwig was ready to fight too.” GO WHITE BOY GO
tl;dr excited to see this mans bust a move a four cmon show me what you got. i honestly think at the rate things are going i’ll actually eventually start liking ludwig because this pov showed me a level of both vulnerability and strength that was quite unexpected. He’s still not exactly likable but he’s becoming more interesting in my eyes. We’ll see :eyes:

mine: chanel, ricochet
love: geoff, paria, saber
like: skipper, virgil, cable, dericia
neutral: thea, peace, walnut
dislike: ludwig
what the fuck: KNOX?

bonk bonk
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 14 . 7/15/2021
- “Nobody in the seam had any of these things.” rich boy check!
- “He was almost at Cole's home anyways” not cole
- “Probably still up in the markets. Poor woman.” this kid’s catchphrase is “poor [blank]” like shut the fuck up stop pitying everyone you see
- “But the creek must be freezing, why would he wanna play down there?” cole sounds like a fucking dumbass
- “Perhaps it was because he was raised in schoolhouses and a quaint cabin instead of the seam but he seemed utterly not good at this climbing down a hill business.” ya ya we get it you’re middle class and Not Poor yada yada yada
- cole is so dead btw i just want to manifest it rq
- “He must really hate math days to come down this far just to swim.” LMAOO I SNORTED
- “It made him shiver. So murky and deep. That's...terrifying.” thats what i thought about ur mom last night
- “Caleb winced, hearing the joyous scream, a soft thud, and silence followed by the splashing of the body in the water. He ran to the edge, growing pale at the sound of the thud.” a
- “He could see Cole. Floating on the water was a small body- face down, violently still. Looking up, Caleb could see a small jutt of gray rock, where the boy had hit his head.” WHAT DID I SAY WHAT DID I SAY
- “Then- Cole began to breathe.” oh nvm false alarm :/ [begrudgingly returns my $20]
- damn caleb came in clutch with the CPR. king shit.
- wait but if cole hit his head then no amount of oxygen is gonna wake that boy up lmao uhhhh
- whatever
Tl;dr caleb seems like a really sweet boy in all honesty i was taking the piss out of him earlier but he’s really nice and likes math and also knows cpr which is great for him. I quite like him! unfortunately little buddy it’s probably wisest that you don’t help anybody in the arena, Ah Ha Ha!

- ah at long last the infamous tooth fairy girl
- “The petite child sat in the dark, her twig-like legs tucked into each other.” ouuhhh this imagery is so spooky
- so she’s a hoarder…
- “Looking over her shoulder towards the door for a moment, Amaranth began to inspect her items.” this reminds me of that one episode of spongebob where he’s chilling with his friends and when i say his friends i mean a tissue, a chip and a paperclip
- “Each bullet, broken pendant and chain brought a wave of emotions; nostalgia sparkling like champagne, fear smoking like burnt hair, melancholy like a still pond shifting with mosquitoes and water spiders.” whoa that is a SEXY ASS LINE
- “Inside the box, clicking and chattering against each other- were a dozen teeth.” oh there they are!
- “Perhaps she was one of them, at least a dozen other teeth scattered in little hideouts across her room.” where does she get all of them? IS SHE TAKING THEM FROM THE BATTLEFIELD CORPSES?
- what the fuck bruh she’s got quite a peculiar hobby but is it bad i still find her cute
- “The man was like a sentinel, a towering statue overlooking a kingdom. His face was worn by scars and debris.” i like this line a lot
- “He began bringing out a cord of sorts, Amaranth's breath hitching as she almost anticipated her teeth. It wasn't.” damn it dad where are the teeth!
- “In another breath, the man kissed the top of his daughter's head for the first time in years and disappeared out the door.” wait stopppp that’s so sad ;;
tl;dr well actually i like amaranth a lot she’s creepy and strange but really fucking intriguing. i don’t think she’s gonna be a particularly complex character or anything but i just find something very special about her. she’s defo up there.

