Reviews for Sons of Light: The 128th Hunger Games
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 32 . 5/1
Okay, forgive my brain fried self if this review is all over the place lol XD
Kodi... my heart hurts for many reasons T.T There's just so much I want to say about this scene, but words are failing me right now. What can you say? I'm just so glad Kodi has people who love him and will prevent him from hurting himself. Everyone who experiences pain like that deserves that. Oh, so the falconers are holding the tributes for ransom. Crazy bastards. Just great, lol. But oof, kidnapping tributes' families and using them as leverage. So that's what happened to Shani. For some reason I thought Shani was where Bonnie and that group is, but I guess it was just a jabberjay? Anyway, got my questions answered from last chapter and it is not good. But noooo Mari, don't be mad at Bonnie, he's trying to do good now!
Chiwi and Rory, come on guys XD Your feelings are obvious to everyone but you two, no need to be so awkward XD But it's an adorable kind of awkward, for sure lol. Basil, Basil, Basil... I have never be so FRUSTRATED with a character. Like he's complex and not just morally black or white, and he does what HE thinks is right and what is in his loved one's best interests, just like Ryder, but what he thinks is best screws everyone else over. And just what does he think he's going to do? Give up information, yes, but there's no guarantee that will help Cruise. Like, I totally understand where he's coming from and he's not doing it to be a villain. But man. It would be so much easier if I could just hate on him but I just... I cannot. Antihero... that's the word I'm trying to think of. Basil is the antihero of this story, at least right now, and I both love and hate it XD
So now we see Lester. And Lester is with Shani. Cute TBFs. Even though we know where they are now, still very nervous for this pair. No more hijackings, I hope, I don't think my hear could take that.
No One Mourns the Wicked... Oh no, that's foreboding...
And hey, when motivation strikes, run with it.
TheEngineeringGames chapter 32 . 5/1
Damn you really woke up today and said "Hmm, I think I want to make Lauren suffer", huh? XD Because damn do I Hurt. Ugh, I just love the party kings too man.

Kodi - We don't even ease into the emo, huh? You just smack us in the face with it first thing lol. But this whole scene was just so good T.T Ugh, Kodi self harming always just gets me, man. And it was so good to see the group of them together and the others all trying to help him out. But oof to Camellia going through this after going through it with Numi. But finding out that Ryder's family is all in prison and so is Lester...OOF. And especially seeing later on what is happening to them...yeah, Ryder is gonna go OFF on some people over their family lol. Let's just hope that the group gets through it safely and with minimal trauma. But I don't trust you now with the trauma they might go through XD

Chiwi - Dude the willpower it took me to read this first and not skip to Lester's XD it was a Lot lol. But this was a good check in with that group! And I liked getting to see that more loyalist perspective from Basil and someone who just wants his family back, not to be in a war. But like, dude, they're not just gonna release you and your boyfriend because you give them information lol. It's just a Bad Plan. And now we see them splitting up, which is going to lead to some fun! Trap and Wendy reuniting is gonna be great, and I'm curious to see what group Chiwi and Rory end up with!

Lester - Well, had to read this Twice since that Lovely Realization from you lol. I Don't Like That. And not gonna say it in the review in case people haven't figured it out lol. But ugh, the TBFs always make me emo, especially in this situation. They really are what each other needs right now to get through being in prison T.T And I know my son and it would absolutely be worth getting hurt to see and talk to Lester. But I am Scared for what you might have planned for them - and Cheri too, because if something happens to her, Shani and Ryder are both going to be upset about it. I was gonna make a comment about Kehlani too, but oh my god she fuckin' dead XD Okay coping with humor because I'm Emo over the TBFs. And that last line, ugh, you knew what you were doing to me when you wrote that.

