Reviews for Behind a foxes smile
garra lover 1 chapter 7 . 5/2/2015
no inuyasha come on man ]
garra lover 1 chapter 5 . 5/2/2015
garra is my fav sadly their arent very many garra x naruto so if you could mack a garra x naruto fanfic
bbrenteria3696 chapter 8 . 10/4/2014
Can you please put a chapter nine I feel like this could get interesting okay love you bye
Shearfang chapter 8 . 1/1/2013
Love it so far and if your still looking for songs how 'bout Gravity Will Break Our Bones by Gentlemen Hall its a good song and would in my opinion fit the mood so far and was wondering when Gara was going to come into the fic
scarfacekitty chapter 7 . 3/19/2012
is this a mixture of stories like inuyasha?
Ryn-Tak chapter 8 . 9/21/2010
I just KNEW Miroku would show up sometime, what with your big long line of strange preistly guys and all. *giggles*

I get the feeling that Sasuke is going to do something embarassing and Hinata and Sakura are planning something to... record?... the first glimpse of SasuNaruness... or something *scratches head in slight confusion*

Ah, well, any-ole-who, GOOD JOB and update soon!
anime fan chapter 6 . 9/3/2010
no narusasu fun,...

make them fuck each other already

im geting blue balls...and im a girl

tell me what's roung with that!
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 8 . 4/24/2010
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 7 . 4/24/2010
yay inuyasha :)
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 6 . 4/24/2010
i suggest they play a " party game" -wiggles eyebrows- lol :D
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 4 . 4/24/2010
-giggles- spazz lol
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 3 . 4/24/2010
awh foxy! :3
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 2 . 4/24/2010
-jaw drop- o...m...g...

hehheehehehhehehehehehehe hottie alert!
little-miss-randomness17 chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
awh :( his first birthday party...? -watery eyes-
Mrs Hatake Itachi chapter 8 . 8/23/2009
Nice, do update soon!
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