Reviews for See No Evil
TehStorm chapter 59 . 10/13
Another great chapter. I can't wait to see what everything will look after no man's land and the joker have been dealt with...
Gean Marco Chasin Medina chapter 59 . 10/13
HeWhoShouldn'tBeNamed chapter 58 . 10/13
is Virgil going to have a heart to heart with Batman? if so, can he tell Batman what happens when he kills the joker? Will he talk about the Batman Who Laughs
Faranon423 chapter 58 . 10/10
Well this is spicy! And also, I'm really enjoying how you're finally bringing the team into the story. It only took you 57 chapters to do it, too! lol
GumGumOnigiri chapter 58 . 10/10
Virgil triggered didn't he? Or whatever it's called when someone turns into a DC metahuman. The mounting months of stress, Penguin, Two-Face, Batman, everything... it all cumulated together until the quake and his mind and body were forced to adapt or break.

And now he's some sort of multitasking savant, everything he desperately wants hidden stays hidden underneath whatever thoughts he deems not truly important.

Hell, maybe he even has some sort of Sherlock-esque mind palace shit going on here. I suppose we won't know until some telepath tries digging into his head.
Sun drake chapter 58 . 10/9
I'm all but certain lagoon boy will blow their cover, and like before vergil it ether playing 4d chess or 2d checkers.
Monsco chapter 58 . 10/9
Vergil should get the pegasus cloth from the Saint Seiya universe then he'll really be a Saint
Nestor Rojas Cruz chapter 58 . 10/8
Gran capĂ­tulo
a guy chapter 58 . 10/7
I do not understand...
Vergil is rich, supposedly "evil" and has magical powers.
because he didn't invest in building a super robotic armor
Cardinal Snowflame chapter 22 . 10/7
You brought back the one man who has stayed canonically dead since the 70s. Who is the one man I based my username off of. Who is so batshit crazy he brought to life something that is considered a deity based on a drug. God damn it I love how fucking hammy Snowflame is
UnknownUserNr47 chapter 58 . 10/7
Snowflame is always a blast to read. Good chapter.
adam110902 chapter 58 . 10/7
great chapter
The Shadow Monarch chapter 58 . 10/6
I wonder if he can block invasive telepathy
DarkBan chapter 58 . 10/6
Okay, i don't know how he's doing it, but Virgil is CLEARLY a damn fkng genious. GOD i love this story. xDD
Amazing chapter, im curious to see how MM will react to long expositure to 'The Saint', and how the rest of -The TEam- will react too in time.
This is too entertaining, should be illegal! xD
Jack1nTheBox chapter 58 . 10/6
Snowflame man, what a guy. first chapter you introduced him I wasn't 100% sure I liked him, but he's definitely grown on my... a lot.
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