Reviews for Justice: The 140th Hunger Games
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 41 . 6/10/2022
- god i HATE IT HERE
- i fucking hate you adair
- hes such a fucking asshat i really hate it
- “After all these years, all he'd done to them had finally come back around to bite him.” oughguhghhh
- “he had to live. Death wasn't an option when Azolla's life depended on it too.” sobbing emoji I DONT EVEN KNOW IF HE HAS ANY SAY IN THIS AT THIS POINT
- "I want you to beg for your life," the boy said, crossing his arms. "If you do a good job, I might let you live." freeze frame Sorry what the fuck did you just say at me
- “Not a single time had he imagined himself crumpled in the dust, unable to fight as his killer slowly bled out his life.” oh i feel fucking horrible for him this is so demoralizing
- “But for Azolla?
"Stop. I'll do it. Just—" A gasp burst from his ragged throat; he blinked rapidly. No tears. Not with Seven here, not before the cameras, not ever. "Please don't kill me." im really really upset
- "Good boy. I knew you'd come around." GOOD BOY?
- adair is genuinely such a fucked up person i dont understand whats going on rn
- “Seven's boot lashed out, striking his face.” head in hands
- well looks like navarros getting what he’s dished out to those d4 boys
- "Please… I-I… I have nothing left." god fucking damn it

- i dont wan tot read whats probably coming next
- “at long last Four was right where he belonged—on the ground, begging like the shameless coward he was” adair sounds like a big fat homo rn hate to say it
- "You've put him through enough. Might as well let him go." Sos that was never going to happen
- “Why not start the ball rollin' now?” i would be really miserable
- oh my god hes making sos call it
- thats really fucked up
- “But Luck had spoken, and Luck he would obey, even if she'd been awfully non-violent lately.” HELP
- "It's your lucky day," he said, nudging Four with his boot. "So get out. If you can even move." wow dear god
- does he even have the water
- and navarros still super fucked up
- this is messy
- “Softly, like a bottle of water.” ah

- "W-What?" Her voice was distant, barely more than a breath. "Nico? What—" not nico T_T
- i think theyre both about to be a lost cause
- “His head was a ball of lead, wracked with dull thuds from every angle.” hgngnhh
- “He barely felt his heart leap before the world went black.” bBRUH

- “If Clarke were honest, that spiteful side of her had bubbled with gleeful revenge when the Eight girl's face had appeared in the sky.” bruh
- “Virginia had been such a good person, hadn't she.” well. Yeah.
- “Still, he sat there.” i dont understand it myself
- “Zirconia's death hadn't been her fault, and that was that.” god fucking stop w this
- oh right the bombs
- they r seriously gonna try to take out a career?

- the fuck, whistling?
- oh its just adair
- “The Ten boy shook his head stiffly. "Just the regular. You sleep good?" this is bad sos cant act for shit
- “now, Ven was suddenly more aware than ever of how terrible he was at small talk.” NOOO
- ah. Feast.
- “If you should choose not to attend, you may soon find yourself at an immense disadvantage." bruh

- “He'd risked his life for her once. She wouldn't let him do it for her again.” several times actually but so have you its equivalent exchange
- “His eyes were wide. "Promise me you'll fight back." LMAOOO parallels her “promise you won’t fight”
- "Who's Nico?" he asked.” NOT THIS
- “He visibly relaxed.” PLEEK
- "De nada…" he murmured. "It was nothing." BUSSIN OUT THE SPANISH?

- “The guy was so desperate to stay on Ilithyia's good side it made him look pathetic.” PFFT
- “His fingers played absentmindedly with the detonators in his pocket” he really shouldve got this going way earlier tbh
- “His two least favorite people, left behind together on watch?” oh my god
- “No reason to play nice with tributes that would very soon be dead.” crying emoji Wtf say it aint so

- wow everyone that even briefly stays with ellis is killed by other tributes thats really strange and fucked up
- “This was wrong. This was hers.” she… is not using it bestie
- “Immediate regret.” deep sigh Idk what to tell u man
- “he'd figure it out tomorrow, when the time came. At least, he hoped so.” if he doesn’t he’ll be in the announcer’s words At an Immense Disadvantage

- “Sos chuckled, though there was a dryness to it that hadn't been there before.” hngghh
- “Yet at the same time, Sos' presence always seemed so… calming.” sos is a great dude
- "Your eyeballs are gonna get stuck if you don't stop starin' into the distance like that." PLEEK
- “But from Sos? Somehow, that made all the difference. It was almost as if the Ten boy really meant it.” its because sos is the perfect man
- “A tingle ran from his head to his toe as a weight seemed to ease off his shoulders. An unplanned smile crept across his lips.” sos has that effect on people
- "Wait, wh—"
"Shh. He acts nice and all, but he's really trying to play Ili against us." out of left field
- “And maybe, just maybe, he might consider Sos a little more than just an ally. Maybe almost a friend. A real one.” withered emote Pretty late in the games to be making friends you will just be upset

- “Even if that meant that the Fours would continue to be a threat, he'd at least done the right thing at that moment and saved them from Adair.” sos is really dancing around the whole thing though
- "If they don't die, I'll die. I think that counts as self-defense." She chuckled.” tbh i think she makes points
- "Then think about tu mamá! She's staring at the screen right now because she wants you to come home so bad. And Snot. How do you think he'll react if you die? Isn't it the right thing to try and win so that he gets you back?" i seriously think nevaeh makes points
- "You have no right to use their names as ammo against me." shes literally using them as ammo For you sir
- “What did they think of what had just happened? He didn't want to know. Because Nevaeh had made points.” she absolutely did.

- “The Ten girl rounded the bend, a flashlight in hand.” A
- “If this worked, it'd just be one fell swoop, and justice would be served for Zirconia.” sort of kind of
- “It was the Capitol, who'd crushed District Twelve into utter despair and forced them into this situation in the first place.” well no because nevaeh volunteered
- “Because ultimately, the only way to truly get the Capitol back for Zirconia was to first beat the Hunger Games” i really dont know how he’d plan o doing that

- “He never hung around the other victors; how would he know what they thought?” LMAOOO
- “Truth be told, Rusk hadn't spoken to any of Nines since that unfortunate run-in. He didn't have to if he avoided them at every opportunity.” probably the moves
- “A minute passed, and then two.” hes shy
- “She stared back at him, hurt. Of course she would. Because he'd betrayed District Nine.” cope
- “But District Nine hadn't been much of a home to him anyway, so he owed them nothing. He turned away and followed Darah out.” maleboss

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
awh: ellis
neutral: eros
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
FUCK THIS GUY (fun flavor): adair
Die pls: clarke

Predictions for the feast a lot of careers die. theyve been too safe since the bloodbath and i think thats gonna change real soon w adairs stinky ass. i also hope hes one of the careers that die but that might be asking for too much

Am finally caught up! :) looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds from here. hope youre having a good day too

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 40 . 6/10/2022
- “She'd tried to strike up a conversation again and again, but he'd just given her a sad look and ignored her.” he’s acting petty asf
- “This wasn't fun anymore.” girl since the games started it wasn’t fun at any point
- “No, that was a little extreme. It was ridiculous to dislike the Hunger Games.” scratches neck
- “What good was this whole experience if she couldn't take anyone out of the Arena to share the memories with her?” ili T_T what did you think had to happen for you to Live
- “She'd been so fixated on the experience that she'd forgotten the big picture.” well yes but also hes malebossing you
- “He grinned. "But of course, m'lady. It's my pleasure." ughghh i forget eros can be fun when he wants to be

- “Ellis huddled in the darkness. Another day had passed.” they are going to starve out like this
- "Just leave me alone. Stop wasting your time." y’all are in the same fucking room he doesn’t exactly have that option even if he wanted to take it
- “There was only so much he could do, and it wasn't enough.” rip virginia just save urself ellis

- no more water :(
- “At this point, he'd long since given up trying to fully understand why his eyes instinctively followed her everywhere, why time slowed to a crawl the moment she left his side, why her words found ways to unlock his most stubborn resistance.
She was Azolla. That in itself was reason enough.” hes so whipped
- “Her hair tickled at his neck, pulling a smile onto his face.” HE PROBABLY DOESNT EVEN REALIZE IT
- "When was the last time you had some water?" record scratch Wait thats correct
- “He felt his breathing pick up. "You've killed both of us." NFUCK… FUCK….
- “He knocked his head back against the wall. "It's over, isn't it." im fucking miserable azolla why would you do that
- theyre going to try again
- this is really upsetting

- hes still adamant about the money not going to clarke which is super fair. just dont know who tf it should go to instead though
- “Finally, the pressure of sponsor funds was off his back.” poggies!
- thinking about how iggy was so close to getting her own water *deep sigh*
- “He turned around; Van stood there, arms crossed, eyes narrowed in suspicion.” oop. This is awkward.