- “The personalities on the C-12 bullet train were in disjoint from the moment the train left the station, to the moment it broke down an hour into the trip. It stopped with a slow dying screech, rolling to a gentle stop in the middle of an unexplored countryside.” INCH RESTING. WHY DID THE TRAIN BREAK DOWN HMMM.
- “Army Requiem watched with great pride over his tributes, two small children resting together on the neighboring tracks that hadn't been used since The Dark Days.” oh actually that makes sense. That’s such a neat detail you included xavi holy shit i wouldn’t have even thought about that
- mars is quite considerate for a capitolite escort huh
- why is army like that LMAOO he’s too happy for a d12 mentor holy shit
- well i guess there is a shortage of victors and the capitol did what they could
- “Looking down, he took a deep breath. Why aren't they excited? Did I give the pitch wrong? I never give the pitch wrong? Should I have just gone with my original idea and given them a flyer?” MOTHERFUCKER YOU’RE DELUSIONAL PFFT
- "Why should I? We'll all be dead in a week," she deadpanned.” oh my god amaranth girlboss moment
tl;dr d12 is positively fucked is all i have to say. I hope mars has some capitol-brand advil

CONGRATS XAVI FOR GETTING THROUGH INTRO HELL! :pleading: IM SO PROUD OF U! U have officially made civil war your bitch. Meeting all these kids has been so fun and i’m excited to delve more into their characters as the pregames progress. U are sexy.

im going to take off the cut tributes off my list :(( goodbye to half of yall esp inigo wolf and abhjeet you will be missed

mine: chanel, ricochet
love: geoff, paria, saber
like: mia, virgil, cable, dericia
neutral: thea, peace, walnut
dislike: ludwig
what the fuck: KNOX?

bonk bonk
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 13 . 7/14/2021
- “Oh my. I'll have to wash this after the Reapings, mama won't be happy, she thought. It was a beautiful sundress and she'd hate to see the look on her mother's face if she ruined it. She knew she had plenty of other beautiful clothes, but she still hated to disappoint her family.” already i get weird vibes from her. This ain’t a human being it’s a disney princess
- “Looking about, she kept an open eye for the young man. He had a tendency for being late to their little "meetings".” oh very interesting. she has a little boy toy, okk.
- “Peacekeepers sometimes found her, but it was alright. Her parents worked for the mayor, so they tended to leave her alone once they recognized her.” damn that’s privilege
- “He is always so nonchalant- it just kills me, she blushed.” is he nonchalant or does he just not give a flying fuck about you /J J JUSt KIDDING GUYS
- “He laughed musically, like there was a hive of bees and honey in his broad muscular chest.” omg bee hives are my favorite genre of music
- “They were almost too perfect, according to those who decided to hate Belle or Rye for no real reason. I feel bad for them- they're simply jealous, she would always tell herself.” belle i hate to say it but it is sus i must admut
- "I hope you know I have the perfect place picked out for your pruh-proposal," she squeezed the boy's hand.” bruh who the fuck is proposing? Is it you? If it’s not why do YOU have the place picked out?
- “She was afraid that any moment she'd close her eyes, she'd open them just to be back home in bed. She never did.” girl even U know its too good to be true
- “He gave experimental squeezes, massaging his finger's into Belle's frail muscle.” HER FRAIL MUSCLE IM CACKLING
- "What I was tryna say is that I'm just the luckiest guy ever," this isn’t a real guy this is a cardboard cutout of ken
- “Rye looked up at her, disbelief cast across his face.” this is so awkward
- “It's gunna be perfect.” ha ha… perfect… y e ah…
- “But for Bluebelle Catsummer, that perfect day would never come.” rip
Tl;dr honestly that fucking sucks i genuinely feel bad for her but like also idrc because she doesn’t seem like a real person. Yk? She and her boyfriend and her life just seem TOO perfect. maybe we’ll deconstruct that in the arena. That would be so cool actually.

