Reviews for Deceit Kills: The 100th Hunger Games
Ripple237 chapter 23 . 1/14
before we begin I have to address the chevvy controversy. I am very stupid and forgot he was already in an alliance, but honestly, the fact that I fully forgot the existence of a whole alliance despite it being on my list speaks volumes. I may be mentally ill, but also, I will continue to forget mediocre men because they are boring, REALLY boring :redheart:

Tazzle: HAHA I love this name so much actually. It brings me joy. Anyways, scores time scores time! Oh interesting, right off the bat something I didn't expect. I thought Donnie was gonna get a 10 but she got a 9 Leyes: now this is interesting, can't wait to see the fallout of this. Good for Amos though. Ok Ok I see you Castor. I'm glad Hera got a 9, good for her. Ramsey, next. Orabella did about how I expected her to, I had a feeling she would maybe get a 6 or 7. OOOOO This is spicy. Risso with a 10 and Hudson with an 8. I also cannot wait for the fallout of this. Hudson is gonna piss his pants and Risso won't be able to hide in the background with that score. Castor too, they turned it out. LMAO here we have Teo turning it the fuck out with his trap and Zezza being like hehe look at my sword! I'm proud of her she did her best and that's what matters. Ok yeah Lumi got an 8 I expected that, hmmm it seems like a lot of tributes are doing just about average which is really good for them. Not a 1 or a 2 yet! OH SHITTT. Arius with that 9...boy that is sexy but he needs to watch out. Although the careers knew he was a threat, this just solidifies that. Sheeesh. OK CELINA OK REESE. They turned it out let's goooooo. I was rooting for celina to get a 7, I thought that was the best score she could feasibly get and I am glad she was able to achieve it! Also Bramble with that 8, watch out bruh, the careers are gonna hunt you down. Oh cool I love that you gave us the average score! It is just above the middle so yeah, that means this year skews with some stronger competitors. A lot of outer district potential for sure, and with some strong alliances, yeah the careers might be in less control than they think. I'm so excited.

Phoebe: Awwww I think it's cute that she and Adam try to work together with their tributes. I hope we can maybe learn more about her because frankly I am starving for interesting victor content and personality. Also I just like D5 so, yeah.

1. I think I was surprised Donnie got a 9 and not a 10 because she just seems like the frontrunner career, but perhaps things are not as clear cut as it seems...I was very happy with Celina getting a 7! I thought that was the highest score she could possibly get and I was glad to see her pull it off. Teo also surprised me, and Arius's 9 is really impressive, I thought he would for sure get an 8 and potentially a 9. They turned it out. Nobody flopped beyond belief so that means good things for the cast, but rip to Zezza and Aris for getting the lowest scores and also being loners when there are many alliances moving about.

2. I put my thoughts on her above, I thought her thing with Adam was cute but I didn't get much out of her personality or character other than that.

3. Hudson will piss and shit after seeing his score, Donnie will probably be upset that she's in the lower scoring half of the career pack (with Hera and Hudson). Bramble, Arius, and Lumi are gonna be career targets most likely. Arius and Lumi have a stronger alliance so they have a better shot at making it. in danger girl.

Alliance Tracker
-The Careers: Donnie, Amos, Castor, Hera, Risso, Hudson
-Brain, Brawn, Bguilt, and Bucking dead weight trash: Teo, Arius, Reese, Lumi (throws up)
-Forgettable F*gs and Mediocre Men: Chevvy, Everett, Tohias
-Needle and Thread: Winnie and Ophelia
-Legacies: Bramble and Buff
-Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss: Orabella, Clementina, and Celina
-Damn nobody want you fr: Ramsey, Zezza, Aris, Roxanne

Tribute Chart
Mine: Zezza, Celina
SEXY: Donnie, Teo, Ophelia, Reese
Like: Amos, Castor, Orabella, Winnie, Aris, Arius
Neutral: Risso, Everett, Roxanne, Buff, Hera, Bramble
Meh: Ramsey, Tohias, Chevvy
Dislike: Clementina
UGLY: Hudson, Lumi
Ripple237 chapter 22 . 1/13
Kepheus: Oh interesting, he is the victor of the 75th Games. I liked how sus he is of the quell twist because yeah there is definitely something majorly sussy baka about that. Other than that I didn't much personality out of him and I will probably forget about him like I have a lot of the mentors lol

Ramsey: Dammnnnn crazy backstory drop from Ramsey here. All I remembered about him up to this point was that he was quiet and I think simping after someone? Anyways I did not expect something this fucked up AT ALL. Wow. That's fucking haunting. It is definitely a shocking piece of backstory information but I'm not sure how much it ties into his character because up until now I have only seen him as meh, and will continue to see him as such as he will likely die in the BB. I guess he will be joining his sister soon.

Celina: OMG hi celina...I missed you so much. oooo miss girl was out here STUDYING. As she should. she do be studying and she do be learning if it's interesting enough. I'm sure that her background in biology helped her learn about human anatomy much faster and she probably figured out some stuff beyond what the trainers would even be able to show. Any other year I'd say that this would be a good strategy, but this seems like a VERY alliance heavy year with almost everyone teaming up in some capacity. A stark contrast to other Games. The alliance heavy nature of this year makes me really nervous for the remaining loners because it means literally EVERYONE else is a threat and has a number advantage. The chance of you running into an alliance of 3 people is much more likely than running into just 1 person. Very scary dynamic unfolding. I love how wrote Celina's thought process when navigating this alliance situation. Why she absolutely didn't want to be with Needle and Thread and therefore found herself with Gaslight, Gatekeep, but still being extremely suspicious of them and nervous about whatever they have going on. She's mostly relying on them for then numbers and because she has to, since numbers and alliances are big factor this year. That's perhaps another reason why Clementina and Orabella approached her. The stronger alliances are 3 already and they need to be on as even ground as possible if it comes to fighting. I'm not sure how strong this alliance will be, but it seems like Clementina and Orabella are getting on the same wavelength, which makes Celina the "fall guy" and the thrid wheel when it comes down to it. But she doesn't have much of a choice. Oof.

Hudson: ew Hudson why. Oh that's right I totally forgot he cheated into the Games. That makes sense why he is so insecure then. Wow he has really done a good job hiding it because I completely forgot and I don't think the other careers have really picked up on it yet. Also very cool that Amos and Castor can dual wield. I do agree with Hudson that everyone is too mean to hera. Yeah she is annoying and a mean girl but she's got some baggage and there are definitely worse people out there. You're right this did make Hudson a lot more interesting than before. I still hate him, but now he is a character and not a blank slate of gross.

Teo: teo my beloved uwu. Love that Arius is like growl I want a fight bark bark snarl. But hey it's on brand for him and I feel like his bite is just as bad as his idk weaker careers better watch the fuck out. NOOOOOO. Whyyyyyy the fuck the fuck whyyyyyyyyyy. This alliance was so good and now it is ruinedughhhhh this is so fucking tragic and ugly and sad I need lumi to die immediately I cannot take this anymoreeee. Oh and Chevvy too? These alliances are far too big for my liking. FAR too big. Ugh so gross. I personally am not a fan of having everyone so concentrated. 5 is too many me thinks. They're gonna have a hard time hiding and if they encounter the careers...massacre. Hopefully the D6s will die in the bloodbath so we can get back to the iconic trio because this development is actually so fucking gross.

Chevvy: Ok I will admit, this note was nice and effective is making me feel a little sympathetic towards Chevvy and his situation. It is definitely one of the more interesting things some of these kids have going on. That being said, get out of my favorite alliance. Wait is he even in the alliance? I am really unclear on this because did he just stand up for Lumi and then just leave? What kind of benefit does he get from that? He just buffed up an alliance that would eat a loner like him alive if it came down to it. I'm not really sure so I'm just gonna put a question mark.

Castor: I like the little details about how Risso and Castor have this unspoken understanding between them. I think that's a really realistic and human thing to happen so I just really enjoy that characterization for them. I just think it's neat. As for the score discussions...hmmm. Donnie is definitely good but I feel like what brings a score to an 11 is doing something really unique that hasn't been done before. Donnie is good, but is her skill set anything new? From what I've seen, not really. But I don't know what went on her private sessions, so I will withhold judgement until then.

1. Celina ofc. I love her internal monologue and how she's been spending her time and I think she is so neat and sexy, but I am very very worried for her.
2. Yeah, it actually made me think Chevvy and Hudson were more interesting than previously. That being said, it made me hate Lumi more and I just want her and Chevyy gone so bad. Why are they thereeee. Also I have no idea if chevvy is in that alliance or not. Now I think it's just Lumi but then Chevvy is like I want to get back home to you Torque, but he fully just helped his partner get into an alliance and just left to be on his own when this Games is clearly all about having an alliance with numbers? He is an absolute fucking moron if that's the case. He really got lumi into my favorite just because ? Ugh.
3. No thoughts really because there is not much to be thought about
4. Uhhhh I think Amos, Castor, and Donnie will do the best and probably score in the 9-10 range. I don't think any of them have demonstrated something super unique that would earn them an 11, but I guess we will have to see. Hera and Hudson probably in the 8-9 range, hudson probably getting an 8 and maybe a 7 if nerves get the better of him. Arius will probably get an 8 due to his fighting ability. Smarts being demonstrated don't score that high usually but I could see Celina getting like a 5-6 with maybe a 7 if she turns the party. Zezza probably in the same boat, however her creative problem solving might make her more interesting to the gamemakers. I don't have too many other specific thoughts, but I am very excited to see what the scores end up being!