- “Thankfully the Twos seemed to be on speaking terms anyway, but he still wondered if Eros could've handled the situation more maturely.” absolutely
- “The handle was slick with sweat; he hadn't realized he'd been gripping it so tightly.” goddamn
- "Maybe it'll be easier if we're not all right next to each other all the time." mmm somethings gonna happen
- “The basement. Hardly the most exciting place to look” uh oh
- snakes thats convincing
- nice of her to try to lie for ellis though
- “For nothing in here was pretty.” its true

- she is so dead here tbh
- “She had no right to complain about being afraid anyway, for this was exactly what she deserved.” i know you dont have to kepe saying
- “She just hoped the Careers would grant her this bit of mercy.” intriguing
- oh wait sos is the judge
- she is probably not too fucked after all unless something goes horribly wrong
- "I'm here for the murder of Yggdrasil Kane," she said, her voice clear, her tone level, "the fourteen-year-old from District Eleven.” what
- “Something had softened in the Ten boy's eyes. She wondered what his role had been in Iggy's release.” ahh…
- "I'm also here for the murder of Kiran Malhotra. He was fifteen years old, from District Five. He was a snarky boy, from what I've heard. He always tried to make sure that he looked cool and respectable. But I've also learned that he had a genuine heart. He wrote stories, dreaming of a world better than the one we know." FUCK WHAT THE FUCK (STARTS SOBBING) WHAAAAA
- im miserable all over again
- "In conclusion, I plead guilty." this makes the prosecutor’s job infinitely easier i guess

- “He wasn't brave enough to do anything else.
"By her own confession…" His voice was raspy. The intangible pain in his chest made it hard to breathe. "She is guilty. She gets death." oh thats fucking sad i cant believe you wrote sos saying those words joe youre fucked for this

- “She hoped they'd see that the daughter they'd raised had ultimately chosen to stick to the morals they'd taught, and that they would be proud.” ehhhh
- “She hoped she'd find peace on the other side.” ow
- “She hoped her little sister wouldn't cry too much. She wouldn't be around to comfort her.” oh this is the worst
- “A swoop of the One boy's blade, and then everything disappeared.” AND VEN HAD TO DO IT NOOO

- “Adair made a face at the Eight girl's corpse, head severed from her body.” dear god
- “Ten left to go.” ONLY 10?! Holy fuck
- “But he meant no ill-will towards any of the others. They were just unfortunate enough to land in the Arena with him.” LMAOOOO
- “Or perhaps none of this was strategy, and it was just Sostonio being completely unfit for the game and Nevaeh being too sentimental to give him up for her own survival's sake.” ouhh… it is exactly that
- “Just a little skill and help from Lady Luck, and he'd made his happy ending come true.” hes so weird and fucked in the head

- “She'd loved to go into the doorway to watch her favorite colors in the world, yet she couldn't force herself to move.” im sobbing
- “Soon, he'd go. Soon, she'd be alone.” she is literally going to die while he’s gone
- “But she simply couldn't let him go. He was too important to her now.” im positively fucking miserable
- “She gasped. He couldn't even walk. He needed a walking stick.” SOTOP YWHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS JOSEPH JRHJWHWAH TAJFKSA
- "You have to know that I-I…" He gulped. "Never mind. I have to return." OH MY GOD… MOHB MY GIGOD,,,
- “She wondered what he'd tried to tell her before she'd refused to admit goodbye. She almost wished she'd let him finish his statement, but it was too late.” dude WHT THE FUCCKKCCK
- “With all warmth gone and all alone, she closed her eyes, wondering if it would be for the last time.” i am hating it here SEVERELY

- “he shouldn't have been shocked to see the Eight girl dead since Clarke was right here” oh fuck thats not what it was at all though
- did he and clarke just chill there together for a whole day?
- ahhhhh misinterpretation
- "Suit yourself," he mumbled. "Hope you die of thirst." hizziuzkk
- “Sorry. I'm being harsh." well yeah but also
- "Didn't mean to say those things," he said, leaning back against the wall. "I'm… coping." pft
- "Aren't we all?" ye…

- “he pulled his foot forward in another dragged step that shot spires of fire through his abdomen” hnnghgh….
- “He pressed his hand to the bandage. He found it sticky and wet” softly God what the fuck
- “Utter nonsense, but Navarro was getting used to thinking utter nonsense.” im crying cat emote
- s-sos…
- “But then a sharp force from behind slammed him off-balance, immediately stabbing his gut with excruciating pain.” head in hands it is fully over for them
- im going to be sick

Rip virginia i dont have much to say but it was cool of her to stick to her ideals at the end even though it probably wouldnt do anything for her. She took accountability

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
awh: ellis
neutral: eros
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
FUCK THIS GUY (fun flavor): adair
Die pls: clarke

Favorite minute of justice… theres a lot of highlights and so many relationships i loved seeing. i literally dont know how i can pick one favorite moment so im cheating when i say this but i really loved sos and iggy’s interactions and also how navarro’s grown soft for azolla. Start crying all over again

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 39 . 6/10/2022
- “The purple marble she'd removed still sat in her pocket. Somewhere down the line, a duplicate had found its way into the bag.” i seriously dont remember what happened here
- pink for eros is so feminist of him
- “Perhaps the Two girl was craftier than Nevaeh had given her credit for.” deep sigh trust has been Wrecked
- "Do you think about me like that too?"
"Like what?" ouch that hit right in the gut bro
- star alliance is about to be done for on god

- “He deserved to know. It would've been the right thing to do; it was cruel of her to hide this from him, to take advantage of his ignorance.” yeah he does girl what the fuck man
- "I'll leave in the morning. You won't have to deal with me anymore." She sighed.” good choice
- “She supposed she deserved this too. Even for him, she was beyond mercy.” literally dont know what to tell her

- "I was doing my part on watch when I found the Four boy stealing our water." which is literally true
- "That's…" The boy's voice had softened. "That's very nice of you." ven’s a nice guy, don’t be surprised

- “Then everything came back to him. Iggy was dead.” yeaaahh
- “But what was he supposed to think of her when she'd had part in killing every other person in here he'd dared to care for?” isnt that so fucked up
- “He chose light.
"Y-You don't have to go." the sentence “he chose light” gave me chills. ellis is too good for any of us

- “but never Ilithyia, who'd always been far too busy enjoying her life to really put any thought into any of this. Completely ridiculous of her, though he had to admit he wouldn't have it any other way.” hehe
- “Eros wondered why the One guy had been so insistent on defending Adair, almost as if everyone in the pack was in on a secret and had decided collectively to leave him out.” eros is a little paranoid
- “though, if anyone's watching," he said, glancing upwards toward some hidden camera, "I'd love some lotion in here.” this is sending me this is hysterical out of context
- “Adair was caught colluding with the pair from District Four." it didn’t even look like that
- “It was hard to believe the two Tens were a team when one was sodifficult while the other was the most pleasant person he'd ever met.” PLEEK
- “Completely unrelated—it was glorious." LMAOOOO
- “Sos can barely walk, but Eros should've been guarding the courthouse. He wasn't doing his job." ven breaks up a very interesting point
- “There's no way to prove which story is right. We do know that Eros and Adair don't get along, so I don't know how much I trust this. That's all" i cannot say that that is convincing
- “He'd thought Adair was his main enemy, but now he couldn't even be sure about Nevaeh. And Ven.” hes just pointing fingers at everyone now
- “It was time to retarget.” hmmm good luck

- hes such a good guy
- "If it makes you feel better, think about it like I need your protection in case someone attacks us." LMAOO hes so considerate

- “She wished the footsteps were still there.” thats too bad
- “She didn't miss the Eight girl. Not one bit. Not after the girl had wished for Clarke's death and taken all their supplies with her.” virginia was pretty right for that though
- “But that would've required letting the Eleven girl live, and she hadn't had that option, all because of the Capitol's cruelty.” allergic to accountability
- “She wondered if Liat was in heaven. She had to be; the Seven girl had been perfect in every way” deep sigh Liat…
- “Heaven had no place for someone like Clarke, especially after all she'd done over the past week. But that didn't mean she didn't wish to be there anyway.” thats a really sad combo of lines
- “But the Eleven girl wasn't so easy.” yeah i hope that shit kills you
- “Virginia, Zirconia, Liat. The only people that'd ever wanted her, yet she'd helped to destroy all three of them.” isnt that miserable
- “Not until the familiar figure rounded the corner and she found herself staring teary-eyed at Zeph.” oh fuck

- “The girl had rescued Clarke from the Cornucopia though she'd had no obligation to. What could've caused her to leave Clarke like this?” starts humming
- “But he couldn't leave behind someone crumpled against a wall crying. That simply wasn't something he did, not ever, not now.” well its the person who got your best friend killed so maybe reconsider
- “It wasn't everyday he got a chance to talk with someone who'd hatched the plan that'd gotten his best friend killed.” interesting choice

- "It feels like I'm gonna die if I—" He tried to adjust his posture, only to be silenced by a sharp wince. "—move. But it's not too bad the rest of the time." ouh…
- “The water level hadn't gone down since she left this morning.” hes gonna die of thirst at this rate
- “She sighed. "If I wanted more negativity I would've kept searching for cacti." LMAOOO
- "N-No." His voice shook; he cursed. "Not too cold." YOU ARE MY LITTLE MEOW MEOW
- “Surprised, he sucked his breath in sharp and she worried she'd hurt him, but his breathing restabilized and he pressed in too.” :pleading: AW.,... m,AWW…
- “She wanted to believe it. She wasn't sure if she dared to believe it.” unfortunately i could not blame her if she didn’t
- “So she crawled up beside him again. He immediately leaned in, as if seeking her warmth, but she couldn't say she minded the slight relief from the cold. Then his head rested on her shoulder. A smile crept across her face, and the two drifted off to sleep.” im going to fuckin g sob
- they are my emotional support district pair because d12 has been wrecked and d10 is probably about to go down the shitter real soon
- this is my favorite thing happening rn

- he and darah r probably causing quite a ruckus if they’re going to every government bureau they can think of
- “Nothing in particular, but she seemed happy to be a good host and he'd hate to rob her of it.” sob hes so nice
- “Mine's got a splash of tequila." wow so real and so true darah
- “He sighed. "I wish. It was going pretty well, but then Avisa pointed up at the screen and… we watched the Eleven girl die." crying cat emote
- “Or maybe he was just tired and starting to overthink things more than he usually did.” which is the most likely conclusion tbh

Mostly nice chapter… the fuck… i was miserable the entire time but thats probably because of all the iggy and zirc mentions *deep sigh*

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph, yggy
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
awh: ellis
neutral: eros, virginia
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
FUCK THIS GUY (fun flavor): adair
Die pls: clarke

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
goldie031 chapter 38 . 6/9/2022
Hi Joe I think I have owed you a review for a very long time ;-; I'm putting it on this chapter bc this is where Iggy died but I'm gonna kind of talk about the fic as a whole here because I'm about to fall off of so many reviews bc camp.

