Reviews for As High as Gods - 54th Hunger Games
Josephm611 chapter 23 . 8/13/2021
Thank you for giving us some closure! I completely understand, and I'm glad you posted this. I abandoned an SYOT back in 2016 and... I never put up a placements list, to my eternal shame. I hope all goes well for you in school and everything, and I hope to still chat with you over discord or wherever. Don't be a stranger!
sherazade96 chapter 23 . 8/5/2021
Hi. Thank you for this summary. Shasta was one of my favourite characters, so I'm glad she won. I'm sorry you couldn't go on with this story, but you had good reasons for it. At least, you thought of an ending for each tribute, so thank you again. I hope you'll recover
MoonlightSalsa chapter 23 . 8/4/2021
You mustn't feel bad about not completing this - I'm glad you're prioritizing your mental health over Fanfiction. Fanfiction isn't that important! But I'm also glad that you've decided to give this story an ending as opposed to just abandoning it, so thank you for that. I'm so happy to see that Anya made it further than I thought she would, and yay for Shasta winning! She was one of my favorites. Thank you for writing such an interesting story, and thank you so so so much for accepting Anya as part of it!
LadyCordeliaStuart chapter 23 . 8/4/2021
Thanks so much for doing this summary! A lot of people just abandon their stories and even though I totally get why that happens and it's okay to not be able to finish, it's a bummer to have it just end without warning or be abandoned forever without closure. Having this table is really nice and I consider it a completed SYOT just as much as one that got written all the way to the finale. Cool to see my boi Paul made it in a decent way! Makes sense he'd die by eagle. Can't really avoid that one.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. It's good you're prioritizing yourself over a fanfiction. It was fun reading this story while it lasted and I'm thankful for the death list. Maybe sometime you'll write another one, or otherwise have fun doing more important and productive stuff.
TheRaichuinRavenclaw chapter 23 . 8/4/2021
I didn't expect this at all, and I'm so sorry!
In case you never saw the PM I sent (I probably should have also sent a DM, sorry.), I was actually working on catching up on this story and had gotten through the first two pairs of intros. I'm sorry for falling off of this story, I kind of took an unannounced break from FanFiction for a month or two and when I came back, I kept on procrastinating about catching up on this story because there were so many chapters that the task was a bit daunting, and I eventually forgot about this story. Summarizing an SYOT is honorable when someone has the humility to do it, and 74k is a very impressive word count. You should feel proud, and while I have been out of the loop and I don't know if this was just too arduous or you are having mental problems, you did a great job. If you try again in the future, I'll try to submit a tribute, and I promise that if I do it won't be a repeat of this story. The intros I did read were great, and of the four, Shasta was far and away my fave!
Athena127 chapter 23 . 8/4/2021
This is not a regular update but rather a sad ending to this story. For those who are members on our Discord chanel already know that I have decided to end As High as Gods due to mental health problems, stress and zero motivation for continue to write. The last chapter is a table with the official death order.
Love Athena
Josephm611 chapter 22 . 7/21/2021
HIIII ATHENA it's been a long time! i'm so sorry for being... one and a half months late. whoops.

i understand your decision to end the capitol plotline. it was really ambitious for a first syot imo and you are handling things admirably. don't worry about it!

wow, the careers are a bit of a mess with their power dynamics, aren't they. also nolan has the thing that keeps him from being able to feel pain? that's very interesting. lucretia is trying so hard it makes her look stupid.

you go wayne! show her her place! she's so distrustful of her other allies and it's really not good for her.
but she's making plans! and they're spicy! what the heck! so she's talked with Jed, and he's agreed to help her? I'm all eyes.

oh gosh why is rolan trying to get ama. she's a mess. i'm 100% on brea's side here. but rolan's forcing her to play along. I'm... very concerned about this alliance. Very concerned.
oh my goodness, eating all that chocolate cake. girl!

oh. my goodness. the simulations sound terrible. getting to experience death in advance? No thank you for me. these poor kids!

she and jeddison have such a conflicted relationship. it's sad. but fen! fen is a nice boy, and it looks like their little alliance will be nice.
LadyCordeliaStuart chapter 22 . 6/7/2021
Good to have you back! Don't worry about dropping the Capitol plotline. We're excited for anything you give us!

So some things I learned:

Conan has short legs

Fen has pretty eyes

Brea is a nervous eater (and at that level possibly has a binge disorder)

A lot of alliances going on here which will likely make things more difficult for the loners. I know if I was a Career I'd probably be thinking of how hard it would be to find one lone Tribute and might want to weed them out at the Bloodbath.
wiifan2002 chapter 22 . 6/7/2021
This was a amazing chapter and sorry I haven't been reviewing much. But I want you to know I am still here and reading. I also am glad you aren't doing the capital plotline anymore because to be honest that's one of the reasons I wasn't reviewing because I was having trouble keeping track of everything. I also like how you put all the alliances at the end to tell me whose with who. I also really like what you've done with Wayne and Nolan. Both of my kids seem to be doing really good although I am pretty nervous for both of them because since Nolan seems to be the biggest threat I wouldn't be surprised if he's the career that's targeted the most. As well as Wayne making that whole secret alliance thing with Lucretia is downright terrifying since those secret alliances never seem to end well. As for everyone else I am glad Fen has found another ally in Horizon and it will be interesting to see things develop. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Josephm611 chapter 21 . 4/13/2021
oop that a/n. But I've DMed you, so I assume I'm safe? I don't think Aramed is winning either way (even though he's such a good boi)... lol i'm just messing.

