Reviews for A Twist of Fate
bubble.duckie chapter 1 . 9/22
Such a cute one shot. Thank you for this NanoFate!
elsaisabadass chapter 1 . 7/31
Huh, well your fic is quite different than all the previous Nanofate I had read before. And let me tell you I read a lot, like 70% of Nanofate fics in this website. You not only focus on the relationship between our lovely couple, you also try to offer a complete view related to the character's background, offer a deeply explanation of the main theme here, which was Nanoha's injury because of the accident, including medical references. For a curious mind like me, that is something really interesting, because it shows a unique writing style, or at least a rare one. It shows me your signature. Don't worry is not a bad thing, is actually a wonderful discover.

There's some parts that you must polish like the interaction between the characters, show more dialogs in future histories, try to reduce a little the technical information because although the explanation was really interesting, keep in mind that this story is for entertainment purpose, most of the readers when they come to this website they are looking for simple pleasure, not everyone appreciate all technical details like medical facts, chemical, physics, psychological, social, politics, etc.

Well this is my opinion, so keep it up, you were doing it great! I'll read you next time.

Guest chapter 1 . 7/29
Hi it's nice to read another nice Nanofate story from you.
Your " Just Friends" is one of my favourite stories!
I hope to read more Nanofate stories from you !
By the way your not meant to be is one of stories that made me want to burst to tear :D