First of all, I want to thank you for writing Iggy so well :plead: my sweet daughter was never going to win in this cast, but the way you portrayed - and somehow maintained - her childlike exuberance and innocence and all that was really quite lovely. I'm so glad that she fell into your lap and that I got the chance to see a truly delightful arc, even if it ended like this.

Now on to the rest of the Games. I think what's really remarkable about your writing is that we can have a long break between chapters and still have a very clear picture of where every single tribute is at. it helps, of course, that there are still so many Careers alive, but that doesn't discount the emotional weight of Azolla/Navarro or Zeph/Clarke and how those arcs are coming together. I also think it's a testament to you that I still have absolutely no idea who is going to win this fic. There are still eleven kids left and I could probably make a case for nine of them, which means you did a bang-up job of shaping arcs that last appropriate lengths in the Games. I know you've got other things on your plate but I'm very curious to see who comes out of here on top. As always, thank you for writing and really good work!
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 38 . 6/8/2022
- “As he fumbled around with a response (he'd never quite gotten used to the strange arrangements of letters on the keyboard)” oh my god T_T
- "Just hoping to wrangle a few extra denarii out of them. The boy needs medicine." he does ;;
- "He might be the most stuck-up douche I've ever seen, but a mentor's gotta do what a mentor's gotta do." JSAHBCJFAKJFAKSJFh
- "That always gets so much bad press and I really don't think it's worth it." mmm
- “The girl's fingers flew over the keyboard, much faster than he could ever dream of.” PEA
- “She pointed up at the screen. He'd barely made out the faces of Clarke, Virginia, and Yggdrasil when Clarke slammed her gauntlet into Iggy's head.” SHUT THE FUCK UP

- “For once, it hadn't been to Her. It'd been to Mati, to Ellis, to Sos, to everyone whose kindness had sustained her thus far.
Then sudden force struck, and everything turned red.” i fucking hate it here i fucking hate it here so much its unbelievable

- “Immediately metal slammed into her face and her grip released.” clarke actually needs to be put down immediately
- “None of that had mattered. Too little, too late. She'd never had a chance at redemption after all.’” hngngh
- “Blood splattered all over the Eleven girl's head, which had been bashed in and dented like a monster out of a horror movie.” dear fucking god
- “as Virginia stared, a righteous fury welled up inside.” oh if she kills clarke that would be fucking spice
- poor iggy *deep sigh* i resigned myself to this a long time ago but it still hurts like a motherfuck

- “No longer did anyone have grounds to call her weak, to call her pathetic.” um no i think brutalizing a little kid who was vulnerable and defenseless is pretty weak and pathetic
- “Clarke had won. Then why did she feel dead inside?” gee wiz
- “Clarke gulped as her heart twinged. "I-It's the Hunger Games." yeah the same establishment youve been criticizing only this entire fucking time
- "You killed the Five boy. I killed the Eleven girl. You think one of them matters more?" its not about that man you could’ve just chosen Not to
- "It's not our fault we have to do this; we're just doing what we need to survive." and if that means taking zero accountability for ur actions then its one hell of a fucked up world we live in huh
- "Maybe not being the victor is the right thing," Virginia said. Her voice shook as another round of tears poured forth. "Maybe it's the human thing." thats pretty deep virginia
- "I wish I didn't save you," Virginia shot back. She shook her head. "I should've let you die." oh we’re going there
- “Once again, she was alone. Just as she deserved.” yup!

- “He'd been an idiot for rambling on about himself to her, as if she had any reason to care about him and the idiot things that happened inside his idiot head, especially after his idiot self had nearly gotten himself killed breaking a promise he'd made!” oh my god T_T
- “He immediately shrunk back. "I woke up and saw you were gone and I panicked. I thought maybe you left or, or—" HE ADMITTED IT
- "Fine, Nurse Majuli." AHJBDAHDSJAMhd
- i love them
- “At what point had he developed such a debilitating dependency? He didn't know when, but it'd happened for sure.” he really is a sick dog
- “Even now he had to work to stop looking at her.” oh very peculiar navarro
- “Pathetic, in every way. But he didn't mind it quite as much as he used to.” AWWWW

- “Ever since the cannon, Ellis had been on edge.” mmmm
- “there was a very real possibility of it being Iggy.” yeah
- “With a shaky hand, he allowed himself another drop from the water the Four girl had given him, saving some for Iggy.” deep sigh
- “He ate one anyway. He never was good at saying no to sugar.” gah im miserable
- “Then he heard the Two girl's voice again—this one a shout, as if they'd spotted someone—and he stumbled into the darkness.” oh fuck
- "Virginia?" GOD DAMN it

- now she has to tell him what the fuck happened to iggy
- this is a fucking mess
- “There was only one person left in the Arena the voice could belong to, and it was the one person she'd failed the most, the one she didn't dare face.” T_T
- "I really should go," she said. "It's… It's not right for me to stay."
A deep breath from Ellis. "Please don't go." this is making me sad
- “He cried too, his arms around her shaking with every sob that rang in her ears. Regret welled up inside.” you know what i accept the virginia regret arc
- there’s nothing like the district partner bond

- "Are you and Adair having problems getting along?" She scoffed, though worry lingered in her eyes. "C'mon. Didn't I tell you to have a great day?" oh oops my bad
- “He hadn't anticipated convincing Ili to go so poorly.” i didnt anticipate that either
- "Nevaeh said that she really trusts Adair, and I don't think she would lie to me." oh what the fuck
- "Eventually, they're going to turn on us. But we won't ever turn on each other, right?"
She shook her head. "Never. I remember." tension
- "You guys, I'd like to press charges against Adair," he said. He shot the Seven boy a dirty look. "Guilty of conspiring with other tributes against the alliance." ohhh shiiit

- “It had Eros written all over it, and Ven didn't trust anything Eros had dabbled in.” cant believe he trusts adair more than eros
- “Sooner or later, the Ten boy would have to go. Ven just hoped it would be later.” same here
- “Though all of it, Adair remained suspiciously silent, almost dismissive, as if this wasn't concerning to him at all.” LMAOOO
- why cant they settle shit normally and not through a court trial
- “Ven rose; he stepped forward. "I'll defend Adair." He couldn't be less invested in the slimy Seven boy, but if it would stop the arguing, he'd take the job. "Discussion over." ohhh shiiit

- “Good thing she'd been the one to originally find the marbles, then. A little rigging of the odds never hurt anyone.” oh shit shes girlbossing
- thats clever i hate to say
- “But she also knew Ili wouldn't be able to tell a true fact from bull scrap if it came out of Eros' mouth, and losing Adair was too big of a risk for Nevaeh to gamble on.” this alliance is gonna really crumble soon

- "I need you to do me a favor," he said, voice low.” oh god oh god
- "Can we pick the judge now?" he said. "This whole situation is really stressful, and it'd help me a ton tonight if I knew who the judge would be tomorrow." they’re gonna find out
- "Oh! Here they are." He lifted the bag up from beside her backpack. "Must've fallen out when you leaned back." hm
- “When she opened her hand, she was greeted by a lovely purple marble, the very one she'd chosen to represent herself.” wait how is that possible
- did nevaeh accidentally do something wrong

Rip iggy im just upset thank you for being the heart of justice you will be missed so fucking dearly

AHDASHD I love the kiran answer for the QotW. Adair could carry a show just from being problematic. But i’d want a show about zirc AND zeph. They were such a dynamic duo *deep sigh*

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph, yggy
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
awh: ellis, virginia
neutral: eros
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
FUCK THIS GUY (fun flavor): adair
Die pls: clarke

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 37 . 6/8/2022
- “he refused to take it out on the old thing, where the cameras would undoubtedly pick it up and broadcast "The Twelve Boy's Mental Decline" to all of Panem.” LMAOOO
- “Zirconia was dead.” ben affleck smoking png
- “Of course, that was asking for a lot, especially from a District Twelve tribute, but even then he'd always imagined one of them dying in the other's arms, or somewhere nearby.” this makes me so upset
- “Not only had the Capitol stolen his best friend. It'd also stolen his last moments with her.” crying cat emote
- so many things he could’ve done but it’s not his fault :( i feel so bad
- “Those risks remained, but she did not.” ouwww
- “He was falling apart, wasn't he.” no one talk to me rn im inconsolable

- “It'd been her fault, hadn't it.” literally yes fuck you man
- “A few comments against someone were nothing compared to getting someone's friend killed.” nice of you to think about someone else for once
- “All the more reason to hate the Capitol.” well yes but what are you gonna do about it
- “She could only hope the little voice of guilt would stay down there until after she won.” unfortunately it never happens like tht xDDDDDD :withered:

- “The Twelve boy had stabbed him. If the guy had made a break for the exit, it wouldn't have been that inconceivable, but not in a million years had Sos anticipated this.” you should’ve anticipated it!
- “Given everything he'd known at the time, he'd made the right choice.” you know what no regrets right
- "Guess I got my wish. I couldn't hunt if I tried." looking on the bright side T_T
- "Cállate! I— I couldn't kill him." Her voice cracked. "Even though he did this to you." he doesnt want u to do that :(
- “But she didn't accuse him. She didn't sneer, or yell, or anything. "I knew it," she said. She sighed deeply.” she knows how he is
- “She stared at the ground, shaking her head. "I love you, but I hate you." LMAO
- “If it weren't for their common home, they probably wouldn't have ended up on the same side. Yet they had. And he appreciated it.” would not have it any other way
- never trust a goddamn word adair says

