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zoya1416 chapter 65 . 4/20
Thank you for sharing your life history and how it altered the story. I'm SO GLAD you didn't end up killing off Severus, especially after any reconciliation had taken place. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your father.

Thanks for sharing your story with a random person from Quora - I got to this from your reply on a Severitus headcanon.
I'm on there .
Guest chapter 3 . 3/26
I can tell that you've never read the Harry Potter books, or any other books for that matter.

For one thing, a lot of your dialogue is written incorrectly. After you've read a few books you'd get a sense of how to punctuate dialogue-or at least I'd hope so. Second, Snape died in the shrieking shack, not the boat house.
PearlM21 chapter 65 . 3/24
I am so sorry all that happened to you when you were younger. None of that was your fault and you did not deserve to be treated like that. The same for your siblings. It's amazing how you've come to terms with it and have begun healing from all that. I'm also so sorry to hear about your father's sickness. I wish him and your family the best , and I hope he gets better. Helping him stay positive can absolutely help his health. It's great writing has been therapeutic for you. While I of course would love to see more from this au world of yours, don't push yourself. Not only do you have a lot going on , but you also just finished writing a massive story. Take a break. Sending love to you and your family 3
PearlM21 chapter 64 . 3/24
So once he went comatose, he had that one memory, but I would think some other stuff would have happened because he was able to hear Harry and possibly others too in his unconscious state. The only thing I would say is that I would have like to see more of that unconscious time from Severus' perspective.
PearlM21 chapter 63 . 3/24
A beautiful ending to one of the most well written and intricate fanfictions I've read that was also filled with fantastic original ideas.
Roya chapter 65 . 3/21
Well Done!
Stereo045 chapter 65 . 3/13
I cannot believe this amazing story is over. What am I going to do now?

It was truly the best Post Battle Harry/Snape fanfic I have ever read, and trust me, I have read a lot for many years now. Kind of like you, I was very much frustrated and heartbroken about how Snape's storyline ended in the HP books. I needed some real closure with his relationship with Harry, kind of like a redemption. I needed him to actually understand Harry and feel sorry for everything that he had done out of pure childish revenge. It didn't feel right to me that he never understood who the real Harry Potter was (or at least never admitted). And on the other side, I also really wanted Harry to confront Snape about everything.
And you just gave me closure with your fic, this is exactly what I needed. The relationship was meticulously built, and you know how to transcribe strong and realistic emotions through writing. You are an amazing writer.

I am so glad I found your story and that I had the chance to follow chapter after chapter. I'll make sure to read your next stories! Thank you for the journey ;)
Stereo045 chapter 63 . 3/13
Snape and Harry in front of James and Lily's grave... so overwhelming.
I'm glad Snape finally has his home and got a new occupation at St Mungos. I love how they managed to keep a relationship after all that happened, that is touching.
I really feel like everyone is on the road to recovery and that's all they deserve.
BlueWater5 chapter 63 . 3/12
Great ending to a wonderful story!
Guest chapter 63 . 3/12
Well, wow. As usual I cried again but I’ve come to expect tears while reading this fic.
Definitely in my top favourite fanfictions EVER.
I really loved the plot, the characterization, the writing. It was AMAZING to read.
I’ll keep an eye out for more stories from you and for new extra chapters for this one.
Really amazing job with this story!

Stay safe dear writer
phoenix1712 chapter 62 . 3/8
I binge read this story over the past month and oh boy, I can't put into words how much I've fallen in love with it! Thank you for bringing such a beautiful story to life! Can't wait for the last chapter! (And hoping Sev and Harry make it through it through this).
sjrodgers23 chapter 62 . 3/7
Loved it thank you
PearlM21 chapter 62 . 3/7
So much emotion! The claustrophobia was real! I never expected to Harry and Draco to bet caught in a collapse. It was good he managed to get out. It was also good the others didn't react negatively to him being there. It wouldn't be a good time for that anyway. I had a feeling Snape would come to the rescue. The doe being there was beautiful, as well as his conversation with Harry afterwards. He heard him and possibly others as well. This mission was brutal. They've all earned all the awards they can get.
BlueWater5 chapter 62 . 3/6
Great denouement! Nicely written climax to the rescue and I loved how Severus was able to help from his own hospital bed.
Stereo045 chapter 62 . 3/6
Yeeeees, I'm so happy with all the good news!
First of all, the escape mission was soooo intense, I am so glad everyone made it, Draco made the good choices, and poor Harry being buried under rocks for days :(
But Snape is healed (physically), he's pardoned, Harry is safe, this is perfect hihi they all deserve it. It was touching to see Snape worried for Harry.
I can't wait to read how their relationship is going to turn out after all this.
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