Well, I'm gonna have to go find some wholesome to counter this heaping dose of emo you gave me on a Sunday night lol. Thanks for that XD I was not expecting this tonight lol. But hey, I will never turn down a SoL update!
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 31 . 4/16
SoL update, woo! It was hard waiting for this while doing spring cleaning/house moving chores this morning, but I read it. And now I'm finally getting around to reviewing. Hey, it's still the same day lol.
Lots of valuable bonding convos here, and I'm here for it. First we have Cadmus. Jem, I love him, what a good man. You can't go wrong with a name like Jem lol, I haven't heard of a lot of Jems but those I do know I adore XD Jem promising to take care of Cadmus's siblings if he can, my heart. And aw, losing his step-daughter in a custody battle. :( That's rough, he's been through so much. It's nice for Cadmus to have someone to talk to who's more of a parental age then big brother/sister age that Thack and Calliope are. Someone who understands more than they would too.
Then Jun. He found Lizzie! I'm really wondering how she'll react once it comes to light that Jun killed Phil. She never knew Phil and wasn't close to him, so I feel like she'd understand, especially since Jun is so remorseful, but I dunno... Oof to her hitting him tho... Lizzie realizing Bonnie betrayed her, or seemingly so, is heartbreaking. I hope OMC has the chance to reconcile without any of them dying, but we'll see. And of course, we have the Ace of Spades lore. That's a long story that spans a chain of stories, but I think Jun's POV provides a good summary here. I wonder what else Lizzie isn't telling Jun, if she's just leaving out a visit from Ace of Spades or something else. Maybe she was given addition information that Jun wasn't? Who knows, but I'm very intrigued with this storyline.
And Lis and Bonnie. I forgot they went to primary school together, but this was a good refresher. Yay for bonding time, but big oof to jabberjays. Now I'm worried about Lester, oh no... That last line, tho, BIG OOF. I have more questions than answers right now after that little detail you told me. Like... how'd he get there? Why? Where's he going? Why can't he see?! Blindfolded and handcuffed or something so he can't take it off? Or something more permanent? Anyway, not good for him no matter what and hopefully this trio will be able to help him.
Happy Easter! Looking forward to the D10 kiddos and Lester next chapter!
TheEngineeringGames chapter 31 . 4/16
New chapter, let's fuckin' go dude! As always, love to see an update for this in my inbox!

Cadmus - Okay I just love Jem, that's it, that's all I gotta say. Jk lol, but seriously, he's such a good man T.T I'm glad to see Cadmus have a parental figure that finally lets him just be a kid for once and not feel so responsible for everything. And also just someone who actually understands what his life was like growing up in D9. Here's hoping Jem can help out his siblings! Also Squiggles is the MVP XD

Jun - Okay first of all, OUCH to getting hit in the cooch XD Oh man, I cringed reading that lol. But yay to Jun and Lizzie getting reunited! I'm so happy to see her safe and unharmed, and clearly she's capable of protecting herself. And Jun is actually Happy for once, that's gotta be a first right there lol. Very curious where this place is going to be that they're getting sent to!

Lis - And of course, Lissy Lis and Bonny Bon. Ugh, I just love this friendship T.T And just seeing Bonnie grow as a person and do the right thing with helping them out. Like they understand each other more than others with both losing a parent, ugh dude I just really love both of them. But then those Jabberjays...YIKES DUDE. No me gusta. Why you gotta do this to me? And that last line...BRUH. I know what you're doing and I Don't Like It. I mean, jk I do like some good emo, but also still don't like it XD

Okay I'm super hyped for next chapter because you know how much I love Lester and Kodi XD Can't wait!
Platrium chapter 30 . 3/14
I read this like 2 weeks ago and did not take notes. XD D: I don't really have much to say other than I'm glad we got to hear from this batch of characters!