- “For the first time in a long time, Rusk had woken up and hadn't immediately wished to be asleep again.” hows that feel
- “Was this what it felt like to be involved in society? Maybe he could get used to it.” he is so ostracized from society its kind of funny
- “Maybe, but it was significantly less weird than it'd be if the other Nines walked in on him transferring Mati's money to a different district's tribute.” LMAOOOO
- pretty slick rusky boy, not bad

- “Back on the train, she'd felt bad for him, the way one felt bad for beat up chihuahuas on the street.” BAHDBAJDBH correct interpretation.
- “Grumbling under his breath, he took the knife from his belt and dropped it back in the bag. "Happy now? Can't even fight if I wanted too." thats not smart either
- "And stop worrying, will you?" he called, as he crossed the threshold. "It's obnoxious." hes so fucking annyoing hes asking to get beat the fuck up
- “She slung the bag over her shoulder and crept towards the concrete tower near the Careers, where Navarro was bound to be.” this isnt a bad plan unless they both get caught then its horrible

- “But that was part of why Ili wanted to go today. If her friend needed some cheering up, she wanted to be there to do it.” ;;;
- “his calming presence beside her reminded her why she was so glad for him.” vens great
- “But Nevaeh's body remained stiff; her eyes never left the invisible point up ahead. Ilithyia frowned. Now something was really wrong.” beginning of the end, it looks like

- “A distant noise caught Adair's ear, a soft one from down the hall.” uh oh navarro time
- “The Four boy exited the building, none the wiser.” HFAFHHF
- "G'day," Adair said.” god hes so stinky
- "Lookin' for water, eh?"
"Nah, rainbows and rabbit holes. But your dead body would work too." navarro is so uncool it makes me laugh LMAO
- “But that was the worst case, the boring case. He'd give Four one more shot.” adair is nasty
- "No running, remember? But if you needed a weapon—there you go." this is a lot of fun though
- navarros doing such a great job at exercising self control
- “Before the boy could flee, Adair flicked a knife.” NOO

- “Why did this rat get to leave with his big mouth intact?” THIS LINE MADE ME LAUGHHH
- hes doing great by azolla
- “Biting pain splintered over his hand.” fukc
- “He yelped; he let go of the gallon as he instinctively pulled his hand in” NOO
- "You're disgusting," he growled.” this is the truest thing navarro has ever said
- “Now all he could see was red. He swung his fist at Seven's face.” navarro :( he was doing so good too
- “It plummeted to the ground. The plastic cracked. Water splashed everywhere.” now none of us can drink water!
- “A furious female "No!" rippled through the air.” god fuckin damn ti
- now azolla is gonna take the hit for navarro and die
- this sucks
- “Once again, she'd had to come in and save him.” its always azolla ex machina
- “Wide-eyed, he stared at the knife sticking out of him, its blade plunged into him above a trail of dark blood.” well fuck
- “He nodded, blinking rapidly. It didn't feel real, with every nerve in his body tingling with adrenaline to the point where he could barely feel anything anywhere.” dearrrr god this will not end well

- “He chuckled. So this was the power of Adair Ryder, District Seven Male.” LMAOOO
- “Eros doubled down. He crossed his arms. "You took the bombs, didn't you." OH FUCK? We’re going there?!
- "What crack are you on?" LMAOOOOOO
- “Only a bit remained in the concavity of its shell; he picked up the fragment and drank the remaining bit before it all leaked away.” floor water yummm
- “Adair had just destroyed part of their water supply.
Eros grinned. Perhaps this had been a turn of good luck after all.” hmmmm hm hm hmmm

- “She hadn't followed him all the way there just to watch him die!” it looks like that might happen :sob:
- “when Navarro had gotten frustrated with his pile of firewood and the Five boy had told her than writing was dumb—” kiran *starts crying*
- oh this is fucking intense im sweating
- "I mean, it's impossible to tell for sure, but I don't think so." shes panicked
- "Why do I always need you to save me?" cos well you’re you know
- this is making me so upset
- i dont want anything bad to happen to azolla and navarro :sob:
- “His voice quavered. "Because all I know is how to hurt people. And you deserve better."
Azolla held his hand; she looked him in the eye. "I'm not leaving, okay? Not anymore." joe im fucking emo why did you write this? Just to make me suffer?
- all of this for some water
- deep sigh

- “Now, it was all she could do to not wonder why Her reach fell short of this hell on earth, where the clouds brought corrosion and the sun brought dehydration.” nooo :sob:
- where the FUCK is ellis?
- “She wondered if the two would give her a drink if she asked nicely. The knife and metal gloves suggested probably not.” hnghhgngn… dont risk it iggy…
- “Then again, that'd been before Virginia had killed Kiran.” yeah :sob:
- “What did she have to lose?” A LOT!

- “but her sunken eyes no longer held the naive innocence they'd once possessed.” oh im fucking miserable
- theyre literally going to kill her
- “She could barely make it from day to day with the Five boy's blood on her hands. She wouldn't be able to take another.” hmpphh
- "Just a bit," the Eleven girl repeated. "So I can make it a bit longer. Until I find Ellis." PWEASE GIVE HER SOME
- “she would never get a moment of peace ever again—not that she got many of those anymore after she'd murdered the Five boy.” good
- “But was she ready to help the little girl?” you better be the fuck

- “Then why could she still hear the District Six girl?” shes actually going insane
- “No one in the Games deserved this fate less than little Eleven.” REAL
- “the girl's hand rested on Clarke's shoulder, but she brushed it off, much faster now than she'd been early that morning.” what the fuck
- “Clarke frowned. The girl was weak” dont fucking do what i think ur about to do
- clarke b like grrrr the capitol is evil for killing a bunch of kids *kills a bunch of kids*
- “destroy the last bit of resolve she clung to, the last strands of determination she needed in order for the Capitol to fall.” how the FUCK do you plan to do that by killing everyone you run into? Do you think critically clarke?
- “She swung.” man you need to die really fucking soon

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph, yggy
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
neutral: eros, ellis
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
FUCK THIS GUY (fun flavor): adair
Die pls: virginia, clarke

Im thinking clarke and virginia need to be smited by god i dont like who clarke has become and virginia needs to be put out of her rich girl misery
jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 36 . 6/8/2022
-“At this point, they might as well kill the pair here and now; the fate of the Twelves was now certain.” For real
- "Yeah," he said, voice preoccupied. "Um, guys? They're trying to escape." and he commentated instead of actually doing anything like a dumbass

-“She lifted a finger to her lips, but it was too late.” BAHAGAGA SHE REALLY TRIED IT
- “Zeph swayed beneath her, yet he didn't buckle.” Zeph [starts sobbing]
- “She locked her arms against the outside of the wall and screamed. She thrashed—the force pulling her intensified, but they couldn't take her! She wouldn't let them!” PERSEVERE ZIRC!
- “The Two girl pulled Zirconia's arms behind her back and locked her wrists with two metallic clicks.” fuck.
- "If you take a single step, I'll kill you." Haha careers doing career thingsss
- “What if they forced her to kill Zeph?” they wouldn’t do that right
- “If worse came to worst, she hoped he'd escape. He'd be clever enough to cut those ropes off his arms.” Ah… im not ready for this…

-“It would've been far more humane to kill them quickly and painlessly, but Sos pressed his lips together and swallowed his opinions.” Real and fucked up
- “The knot was far more secure this time, sure, but it came at the poor boy's pain. He forced his eyes to refocus elsewhere.” Fuck man :sob:
- adair is too good at this
- “But letting our assailants go free? We'd be telling them that we're weak, that we won't stand up for ourselves when we're under attack.” I hate it he’s too clean
- "I know y'all have to worry about security and all, but it hurts and—" if sos helps him he’s just being stupid
- "Please. Y'all are already making me watch y'all kill my best friend. Is this too much to ask?" Goddamn it
- "You won't run, will you?" If u have to ask u know ur answer
- “This was a huge mistake.” THEN WHY?
- “Sos gave him a weak smile. "Of course. I'll loosen it a bit more." Sos what the FUCK
- "I got an itch on my ankle—do you mind if I scratch it?" LMAOOO?

-“With relief, Zeph straightened again, now having scratched his ankle and verified that he could still reach the hidden knife in his boot.” Wow
- “Hers blazed with indignant fire, but he knew her well enough to see past the ferocity, to see the terror in her eyes.” Crying cat emote
- “Sure, they might've attacked us, but can you really blame them? Clowns gotta do what they gotta do.” this is funny as fuck
- “The old couple had never fully acclimated to living in the Seam; they needed Zirconia. He silently promised them he'd do his best to get her out alive.” hes only thinking about her T_T
- “He plunged the knife into the boy's thigh.” hope i dont sound ridiculous but sos literally had that coming to him
- zeph is so smart and well-adjusted
- “Sudden force slammed into him from behind.” HE WAS SO FUCKING CLOSE T_T

- “Zirconia hadn't managed to escape.” this is a fucking disaster
- “But Zeph. He still had hope. Change of plans.” ohhhh my god noooo NOOOOo
- “Zeph twisted out from under her grip, horror written all over his face.”IM FUCKING MISERABLE
- “Two words remained at the forefront of her mind as the world faded to white.
Mission accomplished.” i am so upset what the fuck
- best friends sacrifice turned into best friends sacrifice will turn into guilt for a goddamn lifetime