Hmm it seems the alliances have all come together, with only 3 loners: Zezza, Ramsey, and Aris. And also Chevvy maybe since I am unsure of what the fuck he is doing. Mans said here is another strong member to a strong outer alliance and then wrote a sad letter. Bro. You're gonna get wrecked so hard. Things don't bode well for any of them. they will be easier bloodbath fodder and even if they survive, they are fucked as soon as they run into a single alliance. I am not a fan of the numerous and large alliances that are this Games meta, but I do think it's interesting to an extent. Certainly means a lot of strategy changes. Any and all tribute interactions in the Arena are much higher stakes, and it's 100% just a numbers game when it comes to a fight.

Alliance Tracker
-The Careers: Donnie, Amos, Castor, Hera, Risso, Hudson
-Brain, Brawn, Bguilt, and Bucking dead weight trash: Teo, Arius, Reese, Lumi (throws up), and Chevvy? (gags in confusion?)
-Mediocre Men: Chevvy, Everett, Tohias
-Needle and Thread: Winnie and Ophelia
-Legacies: Bramble and Buff
-Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss: Orabella, Clementina, and Celina

Tribute Chart
Mine: Zezza, Celina
SEXY: Donnie, Teo, Ophelia, Reese
Like: Amos, Castor, Orabella, Winnie, Aris, Arius
Neutral: Risso, Everett, Roxanne, Buff, Hera, Bramble
Meh: Ramsey, Tohias, Chevvy
Dislike: Clementina
UGLY: Hudson, Lumi
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 21 . 1/8
- “he had seemed to spend most of his time showing photos he had taken of emaciated toddlers and farm animals to the other mentors against their wills.” HELP WHAT
- “He always talked about wanting to show the photos to the sponsors, but never actually did, instead just attempted to guilt them into sending money directly to the struggling families in the Districts.” bruh
- “She smiled and waved and seemed overall nice enough, but from the outside, she seemed to lack personality.” WHAT DID U SAY ABOUT MY GIRL?
- “How was she supposed to work with that?” tiny violin

- “And what Mirabelle didn't know was that despite her unassuming nature, Clementina was more than capable of handling herself.” hm!
- "I've made it this far in life on my own. I think I can make it another couple of weeks." honestly i get where she’s coming from though
- "So you need to find people who can't do that for themselves." yass exploit the weak!
- “If she got the feeling that her ally was about to turn on her, she would just turn on them first.” damn ok
- “She couldn't think of a single reason why he would have volunteered.” she must be so confused about it LOL
- “They seemed fragile, like a single clap of thunder would cause them to faint.” ur such a bitch u know that
- “albeit the accuracy of the over-excited child that she was.” ‘over-excited’ child? Dude
- "Clementina Romanesco," the girl recited. "District 11, age 18, Reaped." orabella ur so cool
- "But I was watching you a little bit yesterday and you're definitely one of the only people here I'd consider." WHY?
- “At lunch time, Clementina breathed a sigh of relief when Orabella sat down next to her without a word.” interesting duo i’ll say. Don’t know how i feel though

- “Risso wanted to punch Hera” I SUPPORT U BABY
- “Donnie and Amos clearly prioritized each other over the alliance as a whole, and Risso wasn't so naive that she couldn't ignore her District partner sneaking off with Hera every chance they got.”
- “She appreciated that about him. He only spoke when it made sense to.” honestly yeah
- risso gets more relatable by the pov tbh shes on tilt by everyone and its so understandable
- "Maybe he's a wrestler?" haha sure
- "He seems decent enough, but he's been practicing with the boy from 5 all day today and yesterday," Donnie said. "If they're a package deal, I don't want them both." fuck u donnie /j
- “Risso never thought of herself as friendly, but she supposed that compared to the best friends from District 1 and her degenerate District partner, the three of them were the best choices.” eh,,, i think amos would be better than hera,,,
- “Risso had a tendency to get overly frustrated by small things, so the knowledge that Castor was just as irritated with Hera as she was was comforting” LOL solidarity
- “You're doing a great job for someone from a poor District.” FROM A POOR DISTRICT JAJAHAJA WHAT THE FUCK IM CACKLINGGG
- “Risso decided that the girl was definitely weird.” a fuckin men
- “The girl was definitely due for a reality check, and Risso got the feeling that it wouldn't come until after the Games began.” purr
- risso im putting u in like im ready to forgive ur sins because you’re over everyone and its funny

- “A decent training score and interview could really seal the deal.” unhh yeas
- “any idiot could realize that it was an overwhelmingly good idea to have backup on their side in the arena.” its true!
- “From the beginning, Reese had thought that if he had to join forces with people (which he definitely did), his top choices were the boys from 5 and 9.” GOOD TASTE!
- “It felt like too perfect of an opportunity to ignore.” fr fr it is u should talk to them wink wink nudge nudge
- "I don't really care," the boy from 5 said. Reese noticed that his lips twitched before he smiled. "I don't own the station." HELPPPp I GUFFAWED
- “He decided to go with nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth.” wise
- "Dude, he was blind. He wouldn't have lasted two minutes on a chariot, much less in the arena." facts!
- “before he was summoned back by the boy from District 5, clearly against his partner's wishes.” teo u rebel! King shit
- "Wait," he said. "You can train with us for now. Just… You're on thin ice, okay?" i dont blame them for being wary but this is a good start!
- “And with any luck, the three of them would go all the way into the Games together.” yes pls manifestinggg

- “As chaotic as it was, Amos couldn't say that his allies weren't entertaining.” REAL NOT CLICKBAIT
- “And then there was Castor, who Amos almost felt bad for since he was so… normal compared to the rest of them.” im giggling
-”they both agreed that it was important to them to entertain other people's ideas, even when they thought they were bad.” yasss team input and all that
- “Amos didn't like his and Donnie's odds in a two versus four fight.” ouphh… ouch…
- "My mom makes a killer roast chicken," Amos said as he cut into his own piece. It was weak” IM LAUGHGING IMABGJASJHGA
- “Amos talked about his two older brothers, and Hera batted her eyelashes and jokingly asked if either of them were single, receiving a subtle elbow in the side from Hudson.’ brb gotta go violently throw up
- “The group counted together getting louder with each couple of seconds as it was revealed that Risso could hold her breath for almost three entire minutes, nose plugged and everything” THATS SO GOOD? HOLY SHIT
- “With just ten minutes left of the break, the group sat in stunned silence as Castor sketched an easily identifiable picture of Donnie on a napkin.” wow hes so talented
- “In response, Hera nodded her head towards a table which seated the boys from Districts 5, 9, and 11; clearly a team.” LETS FUCKING GOOOO
- wait i hope they’re not a target ?

- “But she learned quickly that metal swords were too big for her to lift over her head, large shields were too heavy to hold on her left arm for too long, and protective armor made it hard to breathe.” ;;
- “No, Zezza couldn't pretend that the Hunger Games would be anything like slaying dragons and rescuing princesses with her friend, no matter how hard she tried to convince herself.” so glad shes not delusional but also im still sad
- “She risked a sneaky glance out of the corner of her right eye to see two brunettes on the short side, one wearing sage green and the other in pale pink. Districts 3 and 11.” ouh clem and orabella
- “The two girls talked for another couple minutes before Zezza decided that this chatter about alliances had nothing to do with her, and was frankly boring.” BAHAHAH
- “She herself had no desire to join any type of alliance, besides of course the unspoken one that she and Teo would not outright kill each other.” PERIOD D5 SUPREMACY
- “Zezza noticed the two girls' heads snap in her direction.” a
- “or if she could help them find a third girl who would actually want to join them.” interesting thought…

- “By the end of the second day of training, Aris found himself completely alone.” i feel bad but LOL
- “For now, he was still going through the motions. Wake up, eat good food, and do what he's told.” honestly understandable
- “Once he finished his mandatory activities, he would lock the door to his room, take a warm shower and come out smelling like wood and herbs before settling into his bed to read a few chapters of a book that he would likely never get to finish before falling asleep surrounded by plush, warm blankets.” that sounds like the fucking life
- “Having everything taken care of for him was almost enough for him to understand why the Capitol citizens turned a blind eye to how badly the Districts were treated.” almost : ((
- “He wondered if he would be able to live with himself if he survived.” wow ouch

2. Yeah risso because she’s funny now
3. That quip about celina having no personality was unforgivable but beside that she seems stressed feels bad that rusty’s on his charity shit and she’s essentially on her own
4. All the characters i like get to live and everyone else dies

mine: teo
love: donnie, zezza, celina, REESE
like: castor, orabella, ophelia, everett, roxanne, arius, amos, buff, reese
neutral: chevvy, winnie, aris, tohias, bramble
dislike: hera, hudson, lumi, clementina

ciao ciao!
Ripple237 chapter 21 . 1/5
Belinda: Hi belinda! Hmm it seems like Celina is kinda struggling rn. Im shocked that Tohias seems to be at least a little more interesting from the Capitol's perspective. Good for him I guess. Me thinks this is perhaps setting up something for celina to do in pre-Games regarding opening up a bit ? I'll be interested to see if my girl can make the adaptation she needs rn or if she stumbles and falls.

Clementina: oh boy, clementina. Ugh. Tbh Mirabelle's advice is really good, some solid mentor advice that is worth taking. Clementina, despite her abrasiveness, seems to agree. Reese cameo! Boy do I love me some Reese. Love that everyone is like wow he is so mysterious. It's fun to have this little inside secret with him. Anyways what Clementina said about Ophelia and Winnie is SENDING meeee. Clementina is so annoying but she can be really funny sometimes. DAMN she seems really confident about her chances in the games too. Don't get too excited miss girl. Orabella and Clementina certainly are certainly an interesting pair but it makes sense considering their personalities. idk what to call their alliance yet but it's gonna be something annoying probably.

