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Guest chapter 23 . 11/25/2012
Keiri Bradon chapter 2 . 12/28/2008
You haven't gotten on in five years (at least, on this story) so I'll make htis review shorter than i would've. I know you sren't updating and this sstory is done, so I probabvly won't review every chapter. Judst this one probably and the last, as an overall review.

I was kind of bummed the this wasn't the main plot for the third movie, but I mean seriously - how many times does a mummy come back befre it's gone forever :D I'm only on chapter 3, but this story is already on my favorites list. I just love the mischevious Alex, and how he wants to be like his dad. I love it! Great work!

SomethingBeautiful chapter 23 . 9/11/2005
Oh, man. I just finished reading this whole thing. And it Was AWSOME! I loved it! Reading that was so much better than just watching TV all day. I loved all the action sequences, all the suspense, it was perfect. And, Izzy and Johnathan were great, comic reliefs, even when my most favorite character face impending death.


That's what I would have done, too! (Who can blame me?) I think your story is great, and you really got talent in you. All the character's lines were priceless. All I can say is, "I smell sequel."
lilylynn chapter 23 . 7/26/2004

luv lilylynn :)
Shyann51 chapter 23 . 7/9/2004
Jennifer chapter 23 . 8/14/2003
YAY! This was excellent! Please make a sequel and tell me when you do.
Malik chapter 23 . 8/7/2003

I loved the ending! I thought it was wonderful! You should DEFINETLY DEFINETLY DEFINETLY make a sequel! I mean, you left us hanging in the end where Imhotep was going on about finding the right time to kill the O'Connells. *wipes a tear from her eye* Oh, that story was great! I really like talking to you in IM too, hope we can continue! Btw, did ya read my story yet? But please, do continue writing stories, you're a really great writer! Thanks so much and you're a really really great friend too.

Keep in Touch,

EvelynC.O chapter 23 . 8/6/2003
Yes! Magnificent, simply magnificent! I Love love loved it! And the ending as well, but u do understand that with an ending like that there WILL be a sequal, don't you? No ifs ands or buts, there WILL be one. No discussin, so get writing! LOL J/K J/P J/J/W/Y and all that! haha okay, well, goodbye! And goodluck! ttys! Oh, and by the way, awesome story all together. really It was GREAT! oh...kellogs frosted flakes...yum...oh...okay, wel, anyhoo... G'Bye!
Nakhti chapter 23 . 8/6/2003

*blubs uncontrollably*

I mean...

*still blubbing*


*nope, not done yet*

...ok...*sniff*...i can talk now...and ive only read the authors notes!youre so sweet...

listening to Evanescence right now, so im being a silly emotional puddle

"...when you'd cry i'd wipe away all of your tears..."

we've had some tears (mostly from me) in this story, eh Cozmo? but then the real choker in the song-

"...i try so hard to tell myself that youre gone...but though youre still with me, ive been alone all along..."

*silent tears* thats how i feel, like your going, and i'll never see you again! i know youre still here, but youre so far away, and i AM alone, and its all just too much to bear!

its a bitter sweet mix of pain and joy i feel as i approach the last chapter, but i must soldier point dwelling on the sad inevitability of the last word...

but feeling better now coz its so great!

"Oh. I'm scared. Really. I am."

hahahah, i love that O'Connel sarcasm that you do with such aplomb!

"Rick...remember the wise saying: Arrogance leads to quick death."

*guffaw* i dont remember that saying, but i do remember something from TMR quite relevant here, Rick to Ardeth;

"You- lighten up!"

His version of pride cometh before a fall- bloody priceless! i just went to a translation site and put that in, then translated it to german and back- it turned out as "proudly comes before a slump"!then i tried it with Dutch, and it comes back as "In spite of comes for a fall"- go figure!


"Ardeth! Ardeth, speak to me old Boy!" Jonathan cried, lifting Ardeth up by the front of his robes and slapping him smartly across the face.

i say, Johnny, thats not very sporting! kicking a man when he's down, adding insult to injury and all that...jeez!

Izzy screaming at Ardeth- hahahahaha! *wets self* Izzy is so bloody great, i think you should do a fic about him! *goes to find change of undies*

Rick glanced at him, "Sorry. Did I hit you?"

Imhotep spat something in Egyptian and Rick shrugged, "No habla Egyptian."