- “The Twelve boy had stabbed Sostonio, likely dooming him in the rest of the Games to come.” if you think about this rationally he was doomed the moment he volunteered so
- “An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. Sos was family, and she didn't allow anyone to get away with hurting her family.” i hate it i sympathize for both of them why did you pit my two favorite district pairs against each other :sob:
- “Sos had acted out of kindness, and this was how Twelve repaid him?” its the fucking games abusing kindness is a survival strat
- “But after the day she'd had, she instinctively pulled in her shoulders and kept her arms close.” nevaeh might die next
- shes going off the deep end
- “As she passed under the doorway, her foot caught on a rope.” zeph is incredible
- “Twelve had escaped. She'd let him escape.” poggies!
- "How dare you! After all he did for you? How dare you do that to him!" yall KILLED his district partner did you forget ?!
- “She couldn't lose him too.” that would ACTUALLY be the breaking point

- “Looking at the two girls, one might even mistake the scene for some lousy Capitol teen drama if it weren't for the uniforms.” NOOO AHAJHSDA
- “She smiled as Nevaeh finally took her first breath since she stepped foot in the room; she grabbed a nearby cloth and wiped the blood dripping down Nevaeh's face.” i love them but i know this won’t last for long
- “Adair Ryder was simply too good to fail.” please die
- “For a kid from District One, Ven knew his first aid surprisingly well.” ven poggies!
- “Then Adair made a circling motion with his index finger around his ear before pointing briefly at her. Cuckoo.” bruh

- “She hoped Ellis had them; she'd hate for the kindness of her sponsors to go to waste. Nature would too, as She never wasted.” cries
- “If she kept up this line of thinking, Nature was sure to abandon her.” nature would never
- “But Sostonio had proved to her that kind people existed, even here in the most inhospitable place on the continent.” crying cat emote hizccup

- “A single half bottle was all that remained between the two of them. What would they do once they ran out?” the water struggle…
- “But what was she supposed to do? Let the boy die? No regrets.” purr i hope it comes back around
- “His breathing grew heavier, like he was already bracing for a fight. Not a good sign.” dont start this shit man she’s literally right
- "You had one job, and you blew it." dude what
- “Since when did Navarro de Leon not jump at an opportunity to get the last word?” since he got an eensie weensie bit of character development heh
- ”No. You're not going to the Star Alliance."
"You can't stop me." bruh?
- “He sighed. "I promise I'll do better, okay? Haven't I been doing better?" sob emoji
- trust me… those innocent words

- “Perhaps he would've been on time if he hadn't spent ten minutes out front reassessing everything he'd ever done.” LMAOOO
- “Some fruit tea would be nice.” interesting choice
- "J-Just… Just pick the one you like." He chuckled, a tense smile on his face.” this is my strat too when i try new things. I just ask someone else what they like
- "I paid them a little extra to test the irrigation system tonight." She winked.” LMAOO
- “What was this—a crime thriller?” im laughing
- “He'd come here to talk about Faridah and get answers, not find someone to throw him a pity party. Heaven knew he did enough of that on his own.” rusk is always so miserable hfhfhjfj
- "Then what's the point of blaming him at all?" im askin the same thing!
- "That boy's far too good for the Games.” its fucking true T_T SOS WHY
- “The man's lunatic eyes still pierced his memories as he stared at the evening scene around him, as if they'd appear out of nowhere and choke him just like the man had done to Faridah.” hmmmm
- i really do wonder how this shit will unfold

Rip zirc ill mis you so fucking much but i know what i feel will never compare to how zeph does T_T

I would miss sos and zeph the most and strangely enough maybe even navarro. Hes just such a Presence ya feel. Also ili. Quite a handful.

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zeph, yggy
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
neutral: eros, ellis
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
Die pls: virginia, clarke

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 35 . 6/4/2022
- “The drab greens and browns he wore were an ugly stain against the backdrop of the opulence around him, no more at home than a beggar who'd sneaked into a palace. But that was okay. He had never fit in here anyway.” he makes me feel so bad for him
- “His watch read six o'clock in the morning—time to rise and work and be a functional adult—yet he craved the warmth of his blankets.” felt
- “But if there was one person he wouldn't send the money to, it was Clarke.” FHFHHF
- “Yggdrasil Kane.” YES GIVE IT TO IGGY
- "Hey, Darah. This is Rusk," he said, voice low though there was no one around to hear him. "Could we talk sometime in person? It's about Faridah." oguhughhug

- “little Iggy was still alive, somewhere out there in the Arena.” YES SHE IS!
- “Just hang in there. I'll find you.” GO ELLIS GOOOO

- “In the last one, she'd burned down the Capitol, every last bit of it, only to find that everything she loved had burned with it.”nhizzuk
- “How quickly everything had changed!” yeah and clarke’s mood 180ed super fucking hard too
- “But it couldn't be. They were her friends—even Zeph, despite his no-fun-ness.” ummmm
- “Clarke's heart sank into her gut. An angry tear welled up under her closed eyelids.” NOT VIRGINIA BUT CLARKE... YOUCH
- i mean she do b feeling extra volatile these days
- "She's a loose cannon. But let's talk later." real shit
- "I… I could see that." ouch
- “But nothing had changed. Even here in the Arena, she was unwanted.” well really sucks to suck

- "But that's just because we already caught her yesterday, and it'd be boring to repeat, right?" ili u know why u don’t wanna catch iggy again
- “When things inevitably fell apart, Sos would be a dead weight for Nevaeh.” oof
- “If he'd wanted to spend his life sitting around in an old courthouse, he would've become a lawyer.” LMAOOO
- “The other tributes, then, must've not been in possession of the bombs.” correct :) look inside your own alliance boy
- “Of course, he'd get Ili out of there with him. Possibly Sos too.” AWH…
- “Eros sighed at himself. He was getting soft.” HE WAS
- “And since when did Adair care so much about keeping the group together? The guy obviously didn't—then what was all this for?” glad eros is sus of adair
- "I'll go with Ili," Adair said with a grin” hmmm
- “Ili ran out after him, only pausing to give Nevaeh a quick hug.” i love them so much

- “He wondered if the boy from Two had had the bombs this whole time. How else could he be so confident in their security?” uh ohhh
- “Ven was starting to wonder what Sos' "talked to" meant.” LMAOOO
- "He keeps reminding her that they're the 'dream team' or something. I don't know about you, but that's seriously concerning." i mean they ARE dps
- “Ven smiled weakly. He'd hoped Sos would take his side; with Eros and now Adair both spouting nonsense in Ili's ear, he didn't know how much longer the alliance could last.” thats foreboding
- “He didn't want to admit it, but he couldn't see the Tens coming out on top if the alliance collapsed.” ooghhghgng…

- “Perhaps it'd been unfriendly of him to keep his spare to himself when Clarke had needed a weapon of her own, but he figured that if there was any place where selfishness could be justified, this was it.” its probably true
- “Even if he hadn't recognized their appearances—who else would walk so brazenly into the open?” only careers
- “She grabbed his arm. "Wait. There's only two of them." GIRL THEYRE STILL CAREERS?
- “Zirconia would say that they were just too fantastic to not be an outlier.” BAHHAHA SHES SO FUNNY
- "Fine. We'll ask Zirconia." Clarke smiled smugly. "Let's see what she says." bruh
- “This was about to be a huge mistake.” it really smells like it
- i cant tell if this is ili and adair or nevaeh and eros
- guess we’ll find out

- “but even she had to admit it hadn't been much of a hunt when the girl spent half the time talking and laughing and the other half trying and struggling to stay quiet.” LMAOOO
- “Being the protector. She liked the sound of that.” hehe course she does
- “Victory would mean leaving Sos behind in the Arena, but she supposed it was always meant to be. As much as she loved him, he simply wasn't built for the Arena, leaving her as the hope of District Ten.” ouh thats sad
- “That was, until she saw the glimmer of metal coming in from the right.” OOP
- “A trap.” BRUH
- oh this is fucking intense
- "No. Trust me," she whispered back, though she herself wasn't the one the trust ultimately rested on. "We can hold them off. Just a little longer." WHATS SHE THINKING

- “It was four against two with surprise on their side; the math had worked out.” it literally does not if you factor years of fighting experience smartass
- “Turns out that the years of unfair training did make a significant difference.” yeah well cry
- “At the time, she'd kept her mouth shut—the numbers made sense, even if the entire concept of ambushing two Careers never quite sat well in her stomach.” ARE YOUFUCKING DUMB? HOW R U GONNA ACT LIKE U KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA FROM THE START?
- “Virginia simply didn't want to kill anymore.” hmm uve already come this far i really think you should just commit
- "You're disgusting." Clarke spat. "Kissin' up to that den of vipers." clarke is gonna get them all kilt
- “Now the corner of the Ten girl's lip curled up.” MMMMMM
- “Right as she opened her mouth, Zirconia and Clarke looked at each other. The former smiled and nodded. The latter charged.” WHAT THE FUCK
- “They'd thought they'd surrounded the Star Alliance, but the Star Alliance had surrounded them.” yall had this coming

- “Yet Clarke had already committed to closing in, and Zirconia wasn't about to abandon her to the wolves, not again. She put him out of mind. Sorry, Zeph.” girl what the FUCK
- “Sharp force suddenly slammed into the back of her head. It was the back of Two's spear, now more staff than spear at this short range.” dude DUUUDE
- “Another spin of his spear and Clarke lost her footing. Virginia was nowhere to be seen.” a disaster
- “He was stuck. She was stuck. Even she could no longer stay optimistic.” you guys are all fucked
- “It dawned on her that Clarke was gone.” did she get away?

