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Guest chapter 17 . 1/16
I am legitimately praying for these two cause I know there’s bound to be stuff that tries to separate them. I loved loved loved this chapter. I’m also really hoping (rather selfishly I admit) that you update this weekend for both this and your other fic. I obviously understand if life gets in the way of that cause life is not too fun rn for anyone. But thought I’d ask! Hope you have a good day.
Zafirya chapter 17 . 1/14
Took me hell a lot of time to get to review... sorry. This, I did not expect. Now , I really wanna hear their discussion. I can also see the hints on how they will be found out. I am just really hoping you will not break them up. Even for a short period. I am curious about what will Sabrina do and when and how will Snot realize the truth. Also I have a feeling that Alvin already knew what would happen with Hayden. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve.
Amyyy78 chapter 17 . 1/13
Omg wow wow wow what a chapter! I’ve been so busy but today is my birthday so I’ve finally had some time and only just caught up but MAN WAS THAT WORTH THE WAIT HOLY SH*T. I am now absolutely dying to know what happens next ahhhhhhhhh. This chapter had everything omg. You write so beautifully and capture the emotions of these characters so well, like I can feel what they’re feeling it’s amazing! Gah what a great birthday haha now I’m doing to try and wait patiently for the morning after somehow now I’m squealing 24/7 LOLOL Awesome job dude :D
Now Account chapter 16 . 12/31/2020
- Hahaha, of course Hayden knows.
- Can you blame Hayden when Astrid looks like this? I vote no!
- In that regard I am glad that I am a boy, I am WAY too lazy to put on make up every day :P
- Rachel is pretty crazy! Lol.
- Poor Hayden.
- An ace in her back pocket ;) I was expecting something like this
- Astrid’s really stepped up her game now!
- No, Hayden, Astrid is the type of girl to look just as beautiful in a potato sack.
- Oh, Hayden is nearing his breaking point
- Haha, indeed Dagur would never settle for a normal stretch limo
- Moving gentleman’s club describes it pretty well
- Would you mind getting paid three hours extra? I guess not, especially with Dagur’s tipping.
- Shit, what have they gotten themselves into? Jk
- ‘I think I'd rather have green hair forever then have a floppy breast implant glued to my head.’ Bahahaha, I laughed way too hard at that.
- Imagine delivering pizza and when the door opens a shirtless dude with green hair pulls out his platinum card. That sounds like a bad gag between delivery boys. Lol.
- You know what, until there everything was good. Then you did a very questionable thing that tethers on the verge of cheesy. Pairing Rachel and Eret. I mean, of course Ruffnut has the hots for Eret, but still
Plus the way Eret finds Rachel creepy is funny
- The look on Frank’s face would be hilarious! If he didn’t get a heart attack first.
- Oh Scottie, did you really get in tights for Sabrina?
- Haha, Frank as a mafioso bodyguard would be terrifying!
- Tyler was obviously going to wear a very ridiculous costume …he is Tyler after all! A chicken cop. Unbelievable.
- Oh the puns…
- Well, they left Peter Tightpants and Tinkerslut standing there dumbfolded and humiliated. Lol.
lilbrown.girl chapter 17 . 12/29/2020
oh my lordy. you've done it again. this chapter was an early Christmas present and it was good. i really liked how you briefly brought up the hayden perspective regarding astrids whole seducing scheme, kind of forgot that had an emotional weight to it but still wonderful nonetheless. you have done shooketh me once again. keep up the good work! :)
Guest chapter 17 . 12/23/2020
Fucking finally they got there in the end not going to lie I thought Hiccup already knew why Astrid liked him so thank you for the explanation at the end apart from that this was a FUCKING great chapter my favourite parts were reading all the sexual tension going on I swear you could cut though it with a butter knife can't wait for the next chapter ️
Bryan chapter 17 . 12/20/2020
Great chapter as always :P
ShandraGuptaHAHAH chapter 17 . 12/22/2020
This shit is so fucking good. It's making me jealous. The development of the characters between these chapters are phenomenal. Plus, the way you right could almost make me see the entire seen come together. Keep up the great work. But I'm kinda surprised by the sudden hostility from Hayden but maybe I'm just tripping.