- “Parent after parent, death after death would isolate even the happiest children.” janus has had quite the fun and exciting childhood huh
- “His eyes were like gas planets, cold, distant, beautifully concealing the whirling storm beneath the surface.” what a pretty line
- “It smells just like the earth. Perfect.” this motherfucker eats dirt i just know it
- janus’s mothers are like tattoo artists-slash-therapists bruh
- “Janus hadn't hugged her like this since the day he was adopted.” well fuck
tl;dr damn he was about to give his mom a sick tat after the reapings too! That’s a bad bounce!

- Empress del dio is such a fun name bye
- empress is so pretentious. As expected from a name like that but i digress
- “Stifling back a sob every few syllables, she tried to look brave.” poor belle :((
- “Empress launched a single punch into Cupid's jaw with a straight face. Cupid flew.” SHE YOINKED THAT BITCH LMAOO
- “And with that Cupid Magdalene, event planner, ball host, and fashionista became the mentor for two tributes in the 90th Hunger Games.” IM SO HERE FOR THIS. CAPITOLITE GIRLS MAKE DO!
Tl;dr d11 is gonna be fun. Who else can say that they were trained by their escort? Who else is more fucked than belle and janus this year?

mine: chanel, ricochet
love: geoff, WOLF, paria, ...abhjeet…, saber
like: mia, skipper, ji-eun, virgil, cable, dericia, inigo
neutral: thea, peace, walnut, belle, janus
dislike: ludwig
what the fuck: sandra, KNOX?

bonk bonk
Ripple237 chapter 15 . 7/11/2021
Geoff: As always beautiful descriptions to start off. I love that Geoff was kinda off in the clouds appreciating the nature despite sort of spiraling. That is exactly what I would do in this situation so my love for Geoff is just further cemented. Corrigan seems like a ye olde dude but he does seem to genuinely want to help Geoff. You'd never guess from his tone that he was a huge mastermind in the arena. That is very neat, seems like he will be a pretty solid help to Geoff. Mhmmm and then ofc the fun sexy identity crisis of trying to figure out who you are as you need to sell yourself to an audience. That's one of my favorite aspects of the pre-Games and I'm excited to see how that all plays out!

Peace: "It was dumb but it was at least sort of pretty" is a sentiment I hella fucks with and it's probably a really good way to get through the Pre-Games without completely spiraling and getting in your head before the Games even begin. MHMMM I love the mentor shit. I love anytime a Mentor chooses the kid they think has a better chance of winning to focus on because of the mental panic it creates in the leftover kid. It was actually really soft seeing Doedoe interact with Peace like this. What an eccentric pair. I love that they sort of paired up while Penny and Abhijeet talked business. idk about Abhijeet's plan though...based on his intro he seemed a lil too unhinged and edgy for something like romance. I think Peace will probably have a nice pre-Games time but they won't last too long in the arena. I just don't see it. Without weed, what are they gonna do..

Ludwig: AHHHH I loved this POV. Definitely confirmed a lot of the suspicions I had about him as a character. I really love how he ties into the war and how his view of things is reflected. You did a fantastic job showing the mindset of someone who has been raised a certain way and through propaganda, it was super compelling and written very convincingly. Ludwig is a great character honestly, I'm excited to see whatever ends up happening with him. I'm gonna be putting him in Dislike not because I think he's a bad character, it's precisely because he's a good character that he is doing lower, because he is effective in the concept. And maybe I am a biased piece of shit since I made Amaranth who was very much on the opposite side of things. Regardless I like Ludwig a lot more as a character now.