Risso: career pov let's gooooo. cant wait to see what this mess is up to. Ooooo they are looking to expand their numbers? very interesting I can't wait to see how this turns out. I liked Risso's number analysis regarding the alliance and I think I agree with her. Big alliances can blow up really easily. That being said, I love drama. The little mutual signs of respect between Risso and Castor is really nice and it be relatable when there's a big group of big personalities. Oh god if they get lumi this pack is gonna get so annoying so fast. Damn Lumi said no red heart. Being approached by the careers is just dangerous because if you join, you can be safe for a little while but you're right there to be killed easily later in the Games, and if you say no, you just become a huge target. Lumi is probably fucked which I am so fine with.

Reese: This was such a great pov. I didnt do as much reacting because I just liked reading straight through it. I just love the way you write Reese and I think he is just such a fantastic character. His moral dilemma is still so interesting and I'm excited to see what he does with Teo and Arius. I'm loving Arius already not buying what Reese is selling and I want to see if this relationship will progress or regress.

Amos: hmm interesting strategy of letting the others have their own ideas. That would have made things really complicated if someone actually did want to join the careers. Amos and Donnie definitely have a strong sense of leadership but if they relinquish their hold even a little bit, things could fall apart very very quickly. It seems like the alliance is being divided by pairs: Donnie and Amos, Hera and Hudson, and Risso and Castor. Very interesting indeed. I think Amos is right, even the little talks are important for a stronger pack. I'm not sure how effective it was but hey maybe it worked a little. I certainly learned a few things (Risso's breath is really impressive) and I liked Castor's little drawing it was cute. Amos seems to be more of an effective leader than he gives himself credit for and I really liked this POV of his!

Zezza: HI ZEZZA. I missed her so much...these opening lines were so good and they have me lowkey crying in the club. I just love how you write her, she is just so perfect and important to me. The imagery of her trying to lift a big sword brings me a lot of joy though. She deserves so much better. Zezza is smarter than me because I have no idea what the fuck this puzzle is but I think she had a creative solution? She's just really fun I love her so much. Aww Zezza just slipping away. She dodged a bullet tbh, Orabella and Clementina are a little scary. Zezza is probably better off on her own and her smarts are more creative and unique, which I just think is so neat of her. Zezza is just really important to me that's all.

Aris: I remember liking Aris from the intros but he is definitely fading into the background and I am getting bloodbath vibes for sure. He's not making allies and this was more musings on his current scenario, which I did like because I think musings are fun, but I don't think he will make it long in the Games

1. Zezza, Yes I am biased but I just love her so fucking much. Second fav would be Amos, I just enjoyed his thoughts and leadership strategy
2. If it was possible for me to love Zezza more, this chapter made me love her more. I also got more of an appreciation for Amos and Castor. They're just doing their best and I like them.
3. Tbh I didn't get much from her at all and I'm probably gonna forget about her immediately after this chapter.
4. Aris bloodbath and probably Lumi being a target of the careers early. Teo, Reese, and Arius also better watch out because the careers have got their eyes on them too. I believe in them though.

Alliance Tracker
-The Careers: Donnie, Amos, Castor, Hera, Risso, Hudson
-Brain, Brawn, and Bguilt: Teo, Arius, and Reese
-Mediocre Men: Chevvy, Everett, Tohias
-Needle and Thread: Winnie and Ophelia
-Legacies: Bramble and Buff
-Gaslight, Gatekeep: Orabella and Clementina

Tribute Chart
Mine: Zezza, Celina
SEXY: Donnie, Teo, Ophelia, Reese
Like: Amos, Castor, Orabella, Winnie, Aris, Arius
Neutral: Risso, Everett, Roxanne, Buff, Hera, Bramble
Meh: Ramsey, Tohias, Chevvy
Dislike: Clementina
UGLY: Hudson, Lumi
Ripple237 chapter 20 . 10/23/2021
So true college is so fucking hard

Augustus: I really liked learning about how underdogs are starting to be rooted for more and more and that the traditional strong career wasn't as popular as it once was. that is also fascinating because of the political implications. Underdogs are more made up of outer districts, districts that are more oppressed by the capitol than career districts. Soooo if capitol citizens are rooting for underdog outer district tributes...what does that mean in the political sphere? Very very interesting me thinks.

Hudson: of fucking course the only person Hudson likes in the alliance in Hera. What a fucking fool of a human being. PLEASE NOT HIM CALLING DONNIE A FEMINIST. SIR WHAT WORLD DO THINK THIS IS? Anyways I really liked the way they decided on the leader of the pack. It was inch resting and I liked how you were able convey the gist of the speeches and reasonings without padding the chapter length with the actual dialogue. Also castor is so sexy for just straight up saying that he doesn't wanna be the leader. Stan castor for clear skin. Oh inch Normally I'd say this would be a problem but Amos and Donnie work really well together and I think it could go well. However, the fact that District 1 is the leader could cause tension within the pack, but that would really only be with Hera and Hudson since I think Castor and Risso are pretty laid back and not really interested in the dramatics of the careers.

Winnie: Sheeesh yeah I loved that Winnie was like oh no the outer districts are kinda popping off too. Winnie is really endearing and very grounded. I like her a lot. Her headband is a really cute token and it was cool to see her and Ophelia bond over that because of the embroidery thing. I liked the inclusion about the Gamemaker confiscation too! I feel like that gets glossed over in a lot of syots. And yes as expected Winnie and Ophelia are allies. Hopefully Winnie can uhhh, try to ground Ophelia during her current crisis because boy does she need it. I like this alliance a lot! However I don't think they have much of a chance in the arena.

Bramble: I really liked these opening few paragraphs about Bramble's reaction to all the food. It's definitely a certified D12 moment, a surplus of food that was never available to you. Makes sense that he would fixate on it so hard. It was really nice of Buff to invite him over to their table. It was kinda sweet seeing them connect like this and honestly it made me like both of them a bit more. Bramble isn't super interesting, but he is far from the worst.

Arius: ah Arius getting tilted at the careers I see. I do not blame him at all, they are so fucking annoying (but I love them so very much). This was an alliance I absolutely did not see coming, but I like it a lot! It's sort of a combo of brain and brawn which is neat. I think they could both go really well in the Games as solid underdogs if they stick together. I will be looking forward to more interactions between the two of them going forward because I'm very curious about their relationship.

Chevvy: Aw poor misguided. He really out here thinking that Lumi is this benevolent soul, to the point that he is literally planning to sacrifice himself to let her win if it comes to that. SIR ARE YOU OK? Blink three times if Lumi is gaslighting and girlbossing you. Ok well this is certainly an alliance. It's full of 3 men I feel indifferent to! Although Everett is growing on me I can't lie. So from this POV, I think it would be really fun if Lumi killed Chevvy in the bloodbath. I just think it would be really fucking funny.

Orabella: I really enjoy Orabella's break down of all the tributes currently. She didn't have to call out Ophelia like that lmaooooo. And it seems even Orabella has clocked that Arius and Teo are gonna be strong allies. I think they could be perceived as threats to the careers which could hurt their chances, coupled with the fact that Arius clearly wants the smoke with them. I think she's definitely onto something with Celina for an ally but girl not Clementina and Roxanne...if the 4 of them team up that will...very interesting lmaoo.

1. Teo and Arius def my favs so far
2. Messy as usual but they seem pretty organized all things considered. Hera and Hudson are the only super problematic ones, the rest are pretty chill and ready to go.
3. Eh he's fine, I enjoyed the commentary more than him
4. I think I said some shit earlier so uhh I guess?

Alliance Tracker
-The Careers: Donnie, Amos, Castor, Hera, Risso, Hudson
-Brain and Brawn: Teo and Arius
-Mediocre Men: Chevvy, Everett, Tohias
-Needle and Thread: Winnie and Ophelia
-Legacies: Bramble and Buff

Tribute Chart
Mine: Zezza, Celina
SEXY: Donnie, Teo, Ophelia, Reese
Like: Amos, Castor, Orabella, Winnie, Aris, Arius
Neutral: Risso, Everett, Roxanne, Buff, Hera, Bramble
Meh: Ramsey, Tohias, Chevvy
Dislike: Clementina
UGLY: Hudson, Lumi
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 20 . 10/23/2021
- “but he had never felt as confident in a pair as he had with Amos and Chardonnay.” look at them go!
- “It was still hard for Augustus to digest the fact that he was old news, even though he had fallen from grace years ago.” i always love it when syots dive into old victor syndrome its SO much fun
- “There were always some people who rooted for an underdog, and that number seemed to be growing exponentially over the years.” what can i say! Underdogs are charming
- “find the kids from 2 and 4, assert dominance,” t-pose on em
- “They both wanted to be the best they could be, and neither of them would let their pride stand in the way of doing so.” mad respect to these d1s
tl;dr ive missed ur writing so much haley i fucking adore how every sentence flows to the next. U r a pacing and progression god. anyway this pov just reminded me of how much i love d1 they are so solid and tight. augustus seems like he’ll be a great mentor to these two