Also, belated happy birthday! :D
TheRaichuinRavenclaw chapter 28 . 3/5
Adrian- This one stung. Death is such a tricky and layered concept, and you really handled it so well in the POV. The track that Adrian is on is really meaningful to me, and I think the meaning of life, or the meaning of death and sacrificing yourself for others, is very poignant subject matter that you write so beautifully. In the beginning, I thought that Adrian was a bit stale and destined to be that crazy character that appears in most SYOTs, but what you've done with him is so much better than that. I don't need to explain his story line to you, but I really love how that, now that he has poetically ended up back in prison after having a chance to end himself, he is kicking himself for not doing so. There is a guilt that I can see seeping through, and the way that you ask questions in the POV inside the narrator's head is charming and something that I have always tried to model my writing after. The more frequent cursing is also a nice touch, since it seems more realistic, though Antonio's spiel was a bit expository for some bits, but I really liked getting to know him better and seeing growth in all of our characters. His exhibition of dedication to life is really pleasing, especially in contrast with Adrian's morbidity, so I'm hoping the two can bounce off of each other to further their growth.

Rory- I honestly don't know why, since in retrospect the hints dropped were noticeable, but this pairing kind of flew over my head. I like it, though. I can't say I have ever felt very compelled to Rory, despite being sympathetic, possibly because having a child is simply something I am not able to relate to, but I still adore Chiwi as much as ever, and I'm hoping we hear from her soon. I'm getting Kaoru and Keelan vibes from the conversation between them and Wendy (who I am very happy to see), but Rory is a bit gentler, and that is something I like about them. They display all of the traits of being a good person, there is just a sort of it factor that is missing that other characters, like Kodiak, or Vasilisa, or Ryder have. I am a sucker for romance, so reading this scene was nice, and anything that benefits Chiwi puts me over the moon. There were some stereotypical moments here, but they worked well for the narrative, and as it was not too important a scene, I am fine with it. I was not expecting a romance arc for Rory, but that seems to be where things are going, and I am on board. To touch on Wendy, I appreciate being able to read a personal talk with her, since her intro was so long ago, and observe her own development. The part you said bout it being difficult to change her mindset in a day really landed with me and gave me an answer to the tinge of unrealism that I felt when reading other arcs like hers.

Jun- I don't really know where to start with this POV, but I will say that I left it feeling a bit confused. The first part of the chapter is dedicated more to his inner lamentations, which I enjoyed getting a glimpse of again in a cathartic way, but I feel like this one left a lot more questions than it answered. I still love the pairing of Jun and Lizzie, but I feel like we didn't gain much new here aside from Katerina, who I will touch on momentarily. Jun is longing for Lizzie and once again willing himself to be better for her and do something with himself that is positive, but not much more. I do respect the insight into his family and personal background, which is quite unique. Him laying Dante around away from all of the mess was also very touching, and it shows a gentleness to Jun that reminds me of Lizzie. His self-hatred and regret still is very moving, and he and Adrian are an intriguing match, as two boys who both hate each other and want to die, but also don't want to die. I am assuming this Katarina character is not Stellan's love interest, but I am really confused here. Is there something I missed in a previous story? Is there time travel? Is Jun planning on hiking to District Three in a day? This whole segment really perplexed me, and not in a good way. It left a sour taste in my mouth. That isn't to say that I did not like the POV, since most of it was a very smooth and cathartic read.

So there goes that chapter, and two more before I am caught up! I can't say that I have seen any overarching toxicity in this community, but I totally support you and will continue reading through to the end. If I was a bit overcritical about this chapter, don't judge me too harshly, I love everything that you publish, and I wrote this a few hours after actually reading it, so I had to backtrack for some stuff. I'll see you next time!
TheRaichuinRavenclaw chapter 27 . 3/5
I can't believe I let four chapters pass me by without reviewing! I had read 27 when it first came out, but decided to read it again, and it really just hit me how beautiful your writing truly is. I am not good at multitasking, and my main focus has always been writing, but I'm going to try and catch up by one of the next updates so this doesn't happen again. I think I'll just have to do one paragraph per POV to save time, since two or three is just too much work to write or read, just know that it doesn't mean that I am losing interest or anything like that.