Mine: Amaranth
SEXY: Geoff, Virgil, Dericia
Like: Skipper, Chanel, Paria, Saber, Caleb
Neutral: Ricochet, Peace, Walnut
Meh: Thea
Dislike: Cable, Ludwig
UGLY: Knox
ladyqueerfoot chapter 14 . 7/8/2021
as if i'd review this horseshit after u cut sandra? /j

n e wayz... CONGRATS ON FINISHING INTROS MY GUY! i am so happy for u, u are truly about to pop the fuck off in pregames i am just... amazed by ur talent my guy! the development u have shown this past year? iconic, brilliant, show stopping, never been done before... bye i love u sm

but first... district 12

caleb: okay so like... why do i fucking adore this mans? he is just so wholesome please, and i can tell that you had so much fun writing him. like is he completely fucked in the games? yes, yes he is. but he is just such a good boy. like he just wants to help people and like be good to little kids, bye he is so precious and just him and amaranth they are going to be iconic i can just tell, please i stan them. he is so simple, but like thats good, not every child needs to be cracked out to be interesting, and just the idea of a boy from d12 who is completely fucked but still likes to help people, i have no choice but to stan

amaranth: okay so when will told me about this concept a while ago, i completely lost my shit and i have been eagerly awaiting her intro ever since... let me tell you dude, she did not dissapoint and that is due to how beautifully you wrote her! the idea of a baby tooth fairy who is just lowkey so traumatized? she is horrifying but like in the best way possible, i just adore how war torn she is, in the best way possible. like i said last night, the war is such an interesting wb concept, and i love tributes who play into it, so its no surprise that amaranth is a fave because of that. she is such a cryptid and i enjoyed the way you made her so fucking intriguing... truly a job well done, a stellar final intro my guy

army: the vibes here are immaculate per usual, caleb is being a good boy and amaranth is being a fucking cryptid, i truly couldn't ask for anything better, this was brilliant. im excited for the two of them to get closer

AGAIN! congrats on being done with intros my guy! i am so excited for pregames and i understand why u made this decision btw, u are still very hot i fucking love u

mine: skipper (4), sandra (7), peace (9)
love: channel (1), derecia (3), saber (6), amaranth (12)
like: ricochet (1), virgil (2), cable (3), geoff (5), inigo (8), bluebell (11), caleb (12)
neutral: paria (2), mia (4), ludwig (7), walnut (8), abjheet (9), wolf (10), janus (11)
dislike: thea (5), ji-eun (10)
no: knox (6)
LittleAvery88 chapter 14 . 7/6/2021
I really liked this chapter, and the tributes shown in it. Both Caleb and Amaranth seem cool and I’m excited to see what happens next with them. Also, I enjoyed Army and Mars back and forth bickering. Anyways, great chapter and I’m looking forward to the pre-games.
Ripple chapter 14 . 7/3/2021
SORRY I deleted the army part of my review somehow so I am putting it here.

Army: OOOOO A LIFW COACH? You always have the best ideas for mentors and escorts on god. This shit is so fire. Oh and I love the addition of a more serious escort. I’m planning on one of those myself and it’s such a fun dynamic and difference from the usual escort fare so I stan the hell out of this. I really like how you are able to differentiate characters through their dialogue. This is something I’ve noticed I struggle with but you do it so well, it’s really apparent in all the mentor chapters and always a nice thing to read. Wow I really love D12s dynamic all ready. All the characters in the team slap and yes I’m biased but idc I stan the hell out of all of them, it’s so nice to get such a sexy D12 since that district is so written off in SYOTS.
Ripple237 chapter 14 . 7/3/2021
Congrats on finishing intros! Im very proud and I hope I can follow your lead and allow hustle to get my own intros done! Finishing intros is always a huge achievement for a syot because so many of them die in this phase, but Civil War will not be found in the syot graveyard.

Caleb: Ah I always admire how you can turn the most simple scene into a beautiful image with your vivid descriptions. I wish I had a brain for that stuff but I do not, so I am just always in awe of authors who can do it so naturally. Yeah Caleb does seem pretty well off for the Seam. Hmmm is he maybe a tutor? That's kinda the vibe I'm getting from these first couple paragraphs. AH I WAS RIGHT. Oh no this can't end well. This was such a gripping scene. I really like "simple" tragic accidents like this, they feel a lot more raw and real than cracked out stuff. I fully thought Cole was gonna die here and poor Caleb was gonna be traumatized but that didn't happen! A happy ending for once! Cole is a really sweet kid, he does NOT deserve to go into the Games. I think he is the perfect DP for Amaranth considering her backstory and age and how he wants to help people and seems to be good with younger kids. This could potentially be a really emotional storyline, and for a D12 pair in a syot, that could be something special.