- “He knew that he was always a bit more laid back than the rest of his peers at the Academy, but he wasn't ready for four of his five allies to have sticks up their asses.” LMAOOO IM LAUGHING
- “She was probably the best looking girl of the year, but the girls from 7 and 10 came close.” ew kill him
- “Donnie went all feminist on him” bye hudson really said feminist /derogatory
- “And Risso, who, as his District partner, was supposed to be on his side no matter what seemed to take every opportunity to go against him.” as she should xx
- ok but the career color palette is fire
- “Because there was little to no chance of them deciding on him, and he knew that he was the one who would actually be able to lead.” uh huh…
- “Once everyone placed their scores, the one with the most points would be the leader.” look at them be all democratic and shit
- “The point of his speech was to show that since he wasn't as stuck-up as most of the others, him being the leader would allow the group to have fun and relax sometimes.” compelling
- "I'm not actually interested," Castor said. "I think most of you would probably do a better job than me, and I don't want anyone to waste their vote." castor’s iconic for that
- “He didn't want to give Risso any points, but he couldn't bring himself to vote for Amos or Donnie.” god he is so fascinating
- "Amos," Hudson said. At least he was the lesser of two evils.” hudson “i can’t be a misogynist, i love pussy” firth
- “Two leaders, both with allegiance to each other over the others. What could go wrong?” i hate to say it but hudson does have a point here
tl;dr im not surprised at all that it went down like this. Like d1 is the most capable district cumulatively but it does set a tone of unease when both the leaders would choose each other over the rest of the pack in a heartbeat. Much to think about

- “How did they know how to do that? Was District 8 the only District in Panem that didn't teach that?” bahaha no they’re just coked
- “She seemed nice, which Winnie knew was ridiculous since she had volunteered.” that made me laugh sometimes ur gut feeling be wildin like that
- “What if she had hurt someone? She hadn't, but what if she had?” then good!
- “"Hey, it's okay," the person said. Winnie turned around slowly and opened her eyes to face a girl a few inches taller than her with freckles.” i would simply fall in love.
- “Winnie felt sure that this girl didn't want to hurt her.” damn winnie’s got a lot of confidence in her intuition. which i can respect
- “So I just have this half finished piece." thats tough
- "But do you maybe want to… team up? You know, train together and then stick together in the arena?" LET SFUCKIJNGNGGOOOOO’
- “Ophelia grinned. "I thought you'd never ask." great now i have a crush on ophelia fr
tl;dr what a based fucking pov they honest to god just get better and better w each one. winnie and ophelia is such a blessed duo! they are EVERYTHING to me now!

- “Being in the custody of the Capitol reversed 18 years of training his body in a day and a half.” jesus fuck
- “He tried not to think about what would be done with the excess.” i do the same thing when i leave the dining hall
- “He was close to taking a small table in the corner and hoping no one would notice him by himself when his District partner gave him a small wave and a timid smile from a table by the drink station.” YYEAAAAAHHH BUFF MOMENT BUFF MOMENT
- "Jack of all trades, master of none," they said.” period
- “At least one of them was going to be dead in the next couple of weeks, and if it wasn't both of them, his money was on Buff.” damn but i appreciate the honesty
- "It's fine. She was asking for it." Bramble noticed the aghast look on Buff's face and decided to clarify. "No, literally. She volunteered." BAhahHA
- “He was only two years old when she won, but he vaguely remembered parties in the streets and tasting sweet foods all the time; oranges and chocolates and pastries dusted with cinnamon sugar.” mouthwatering brb
tl;dr clenches fist You just related all that back to life in District 12 so seamlessly… that was so sexy… i find a lot of authors just forget about the districts the tributes are leaving (aside from the tributes' families) but u put all of it in perspective so effortlessly. i fucking adore it. It feels like a complete world

- “Even the girl from 2, who seemed dumb as shit, didn't shoot a single arrow outside of the bulls-eye.” oh my god he went for her neck
- “Arius wanted to kill every last one of them. He didn't just want them dead. He wanted it to be him who made it happen.” A-
- cool ur jets there buddy! nervous chuckle
- “The only person there was the skinny boy from District 5, clad in bright blue, who was sweating and panting while he practiced his punches on a dummy.” haha loser
- “He watched as the boy threw punches to the jaw and gut, and noticed that his thumb was curled in under his fingers.” dumbass
- reading the aforementioned line i was like why am i experiencing deja vu rn and then i remembered u sent me a snippet of arius pov so i checked our insta messages and ….
- im doubling down teo a little bitch yes yeah mhm
- but yeah who wouldn’t be terrified of arius on god
- “He was scared, but trying not to come across that way. He reminded Arius of all of the new fighters in his ring.” ;;
- “He reached out and touched the boy's hand, moving his thumb so that it was outside of his fist and laying across his first knuckles.” whoa tender. Fellas is it gay to adjust another boy’s fingering position (for punches?)
- "Thanks," the boy said. "I don't know why they didn't teach me that in the first place." NGL THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING LMAOOO
- “the most egregious had to be describing the sunken-cheeked 17-year-old Victor as sexy.” yeah mf probably built like a minecraft youtuber
- “His handshake was firmer than he had expected, but he didn't let the surprise show on his face.” ugh thats my boy expert handshaker
- “Teo didn't get frustrated or snap at him, but gently corrected him with the exact right amount of condescension.” teo can be gently condescending as a treat
- “He didn't like serious conversations like that. He was more than happy to continue working quietly with Teo, cracking jokes every once in a while.” look at their platonic chemistry :pleading:
- “He had to prove that he was better than them, for himself and everyone watching. And there was only one way to do that.” this cannot end well :cowboy_smile:
tl;dr god i am fucking ECSTATIC with this arius/teo unspoken alliance [punches the sky] I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE OF THEIR SHENANIGANS! HALEY YOUR ASS IS HUGE FOR THUIS!

- “Firstly, she was almost sickeningly positive.” aiyah
- “She was kind to everyone, and had put her own life on the line to save his girlfriend.” but chevy T_T that’s not why she did it!
- “Not to mention, if Chevvy lost to Lumi, there was not a doubt in his mind that she would use some of the winning money to help Torque.” that’s actually true im sure lumi would be nice enough to do that
- “Fortunately he was wrong, and he had become fast friends with Everett and Tohias, from Districts 7 and 10 respectively.” omg yall are all cuffed boys
- “Tohias said that his District partner wanted nothing to do with him, or any man for that matter.” haha good
- "But we all know that most successful kills aren't in self defense. They're the people who hit first. 'The best defense is a good offense,' or whatever." i smell foreshadowing
- “But he couldn't shake the feeling that if he moved to more serious language, it would only hurt him more when one of them eventually died.” :( ok but chevy listen if u start calling her ur fiancee the capitol will be all over that shit just saying
Tl;dr im v glad chevy found people to ally with! His relationship with lumi is really interesting, i really like how the coincidence of lumi volunteering led to chevy being super indebted to her. Good shit

- “But how was she supposed to form a bond with someone if those who were good enough didn't think the same of her, and those who were willing to join her weren't good enough?” a pickle
- “She didn't like to seem like she thought she was better than anyone else. She was, but she didn't like people to know that she thought so.” BAHAHAH SHES SO VALID
- “Some of the others seemed like they could make decent allies, like the boys from 5 and 9, or the pair from 12, but they were already in alliances with each other.” oh my god but a teo arius orabella alliance would be so fucked tanked
- “She had brought her metal case of colored pens with her and spent a decent amount of time creating color coded notes of the tributes and their strengths. She was determined to learn everyone's name.” color coded?! Damn thats impressive
- “She also saw Hera and Hudson duck into a janitor's closet for about ten minutes and come out with their clothes wrinkled, but she didn't think that was of the utmost importance.” ONLY 10 MIN?
- “A mouth full of food may have been enough to keep Orabella from saying anything rude, it allot the potatoes in the world couldn't have stopped her eyes from rolling to District 12 and back.” i love her so much
- “She couldn't imagine being his age and not knowing how to keep herself alive.” the disparities between orabella and ramsey are really fascinating
tl;dr i really liked that brief comparison between her and ramsey at the end; i am a big fat slut for social commentary after all and u are always feeding us w it. This pov was great im a fan of people-watchers, every cast needs at least one!

1. look… u already know im gonna say Teo and Arius That Isnt A Surprise but if i can’t choose them i’ll choose winnie and ophelia. i feel like they would’ve been such good friends if they had met under different circumstances. which isnt to say that they can’t be good friends now, but like im sure as u know being in a deathmatch is sure to put a damper on the situation
2. Unstable asf. Mostly because hera and hudson are bound to be more volatile and frustrated the more time passes since they don’t feel like they’re being taken seriously by the others. for good reason! but that’d make anyone upset.
3. hmm. i think he’s neat! He defo seems like he’s gonna put his all into doing his job properly for the good of d1 buuut i think that there’s a chance of him snapping if he feels like he’s being /too/ outshone u feel.
4. castor first career dead, augustus goes sicko mode at some point, orabella goes in as a loner but if she does get an ally they’re dying in the bloodbath, honestly none of these are predictions based in anything besides gut feelings. winnie moment
mine: teo
love: donnie, zezza, celina, REESE
like: castor, orabella, ophelia, everett, roxanne, arius, amos, buff
neutral: risso, chevvy, winnie, aris, tohias, bramble
dislike: hera, hudson, lumi, clementina