He's such an interesting smol. While the Eights are nicer, he's just wanting to get everything over with. Poor kid. He's not really good at /any/ of the skills required to win, but he has no choice. I'm glad he's got a plan! I'm hoping it works well for him.

oop i completely misread the d11 relationship. sorry! Though wanting to join the Careers! That's a gutsy move! I'd forgotten what she's like and it's uhhhhh... she's an interesting one lol. So we have Qantuta with Horizon. I wonder if this is going anywhere. And now Ama is with the District Sixes! Well, kind of. Brea has trust issues. But it looks like it could go somewhere.
OHHHHHH NOW I REMEMBER AMA. I suddenly remembered her snakey backstory and ugh she is not nice. not at all. tho these three all seem rather realistic. it could work.

Her backstory is slowly coming back to me too! I... I think I like Ivy. She's weak, for sure, but she's traying. She's not overconfident or anything, yet she's trying. And this is such a nice trait. I wonder if this illness is gonna come and hurt in the Arena, though. It really isn't good for her odds. Shasta/Fen and Ivy alliance? I can get behind that.

Her paranoia about Atticus is so justified. That boy takes after his father some. And that discussion about the tributes! I wonder if there's some foreshadowing here? I really like how you've taken the entertainment, scripted aspect of the Hunger Games and dialed it up. There's been a lot of talk about how the winner should have certain characteristics, but that last line makes me wonder if there's more to it than that, that the victor might be unexpected? I know you've mentioned that you've already chosen the victor... so I'm hyped! And caught up now!
Josephm611 chapter 20 . 4/13/2021
On to the next ones!

This poor boy is just so tired. Give him a break, will y'all? He's far in over his head and people aren't his strength, but he doesn't have a choice. I'm glad Ama is doing better and keeping him on track. I assume they'll be allies? Idk it's too early to know for sure, but the relationship is nice. Plus the extra interviews! It's a nice touch to the canonical process of the Games and I'm looking forward to seeing some of them.

Caesar... hello, my guy
It's been so long since I read a detailed description of the Chariot Rides. I used to get bored by them, but honestly this was a fun read. It helped me remember a whole bunch of the kids that I'd forgotten about. I also love the little hints you're dropping here and there about where plotlines might go, from Amber's apology to Alisha's resemblance to Artemesia. Dang, that's a lot of A names.

Atticus... It's him! Subplot time! Subplot time!
Gosh, their relationship is so interesting. And there are mutts roaming Panem! The bit from the train rides is coming back! DANG! I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Will they catch the mutts in time! And then throw in Artemesia's struggle and Atticus' entire thing, and this is such a fascinating subplot. My one advice is to break up the long paragraphs. It makes it a little hard to read sometimes. But otherwise, time for the next one!
Josephm611 chapter 19 . 4/13/2021
And I'm back! Sorry for the delay... I have no good excuses. So let's get onto it. Once again, please don't be mad at me if I'm still forgetting characters. I'll learn all of them over time.

I love your prep team descriptions. Most authors (myself included) tend to gloss over them, but you take the time to pause on them and it was enjoyable for me to read. And Lucretia the queen! Thus far, she's very much a serious District One female, ready to play the game and do whatever she needed to win. Confident and a little bit cocky, though not as much as her district partner. It's realistic, serious, and nice to see. Nowadays, most people go for crazier Careers, so the normal ones are a breath of fresh air.

So we had our nice stylist with Tigris... and now we have our terrible stylist. Poor Sevens. I don't think I ever realized how strong Paul was, and now I'm super curious as to what they're gonna do. Plus the bit about being scouted? Interesting stuff. Though Ivy's chances don't look promising. I'm curious if this stuff about being sick is going anywhere.

I feel so bad for the Twelves. Like. As usual, they get the short end of the stick. and it must be completely embarrassing to show up like that in front of the whole nation. Misty's inner dialogue is really endear though, with the way she wants to be strong for others. Also that tie to District 11? Is this an upcoming alliance? I'm looking!

She ain't here to play! She's a suitable Head Gamemaker and her thought process is interesting. I love how she's fierce and all Capitolite but also very nervous and not overly cocky. Though I'm still very curious about that subplot going on...
sherazade96 chapter 21 . 4/5/2021
Don't worry, I'm going to stay tuned. Anyway, I agree with what LadyCordeliaStuart said. Your message sounds like a menace, but you cannot oblige anyone to review. You need to consider that everyone has a life outside fanfiction, and especially these days they might have more important things to think of. You may feel frustrated, because you don't get reviews, and it's understandable- sometimes, I feel the same as well- but what you said was not very kind
wiifan2002 chapter 21 . 4/3/2021
Alright I've decided to give you a review and sorry I haven't been reviewing your story I want you to know I have favorites and followed it but to be honest I'm a horrible reviewer mainly because I have trouble putting my thoughts into words. But I decided to review so you know I am reading the updates. I really like what you've done with the careers and it's interesting that fen and Ivy have decided to ally. I look forward to reading more.
LadyCordeliaStuart chapter 21 . 4/3/2021
Hey its me ur submitter. I'm not flattering myself that Paul is a Victor candidate but if he DOES die early I want it to be because you chose that and not because you didn't hear from me so here I am.

Paul is such a bro holding someone's hair so they can vomit even though he's not even going to be her ally. What a gentleman. I never held someone's hair but I did have to keep corraling my roommate back into her room when she kept trying to go out into the barracks to find a boy to bring home when she was dead drunk.
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