Amaranth: Oh boy. Here she is. Last but certainly not least. It has been a long time since I made her form, and I am so excited to see her finally written. WHEW this opening paragraph. So beautifully mysterious and melancholic holy shittt. OH WOW my word choice of melancholic turned out to be very apt since that appears right here in the chapter. I love this melancholia approach so much, the lamentation of a childhood lost through trinkets of war that should have been toys had things been different. I'm remembering why I loved this character so much. Oh wow. This image of her looking in the mirror. Breathtaking. You perfectly captured what I was going for with the teeth, childhood, and war. I was so excited for this story because of the ability to use war as a big part of a tribute's backstory, and it is awesome to see this dark stuff compared to some of the other tributes who seemed relatively unaffected by its events. For her, the war was her childhood, and the weapons of war were nothing more than toys to her. The little detail of her leaving the house was awesome, love that you included the stealthy stuff. OH WOW. This little goodbye section was so good. And the symbolism of the token? I snapped with this idea highkey, and you just took it TO THE NEXT LEVEL wow. I loved all the lines about how the war never ended, the dog tags, the implication that her father new about the teeth, and how this empty necklace was just a subtle new set of orders: to fill it once more and to survive. In a weird way, this was what he thought was affection. So interesting and compelling, and I'm biased of course, but I think she is just so neat and you depicted her perfectly, not only demonstrating the horror of war but also how the Hunger Games and the war itself affects children, which is really what the Hunger Games were always about in the first place. A political tool to prevent further war. I am simply obsessed with her and I cannot wait to see what you do with her in the pre-Games and in the arena.

I respect your decision to make this a partial. I totally relate to suffering motivation issues because of the lack of active submitters. I will definitely miss some of the characters, but I'm excited because of the potential of more in-depth stories for the remaining 16 tributes. This is my final tribute chart as of the end of intros. I'll update the chart by removing the Non-POVs for the next chapter, so this will be my official goodbye to the full cast. I'm so hyped for the continuation of this story, thank you so much for sticking with it.

Mine: Amaranth
SEXY: Geoff, Virgil, Dericia, Abhijeet
Like: Skipper, Chanel, Paria, Saber, Inigo, Caleb
Neutral: Ricochet, Peace, Walnut, Janus
Meh: Mia, Ludwig, Thea, Bluebelle
Dislike: Ji-Eun, Cable, Wolf
UGLY: Sandra, Knox
Firedawn'd chapter 14 . 7/3/2021
first of all! a massive congrats on finishing intros - it's absolutely insane! and im so proud and happy for you dude. (:

so to the kids! caleb (i defs won't confuse him with cable lmao) - does seem to be the embodiment of a sweet boy. he comes from a family a little richer than the rest of the seam, and he wants to help save people, eg. cole. atm i can't really connect with him, because his personality seems to be nice and cares and thats bout it.

army... first of all, i adore the nickname. now onto her: she collects trinkets, has a controlling father, was involved in the war before. right off the bat, gotta say that i adore ur descriptions; "estranged beam of light", "tip had stuck out like a drowning ship", "melancholy like a still pond shifting with mosquitoes and water spiders", which are beautiful. she's really just a child dragged into war, made to grow up too early... sort of embodied in the teeth necklace, which is just sad. Dx i definitely prefer her over caleb, and im excited to read more of her.

thank you so much for writing! simplifying your story is a lovely move on ur part: offloads the things that u dont feel as motivated for, and hopefully helps you whilst planning and juggling chars, and so on! cant wait for the pregames (:
Ripple237 chapter 13 . 6/25/2021
Bluebell: I really loved this opening paragraph and how you likened Bluebell to a flower throughout it using imagery. A great way to immediately get across her personality. Oh first of all is her name Bluebell or Bluebelle because Im getting conflicting information lmaoo. There isn't really much to comment on with her. She has a relatively normal and comfy life, especially for someone from D11. She seems relatively untouched by the war all things considered and thats kinda boring to me unless there's something more to her. I think my favorite thing about this pov was the stylization of the stuttering. That was really cool and made her stand out a bit more. She'll probably be a bloodbath.