- “tying them together real good with a rope from Adair's backpack.” not just good but Real good
- “If Sos were here, she knew he'd give her a disappointed look for the kick, but she didn't care, especially not when the girl had just tried to kill her.” no thats super fair
- "Why wouldn't I be," she said. "Just almost died. But you wouldn't get it. You weren't here." NEVAEH?
- we are breaching asshole territory
- “They were supposed to be the dominant force in the Arena, not narrow survivors of a clash with a few untrained outer district kids.” to be fair there were four of them
- "You'll just kill me anyway." ZIRC MAKES POINTS!
- "Make up your mind. Get up or he dies," Nevaeh said, pulling another knife from her vest. Some of the Twelve girl's blood smeared the handle, and she wiped it off on the ground. "In three." damn this is kinda hot but also i AM fully aware that she’s losing her grip and this is her way of overcompensating for it
- “There was something so satisfying about seeing this girl comply when the girl had tried to kill her just a few minutes ago.” slightly sadistic

- “She'd left them behind. She had to go back.” coward yikes
- “but there was no way she was going to risk her life to run after people that'd faked affection for her in the first place.” thats fair tbh
- “Those times had been so happy; they'd been the perfect team.
They'd all been a lie.” cope

- right she got away too
- why couldn’t the careers take clarke and virginia boo
- “When Zeph had shouted for them to run, it'd given her permission to turn and leave, all she'd wanted since the confrontation began.” virginia is a BITCH
- “that she'd essentially abandoned her allies and left them to die. Now she was a murderer and a traitor. Not to mention a coward for not going back.” yeah!
- "You ran," Clarke said. The statement held no accusation. Her voice was too numb to be accusatory.” well well well we are back to square one again
- “It'd been Clarke's plan, after all” virginia youre a fucking dick
- “But Virginia had no right to blame the girl when she herself was such a failure.” real
- i mean i get it i get how she feels but it’s so gross how she’s still only thinking about herself when two of her allies went down for her
- “Clarke frowned. She turned away; she set her face towards the distance. Without a word, she set off.” hm
- “And yet, Virginia followed, as she'd always done.” wow

- “At the very least, it seemed looser than it'd been at first.” oohh
- "Intestines of a dead tribute," he muttered.” LMAO
- “He frowned. Just the thought of her rubbed him the wrong way. "I wish she were here instead." real
- “When he'd told them all to run, he never thought he would've had to specify which direction, as if it wasn't clear enough that running towards the Careers was counterproductive.” ON GOD that was fucking braindead
- “As one who made a living off thievery, Zeph knew he had little right to talk about honor. But even he knew better than to leave a favor unreturned.” oh that was a banger line
- “But even if she didn't, he'd gotten himself in here because he'd chosen to save her instead of escaping himself. He'd still consider it a success. Not a huge one, but a success nonetheless.” zephs a great guy
- “Suddenly, without warning, the door to the courtroom flew open. Zeph found himself staring back into the eyes of the boy from Two.” joe how the fuck r u gonna end a chapter like that :sob:

mine: kiran (rip)
love: ilithyia, sostonio, zirc, zeph, yggy
like: ven, nevaeh, azolla
neutral: eros, ellis
rude ass bitch that i sometimes like sometimes?: navarro
Die pls: virginia, clarke

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 34 . 6/2/2022
its been a hot minute

- “She'd almost forgotten that Ilithyia was so keen on doing trials; the entire concept still made no sense in her head. What would they charge the captured tributes with? Simply existing?” LMAOOJDVKA
- “Too late for that now, but it wasn't worth raising a fuss. Either way, the other tributes would have to end up dead, trial or no trial. She'd have to kill someone, whether now or in the finale.” nevaeh is girlboss mindset i adore her
- "Fair" wasn't the word that came to mind, but Nevaeh shrugged.” LMAOAICSJHJKShj
- i love joe writing
- “The smaller height, the dark skin, the curly brown hair, tied back in two—this was none other than the little District Eleven girl.” a. I had forgotten. Fuc.
- “It'd been a policy of her papá to never commit violence in front of the niños.” crying cat emoji
- my five years of spanish coming in clutch
- "Fine. Adair." uh oh
- nevaeh and sos :(((

- i just know he feels completely distraught
- “She'd followed him in like a sheep to the slaughter, blindly listening to him till the very end.” T_T WAAHHHH
- “Might as well accelerate the process.” dude noooo
- “The Four Male stood by the front door. A backpack rested on a nearby chair; in either side pocket sat a water bottle. Water. Life, or at least a chance at life.” ope.
- "Hey!"—a shout, a loud one, a fierce one, followed by a string of curses, some in an unfamiliar language. Four's steps thundered in.” OOHIHHHIHUH
- “Sudden force struck his side. His foot slipped; his balance flipped.” yikes AAHHA
- “Four brought him down again, ramming him into the ground, over and over until Ellis' vision blurred and he choked on every breath.” dear god
- “A sudden shout burst in from outside.” AZOLLA COME IN CLUTCH OR WHAT?

- “He knew he wouldn't, because she'd get mad at him. And he hated it.” he doesnt want to make azolla mad LMAOO look at what you have become navarro
- "I'm not playing with you." she’s so commanding kyaa
- “He couldn't bring himself to fight her for it, even though he'd easily beat her without a doubt.” azolla’s impact :heart:
- i love her so much shes incredible
- “He was Navarro de Leon; he didn't answer to nobody. Yet all Azolla had to do was show up and he became as useless as a statue—what new level of pathetic-ness was this?” navarro is also my little meow meow ngl i love his deyassification
- “But he couldn't explode. He wouldn't explode.
Because then she'd be gone.” IS THIS… CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?
- navarro the tsun… caring for someone else… wow…
- "I survived the slums, didn't I? What do you know about survival?" shes so real
- “She gave him a weak smile. "Sometimes, you need mercy to survive." holy shit i had actual chills
- that was a banger of a line azolla oml
- “He trusted her anyway.” YOU ARE A SIMPPPP
- stfu im with this district pair until the end i don’t fucking care. they make me feel things

- “If there were a way out of here, it would be using the cutout, but she couldn't even reach it if she stood on her tippity-toes.” oh god ;;
- ilithyia has been scaring the shit out of me
- “she hadn't realized it was Goodbye. The final one.” oh ;;
- "It's a green one, so our judge is… Adair!" oh god what the fuck oh nooo
- “But what about caring for Mother Tree? The rest of the days that'd been promised to her, where she'd grow up and become the chosen representative of her family's Branch?” IM MISERABLE
- “A shiver ran from her head to her toe and back to her head, over and over, as a stifled cry rose in her throat—she didn't want to die!” I DONT WANT HER TO DIE EITHER !
- god i love you so much sossy boy
- "They're gonna put you on trial. Ilithyia—District Two—will be the prosecutor, and I'll defend you." ace attorney simulator
- “He was doing his best. She didn't want to make his job worse.” iggy is too good for this world
- “She decided that she liked Sos and his district partner, even though she didn't know the other girl's name.” good choice
- "We now commence the trial of Yggdrasil Kane, District Eleven Female.” i hate it here

- “He knew there was a good chance the promise would be a lie.” oh god T_T
- cant help but like sos hes just a great guy. And hes smart
- “But he'd never seen a trial before—what if he botched the whole deal and got Iggy killed?” broooo
- “But every soul under the sun knew that Sostonio Caspiano was a darn terrible liar” BAHBDahJ
- “but the moment he slipped up, Nevaeh would come under fire too—and there ain't no way he was fixin' to betray his beloved district like that.” hes at several crossroads i do not envy him at all
- “Family always came first.” i love you so much sos
- "Thank you, Your Honor," she said, trying to hold in a laugh. "Woah, this is so formal." i cant help but still think that ilithyia is fun and cute shes terrifying
- “The two seemed to be role-playing some game instead of deciding a person's fate—couldn't they hold off their jokes for now?” BYE NOT ROLE-PLAYING
- “That's why I wanted to do these trials in the first place, since we might as well have some fun and spice things up.” there is something deeply wrong with her
- "I trust Your Honor to choose the right option. I rest my case." she’s great at this i hate it
- "You gotta sell it to them on their terms. In a way that they can understand." nev knows how to play the game
- “His own voice sounded a lot shakier than he'd hoped to be.” ahh ;;
- "But in order to have stakes, you have to have risk. In order to have intensity, you have to have obstacles. And Yggdrasil Kane is neither of them.” MADE POINTS MADE POINTS
- “Give her a chance to become a threat. I'm sure the Capitol will appreciate it." i know he hates this but hes doing really well
- “Perhaps he was stupid for attempting this, but he'd rather be stupid than betray his own convictions.” SOS– you know what. This is real of him. Because adair was never going to let iggy go no matter how good sos’s defense was
- “He'd make them understand the gravity of what they were doing.” sos out here like i can fix them and i can save her
- "Think about your best friend. Now imagine that someone's picking on them. I'm sure all y'all wouldn't hesitate to support them." i know nobody’s listening to him
- “And with the hot air rushing up his throat, her disapproval was about to get worse.” gg everybody i respect it sos but this will end so bad
- “The bonfire in his gut subsided into smoking coals. He tingled all over from the sudden rush; he breathed deeply, as if he'd spewed it all in a single breath and not a bit of oxygen remained in his lungs.” THESE LINES ARE SO PRETTY
- "I swear, you're such an idiot," Nevaeh whispered in his ear. "But you said what had to be said." real

- “A valiant effort, it truly was. But a hopeless one as well.” fuck
- “He noticed Sos wiping his eyes. Pathetic.” don’t fucking talk about sos like that
- "Y'know, I'd been dead set on the guilty verdict from the start," he said, fishing around in his pocket. He emerged with his token, a lucky silver denarius—'cause not once had Luck ever let him down. "But maybe, I'll give you a chance." OH MY GOD
- “Adair winked at him, knowing that it wouldn't be long until he firmly had Ten in his hands.” ogughhghgh
- "Y-Yes," she choked out. "Sir." god i feel SO FUCKING BAD FOR HER