ciao ciao!
kgeesy chapter 20 . 10/7/2021
Writing this review as I read.
Sucks for August to feel like he's inadequate, but honestly, I'd get bored of the typical District 1 tributes too. Cool to see the tide is turning as far as public opinion, though I don't think Amos is exactly atypical for a District 1 tribute, aside from I guess just being a little more humble and laid-back than your typical D1 fare.
Honestly, I have a hard time believing Hudson would be seen as an outsider. He's a little...I guess rough around the edges might be the correct adjective here? But I think if he went for the bad boy angle he'd pull it off well and generate massive appeal, I think. If he hasn't thought of that yet, he's not incredibly bright.
As for who the leader will be, my money is on Donnie or Amos. Risso and Castor seem to be more on the easygoing side, we know how it is with Hudson, and Hera? Hoo, I feel sorry for them if they pick HER. Although, I can definitely see her butting heads with Donnie if Donnie is picked as the leader and Hera tries to usurp the title even though she doesn't deserve it. Hmmm...
"Besides, he doubted Hera would walk away from the group, and he didn't want to leave her." Oh God is this gonna be some kinda romance? I can sense awful they deserve each other. Hah.
I actually love how organized the Careers seem to be, at least from the outset. Like, how analytical and precise they were with deciding who would be the leader. They blow the messy as hell Careers from the 74th games outta the water. That bunch were a load of dumbasses; I'd say Hudson and Castor are the least intelligent of the bunch here, but they seem to have some degree of common sense.
"Hudson couldn't stop thinking about the implication that she wouldn't prioritize him over the rest of their allies." First of all, Risso's got some good logic here and the dig at the D1 pair admittedly makes me laugh, even though I have nothing against them. But like...really, it's going to cause problems for two people that close to be in the Games together. Only one can win, kids. Someone is gonna lose their best friend. Second of all, I'M LAUGHING AT THIS cause I'm just imagining Risso as that meme with the pixel sunglasses over her eyes and a caption saying "deal with it."
Oh boy, and there it is, Amos and Donnie as dual leaders. Shit is gonna go haywire with that alliance...which I guess is good for the outer districts. I thought they were gonna do much better than the stupid, messy alliance from THG, but maybe not so much.
LOL Poor Winnie, she's overwhelmed. I'm happy for Teo, tho, impressing others with something. Good for him! Ooo, is her headband her token? It sounds pretty and I think it would be neat if hypothetically she were to make it beyond the first few days and her headband becomes like a fashion statement for ladies in the Capitol. That would be neat.
Awww Gwyneth and Ophelia have a little friendship! And an alliance! I thought Ophelia and Everett were gonna ally, but guess not. Also, can I just say how precious Gwyneth is? How nervous she was when she bumped into Ophelia, how she just looked at Lumi and was like "idk why but i trust her : )" she' pure. She didn't make much of an impression on me in her intro chapter, but I love her now.
I like the little mention of Bramble carefully putting back his practice weapons while the Careers toss them down mindlessly. It's a small detail, but it's a nice way to highlight the contrast in their upbringings. When you're raised with manners, it comes as second nature after a time, so I feel Bramble there. I also relate to him because, I, too, am way too into food, lol.
"his money way on Buff" JESUS BRAMBLE THAT'S HARSH. I like to think of Buff as small but mighty. And now even though I just ate his POV is making me hungry. I want some glazed beef!
Oooo YESSS an Arius POV. Love this dude...for different reasons than Winnie, of course. "the girl from 2, who seemed dumb as shit" LMAO I LOVE THAT. Hera sucks. Not in the sense that she's badly written or something, just that she's irritating as a person. No offense at all to her mun.
LISTEN, ARIUS, I think Pierre is quite adorable. Shut the hell your mouth. I'm glad he's getting recognition; another example of the underdogs being more popular lately like Augustus' POV mentioned.
Teo and Arius...not a match-up I'd expected, but when Arius was showing him how to make a fist to punch, all I could think was "two bros, chillin in a hot tub, five feet apart cause they're not gay" Like...the UNDERTONES. Jokes aside, though, I think they're a pretty good match. They have a lot to offer one another. It's a cool and unexpected pair-up, so I like it. I thought for sure Arius was gonna go it alone, but I guess he realizes he's at a disadvantage with his inexperience.
PFFFT, Chevvy being annoyed with Lumi's cheery attitude. Gotta love him. Bruh, bless Chevvy and his dumb of ass self. As nice as Lumi is, I don't know if she'd randomly help Torque with her winnings unless she and Chevvy got super close, which it seems they're not going to be. But oh, man, the whole mess of him feeling indebted to Lumi because her volunteering happened to coincide with Torque's reaping is gonna make for some DRAMA. And I LOVE it.
Everett, Chevvy and Tohias is an...interesting alliance to be sure, but a cool one. I think they'll work great together and I'm proud of my boy for forging these connections.
Wow Orabella, arrogant much? I think she's definitely got a fighting chance, but girl, you're a bit full of yourself here, huh? Calling Lumi sensitive? I mean, maybe, but she's got weapons prowess so I think Orabella is making a mistake underestimating her. It is kinda cool to see her quietly observing her potential allies, though. Really characterizes her well. I think her angle should be mysterious. She'd play it well without a doubt and I definitely think it would give her a certain...allure I guess? To the sponsors.
Also, good on Orabella actually learning everyone's name, unlike SOMEONE...*side eyes Katniss*
"She also saw Hera and Hudson duck into a janitor's closet for about ten minutes and come out with their clothes wrinkled, but she didn't think that was of the utmost importance." Oh, yep, there's definitely gonna be a romance here. I mean, making out doesn't equal an actual romance, especially with...ahem...the way those two are, but it can easily be a set-up for that. I thought I might like Orabella, but she seems a bit too cranky for my liking.
1. Arius and Teo, but Winnie and Ophelia is also precious. And of course I have Everett/Tohias/Chevvy bias because my character is in that one.
2. They all seem strong (physically and mentally) and capable as individuals, but I sense their alliance is gonna fall apart pretty fast, and considering how things are going, poor Castor and Risso will be left out in the cold when that happens unless they bond with each other. I just sense a LOT of trouble...things could go one of many ways, but none of those ways will be good, that's for sure.
3. Augustus isn't what I'd expect; it's kinda neat to see a has-been tribute treated like that.
4. I mean I've made a lot but they're littered throughout the rest of the review and I'm too lazy to rewrite them here. Sorry...OTL
Mykindleisawesome chapter 17 . 10/3/2021
last one for the night ayooo i'm feelin good now that i'm finally about to finish dk intros that one's on me

-"Generally speaking, Buff was getting very tired of being unique." this is such an odd way to introduce buff that i'm vaguely unsettled and slightly put off
-"Gilligan Grass Tenor was the type of parent to hear a snide comment made under one of his kids' breath from across the house, but couldn't possibly make out what someone was shouting in response to him from the next room." BRO MY MOM DOES THIS SHIT IT'S HELL ANNOYING
-"True, they were all headed to the black market together, but they were separate sets." (softly) they have a concert in the black market...? is that allowed? is the black market soundproof and i just don't know about it? what's happening
-""I forgot, I can't even call my daughter my daughter."" ooookay that's annoying as fuck good sir i may not be buff's biggest fan so far but Dude What The Fuck
-"While their family may not accept them for who they were, in those precious moments on stage, they were heard. Buff only wished they could stay in that moment forever." Good For Them!
yeah i don't have all that much to say. buff is cute and all but idk something just felt really Off about their pov and yeah it was probably the fact that i don't quite Get their whole concert thing. i do think it's epic that they're a musician though. it's merely that this is d12 and i'm having issues wrapping my head around it

-oh look it's the plot device!
-"Bramble dreaded waking up each morning, because every day was just another reminder that he would never be enough." d12 is just two different brands of edgy kids huh
-"If Bramble had one wish, it would be to never hear the name Katniss Everdeen again." coriolanus snow moment
-oh i forgot bramble's main personality was that he's an au of thg where katniss eats shit and dies
-""I don't know, there's just something in my mind telling me that it's not going to be me. It's weird."" ur mind is so wrong bestie i hate to break it to you
-"Maybe in another life. But not in District 12." somehow i'm really offended that he invoked the in another life trope which is one of my favorites because it makes me sad
umm... yeah i really don't have anything to say here i think i have two more neutrals headed ur way. it's so fascinating i either have an Opinion on the dk kids or i'm like idk what to tell you my head is massively empty

-"All her life, Donica had felt like an outsider." imposter syndrome moment? haha imp- sorry you didn't even say that i did i think i'm the real imposter for that one
-"but whenever she would try to join in, she was given that painful "it's a good thing you're pretty" look." i think i'd end it all on the spot i'd hate it here something about that Look just triggered something in me
-forgot this was buff's aunt for a minute so that's epic and will certainly be fun
-"All she could think about was how badly she needed to make sure that her brother's child made it home alive." :(

1. i wanna say buff...? they had more of a personality
2. i liked buff's creativity and i liked bramble's history
3. i was less of a fan of buff's surroundings and how they seemed really out of place in the d12 i have in my head and bramble just didn't really have a personality
4. bro i think donica jade was my favorite character this chapter i won't lie. i think she's one of the main mentors that has really Popped for me which is epic of her. i feel worse for her than i do buff when it comes to buff getting reaped cus i know donica here is gonna do her best to get buff home no matter the cost and i just hope she's okay
5. bramble's gonna fuckin die cus of his connection lmao

peace out it was epic as always

Mine: Castor (D2M), Winnie (D8F), Arius (D9M)
Love: Zezza (D5F), Orabella (D3F), Celina (D10F), Reese (D11M)
Like: Donnie (D1F), Teo (D5M), Ophelia (D7F)
Neutral: Amos (D2M), Ramsey (D3M), Risso (D4F), Chevvy (D6M), Everett (D7M), Aris (D8M), Roxanne (D9F)
Dislike: Hudson (D4M), Tohias (D10M), Clementina (D10F)
No: Hera (D2F), Luminara (D6F)
Mykindleisawesome chapter 16 . 10/3/2021
wassup i'm back and here to finish intros