'Alex dead. Ardeth dead.'

way to bring my mood down...*wails* i'd forgotten about the little matter of Alex's untimely demise! *waterworks* i mean, he is going to come back...isnt he? and i dont think i could cope if Ardeth is gone too...*copious caterwauling*...thats it, theres no reason to go on...*runs into road and jumps in front of bus*

"Three blue scarabs, see how they bite...they eat your skin all through and then they chew through your brain and dislodge your head..."

hey, my mummy used to sing that to me when i was a littw wittw baby! *sings insane lullaby, smiling fiendishly* (oh by the way, i woke up in hospital, had months of physio and then came back to finish my review- aint you glad it was only a small bus?)

oh yes, back to the matter at hand. Ardeth is ALIVE! hurrah! *whirls about for sheer joy*

ouch- my reconstructed speen!

Note to self; must use nincompoop more often- it really is a delightfully funny insult.

*sings munchkin style* Ding Dong the wench is dead...which old wench? The wickled wench! Ding Dong the wicked old wench is dead... hurrah!

cant even feel sympathy for Imhotep- nope, i dont care one bit! stuff em, thats waht i say! no literally, stuff em! get em to a taxidermist and mount em on the wall! then they wont be coming back too soon...bloody well stay dead you freaks!

OOh no! the temple's falling down! (why do they always do that?) i hope nobody gets squashed- that would indeed be a bit of a downer.

Hair disheveled, expensive shirt torn, shoes scuffed, cheeks smudge...he looked as he had always appeared.

ha ha, he's always a mess! grubby little boys- they smell too. especially when theyve been dead for an hour or so...probably inhabited by a few interesting entomological specimens (thats bugs to you and me)

He lives! oh, my life is a nice place to be again, i can feel unmitigated joy without reserve now that everything is going to be alright! oh, im just so HAH-PEE! *explodes*

Izzy bringing up rear,

tee hee, at least he didnt get shot in the rear!

I love this ending! there is no reason to feel unhappy with it WHATSOEVER! im glad Imhotep is alive and not killed off as he usually is (thats getting a little boring) and there is a very nice lead in to a sequel. I am eagerly anticipating "Imhotep's Revenge Returns" coming to a computer screen near you... hopefully forthwith and without delay! jump to it or i will eat all YOUR candy bars! (and tell your mom about the three computer corpses buried in the back yard)

is my review long enough? im not sure...i could tack on a couple of random and irrelevant paragraphs... but truly, what more can i say?

BLOODY FANTASTIC, eh what? well done little munchywunch, youve done yourself proud Cosmogenes- lots of kisses from Ritz!
catiepie182002 chapter 23 . 8/5/2003
LOL, you can thank my best friend for the 5 lb Hershey's chocolate bar analysis. We were talking about however much our love lives sucked, there was always chocolate... and that's how the comment came about. But, as always, the chapter was entertain and fast paced... not rushed, just perfect:) You're gonna write a sequel, right? Oh, please say that I have not exhausted my supply of Hershey's chocolate;)
Anck chapter 23 . 8/5/2003
Bravo, Bravo! One of the best stories I've ever read
Catherine chapter 16 . 8/5/2003

I loved the line about medjai: Mean Egyptian Dressed in Jammies and Always Interesting.

CupOfAngst chapter 23 . 8/5/2003
Wow great I loved it. I felt sorry for Immy though. Yes I know he was a meanie but he's my meanie! _ But I'm glad you did't kill him. So are you going to make a sequel. It would seem as if you were seeing as if Imhotep didn't die. Well I hope you do. Loved it.

roughian chapter 23 . 8/5/2003
Mary my dear friend how could you ever say that anything you write sux? It's all brillant! I really enjoyed this story beyond capacity of enjoying lol that didn't make sense, but hopefully you sort of understand haha... Yes well this chapter was so emotional so how bout Evie with her butt kickin nature :-) Killin Anck, Geez I feel so bad for lil Shanala she's gonna need mondo therapy or perhaps just a few days with the O'Connell's. That would defininetly be awesome to live with them...Anyway this was my ALL TIME favorite Rick line

Imhotep spat something in Egyptian and Rick shrugged, "No habla Egyptian." That's soo Rickish- tall, beautiful, and multi too bad he's married :-p I'm kidding! LOL Mary dear this was a stupendous chapter like all the rest :-D If you do a sequel expect many reviews from me and thank you for your mention...That's what friends are for right?


Deana chapter 23 . 8/5/2003
ROTFLOL! Jonathan and Izzy thought that Ardeth was dead! LOL that was SO funny! ;) That was a great ending, Mary! I can't wait for the sequel! I hope you write it soon! :)

(Aww, that was so sweet what you said! You're my dear friend too! :) I'm glad that I inspire you, lol!)
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