- “Ilithyia didn't understand the wave of relief that washed over her.” bro ;;;;
- “She herself knew better than anyone what it meant to defend a friend. In doing so, she'd put Athanasios Denzino in the hospital, clearing the way for Eros to volunteer.” then sos really said all the right things…
- “Nevaeh burst into clapping; Ilithyia joined in, never one to pass up a chance for celebration of any kind.” ili is fucking fascinating i really adore her in a conflicted way
- “Maybe the trials were a mistake.” yes
- “She was glad to see Nevaeh celebrate, to see Sos relieved. So it'd been good that she'd insisted on the trials.” aint it weird how it works like that
- "Everything's random anyway. No rhyme or reason." aint that the truth
- “But having Nevaeh at her side again set her heart at ease.” theyre besties ur honor
- you’re really putting ili through hell out here. But i like it. Character arc go crazyyy

- “Carefully watching her step, she stepped down onto the gravel road. She turned around, giving him a reluctant wave. "Bye bye." watch i WILL start sobbing
- stay safe girlie
- "Adios," he said. "I hope… I hope we won't see each other again."
"Me too." She didn't like that. But it was true” crying cat emote
- “If they'd somehow met outside the Arena, he would've been her friend.” THEY SO WOULDVE…
- “Even though Nature seemed to have abandoned her, there were still good people to help her, even amidst the most inhumane and evil game on the planet.” ouhh ;;
- “All she had to do now was find him, and all would be well.” well we’ll see how ellis is doing (ben affleck smoking png)

- “It made the voices in her head just a little less potent.” girl you are teetering between the precipice of sanity and insanity
- “And to discover that no, they hadn't abandoned her, they hadn't tried to hide from her—they were still the team they promised to be back in training!” yknow, without liat!
- “but Clarke preferred lively vivacious Zirconia to frowny goody-two-shoes Virginia.” do not balme you
- "You're chicken." are you callin’ me chicken?
- “The two only had a few steps left to go when she grabbed Zirconia and pushed the girl in front of her.” LMAOO get fucked
- “But she grabbed Clarke too, and the two tumbled down together.” PEEE
- “Inside laid two metal gloves, flickering under the flashlight.” holy shit thats swag
- good for clarke! im still upset about kiran but i think enough time has passed where i can be happy shes getting cool shit

- "Aye," he said.” aye
- "How did you decide on allying?" she said, timbre reminiscent of rich-people tea parties.” RICH PEOPLE TEA PARTIES LOLLL
- She blinked. "Just… the Five boy."
He raised an eyebrow. "Didn't he die?"
"Yeah." She gulped. "We killed him." ben affleck smoking png
- "Don't worry about it." He gave her a warm smile. "You're not going insane, okay? It's normal and human to feel this way." zephs a good dude

- “Almost mildly frustrating, if only because it had messed up his idea of how the Games would go.” cry about it
- "Nothing to worry about." Eros chuckled, a little unnerved. He didn't like how Ten seemed to always notice him at his lows.” haha
- "That's always rough. I'm sorry." sos pulled a thats rough buddy
- “No one else ever gave him this kind of attention, not genuinely.” thats pretty sad eros
- “No vulnerabilities allowed.” joseph will break you too in due time

Great chapter! I hope u enjoyed writing it as much as i did reading it. Good 2 be back. Hoping to be caught within the next week or two :))

jojo to be continued,
brooky wooky
BradiLain chapter 36 . 1/17/2022
JOSEPH! THE WAY YOU HINTED AT THE KNIFE IN THE BOOT A COUPLE CHAPTERS AGO? MAYBE EVEN LAST CHAPTER, I DON'T REMEMBER I HAD A GLASS OF WINE SINCE THEN, BUT OH MY LORT?! is this? is this foreshadowing to the highest potential? it was chekhov's gun? except zeph's knife? brilliant. beautiful. you really did that. you are really out here doing that. i saw it, too, i saw it when he wanted to scratch his ankle. the ungodly sound that i made, joesph, you don't even know.

and down goes zirconia... it is very sad. i was hopeful that they could escape, but at the same time... i thought that was a very naive hope. i do think that i expected more damage around here. all we've got is sos' damaged leg. tho, it nevaeh makes a good point. the chance of sos being a real threat when he can barely walk is slim. clarke is gonna be in for it if zeph finds her, too. if zirconia had been the one to live, then clarke might've had another person on her side, but there's no way that zeph will take either of them back.

nevaeh's outrage is not that different from ili's, you think? i sure do. she would've slaughtered zeph if she got her hands on him. i thought that they'd be tired of the whole courtroom thing after the first one, so i was surprised that they didn't just kill them. they should've. that's two kids that escaped the grip of death - two tributes that still have the possibility to come back and bring havoc with them. although, i do think the little d10 reunion was very precious. they have the family vibes that the star alliance usually lacks.

oh gosh, trust navarro? i will do no such thing. they're gonna get themselves killed. it's not worth it. they'd be better off doing literally anything else. i feel like every time we cut back to these two, they're fighting. azolla will be much better off without him, i think. ya girl can only hope that we lose him some time soon.

alas, we gain very little new information about our murder mystery. but i'm glad the conversation happened, because now they can put their two heads together and hopefully uncover the truth. also, when i wanted darah to spill the tea in my last review, i didn't realize that rusk would literally have darah order him tea lmfao i thought i was real smart on that one.

which death would hurt me the most? probably clarke at this point, since we are taking iggy out of the equation. i'd be sad to see nevaeh or eros go as well, but i'm a little biased for one of those haha. i think this is where i call it quits for reviews tonight, but i think i've made a lot of progress! just a few more chapters to gooooooo.
BradiLain chapter 35 . 1/17/2022
i love how rusk gives iggy the remaining funds from mati. i think that mati would've appreciated that, i bet that's what he would've wanted. rusk is taking these steps and he is gonna figure stuff out, i think. we're taking baby steps in the mystery but i'm so ready for it to start unfolding. DARAH! Yes, Darah, bring us the tea.

precious little ellis. we will find iggy, she's searching for him too. they gotta reunite, i need the precious babies together again. together and safe.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK?! CLARKE IS A LOOSE CANNON BUT? We love her. i refuse. i refuse to let her alliance treat her like this when she is a mother hecking star. the d12s need to keep their gossip to themselves, i'm over them. clarke can murder them now, she has my permission. nobody lets my girl feel that way and gets away with it.

the tension with our careers grows. i don't blame nevaeh for not wanting the district pairs to get too close, but honestly? her and sos are probably the closest of the district pairs. I agree with my boy, tho, that Adair is being a hell of a wild card lately. we're not into it, me and Eros. don't like it one bit. there's been too much peace, sending out four careers for a hunt makes me nerrrrrrrvous. ven is such a suspicious little tomato. he isn't necessarily wrong, but he is being a little dramatic. eros hasn't really said anything that's overly weird or dangerous.

OHH! here's some action coming! oh fck wait. not with my boy Eros. I'm stressed. i'm worried. somebody is not making it out of this scuffe alive, i'm saying it right now. i'm worried. back up. what does nevaeh mean when she says back up? i have no idea, i'm stressed.

uh ohhhhh! the star alliance verses d12 and co! we're ready for this. although i said d12 and co, it seems like zeph and zirconia are struggling here. i honestly was thinking that we'd lose a star alliance member here, but you know what? it seems like we've made it out alright. i'm worried about that too, though. if this foursome can't get a death in the career group then who can?

that alliance is gooooooone. i can't believe it. clarke left them for dead, but you know what? i believe in her. i believe in our girl. she'll come back for them, i know she will. even if it's just for one of them heheheheh. i'm stressed, man. they lowkey did deserve it, i would agree in my spiteful little heart. but at the same time, clarke needs them. perhaps not emotionally. but they need to have more people to get this star alliance under control. poor virginia needs to regain her backbone, she needs to do SOMETHING. Clarke too. they gotta realize there's safety in numbers and theyre allowing their numbers to dwindle.

after so long in the safest position - minus debatably the position of being in the star alliance - zeph and zirconia are in quite the pickle. i'm surprised at how well they're handling it, though. i almost believe that they can make it out of this alive. ope. wait. there's my boy. nevermind. the deathless chapter streak ends here, i think.
BradiLain chapter 34 . 1/17/2022
i am glad i'm not the only one that doesn't want poor little iggy to have to go through this little trial thing. i mean... i am a bit bloodthirsty myself, but i make an exception for her because i loooooove her. i know that it makes sense what nevaeh and sos want to do, but i'm still worried about it. this seems like the sort of thing that could go really wrong and split the alliance, especially with all the build up for it. i mean, we aren't hiding out in a courtroom for nothing! also, i want to say as a small tangent to my plot thoughts that i adore how seamlessly you incorporate the spanish into the dialogue. i don't speak a lick of spanish, but i find myself still being able to follow along with the gist of what's being said anyway, which i think is an impressive feat.

poor little dehydrated ellis. i feel that his moments with us are limited... and we're stealing water!? ope, bye boy. this is where you die. oh. wait. wait. azolla to the rescueeeeee. man, i hate siding with navarro, but they probably should've killed him here. like, they're in a death match. although, at the rate that ellis is going, i wouldn't be surprised if his dehydration was the death of him. giving him a swig of water probably won't make much of a difference.

azolla and navarro... man, they really don't even like each other. i don't know how the both of them are still alive and still together. i dunno man. she's got a merciful nature but she's also got this crazy hoe trying to kill anything that he sees move. what can i even do with them.

aghjksdfk;s i cannot. my heart weeps for yggdrasil. she is too precious. the way she tells herself that she'll just go back into nature when she dies? ppfpffopppp it makes my heart so sad! Sos has a big job on his hand, but honestly? i don't think there's a single tribute left that would be easier to defend. iggy would never hurt a fly. she is one with mother nature and she shares her candy and also i love her. so i refuse. i refuse to accept anything but not guilty. also... i am unreasonably excited for this trial.

not sostonio over here popping off? he's got a knack for this, he's totally right. what's the fun in killing this defenseless girl in a court? when they could make it exciting and have a chase or a battle or a trap or SOMETHING? Sostonio is too powerful, asking everyone if they can get out of the games with their humanity. bruh. i think that you have to give up your humanity card when you volunteer to go into a death ring and kill other teenagers. maybe that's just my opinion though. although my boy eros is still stirring up trouble, i feel like sos is planting some chaos seeds himself in this trial.

i cannot put into words how tense i became at this flip of a coin. like. god. way for adair to make this not his decision. of all the people to throw iggy a bone, adair is probably the last one i would've guessed. AND IGGY SHE LIVES?! oh ywessssssss.

ohhhhhhh lort. and nevaeh and ili are friends again! the glue has worked. iggy runs free. i have nothing to complain about. haha. i almost don't know what to say, other than thank mother tree!