-"The concrete wall that separated District 11 from the rest of Panem had always seemed impossibly high and impenetrable to Tina" i'm so sorry that you may not understand this but this gave me hella aot vibes and that triggered me
-"As a general rule, Tina did not cry. She would look around at all of the other girls her age and they seemed to always be crying; over boys, over a death in the family, over a cute animal, over a sad ending to a cheesy romantic book. The list seemed to go on forever, and she simply made the conscious choice to not let it affect her." um... weird flex but okay...
-"When she took a step outside to take a break from the young girl's whimpering and fill her lungs with fresh air, a Peacekeeper found her, beat her for being lazy, and sent her off, bloody and bruised to finish out the day in the fields." jesus fuck sometimes i forget how truly awful d11 is
-"She expected herself to cry when she got home, but she didn't." damn she's also kinda annoying this is SUCH a weird flex and for why
-"Tina didn't understand why other girls couldn't just speak when it was necessary and shut the hell up when there was nothing valuable to say." BRO WHAT'S UR FUCKING ISSUE? LET THEM LIVE?
-"She wished that everyone could be as content as her." i'm actually begging you to give less of a fuck about everyone else around you. that shit is grating af and i promise you that everything is okay not everyone has to have a stick up their ass like you
-jesus fuck. i thought she was okay in the beginning but she's actually so annoying that i think this pov took fifty years even though i know reese's is longer. i'm putting her in dislike for now because my profound hatred for hera and that other bitch is as of yet unchallenged

-def one of my most anticipated characters so i'm ready to get into it
-"Reese Oblisao was glad that he was part of a family that knew how to hustle." i only barely know u and i respect the hustle
-"But what the other Districts couldn't tell from the panoramic shot of District 11's Square every year at the Reaping ceremony was that one of the leading causes of death even now a century after the war was the venom of tracker jackers: genetically engineered super-wasps that patrolled the orchards day in and day out." this is such a neat worldbuilding point i thoroughly enjoy seeing it and i also like how i see it playing out in the next couple of paragraphs. it makes a lot of sense for d11 which is fucked up enough already ahaha (sad)
-" It was only then that Reese recognized her as Polly Namura, the youngest of the Mayor's five daughters." (laughs nervously) i'm sure this won't go poorly. mayor's children NEVER go wrong
-"Before he knew it, Reese was in Polly's house, then her room, her bed, and out her window with half of his clothes following him in a rumpled ball." you know what? i think this is the definition of that escalated quickly. respect
-"Reese was, to put it delicately, shitting himself." BRO I WOULD BE TOO! D11 IS THE FUCKING WORST (in terms of The Law) YOU DONE FUCKED UP MY GUY (haha fucked) EVEN THOUGH SEX IS OKAY AND ALL BUT THAT'S THE MAYOR'S KID AND ANYTHING THERE IS BAD
-"But on one particularly dark night, his platform got stuck in the air. What was worse, he didn't notice until everyone had left the orchard." this entire sequence sounded horrific which is why i'm not mentioning the rest of it because Holy Shit ahaha i won't lie it sounds like the plot of some kind of horror movie like... like that one skiing one or the one where the girls get stuck in a pool
-"His savior was Durian Crabtree, the same teenager who had lost his sight to Peacekeepers just weeks before. Because of him." NO FUCKING WAY... HOLY SHIT
-i'm kinda emo over the last exchange... this poor guy actually now i feel bad for him... there was a lot going on in this pov but all of it was so well done. i think this and celina's were def two of your strongest overall they both made me emo which is def a feat. the reese hype is real. anyway he's a fav too for sure

-oh my GODDD the most notable part here was durian getting reaped which i was nearly expecting with the very ominous ending of reese's pov. part of me hopes reese gets the chance to come clean at some point but i just like chaos

1. reese
2. i really liked reese's backstory. it felt exceptionally strong and also had some good d11 worldbuilding thrown in. i like how he's like. he's complex too. it's fucked that he let durian get whipped and still hasn't told him the truth but also can you blame the guy
3. as someone who cries a lot i did not appreciate clementina and her whole tirade about how she doesn't cry cus she's built different. i also did not like how she's obsessed with everyone else and whether or not they work hard because what the fuck girl
4. i mean he kinda seems like he knows he's boring and just owns it and i gotta say that's the mood huh
5. begging reese to go far. begging clementina to die horrifically. i hope a girl that knows how to cry kills her

my love section is now entirely maggie and will characters. Nice.

Mine: Castor (D2M), Winnie (D8F), Arius (D9M)
Love: Zezza (D5F), Orabella (D3F), Celina (D10F), Reese (D11M)
Like: Donnie (D1F), Teo (D5M), Ophelia (D7F)
Neutral: Amos (D2M), Ramsey (D3M), Risso (D4F), Chevvy (D6M), Everett (D7M), Aris (D8M), Roxanne (D9F)
Dislike: Hudson (D4M), Tohias (D10M), Clementina (D10F)
No: Hera (D2F), Luminara (D6F)
Mykindleisawesome chapter 15 . 10/3/2021
ayooo what's up i'm here to at least finish intros ignore the fact that my style completely changed

-"And what the fuck did it mean to be "ladylike"?" this made me snicker i think this phrase is the opposite of ladylike considering old people don't like it when young girls say bad words because they're all cowards
-"While her peers got to suck fresh air into their lungs and pick wild berries off the bushes" wtf did her parents not tell her to go outside 24/7 i thought this was d10... a disgrace...
-"Celina was always the kind of girl who could dance without any music." okay i think i like celina. mad respect bestie
-"The cows never danced with her. Maybe they just didn't know how. She hoped they liked watching her." update i may be obsessed w her
-"It was certainly hot enough to leave her ten-year-old hand permanently burned." wtf is wrong with her parents on god. i'm about to throw some hands here. stay back girl i gotchu no one can touch me today after i've suffered the loss of a puppet
-"In particular, Jarrell introduced Celina to science, specifically biology." obsessed with the way that instead of love saving her, science did. queen.
-"finally together after years of wondering will we? won't we?" oh so love was a bonus that's okay too she deserves it. fuck bitches get science
-"And after years of feeling stranded on an island, she finally found her purpose." i'm kinda emo after this shit. will popped off idk what else to say. it was worth the wait
ugh and yet another will character makes my top tier does he ever miss? no. no he doesn't. will ily and ur girl she's so neat

-"Tohias wasn't sure how his father Talenso "Pick Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps" "Rub Some Dirt In It" "Take It Like A Man" Luminoso would respond to his only son coming out as gay." for some reason this also made me snicker
-"who knew that he himself was a bit of an acquired taste." this is never a good thing to hear
-"Tohias didn't know what to say, so he went back to his homework." okay i actually laughed at this. "you never liked a girl?" "no" "me neither" (homework) sometimes we call that a sign sir but ur valid so far
-""That was so weird!" Tamarind exclaimed. "Let's never do that again." "What's wrong?" Tohias asked, his lips twisting into a smirk. "Afraid you'll fall in love with me or something?"" this was an actually entertaining exchange and i'm thrilled that they didn't get in a relationship because i'm already thoroughly bored by him
-""That would be wonderful," Talenso said. "She'd stay away from boys."" mood
-""I am so proud of you."" cute! i'm still bored
umm head empty

-"But he hated it because as District 10's only living male Victor, he always had to work and never got the chance to practice his art." so sad when you have to take care of kids as a mentor so they live and you can slack off :(
-i think his pictures are neat but like tragic you can't do anything with them. start a rebellion rusty. do it coward
-"Clad in a mesh top and a billowing cape, he didn't walk up to the stage as much as he strutted, his lips placed in a pout and his chin raised ever so slightly." um what
-it's the way i didn't get that kind of personality from tohias at all when i read his pov where did that shit come from
-okay i guess that one banter moment i pointed out but um. bestie how do you have a mesh top and a billowing cape in d10 i may have to dislike for that alone

1. celina easy peasy
2. celina kinda popped off the page for me. she really came alive, maybe the most out of any kid i've seen so far. i really like everything she had going for her. tohias umm... he was kinda funny sometimes! i don't have all that much to say about him
3. celina is perfect change my mind. tohias got kind of umm annoying and i didn't like that at all. some parts of his pov also made me cringe but ur writing was as neat as always that was just tohias being himself that i didn't like
4. i like his art :) that's about all tbh
5. i think celina might have the power to go far if she gets the right alliance set up. or maybe i'm just hoping. i doubt tohias will go far

Mine: Castor (D2M), Winnie (D8F), Arius (D9M)
Love: Zezza (D5F), Orabella (D3F), Celina (D10F)
Like: Donnie (D1F), Teo (D5M), Ophelia (D7F)
Neutral: Amos (D2M), Ramsey (D3M), Risso (D4F), Chevvy (D6M), Everett (D7M), Aris (D8M), Roxanne (D9F)
Dislike: Hudson (D4M), Tohias (D10M)
No: Hera (D2F), Luminara (D6F)
LINDSAYQUEERFOOT chapter 18 . 9/27/2021




ladyqueerfoot chapter 18 . 9/27/2021

we get to hang out with the kiddos on the train now hello kiddos and marina ! pleasure to see u all !