Vasilisa- Oh, my sweet child. The language you used at the top of the POV about her losing Dante was so powerful, it really hit me hard, and the comparisons and metaphors that you brought out to compare his death to her mother's really just hurt. I can see so much development for Vasilisa, and the way that she is becoming more sensible, perceptive, and mature while also learning that she doesn't need the people she though were her friends just leaves me speechless. The moment with Freddie there was so touching, and the pair of them always warm my heart whenever they are together. He has to be my favorite of OMC just because of Vasilisa and how caring he is with her. One thing you do well is make the argument of Bonnie to Freddie and Vasilisa convincing on paper, while at the same time it is obviously false to someone who hasn't even read the books. To backtrack, that line about wishing that it has been Rose and her questioning how bad of a person she truly is makes for such nuance, and it is wonderful seeing Vasilisa grow from this question instead of wondering about Rose's righteousness ourselves. I appreciate that Bonnie let them mull over doing propaganda work, but it doesn't seem realistic to me, but that is my only real gripe. It is so rewarding to see Vasilisa becoming more aware and wary of her surroundings, finally, and I cannot put into words how excited I am to see her character develop even further.

Kaoru- Yay, a new perspective! The deep contrast between this POV and the one before really shines as you set the scene, and I could visualize it in my head. The quiet lead-in to Kaoru's inner turmoil and consuming guilt really is masked well with only a few hints during the first section when describing Kaoru's physical pain, and Ruthie's ignorant devotion to Kaoru really touched my heart. From the get-go, I could tell that Kaoru was hiding something, and those few lines about not wanted to be a leech like Hana and being unable to look Ruthie in the eye really stuck out as excellent prose and foreshadowing. The sensory details were also phenomenal, and I could feel the pain in Kaoru's foot myself. But of-course, Kaoru was planning to kill Ruthie, and that kind of puts a damper on things. In one aspect, it really stings to me, as someone who adored their pairing, but I suppose in this scenario we will be getting development from both sides, and it makes the pairing more meaningful. His care and simultaneous resentment for his sister seem to authentic to me, you really crafted that well. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Kaoru. I enjoyed the dialogue between him and Keelan, and Keelan also is coming along in development, but I feel like we are still lacking something with his character that will hopefully be established later on, a certain two-dimensionality to his reckoning that the games aren't so good after all. Nevertheless, it was fun to read and felt like a real conversation. Ruthie will be devastated when Kaoru tells her this, but I am sensing it will be a strengthening point for her arc of self-sufficiency and bravery. Overall, another ten-out-of-ten POV.

Q- As somebody who didn't read Danzón or WoF, you set up Quantavius's character quite well, and I think now that he is the creator of the Q-serum from Danzon. The idea of him being Numitor's adoptive father is really interesting, and the layers of plot here blend really well, especially with so many characters like Basil, Chiwi, and Rory. I am sensing a common theme. Q should have picked up on Numi's mental health, but you cannot blame him truly, and it will be heartbreaking to see how this really tears down at him over time, but I admire his inner strength to rise back up against his adversity and swear to protect Ari and Trixie. Throughout the section, I adored the imagery you employed, and could form a pretty good picture of Q and his miserable conditions. And that last bit! I did not see that coming, but what a great way to further many characters' development! He just condemned dozens of orphans to die, which is pretty horrible, but let's see how it plays out.

I loved this chapter so much, and rereading it, I realize I had forgotten how all-around stunningly well-written this fic is. I will be back with more soon, hopefully.
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 30 . 2/26
Ooh, spicy ending! But I'm getting ahead of myself! XD
It's always a fun time when motivation strikes! Glad you were able to run with it!
Go Bonnie go! He's on the right path now, even though it took a tragedy to get there. I'm glad Freddy trusted them enough to go with him, because I'd hate to imagine what would happen to him and Lis if he didn't. I'm intrigued to see their dynamic and what happens to them as fugitives. Hopefully they meet up with Lester and can be safe, or as safe as they can be in a war.
Aw, so much mentors emo, my heart :'( Kelly and Tim hiding. Miracle and Chervil and Bates and Angelina being cute couples supporting each other. Poor Arthur seeing the orphanage blown up and being worried about his family. The 69 mentors just trying to distract themselves and be silly (It's okay Gian, I don't know how to play that game either and was like "what are they even doing" lol) Ani angst with Em and Numi T.T Poor Em is so broken, I don't see how he can ever recover from this. I don't see how he could live with himself if he realized what he did to Ben. Everything's just a big oof here, but at least they're all together and surviving.
Okay, last we have the wilderness group. I don't blame them for snapping at each other, they must be under a ton of stress. They really were... er, rescued? just in time. I feel like rescued needs that question mark because these are the Falconers lol. Not Wolf's group. That's better than being captured by the Capitol, though... I think XD Real curious how they plan to bargain with Stellan lol
As always, great to see a SoL update! I'll be waiting patiently for the next one!
TheEngineeringGames chapter 30 . 2/26
Always a good day when there's some new SoL to read! I applaud your motivation dude, it's hard working and trying to keep up with a story lol.