BIG METAL HAND CLARKE! yes. this pleases me greatly. her wounded hand had me pretty worried about her well being. if their group got into a fight, she was going to have a hard time being useful, but with the gauntlets? she stands a fighting chance now. quite literally, may i add. zirconia and clarke are straight vibing, too. it's a nice breath of tranquility after all the drama in the court room and a break that i fully appreciate. and even though zeph and virginia are a more sobering pair, i liked their conversation too. it's just nice to have a moment of character building, y'know?

my sweet eros... it's been a moment since we've checked in. i love you, son. be good. well, like, as good as you can be while being a career. goldie made iggy? this is a revelation for me. why am i not surprised, tho? goldie is also very wholesome, very full of sunshine and butterfly kisses. i should've known!
BradiLain chapter 33 . 1/17/2022
truly, joseph, i do not think you understand the strength of my resolve. i do not like navarro. nothing you do will endear him to me, i am fully on board the hate train. azolla will surely not get any sort of relief from her thoughts from him - the best thing navarro can do for azolla is to be quiet and let her sleep.

i'm glad poor ili got something to help with the whole singing in the acid rain fiasco she got herself into. i feel bad for her, even though she went a little bit off the deep end. i mean, they had to kill some tributes eventually right? adora's death really is the breaking point for ilithyia, tho, huh? and it happened the very first day. she's toast, man. Although, i think that Eros is on the right track keeping her close - if she has another little breakdown, he for sure doesn't want it to be aimed at him. 'what could possibly go wrong?' oooooooof, if that isn't the scariest way to end a little pov. lort.

VIRGINIA! She is really out here wanting to dip on Clarke? that sounds like a bad idea. i feel like virginia is sort of in a state where she wouldn't know what to do with herself without an ally dragging her around. they need to be picking off tributes where they can, honestly. if they aren't interesting enough, who knows when the capitol will start sending in little extra things to spice up the show? and that would not benefit anybody.

for a second, i thought we were gonna have some action here, but we've got the alliance back together! i'm surprised that clarke was so excited to see them, but i get it. it's a sense of normality in the chaos that's going on around them. the d12s have made it too far without danger, i do think. BUT! having them together as a foursome is a good thing. it's gonna be necessary if we wanna do some damage to the career pack. (although i think they're kind of doing some damage to themselves, but we are gonna put a quick pin in that.)

ven is the glue holding the careers together now, isn't he? when i first saw him, i definitely didn't think that he'd be the type to keep everybody together. in the training he was always the quiet shy one, but i think that he's got a good head on his shoulder. although, if he keep calling out my sweet boy Eros, then i'm gonna have to drop him like he's hot lol. our problem of not having water is fixed here too! nevaeh is stubborn, but she's got a heart. usually when we've got fights in the pack, i don't have too much hope for everybody getting along again, but this one is different. i think ili will forgive nevaeh, even if it's hesitant.

poor sos... he is too wholesome for the career life, man. did he really think that he'd make it out of the arena without killing anybody? surely he understands what he signed up for, right? even if he made it to a final two, it's so unlikely that he wouldn't have to kill the other person left with him. but my heart goes out to him anyway.

iggy is so precious, offering her candy to ellis. his thoughts are so true, man. i feel for him. to watch your district partner kill your ally? brutal. i like ellis a lot, i feel that he and i have a lot in common despite being very different on the outside. the two of them together are so sweet. WAIT. OH FUCK. IT'S THE CAREERS. OH MO NOFAOFIOKHIJUIDA i am concerned. i am worried. they're running and running and now they have to hide. the suspense. they've got our girl. they've got iggy. my heart is too feeble, i cannot even. and sostonio's inability to fulfill his role as a crazed career killer leaves ellis alive. but what about his partner that he just swore to protect? i am worried for our sweet nature baby, i don't want her to be a little actor in their game :sob:
BradiLain chapter 32 . 1/13/2022
ruskkkkkk our homeboy. he be tossing and he be turning. i like his check in - i feel like the capitol moments are always some of my favorites in stories like these. i don't know, something about all of the technology and the way they treat it like celebrity drama just gets me hyped. i am but a simple girl. i just think it's neat, that's all. anyway, rusk has a solid list of things to do. there's a mystery that we have yet to unfold.

LET THERE BE RAIIIIIIIN! I am so happy to see Ellis meeting up with Iggy. two of my favorite things, truly. do i think they will live long? no. but i do think that i will enjoy the moments they spend together. so sweet of her to share her candy. ugh. i love them. okay, okay, but what's up with this rain though? my need for my flood theory came to mind immediately. i was thinking maybe we'd have rain until we get a big ol' flood, but with the itchiness? i dont quite think a flood is the right track anymore. if the water does weird stuff to the tributes, then i think the rain might be more to corral the tributes into fighting each other or something. making rain dangerous in a desert is so evil, joseph, i must finally be rubbing off on you.

aw yes, my sweet eros boo out here stirring up drama. i worry about ili just like the rest of them. i don't think killing her is a great idea, but like... i worry about getting on her wrong side. if i was one of her allies, i would tred VERY carefully around her.

azolla and navarro. still out here, still not getting along but also not tearing each other apart.

clarke is still my main hoe, even if she needs a dash of compassion. she's so edgy, she gonna give me a papercut. but i love her, don't get me wrong. virginia has proven her worth, but she needs to keep that fire going. without a will to survive, the arena will be tricky for her.

yikes, that rain is fierce, man. that's freaking scary. she's like boiling alive. that's so scary. it feels bad to see Ili suffer, but the way Nevaeh really put her foot down surprised me. They really did go through a whole lot of water, but I thought she'd make the exception for Ilithyia. It's some tough love in the star alliance. we're starting to see the cracks, huh?

this rain is really wrecking some of these tributes. our little d12s are starting to lose their patience with each other, huh? I'm sort of sitting and waiting for them to do something interesting - i wonder what fight they'll end up in? or if perhaps the rain will get them? or the mutts that have yet to be seen but i anxiously await? this'll be where i end up little review dump for the day, i'll be back in a bit.
BradiLain chapter 31 . 1/13/2022
kiran and his superheroes... sometimes, it's nice to see these kids with interests that feel real for a twelve to fifteen year old to have. not saying that kiran is my favorite. or that i enjoy him. but i at least see the humanity in him.

ven and sos have very similar energies, i think. in another world, they could've been brothers. on the outside they're very different, but i think on the inside they're more the same than a lot of these other tributes. once again, i find myself agreeing with the tributes here. there are too many in the star alliance for it to not crumble or split in two. although, as inevitable as that split seems, i find myself unable to figure out exactly how i think it would split. i want adair out, no surprise there, but the others? I can't see Nevaeh leaving Ili. Eros is my own flesh and blood but I'm unsure of where he'd end up. Sos doesn't trust Eros, huh? interesting.

clarke is everything i need in my life tbh. i await her victory.

VIRGINIA!? She's so powerful. ugh. yessssss. I love her. and taking out little kiran? wonderful. pop him like a mother freaking cherry, girl. we're over him. although, i do find myself saddened for ellis because i know it will make him sad. i do like him. i feel bad too for virginia because i know this must be hard on her too. i imagine killing a kid isn't fun, although i haven't personally done it. I just want my pair of badass girlies, is that too much to ask? i think that virginia was at least civil about it - she killed him quickly and hopefully as painlessly as she could manage. she could've been way worse - she isn't ili the slice and dicer, after all.

azolla is still much more than navarro deserves. she's too smart for him and too kind for him. but alas, my ramblings of distaste will do little to provide feedback so i will move on.

ili really out here acting like she didn't go a little bit psychotic a few hours ago. like, girl. don't be dumb. it's one thing to say that you're just 'a little off' but it's another to refuse to acknowledge that what you did was freaky and your allies are uneasy about it. this hunting party? it gives me bad vibes. it makes me nervous. i'm not sure who i'm nervous for, but i'm feeling the nerves.

iggy is such a sweet pea. i love her. give her more candies. she deserves it. it seems like a stretch to refer to anything in the desert as a garden, but we love iggy and her endless optimism.

YEEEEEEAAAHHHHH. Eros isn't that bad, he's my baby. we love eros in this house. i like the bantering in the arena, i don't know. we have so little time to meet a lot of the tributes so having these little glimpses into the lives they led before being reaped or volunteering is just... it's nice. nice to have a little bit of insight.

hmmm, i see. they have traveled far into the outskirts of the arena to find... more sand. i don't like sand. it's coarse and rough and gets everywhere. lol. i don't know what i expected, though. maybe even QUICKSAND? sometimes it shakes me to my core that quicksand is real, that there is sand like that in real life somewhere. it almost feels like a meme to me. nice chapter, bro. we're trekking through. i am read for more death and drama and ... anything else, really. i am prepared.
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