god... lumi is so annoying like we get it ur not like the other girls bc ur rich... ugh chevvy is doing his best but lumi is just entering dumb bitch hours like she always is shes so annoying BYE chevvy is like ur basically the messiah for volunteering for my gf who is literally cancerous and lumi is like no actually im the dumbest bitch alive but i fucks with u for trying

ramsey i used to like u but now im just sorta stuck with u but i love orabella so she can stay

right who tf is sostitty and why did he win the 25th games instead of sapphira 0/10 also kephus sounds like queef sus anyways HI AMOS! love these besties analyzing the other bitches on the train i always see that in fics and am like "hmm i will do that next time" but then i don't do it next time, i will make melvina do it on si trains how about that? great! amos is right stan castor but also yeah fuck hudson donnie i love u so much ur so hot and sexy too

tohias is still gay but at least celina exists. she's trying to get to know him but he is simply unlike her which makes sense because celina is a god and we are all mortals

u know i read this like a year ago and i didnt like it then and well i still dont like it also hi johanna

how dare hera have depth im honestly offended right now? i dont particularly like her but like at least she's had a life

okayyy class started 2 minutes ago byeee
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 19 . 7/24/2021
- “Even before he got out of bed, he found that his clothes from the night before were taken and washed, and he could smell breakfast in the air.” that really is some grade a service
- “He could think of worse things than spending eight hours at a spa.” bahaha he wants to be pampered so bad
- “On the one hand, he felt as if he had a strange moral obligation to help her, since she was pretty incapable of handling herself in a life or death situation.” STRANGE MORAL OBLIGATION LMAOO but yeah… it sucks doesnt it…
- “He didn't like that. It made him feel selfish.” :(:(
- "Zezza," he began. "I've been thinking a lot, and I definitely don't want to be alone in the arena. I was thinking about forming a small group, just kids from the outer Districts, obviously. And I was wondering… You know, if you'd like to join me?" he was so nice w it omg ;;
- "Thank you, but no," she said. "I work very well by myself." LMAO SHE SWERVED HIM BIGTIME. she’s already got an ally it’s phillis
- "What?" / "I wasn't talking to you." damn zezza talking shit about teo to the sparkly gold dragon in her head :(( tough
- “He supposed the Capitol didn't have time for trivial activities, so he just had to sit there and think.” aww he’s so bored T_T
- “As much as he hated it, Teo was going to be relying on people in the Capitol that he'd probably never meet in order to survive the arena, and it was his responsibility to make sure they liked him and that they believed in him.” bingo! right on the money, son!
tl;dr both you and teo understood the assignment. this pov was really fucking nice haley ;; HES GONNA CHARM THOSE SPONSORS AND MAKE ALLIES SO GOOD I AINT RAISE NO QUITTERRR

-“Roxanne could think of few things more excruciating than lying on a cold metal table while three weirdos from the Capitol used hot wax to yank out all of her body hair, but here she was.” stop the way this was phrased was so funny
- “Sure, it would make her more appealing to sponsors, but if she refused, she'd only be hurting herself. So why wouldn't they let her?” because you don’t actually have a choice
- "Excuse me, but I'm literally dying to know," Roxanne interjected. "As in, I will die if I don't know." BYE Roxanne funny as fuck
- “She wondered what it was like to live with no critical thinking skills. These women seemed so happy.” right?!
- “A six-foot-tall ear of corn with a hole cut out of it where her face would go.” What the Fuck.
- "It's corn." it’s garbage
- "That's the point! We're feeding right into everyone's expectations. It's a commentary on how District 9 is always the most overlooked and underrepresented." not this capitolite stylist using Roxanne as the punchline of his social commentary dissertation
tl;dr i fucking adored that pov it was entertaining as hell and roxannes quips here sent me into the stratosphere

-"Darling, nothing about District 12 is or should be eye-catching. I've never styled a Victor before, and I ever will until I get moved out of this hell hole and over to somewhere respectable." what the fuck lady
- “Nothing could have prepared Buff for the costume that their District partner was wearing- or lack thereof.” NOT THIS
- "They said you were too young. They tried it for me too, but they'd only give in for one of us. That's why your costume is used. It was the girl's from last year." oh my god the d12 stylists totally would
- “They tried hard to find beauty in everyone, but there was something undeniably icky about the naked male body.” BAHAHAH
- that short memory flshback was so fucking funny aww
- "What, am I ugly or something?" / "Yes," Buff said, without missing a beat.” STOP THIS BRAMBLE BUFF INTERACTION IS HIGHKEY SO ENJOYABLE TO READ. THEY ARE ALREADY SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.
- “Buff was under no delusion that they would be friends with Bramble under any other circumstances.” but you are now eh eh?
- “But at least for the time being, the tributes from District 12 were a team.” LETS FUCKING GOOOOO
tl;dr please these last three chapters have been an absolute BLAST i LOVED THE FUCK OUTTA THIS POV

-“Everett wasn't a tree. He was something mystical and other-worldly that had come out of the trees themselves.” YOOOOO GIVE IT UP FOR EVERETT THE NOT-TREE
- “He hoped that in spite of everything, Linden could at least appreciate that he looked better than he ever had.” well that made me sad out of no where. Everett u came out of left field w that shit :((
- “In a sick way, he didn't mind that. At least, he knew it would help his chances if they found him attractive.” ur right! gotta think on the bright side!
- “If Everett was delicate, Ophelia was ethereal.” e word e word
- "My parents… They've never let me wear anything like this before." T_T OPHELIAAAAA… SHE MUST FEEL SO WRONG :((
- "People… Look at me, no matter what. I don't want to give them any more of a reason to." ophelia anyone looks at you wrong I Will Kill Them :heart: just say the word
- “Ophelia hesitated. "You said you like boys, right?" bye we’re getting the GBF Everett arc
- “He wasn't sure how long their friendship would last, but he did genuinely want her to be happy.” that’s sweet
- “At least then if she died before him, he would have a clear conscience.” that’s substantially less sweet
tl;dr wholesome pov ;; they are great district partners. gotta be in my top 3 dk district pairs probably

-“If there was one thing that made Clementina feel better about being dressed as a sunflower, it was the fact that Reese was dressed like one as well.” REEESE AJAHHAJ
- “But Clementina Romanesco knew better than to put the fate of her entire life in the metaphorical hands of a stupid yellow flower that was taller than she was.” that was funny ill give it to her
- "I just wanted to say I loved your costume. I think sunflowers are so pretty." lumi ill also admit this compliment is cute of you
- "Clementina. Did you have a point to this conversation, or are we done here?" cold. i can’t really blame her in general though. it’s like fraternizing w the enemy
- "Actually, maybe. I'll let you know at the end of training if no one better has asked me. I just don't want to take any chances." LMAOOO “fine but only if there’s no one else better”
- “and the boy from 10 seemed loud and obnoxious.” BYE IM LAUGHING
- 7 and 12 being package deals makes me happy
tl;dr clementina is such a cynical bitch but her pov was heavy entertaining. testament to you as a writer haley methinks

-“it felt as if she and Hudson, who was dressed as a fisherman, were simply playing dress-up.” aww that must suck fr
- “Risso followed his line of vision to find that he had been staring at the girl from District 7.” hudsons such a fucking scumbag
- “She noticed him staring and promptly crossed her arms over her chest and leaned in behind her District partner who gave Hudson the stink eye.” OPHELIA AND EVERETT R BESTIES YOUR HONOR!
- “What she wasn't ready for was a soldier with his shirt unbuttoned and a rifle over his shoulder and a battlefield nurse wearing what seemed to be as little clothing as humanly possible.” NOT THIS LMAOO
- “He reached out and shook the boy's hand, and when the girl extended hers, he took it and kissed her fingers.” AND SO THE HUDSON X HERA ARC BEGINS. GOD
- “She risked a glance over at Donnie who was biting down on her lower lip to keep from laughing.” Donnie you are so funny and cool ily
- "Dude, gross," Castor said.” TELL HIM WTF IS UP CASTOR!
- "No," Castor said. "I just know how to keep it in my pants." this entire exchange is greatly entertaining holy shit
- “Maybe she'd just have to make it look like an accident.” PFFT RISSO IF U GET IT DONE ILL PUT U IN MY FAVORITE TIER
tl;dr the trade offer still stands

-“They gave her a sort of eccentric seamstress look, with overalls covered in patches and ribbons, a headband with a pincushion attached, and a gold tape measure tied at her waist as a belt.” oh that’s super cute and also very on brand
- “5 were both power plant workers,” booo lameee
- “he was wearing a white sweater and orange pants that made him look like a chicken.” tohias said rooster moment
- “He was always overshadowed nowadays by the Victors who were younger, more attractive, or who won in more extravagant ways.” wahhh wahh jealousy, we get it sapphira!
- “He left before midnight, and he couldn't help but wonder if anybody noticed him go.” HES SO EDGY LMAOOO
tl;dr rouche intrigues me he’s so dramatic for a 31 year old

besides the teo pov i have to say that the buff pov was my favorite T_T it was so funny and i just really loved the banter between them and their DP
hudson just keeps sinking in my book. AFFINITY FOR OPHELIA AND EVERETT BOTH HAVE RISEN V MUCHLY.
Risso makes bank on that plan of hers and then I move her into my favorite tier

EXCELLENT two chapters dear haley at first I was like how tf am I gonna read seven povs every chapter but this is a great system and ur keeping me so engaged. i am looking forward to more pregames chapters, excited for this shit to progress! :heart:

ciao ciao!
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 18 . 7/24/2021
-“One way or another, Marina could always count on whichever woman was supposed to mentor that year to give up their position to her, and she could not be more thrilled.” damn marinas kinda crazy
-“and what Hudson seemed to lack in skill, he more than made up for in charisma” i don’t want to be anywhere near Hudson’s charisma
- “And if she wanted to continue being District 4's female mentor for long, it was in her best interests to give the male tributes the best odds at winning. If that meant that Risso would get the short end of the stick, then so be it.” DUDE LMAOOO
- “Maybe it was the way he looked at the women on the train (even the Avoxes!)” EW HES SUCH AN INCEL NO NO
tl;dr marinas kind of a weirdo but i like her LMAO i feel like id be the type of victor who’d like mentoring ngl. i hope Hudson dies pregames. there is no way the d4 pair will get along

