Reviews for See No Evil
adam110902 chapter 59 . 10/14
great chapter
xXwolfsterXx644 chapter 59 . 10/13
Definitely Can't wait for the next update for this and the other stories
spiderfan chapter 59 . 10/13
you know they used to make Coca-Cola out of cocaine leaves you could add your own beverage to the list if not everyone will snort it they can drink it imagining snowflame drinking a whole tanker truck for a power up also why haven't you exposed the court of owls to them or are you saving that for the future
The Shadow Monarch chapter 59 . 10/13
Niceee but what about protections?
StoneTheLoner chapter 59 . 10/13
Loved the chapter! I have a question about the new story though... How friendly is it to people who haven't seen any of the Fate whatever series? I love jumping into fandoms and seeing if I like the fanfiction well enough to check out the canon, but from some of the things I've heard of that series... That could just as easily convince me to NEVER try out the canon if it relies on timeline knowledge and is too complex lol
GumGumOnigiri chapter 59 . 10/13
Using an actual conspiracy to hide you're own made up conspiracy? Slick.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's doublegangers, unless they're working for you. Maybe you should try to get Clayface on the pay roll, or at least keep tabs on him.

ngl Would be hilarious to watch the Batclan run afoul of one of the Endless. Who knows, they might even learn a little humility if they're very lucky.

Any chance we're gonna get Miranda in her classic Mass Effect suit? That seems very important for many many reasons.
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 59 . 10/13
Nice chapter here
superpierce chapter 59 . 10/13
Great chapter definitely didn't expect Virgil to make up a secret society from the comics as an excuse to lose suspicion.
G silently chapter 59 . 10/13
LMAO is that a Haro from Gundam?
hellfire45 chapter 59 . 10/13
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and what Miranda will do
Tony McNucklz chapter 59 . 10/13
Ah, so he definitely knows there's at leastone mind reader about, and given Lowtown's current status in Gotham there's not a chance in hell the capes wouldn't be scrutinizing Virgil's organization, and probably using that mind reader on people with authority, particularly him and his inner circle. Fascinating hiw he uses that knowledge to manipulate a conversation with Barbera, fter all if they think he doesn't know Megan is reading his mind then they won't question her reportson his thoughts and feelings.
I liked that Golden Rule taking shape in Gotham. One of the Saints will cost all of yours. Poignant, memorable, and it will absolutely change behavior on the streets, and give comfort to those under his banner, not by promising safety, but such absolute retribution on predations that the cost of assaulting them wasn't worth the price.
I liked the touch of the Furby-like things that try to escape and have a tsundere attitude.
Gordon's appraisal of avoiding relying on Virgil makes sense from his POV, though I wonder how long they can last without Lowtown's support even if they succeed in taking that territory. They have a LOT of mouths to feed, and as we've seen out here in the real world, without a constant neverending supply chain shipping into cities, supplies disappear quickly. Even with the reduced population, their stores won't last long, and as they noted they can only get away with some smuggling before it becomes obvious what's going on. I don't see this ending before Gordon needs Virgil's support.
I like that the Saint is now slipping into the zeitgeist of the common person, and that it's not for being a saint. THE Saint isn't a saint for his perfection, it is instead that he weilds his IMperfection on behalf of more than his own interests. That his nature is that of a selfish person, and because people see that his selfishness takes shape in a manner that benefits the masses they trust him more than they would someone who claimed to only be an altruist.
I maintain that taking a bit from Jeffery Dean Morgan's performance as Negan would be a fun and not out of character way to have Virgil grow, either as a persona he dons, or perhaps not entirely a persona, either way I lime the idea of a bit of that charisma showing in him. The scene with the first gang he told his new golden rule too had some comparisons go Negans first appearance, but I think more would be fun.
Diabolos Aides chapter 59 . 10/13
Great chapter I can't wait to read more
badlander47 chapter 59 . 10/13
Great update man!
Schwarzwald The Reader chapter 59 . 10/13
I know a Haro when I see/read one.
Tranquilmoth chapter 59 . 10/13
good stuff
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