Janus: I have one thing to say...SUS. The vibes were so weird in this POV...I have literally no idea what to make of Janus? He is SUPER mysterious and has a seemingly "dramatic" backstory that hasn't been revealed so I'm excited to see what that's all about. You could cut the tension in this POV was a knife, so good job with setting that up. I liked all the descriptions of Janus's demeanor and the thing about the icy planet was particularly cool. I have no idea what to make of this mans as of now so? Neutral.

Empress: Wow this was quite the dramatic POV! Far more interesting than the characters themselves honestly. I'd love to see you write a Capitol Games, I think you'd excel at something like that. Anyways, this was super fun to read, I really enjoyed the fast-paced dialogue and back and forth. Flowed nicely and felt very natural. And it all led up to the So an escort is going to also be mentor. Yeah D11 is absolutely fucked.

Congrats on being so close to finishing intros! You got this! Just one more to go!

SEXY: Geoff, Virgil, Dericia, Abhijeet
Like: Skipper, Chanel, Paria, Saber, Inigo
Neutral: Ricochet, Peace, Walnut, Janus
Meh: Mia, Ludwig, Thea, Bluebell(e)
Dislike: Ji-Eun, Cable, Wolf
UGLY: Sandra, Knox
LittleAvery88 chapter 13 . 6/18/2021
I don’t really review much but I really enjoyed this chapter. I have a few favorite tributes and some I definitely think will make it far into the games. I guess we’ll have to see if that changes though. This review is extremely short but I’ve loved the writing in all of the chapters you’ve wrote, and this one was great too!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 13 . 6/17/2021
hmmm look at me go... i said i would read tomorrow but i am here today!

bluebell: honestly, the amount of heterosexuals in this story is appalling me, and what's more... HAPPY HETEROS? i am in disgust why are they happy. honestly, bluebell is a simple gal and i am kind of digging that for her? like she is just here to vibe and she's iconic for that, i love that she loves nature and just has these vibes to her, and honestly she seems pretty normal but not in a bad way, she's cheery which is refreshing for panem, she just also... rye is a boy, but they're cute, i will admit that much. but bro... the fact he was gonna propose after the reapings, yet... can't... okay that is so sad, and i take it he doesn't propose in the train station? or... i hope he does, but TBH that's a waste of the ring because those are expensive and idt she'd make it out of even the bloodbath alive, which is sad... but yeah, i like her and as per usual, your writing was beautiful

janus: okay he also has pretty chill vibes, i like him too, very simple as well. he's also vibing he just also is so anxious holy shit and reading all of this knowing he /will/ in fact be reaped makes this all the more heartbreaking jeez... i love that he has two moms because gay rights and again, just a chill dude which is nice because this cast for the most part has decidedly chaotic energy, so seeing just a simple dude (and a simple girl, i liked bluebell for that) is a lovely refresher. also... a tattoo shop in D11 is a cute idea, i love tattoo artist tributes always they just have the best vibes, and the idea of them all getting a tattoo together is wholesome, even though it's simply not going to happen, since i don't get victor vibes from him too to be honest. i'm curious about the man he mentioned in the intro who said to not look away, so maybe this will be some cute reveal? or not cute, traumatic more like... anyways, janus is in neutral for me because he's just... i don't know i think bluebell's more interesting because of the proposal thing

empress: bye why is belle being chaotic... no actually this makes sense, and i like empress, that's a real fun name for her too btw! empress is sort of a bitch but i stan that for her, she's wickedly entertaining and i think she's not going to be the best mentor for sure, she's going to get up to some fuck shit or at least be not great. i like cupid too and i like the way they clash. yeah empress is so bitter but it's fun and i'm curious why she's mentor and not head trainer anymore

dude! just one more intro left, i'm so hype for you and for that! i've been digging the way your writing has improved throughout the intros and i just know everything else is going to be killer! thanks so much for writing this fab chapter!