-“The carpet was at least three inches thick” GODDAMN
- “The only thing Lumi could possibly ask for would be for her District partner to stop looking so sad. She understood that he didn't want to be chosen, but what was done was done.” lumi is such a privileged fuck
- “Carver, the other mentor, rolled his eyes in the least subtle way that Lumi had ever seen.” I sympathize w carver
- “Lumi blushed. "I go to a private school," she said, her statement coming out sounding almost like a question.” of course she does
- “Still, she didn't want him getting the wrong idea about her.” i think he has the perfectly right idea about u bae fam
- “I was hoping I could spend her last couple of weeks with her, but now I'm here… Excuse me." oh sadness :((
- “but she lived for a strong underdog. And she herself was just that.” please shut the fuck up
- “I wanted to be my own person with my own identity.” and u were willing to DIE for that?
- “The mentors didn't seem completely pleased with Lumi's explanation, and she couldn't really figure out why.” BC ITS PURE SHIte
- “And no offense to Chevvy, but shouldn't she be happy to be mentoring the tribute that actually stood a chance?” lumi actually has no regard for human life
tl;dr why god why

-“Instead, he got Amos de la Renta and Chardonnay Salvatore; a tall, lean man who still somehow had muscles the size of his head, and a woman who looked like she would rip out Ramsey's trachea and enjoy every second of it.” I LAUGHED THEY SOUND TERRIFYING FROM HIS DESCRIPTION
- also don’t lie Ramsey you’d enjoy every second too
- or not. maybe I’m projecting
- “Even little Orabella looked scarier than him, and she was a full six inches shorter than him. She had murder in her eyes.” ugh girlboss
- “He seemed arrogant, but Ramsey got the feeling that it was justified.” eh…
- “The boy, Teo, still seemed like he could absolutely beat Ramsey in a fight” COS MY BOY AINT A LITTLE BITCH, RAMSEY
- “Ramsey figured he probably got a lot of girls.” that was a gay thought but ok
- “There was another mixed bag from District 9. The guy was on the bigger side and walked up with a hint of a smile, which might be worrying if he wasn't Reaped.” oh god arius is a little too happy about this
- “He was… flamboyant, to say the least.” it’s okay ramsey you can say homosexual
- “Reese walked up to the stage with the confidence of someone who had planned this out for a long time.” you are such a good guy bro i adore you
tl;dr Ramsey being scared of clementina makes me laugh. that recap was awfully fun to see through his pov

-“That was until either he or Donnie won in three weeks.” Smiles
- "I'm feeling the girl from Four," Donnie responded. "Risso? She seemed pretty no-nonsense. I liked that." they would be cute friends methinks
- “It's just a feeling, Momo!" she protested, giving him a light punch on the arm. Amos smiled at the use of the stupid nickname she had given him years ago.” NO BECAUSE ITS SUCH A CUTE NICKNAME
- "Must not be a bad gig," he said to Donnie, gesturing to the servants. "Probably pretty fun to get to meet the tributes every year, and they probably get to eat all the leftover food." Amos…. They’re avoxes….
- “He couldn't tell if he was imagining it or if he was just drunk, but it felt like they were asking for his help.” king what can U do?
tl;dr love the friendship dynamic he and Donnie have and secretly soft-hearted career is a trope i will never tire of. he’s such a homie fr

-vernon the cobra gravedigger sounds like a character
- “Celina was the type of person to twirl a giant mouthful of noodles around her fork rather than break even one in half, then encourage everyone else at the table to watch as she tried (and succeeded) to eat it all in one bite.” she is so goofy. i love her
- “Not to mention, it put smaller farms like Tohias's family's at risk.” oh that makes sense
- "You seem nice, but I just… I just have a hard time trusting men." :((
- “But he always thought that he was easily identifiable as different. He thought that he could be trusted. He supposed he thought wrong.” JUST COS UR GAY? BRO LMAO
tl;dr tohias is really nice im sure he won’t have any problem befriending other people and becoming allies w them

-“Oleander in the Justice Building, him down on one knee staring up at her with big green eyes filled with tears as he held a silver ring with a dainty pink stone.” is this really the time oleander
- "I can't take that, Ollie, I'm sorry. Can you please get out? I want to be with my family." damn! you are never seeing him again!
- "Figure it out!" Ophelia heard something break. "Go away!" LMAO JOHANNA SAID GO FUCK YOURSELF
- “She's not here, Ophelia. You're not going to get in trouble for needing help with your shower.” yeah what’s she gonna do, ride a train up there and kill you? :rofl:
- bruh
tl;dr Ophelia istg if u enter a relationship with a man who is your mother’s age I hate to break it to you but you’d be a victim T_T

-bad dreams :(( feelsbad
- “She knew what had happened to Adrienne, to Tia, to Genesis, to Esme, to fourteen other girls around Hera's age in the past couple of months. Kidnapped. Abducted. Taken away, never to be seen again.” whoa where the fuck r we going
- this dream is scary as shit honestly
- “A pair of Peacekeepers came to their door at dawn, helmets under their arms, to let Hera's mother know that they had found her husband's body several blocks from the home, bloody and bruised beside a mangled piece of wood.” holy fuck Rest In Peace dream dad
- "Leave me alone! Get out!" :((
tl;dr dude if i had a dream like that i would snap at people too. i feel bad for Hera honestly. i wonder if the dream is related to her real life at all

ramsey was my favorite pov! as much as i dunk on him it’s fun to see how how his bitch ass interprets everything
actually i feel less mad at hera now but i don’t know how long that will last. affection towards Amos has increased. also i dislike lumi more.
craving an arius pov. i wanna see how happy his twisted ass is
none of the people in the career pack get along with hudson and he dies in the bb manifesting it now

mine: teo
love: donnie, zezza, celina, REESE
like: castor, orabella, ophelia, everett, roxanne, arius, amos
neutral: risso, chevvy, winnie, aris, tohias, buff, bramble
dislike: hera, hudson, lumi, clementina

ciao ciao!
Mykindleisawesome chapter 14 . 7/12/2021
[rolls up sleeves] i WILL review this chapter after so long I FUCKING SWEAR IT

Roxanne Teff - hello ma'am! i have no memory of you from the blog so this will be interesting since i truly have no idea what to expect! which like. unfortunately means i'm not expecting much but. it's a joy to read your writing anyway! oh damn what the fuck this sounds like a bad bounce for her dad. actually pretty brutal i must say. anything where they can't salvage much is. aha... well anyway. yeah you probably weren't slick girl lmao. THIS JUST IN: having long hair is just asking to get sucked in to die a brutal death. we are hair shaming now folks /j. roxanne why don't you want to play with your sister :( is there a stick up your ass in this good christian d9 :( you can have some fun i promise your relentless daddy issues can't stop you. bruh moment i was about to say i liked their banter and then roxanne was like haha i have fewer slips in the reaping bowl! um. ma'am what. haha the hunger games is so funny lol. why would you say that... bruh. i'm kinda peeing myself over the foreshadowing in the end though. haha this IS your funeral roxanne! your sister even told you so! umm tl;dr this girl has daddy issues because her dad do be dead as fuck and is kinda mean but that's just her dark sense of humor. that's all i've really got thank you for your time roxanne

Arius Finley - hello my son i read your pov like 50 years ago now and even upon reread i do really like it! i think it's a good introduction to his character and i'm just really excited to see where you go with him cus i think there's a lot you could do! i think the flashback was an important thing to introduce now, as well as the little bits of what else he's been up to scattered throughout. i think i really just like the way it's framed around him talking to his sister during the goodbyes? i thought that was really neat and worked well for him and idk i just really like what you did with his pov. i'm not gonna say too much more on it cus i know i left a bunch of comments on ur doc because i'm built like that but uwu thanks for writing all of my kids and portraying them well you do be talented and shit

Amaranth Lavash - tbh i've been wanting to meet her. i like that this kind of lifestyle is a choice for her i think that's neat of her. probably gets her far away from all the grain and shit of d9 because d9 always has something weird going on. oh and she even gets to vibe in the capitol a lot! idk i'm really fucking with her for some reason i just kinda like her. good luck ma'am do your best you could probably help get some mad sponsor points

1. for legal reasons i'm just gonna talk about roxanne here lmao i shall not judge my own child. oh also i liked amaranth
2/3. roxanne uh... hold on...actually lemme just go back and combine 2 and 3. okay now i have. i just don't have an opinion on her LMAOO i am sitting here trying to formulate one and i have nothing. so like kudos to roxanne for me not straight up disliking her but also points off for me failing to feel anything positive either. we are just straight up vibing.
4. i thought she was neat idk don't me
5. i am not seeing roxanne go far i must admit

will i be back for another review soon? who knows, not me. oh wait celina IS next hm... i will do my best that's all i can promise

also i rearranged this don't me i'm doing my best i did some thinking
Mine: Castor (D2M), Winnie (D8F), Arius (D9M)
Love: Zezza (D5F), Orabella (D3F)
Like: Donnie (D1F), Teo (D5M), Ophelia (D7F)
Neutral: Amos (D2M), Ramsey (D3M), Risso (D4F), Chevvy (D6M), Everett (D7M), Aris (D8M), Roxanne (D9F)
Dislike: Hudson (D4M)
No: Hera (D2F), Luminara (D6F)
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