Reviews for Diametrically Opposed
Guest chapter 24 . 6/25
omg what! how come you've abandoned this story! at least create an epilogue or some sort of chapter with jily fluff omg lol
Guest chapter 1 . 5/27
love this so much
Julia chapter 24 . 5/24
Can you please do an update.
Julia chapter 9 . 5/23
This chapter was hilarious and amazing. I was actually laughing out loud.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/21
Hello? Can you hear me?
Fred's fanatic chapter 24 . 4/15
James was most definitely the greates seeker on the
Gryffindor quod ditch tea and Sirius was the chaser
Along with Alice preset whom married franklongbottom
You don't ever have to apologise for anything at all
I've been very happy to read this amazingly marvellous
Excellent highly imaginative love story that's finished
Far too soon unfortunately as its been totally riveting
And impossible to stop reading plus I m hooked by
Everyone in the story except for the rat petty petunia
Or snivellus so I'm hoping and praying for a terrific
Sequel to this magnificently enchanting story from a
Truly gifted talented author thank
Fred's fanatic chapter 23 . 4/15
Alright I just want to say yes regulus probably shouldn't
Have become a death eater but he changed at the end
When he betrayed Voldemort and his hitler like
Vile teachings which made him redeemable according
To the last Harry Potter movie when shape was killed.
Although lily doesn't have to go to her vile loser
Sisters wedding she would outshine the ugly bride
As she's beautiful inside and some
Real empathy from anyone for regulus might redeem
Them in my opinion you never call family members
Filthy disgusting revolting names for any reason it's
Not I'm getting the feeling that a
Sequel might have to be written as this magnificent
Story screams please don't let me finish yet I've got
More stories to tell people so could you please write
Some more that keep fans updated thank you so
Very very much your skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 22 . 4/15
No I'm not feeling any sympathy for poor Sirius yes
His brother started acting quite viciously yet he
Deserted regulus before he left for hog warts and
Allowed his evil vile family to continue their mind
Control every hour until he broke and betrayed the
Dark lord poor Sirius not really cowardly yes. I'm
Loving Lily's friend arabella figg named for her auntie
She's thoroughly delightful a true gem of a friend
Plus James parents are exceedingly sweet yet stern
Thank you so very much for an enchanting story
About my ultimate favourite couple whom are
Fred's fanatic chapter 21 . 4/15
Well Lily's struggling to come to terms with the fact
She's fallen in love with James although it's very cute
How she's coping with it plus I'm expecting the darkness
To come however it might be good to see some great
Make out sessions to lighten things up between lily
And James and I agree on Sirius although I never
Forgave him deserting regulus to his evil family as
He just got fed up with their blood purity beliefs until
Recently however I've preferred regulus for nine
Months family means loyalty not hatred to me or
Bullying either. Boy she made a mistake about not
Seeing James if she knew ha ha.a totally brilliant great
Love story that I'm going to miss reading after the
Final three chapters so some major snogging called for these two need some action time right
Fred's fanatic chapter 20 . 4/15
Lily's exceedingly loyal though being nice to snaps
Should make anyone choke yet she's to nice and
Should be more like James or Sirius in some respects
Plus with lily the treat them mean keeps them very
Keen is working so why not get James never knowing
If it's yes or no just because it would be hilarious to
See my imaginations running crazy yet it's very
Amusing having potter on slippery tenterhooks how
Long for I'm leaving that up to you if you'd like to
Go down that you for two exceptionally
Brilliantly long chapters they've been very wild yet
Hilariously funny your skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 19 . 4/15
Congratulations on the end of your exams good luck
Yet I'm feeling sorry for shape which is weird as I've
Never had any before however two against one
Isn't fair or brave for two gryffindors to gang up
On anyone even snape deserves better almost. I'm
Getting very fed up with peters pretence at being
A true friend to this very brave group of chivalrous
Friends I'd love to see him squealing like a stuck pig.
Although lily must've known that this could've happened
Before everyone graduated he deserved it in my opinion
You've done marvellous work as 5041 .great words is
Nothing to be sneezed at Bellissimo but I don't want
You to exert yourself alright .all my love Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 18 . 4/15
I hoping that you'll do the right thing by yourself and
Not stay up till all hours writing this truly marvellous
Love story it's not really necessary every potter fan
Is prepared to wait. although James has been acting
Very strange even if he's in love this is to weird for
Words similar to an incantation being put on him to
Act take care of yourself plus the exams
You've got coming up everything is going along like
Magic there's no hurry as slow and steady wins the
Race and great things come to those whom wait so
Please get a great nights sleep from one potter fan
To another skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 17 . 4/15
As an Australian myself were now into the Easter
Holidays now and school go back on the nineteenth
Yet I'm not sure about England however your right
About James feelings they're a bit rushed but he's
Been doing it for awhile so I'm used to it as he's
Very amusing though rushing a red haired witch
Seems very he's in some major serious
Trouble by bullying first years with the light of his life
Seeing everything yes James is going to be hexed so
Brutally yes yes yes you go lily teach him but good.
Your turning into an amazingly insightful author whom
Knows the Harry Potter history so well your definitelygoing to be known as a tremendous potter
Fanatic plus I'm in total agreement except for Ron
I didn't like yet this magnificent beautifully great
Addictive story is thoroughly enchanting .elizabeth
twins rule forever more.
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 4/15
Oh that's so sweet Remus is turning into a romantic
How thoroughly adorable but he'd right if James and
Lily could have more major snogging vests rather than
Exchanging vicious insults it would be much more
Pleasurable fun plus a mighty good workout as well
All the stress they've great news about your 18th
Birthday congratulations I'm hoping you had a truly
Magically memorable day .yet James hasn't grown up
As much as he should have done even Harry would've
Known better than his dad how to treat a witch with
A wicked temper needs to listen more
Closely to the great advice Remus tries to give him on
Wooing lily he could get luckier than he ,really
Loving this story from start to the finish its
Exceptionally brilliant the greatest type of reading
Material I usually devour in one day the. Re read it
All over again I'm a potter addict always was and will
Remain one happily thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 4/15
James needs to start growing up and start acting like
A mature young wizard whom knows how to use his
Brains yet still have fun times as when lily finds out
About snaps she won't be happy with him at all
Why does he have to mess things up every time
Surely he's more confident after that kiss knowing
Lily likes him even though he's been around the
Block which she implied chapters ago he was stunned
As I recall however his reputation precedes him as a
Player. I also would've liked to have both Remus and
Sirius fall in love with some witches as they needed
Some happiness and children also before the evil
Kills given everyone such tremendously
Great fun with this excellent story I'm hoping you
Have another exceptionally brilliant one in the works
With your inspirational imagination leading the way
Yet again simply skinner
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