OH! and i suppose i should solidify a chart!

mine: skipper (4), sandra (7), peace (9)
love: channel (1), derecia (3), saber (6)
like: ricochet (1), virgil (2), cable (3), geoff (5), inigo (8), bluebell (11)
neutral: paria (2), mia (4), ludwig (7), walnut (8), abjheet (9), wolf (10), janus (11)
dislike: thea (5), ji-eun (10)
no: knox (6)
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 12 . 6/2/2021
- fucking walnut man T_T
- “Why can't she just be normal; let me wear normal clothes, go outside- let me not be fucking named Walnut.” really good question actually
- this bitch got STRICT strict parents
- "But I'm stronger now. Try breaking my nose again Lumina.” I- YALL WILD
- “She began thinking about the Reapings, they were in a matter of hours afterall. She had never been to a Reapings before- yet it felt so clear.” i can’t believe she’s daydreaming about the goddamn reapings
- “Slamming the window shut, Walnut whipped around, coming face to face with a fragile-looking, yet brutish woman with the same crystal blue eyes and wild orange hair.” that is a troll.
- “she said with an air of teenage arrogance” TEENAGE ARROGANCE AHAHAJAJ I LOVE IT
- “And with a final drawn-out sob, Walnut punched another hole in the wall and went to bed.” that made me laugh but i am kinda sad for her for real
Tl;dr damn wtf is her mom’s deal why is she built like that. Poor walnut just wants to be a normal girl :(( well! You’ll get your wish soon enough i suppose!

- im very excited for inigo i think he’s really cute
- “This was always his least favorite part of the day- the nervous anticipation of getting home, of making sure everything was okay, that everyone was okay.” aww anxious and responsible :((
- “Maybe we're lucky Ma and Pa are dead after all… Oh, Panem that's terrible, I take it back. Sorry, Ma. Sorry, Pa.” BRUH LMAOO
- “If only we had taken more family photos, this would look a lot more complete.” bruh im emo
- his sister is sick too?! Duuude ;;
- "Hey Sofia don't worry about that- it's not gunna happen and I have only two more left!" he crossed his fingers with a laugh.” Ha Ha Yeah
- “Inigo's stomach groaned. He had lied.” inigo’s such a good guy bro ;; i’m gonna kill silver brb
tl;dr i like him so much what’s up with silver making wholesome outer district kids who care about their siblings T_T that’s such a tragic niche WAHH

- “Stepping through the linoleum halls, his eyes wandered aimlessly like he didn't know where he was or what to do.” INIGGOOOOOO
- “Other kids formed a line behind the guard, waiting to see the boy. They all looked homeless, wearing ratted layers of clothes and fuzzy winter hats as they stood in line.” STOP IM SO SAD
- “There was a pearl of inevitable wisdom in her eyes.” okkk machina i see u
- “Perhaps he has charisma, but I have a feeling he is too gentle of a soul.” well with this line by prediction is that inigo absolutely fucking loses it in the arena and goes bonkies
tl;dr my body is ready for more of machina’s analyses, she’s good at what she does…

mine: chanel, ricochet
love: geoff, WOLF, paria, ...abhjeet…, saber
like: mia, skipper, ji-eun, virgil, cable, dericia, inigo
neutral: thea, peace, walnut
dislike: ludwig
what the fuck: sandra, KNOX?

FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 11 . 6/2/2021
- “It is what it is, she told herself, prowling the crackling nighttime streets of the main city.” IT IS WHAT IT IS LMAOOO
- “But then she remembered something and forgot all about it- she couldn't fucking stand children.” you’re so valid bestie
- “Let's just say working nine hours at the dock doesn't leave you exactly fucking pristine.” true say
- “Money, shelter, food, sex- Rusty had always been a staple in Saber's cycles.” ope
- “If she thinks a lazy finger blast is getting her a discount today- she's dead wrong.” LMAO I YODELLED
- saber ur so gay fr
- "Alrighty alrighty- you got the stuff," Rusty winked, giggling as she impersonated her younger self- afraid to say morphling but not to shoot it up.” this line is epic
- “Fuck, "Perhaps a kiss would make things better," she purred- like a stray cat that hangs around your porch for months just for your scraps before it gives you cat scratch fever and ya fuckin die.” saber commentary is so fucking funny
- xavi i just KNOW you had so much fun writing her thoughts
- “Just as they were about to kiss, a voice could be heard echoing from further down the alley.” effectively cockblocked
- "Oh um- hey Baby! Whatcha doing here?!" Rusty yelled, teetering backward on her heels.” BRUH BRUHHH
- "Oh, I'm so sorry Ford! I had no idea you were still around! I thought you died in a bar fight a few weeks ago!" LMOAOOO IM PEEING MYSELF THIS IS WILD
- "Oh c'mon Ford. It's really no big deal- just girl stuff!" She argued, tongue in cheek.” STOPP IM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF OUT HERE
- "Girl stuff- really?! You're fucking gay, Saber.” "Well..." WELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER
- “scorning the cowardice of the body that carried her farther and farther from the blundering man behind her.” omg she has issues w bravery thats so T_T WAHHHHH
- “Yet she never did stop. Saber Biscayne kept running because she was afraid of death.” man what the fuck im said

- “Biting down on the writhing gray rabbit in his hands, his stomach turned at the taste of blood filling his senses.” i- what the fuck
- your descriptions are vile i love it
- “Lying down, crimson ran down his throat and chest like a baby's bib. GROSS NO YOu’RE A GROWN MAN
- knox is FULLY FERAL
- knooooox…
- “And so Knox owned these mazes, had spent hours, days, even weeks down here, slowly pushing himself to his limit. He'd do the dehydrated man's dance, clumsy stumbles, gripping onto the wall as the world glowed with migraine light.” SINCERELY XAVI YOU’RE POPPING OFF WITH THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS POV
- “Looking away, his throat grew tight and uncomfortable.” uncomfortable faced with your own humanity huh
- “Within a few hours, he would have to venture out to the center of the city for the Reapings. He hated it- the one time of year in which he had to interact with others.” KID YOU’RE CRAZY

- “He should have been in the studio with his cats, talking about how interesting the tributes were, or complimenting the escort's costumes.” aww middle-aged cat man
- “Home with Mr. Fuzz, and Miss Paws, and Baked Bean. This isn't right.” THESE FUCKING NAMES R SENDING ME
- "Ladies first!" he trilled, in his best impression of a standard Capitolite accent. No one laughed.” I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM BUT IM LAUGHING LMAOO
- “Hero stumbled across the stage, toes lazily poking out from the holes in his worn fishnets. He wore what would have been an elegant top if the circumstances were different; golden frills, embroidered flowers, and brown beer stains adorning the garment.” the escorts are ALWAYS A FUCKING MESS
- “A tall and strangely disheveled boy began to move through the audience. People moved out of his way instinctively, like they know he was the plague or something.” EW HERE HE COMES
- "Ya heard it here folks… Saber Biscayne and Knox…." there was a pause, and before Hero sauntered off the stage abandoning his tributes he pushed out a final, "God I'm too drunk for this fucking shit." im peeing
Tl;dr the mentor povs are always so funny to me god

mine: chanel, ricochet
love: geoff, WOLF, paria, ...abhjeet…, saber
like: mia, skipper, ji-eun, virgil, cable, dericia
neutral: thea, peace
dislike: ludwig
what the fuck: sandra, KNOX?

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