Reviews for See No Evil (Complete)
N7 Shinobi chapter 90 . 7/9
Binged this in under 2 days and enjoyed myself thr whole way this feels like a special story ill come back to.
majored chapter 90 . 7/9
a brilliant story sir and I cant wait for the CkIII story to kick off.
TheLazyDarklord chapter 90 . 7/8
happy to be apart of this awesome journey that is this story definitely one of the best on this site, i hope to see you continue these amazing pieces.
Guest chapter 90 . 7/7
Wow, this some amazing shit
Guest chapter 90 . 7/7
all hail capitalism. But seriously what a fucking journey just amazing but man the scope just kept getting bigger and bigger and everyone besides Vergil got lost in the chaos but what a wonderful chaos it was. Thank you.
Guest chapter 90 . 7/7
love it
Guest chapter 90 . 7/7
Thank you, for this awesome story. May you bless us with many more.
Sinabaetor chapter 90 . 7/7
Thank you so much for the effort and time you put into this story. A truly captivating, and well written journey.
EdgyNoir chapter 90 . 7/7
Love the story and I am very excited for the return of Castoff.
Nero verse chapter 90 . 7/7
you give me inspiration man your stories are great keep up the good work
Travis99 chapter 1 . 7/7
All time favourite story
Lazy'sReader chapter 90 . 7/7
I'm going to miss this story

One of my favourite to, hope for a sequel happen early
aestheticocd chapter 90 . 7/7
I beg and kneel to you, please sir can you remove (Complete) from the title, and instead add those to the description, please...
Guest chapter 90 . 7/7
Dang this was an awesome ride!

Kinda feel like the final season of my favorite anime ending

I feel happy that at what the MC has accomplished

Kinda feel empty tho but since you said you would continue it with another story someday I can’t wait to read it

Kinda hope you make some interlude omakes from the heroes perspective lol like diana getting warnings from athena or something that Vergil’s the most powerful god in earth right now

I really wanna see supes overreact to the name of Vergil’s domain of godhood

Kinda hoped Vergil would get a magic expert in his harem tho maybe Tala?
MyNameIsAndy chapter 1 . 7/7
Shit it’s really over, I’ve been reading this doc for nearly 2 years now and it is so surreal seeing it finished.

My life changed a lot, but this story just kept improving. It solved a lot of boring days, and made me smile more than I would have otherwise.

It’s really weird to think I’ll never look forward to another See No Evil Wednesday, but I’m glad I had them while it lasted
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