Yeah I forgot that Bonnie was gonna go do something so I got real worried when I started this chapter. But bless Crim for helping him out. Bonnie's doing what's right T.T I hate that it took Kin's death to get him on this path, but he's finally on the right path and I'm just excited for what you have planned for him! And now Lis and Freddy are no longer being held captive, woo! That Lissy Lis nickname makes me Emo lol.

And then we have the check in with most of the mentors! Interesting to see the division in the careers, but it makes sense, really. Of course D2 isn't with them 'cause D2 be Wack about the Games lol. Okay oof to Arthur watching the orphanage bombing, I didn't think about that before T.T Love the D6 and D9 group as always, they're really just doing their best to hold it all together. And then that group up front. Look at Ambrose go, being a Big Brave Rebel to help protect their family! But oof, Em, yeaaahhh I don't know about him coming back from the hijacking, no matter what they do. Or if it's even for the best that he comes back from it. Like he's not gonna like knowing what he did to Ben.

And then the wilderness group! Is this the last group to be found by someone? I think so (but also my memory is shit so really who knows XD). Unfortunately for them, it's the Falconers, but fortunately for us because we get the crazy bastard Pointer XD Yeah this group snapping at each other felt so real, oof I would hate being in their situation in the wilderness. They really got the short stick in terms of not having a rebel to take them somewhere initially. But then again, better to be alone than have ended up in Peacekeeper custody like Lis, Adrian, and Anthony. Oh man, I'm excited for the bargaining between Stellan and Pointer XD He is Not gonna have a good time dealing with these crazy bastards lol.

Again, always enjoy getting to read an update from this! You know I'll be sticking it through to the end of this story. Looking forward to what's in store next!
Platrium chapter 29 . 2/2
*Plan to read it later in January* my a$$. That unforch did not go according to plan. Sorry about that. XD

Family has been a recurring theme on the 1st POV. It has its highs and lows as one might expect.

I think what's most interesting in this chapter is that the people on the 2nd POV found their way to D9, and life is hard in the middle of the war, so sleeping on the dirt or inside stinky stables is the way to go for these folks. I wonder what that horrible sight was. :o

Bonnie's baby brother died alone... :c

Alright, now I'm all caught up! :D Wew, I got like 100-plus other chapters elsewhere. XD Excited for what else is to come for this story! OwO
Platrium chapter 28 . 1/7
I have returned! :D Stuff like burnout and getting a new job happened, so it took me a while to get here, but I still made it here!

Great interaction between Rory and Chiwi! Good to see how they're doing, and Wendy too.

The writing on Adrian's POV is amazing! We can see Adrian really sticking to his opinion, and the interaction with Antonio just made it even better. There's so much existential philosophy on Adrian's POV and I truly enjoyed your writing of this one, and Adrian's overall journey so far. I knew saving him for you was worth it! :D

Jun makes me most curious, and we finally get to see him here! Last time we were informed of his location, it was this single enigmatic question mark. It's been a mystery until this chapter. It turns out he was back in the cornucopia, of all places! :o He was able to get supplies at least, but being alone in the middle of the war is probably the scariest situation to be alone in, as in maybe it's scarier than being alone in space or being alone in some other unfamiliar place. Being alone in war, you're just trying to run and hide, and there's not a lot of places to run and hide to, especially safely. Being alone during a war is probably the last thing I wanna be alone in. I can imagine myself being more paranoid than he is if I was in his situation. The other thing that is so interesting is that Jun bumps into someone from the Ace of Spades. You're gonna have to forgive me because I do not know them, or at least I don't remember them. XD He found someone he knows at least, so that's a step forward!