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only who remembers "Gimme That Nut". Most of my friends forgot that amazing song.. Prolly one of my fav songs. R.I.P Eazy E
CajunBear73 chapter 17 . 12/21/2020
Astrid and Hayden showed, with their friends and dates, that they were playing in the cosmos while the lesser mortals (like Scott and Sabrina) were barely crawling out of their caves...Quite the spectacle they put on and all the tension that almost started a fire until the gang unwound at the Girls' apartment...

And it turns out that Hayden was fighting several battles that had him stretched in a few directions, many in opposite directions as his outburst to Astrid let out years of what she was responsible for and put into the ground any doubts he had about her motivations and desires...for Hayden.

His fears of another Victoria, who, in Astrid, had been one of his personal tormentors, were put down in his tirade's aftermath when Astrid did confess what she identifies of her past with Hayden, and sorrowfully rejects as she's ever so close to telling Hayden the words that she knows are so dangerous in the situation they find themselves in. As Student and Teacher...

But it seems she's quite close to saying those three little words, while she waits for the moment it will mean the most between the two of them.

Hope scandal aren't in the cards...but with Scott being ever possessively vengeful and Sabrina being such a...ya's probably inevitable that scandal happens...

Roxy-Bluff chapter 17 . 12/21/2020
Haha, I can totally see Ruff knowing all the lyrics and singing at the top of her lungs XD poor Fishalso, Tuff! I genuinely like him, and in this story he's hilarious and so wonderfully in character, it melts my heart.
As for Hayden and Astrid...
Uh oh... What are they gonna do the next morning...
For some reason i have a sneaking suspicion Scott is gonna find out Astrid is banging the teacher and rat them out.. Or maybe sabrina will do it.. *anxiety strikes*
MisguidedPenguin chapter 17 . 12/20/2020
Huh. Interesting explanation of Hayden’s outburst. When I was reading his, frankly, abrupt and rather irrational blow-up at Astrid, it felt so out of place since, before, it felt like they both had a good understanding about how they felt for one another. I had thought that Hayden was trying to get her to hate him in a last-ditch attempt at pushing her away in a stupidly noble effort to protect her from the career-threatening scandal of sleeping with her teacher. I guess intense sexual frustration works too haha.
lilbrown.girl chapter 16 . 12/18/2020
Before I start ranting, can i just say that you are such a good writer. like few people have the power to write a fanfiction that makes me smile like an idiot the entire time. i've been reading HTTYD fanfics for yeeeeaaaarrss and literally have a google doc with all the stories ive read and my reviews for them but lemme tell you that this specific fanfiction has done shooketh me. the humor? sarcastic and makes me laugh like an idiot. the hiccstrid? so good. the sexual tension?oh my lord so good. the charm? unreal. hotel? trivago. this entire story is just *chefs kiss* so good. you are going to very top of my HTTYD fanfiction google docs. keep up the amazing work and i cant wait to continue reading :)
Roxy-Bluff chapter 16 . 12/12/2020
Is it just me, or is the limo interior design a skrill reference?
Loved the costumes, i think they fit those characters perfectly!
MisguidedPenguin chapter 16 . 12/12/2020
Astrid had blue and pink highlights in her hair.

Me: “Ooh! Maybe it’s Joker and Harley.”

Hayden gets green hair dye.

Me: “It’s definitely Joker and Harley!”

Pizza guy comments on the Joker look.


Costumes get revealed as Joker and Harley Quinn.

CajunBear73 chapter 16 . 12/12/2020
After Astrid's earlier 'pageant' in class where showing the goods is all how the 'packaging is displayed', while skirting the edge of rule about risqué clothing, while telling everybody 'this is what you can't get'...while also letting slip that someone 'got' her...the big event for Halloween is probably going to be remembered for years to come.

The theme Rachel came up with is sure to blow some minds once they announce themselves at the party.

Pairings and Costumes also worked very well...Can't wait for time, space and sound to stop when they hit the door at this locale...

And Astrid also let Scott he's so last month and Sabrina's way out of her league when it comes to upstaging Astrid...

Now there's a party to go to, drinking to start up, people to really ask Tyler about his Chicken Cop Costume and what was he thinking...and one Halloween that no one will ever forget.

Hope it's for good reasons, though...

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