That's all I have to say for this chapter. I have one more unread chapter here, which I plan to read later this month, so I'll get back to that soon!
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 29 . 1/1
Over 11k? Yolo, love me some SoL to kick off 2022! Big kahuna of a chapter indeed.

Oof, we start with angst, end with bigger angst, and have a scene of polarized viewpoints and pee breaks sandwiched in between. So angst part 1, we have Mary. Bless her, trying to be strong and grown up T.T It must be tough fitting in with all the older members of their little group, trying to prove that she doesn't need to be coddled. Hopefully she'll learn that it's okay to open up and talk about losing Dante. And of course, the get along shirt makes a return XD That scene with Kodi and Mary was real cute, and I hope they become as close as Trap and Camellia

Speaking of the get along shirt, I think Nadia and Cadmus need one XD Go Odessa for doing her best to be a peacemaker lol. She's really in a unique position, being both Capitolite and having a district-born mother. Thack and Calliope are just like Mom and Dad driving the car with kids squabbling, except they can't just turn the car around XD And then we have Jem and the mooooo and Squiggles is coming soon, bless.

Then the big kahuna of angst. Oof to poor Lis being subjected to that, and oof to Freddy not trusting Bonnie even though he sees the light now. But noooo Kin T.T I wasn't ready. T.T The counting heartbeats, bless T.T But now I'm scared for Bonnie and what's he going to do next. What is that something else?

Next chapter has so many questions and as always, I am hyped! Take your time though, we'll be waiting!
TheEngineeringGames chapter 29 . 1/1
Wooo-EEEE this was a big kahuna of angst, love to start out a new year with angst like this! And always excited to see an update for this in my inbox!

I didn't realize until this section just how similar Mary and Kodi are in a lot of ways. It was great getting to see some more of her backstory and the front she's always putting up! And I do always enjoy seeing the younger tributes that know they are as capable as the older ones despite the age difference. But of course, we had to have the return of the get along shirt lol. Love to see some vulnerability from Kodi (no surprise there lol) and really just any Kodi content. Give me all the Kodi content, please and thank you XD But yeah, I just love this group and the dynamics they all have, I will never be disappointed to hear from them.

And then we have the adventure to District Nine. Love how varied the opinions of the tributes are in this group, makes for fun banter. I was laughing Too Much in this section despite knowing the angst that was coming and trying to brace myself lol. But it was just too much fun. And once again we see the duality to Odessa that has really defined her up to this point with having a Capitol and District parent, as she tries being the mediator between loyalist Nadia and Capitol-hating Cadmus. Idk dude it's just Fun and she's a really good character and I've enjoyed a lot what you've done with her!

And then we get to Bonnie... Our poor Bonbon... Knew this was coming and I was Not Ready for it. It just Hurts Me seeing Bonnie hurting, which is such a contrast from how I felt about him when this story first started lol. But he really isn't a bad person, which we clearly see with him trying so hard to help Lis and Freddy despite everything that's happened. He's just a boy who's been led to blindly believe in the government and piece by piece, he's seeing how shitty they truly are. And I hate that Kin had to die, but Bonnie really needed something to push him into the direction of good. But boy am I Worried for what he has to do, just because I know he's probably not going to think through the consequences of his actions. Dude I could talk all day about Bonnie because I Love Him, but you know that lol.

Well, I'm a good hefty dose of emo now, thanks for that XD But seriously, I always love getting a new update from this story and love all the characters in it! So I will patiently wait to find out what happens next!
TheEngineeringGames chapter 28 . 10/23/2021
Alright we love some Spicy Meat-a-balls! And indeed, the plot *does* thicken each chapter lol but I'm here for it!

Adrian - this dude needs to just figure out what he wants to do with his life and stop trying to push that mentality on others lol. Like he's annoying as a person but it makes for a good character, ya feel? Either way, I don't like him pushing his mentality of just dying on Antonio, especially when we get some more background on him. Glad to see he's not just annoying kid and oof, he's got some bad backstory there. I'm hoping Antonio is going to get out but Adrian? Ehhhh XD I mean, he's been saying the whole story he's ready to die but just...hasn't lol, and when given plenty of opportunity. I just don't want him dragging Antonio or someone else with him when he finally decides.

Rory - This was such a contrast to the prison cell but I am here for them simping over Chiwi lol. I love that like everyone else is like "yeah dude you're so obviously simping" and Rory is like "I am not :(" like nah, you totally are my dude XD But it's so cute, the sharing soup, ugh my feels man T.T These two are such a good pairing and I'm so happy they actually have a chance to both life in this situation because we need more of this wholesome pairing. Also I am a sucker for career/non-career conversations and we're gonna get lots more of those with the groups so I am a Happy Camper XD I sure hope they're not a wuss about their feelings lol, I don't think they will at this point. Like they have their chance to have a happy family with Chiwi and their daughter when this is over and I just want it for them T.T

Jun - And we finally get to see what the hell Jun is up to lol. We love a good existential crisis! Not really a surprise that he just crashed from exhaustion not far from the arena, that dude pulled an all nighter frantically searching for Lizzie. But ugh, my heart when he moved Dante outside T.T But then of course that Spicy Meat-a-ball! Oh man we're really making ties to all your other stories here and I'm here for it! ythhhhhhhhhhhhhhjn (Stache also agrees lol) I'm so glad that Lizzie isn't in the Capitol anymore and I'm so excited to see just what her and Jun get up to in Three! Clearly it's just the beginning of something with them...especially when being told to look in a piano bench in Three...

Always excited to see more of this story get posted and I always read right away, even if reviews take a hot minute (but you know how that is lol). I am very alarmed about this next chapter and not ready for that Bonnie POV. Oof, that's gonna be a TIME! Looking forward to it!
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 28 . 10/16/2021
SoL hype yesssssss!
Okay, it's interesting to have Adrian and Antonio paired together. You have Adrian who still just wants to Die and Antonio who will do whatever it takes for him to survive. I hope he continues to have that drive.
Awwww Rory and Chiwi wholesomeness and Rory being a simp. We love it. T.T Everyone teasing Rory about their feelings gives me life and makes me giggle every time XD And the interaction with Wendy was fun too, I will never say no to career/non-career interactions.
Then we have emotional whiplash x2 with Jun. The "You're only sleeping" with Dante, so EMO T.T My heart T.T And his self-hatred, oof. But then, we get spice! Of course lol, we need that spice with Jun! Ace of Spades cameo, yessss XD It has come full circle and I'm here for it lol. And Lizzie is in D3 and Jun is gonna find her, hype. And he's told to go to the PIANO BENCH, BIG HYPE. So crazy excited for this, lol.
Not a CQ but I'm gonna label my responses to the questions that anyway XD: I'm sure Antonio will make it out of there alive, but I'm not sure how. Maybe Adrian will realize that just because he wants to die doesn't mean Antonio should have to and help him, possibly dying in the process? Maybe the rebels will be able to rescue him? IDK, I have no clue. Rory doesn't need to be a wuss about their feelings cause everyone knows they are a simp and they're not gonna let up on the teasing any time soon lol XD But they're probably gonna be a lil stubborn about admitting the feelings aloud lol XD The dealio with Jun? Lots of spice and angst XD Step 1: Find Lizzie. Step 2: Go to the PIANO Step 3: Have interactions and ANGSTY FEELS with Phil's loved ones. Hyped for all that lol
As always, hyped for next chapter. And ooh, a Bonnie POV! :alarmed: Did I know that? I think so lol
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