Reviews for Justice: The 140th Hunger Games
BradiLain chapter 36 . 1/17
JOSEPH! THE WAY YOU HINTED AT THE KNIFE IN THE BOOT A COUPLE CHAPTERS AGO? MAYBE EVEN LAST CHAPTER, I DON'T REMEMBER I HAD A GLASS OF WINE SINCE THEN, BUT OH MY LORT?! is this? is this foreshadowing to the highest potential? it was chekhov's gun? except zeph's knife? brilliant. beautiful. you really did that. you are really out here doing that. i saw it, too, i saw it when he wanted to scratch his ankle. the ungodly sound that i made, joesph, you don't even know.

and down goes zirconia... it is very sad. i was hopeful that they could escape, but at the same time... i thought that was a very naive hope. i do think that i expected more damage around here. all we've got is sos' damaged leg. tho, it nevaeh makes a good point. the chance of sos being a real threat when he can barely walk is slim. clarke is gonna be in for it if zeph finds her, too. if zirconia had been the one to live, then clarke might've had another person on her side, but there's no way that zeph will take either of them back.

nevaeh's outrage is not that different from ili's, you think? i sure do. she would've slaughtered zeph if she got her hands on him. i thought that they'd be tired of the whole courtroom thing after the first one, so i was surprised that they didn't just kill them. they should've. that's two kids that escaped the grip of death - two tributes that still have the possibility to come back and bring havoc with them. although, i do think the little d10 reunion was very precious. they have the family vibes that the star alliance usually lacks.

oh gosh, trust navarro? i will do no such thing. they're gonna get themselves killed. it's not worth it. they'd be better off doing literally anything else. i feel like every time we cut back to these two, they're fighting. azolla will be much better off without him, i think. ya girl can only hope that we lose him some time soon.

alas, we gain very little new information about our murder mystery. but i'm glad the conversation happened, because now they can put their two heads together and hopefully uncover the truth. also, when i wanted darah to spill the tea in my last review, i didn't realize that rusk would literally have darah order him tea lmfao i thought i was real smart on that one.

which death would hurt me the most? probably clarke at this point, since we are taking iggy out of the equation. i'd be sad to see nevaeh or eros go as well, but i'm a little biased for one of those haha. i think this is where i call it quits for reviews tonight, but i think i've made a lot of progress! just a few more chapters to gooooooo.
BradiLain chapter 35 . 1/17
i love how rusk gives iggy the remaining funds from mati. i think that mati would've appreciated that, i bet that's what he would've wanted. rusk is taking these steps and he is gonna figure stuff out, i think. we're taking baby steps in the mystery but i'm so ready for it to start unfolding. DARAH! Yes, Darah, bring us the tea.

precious little ellis. we will find iggy, she's searching for him too. they gotta reunite, i need the precious babies together again. together and safe.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK?! CLARKE IS A LOOSE CANNON BUT? We love her. i refuse. i refuse to let her alliance treat her like this when she is a mother hecking star. the d12s need to keep their gossip to themselves, i'm over them. clarke can murder them now, she has my permission. nobody lets my girl feel that way and gets away with it.

the tension with our careers grows. i don't blame nevaeh for not wanting the district pairs to get too close, but honestly? her and sos are probably the closest of the district pairs. I agree with my boy, tho, that Adair is being a hell of a wild card lately. we're not into it, me and Eros. don't like it one bit. there's been too much peace, sending out four careers for a hunt makes me nerrrrrrrvous. ven is such a suspicious little tomato. he isn't necessarily wrong, but he is being a little dramatic. eros hasn't really said anything that's overly weird or dangerous.

OHH! here's some action coming! oh fck wait. not with my boy Eros. I'm stressed. i'm worried. somebody is not making it out of this scuffe alive, i'm saying it right now. i'm worried. back up. what does nevaeh mean when she says back up? i have no idea, i'm stressed.

uh ohhhhh! the star alliance verses d12 and co! we're ready for this. although i said d12 and co, it seems like zeph and zirconia are struggling here. i honestly was thinking that we'd lose a star alliance member here, but you know what? it seems like we've made it out alright. i'm worried about that too, though. if this foursome can't get a death in the career group then who can?

that alliance is gooooooone. i can't believe it. clarke left them for dead, but you know what? i believe in her. i believe in our girl. she'll come back for them, i know she will. even if it's just for one of them heheheheh. i'm stressed, man. they lowkey did deserve it, i would agree in my spiteful little heart. but at the same time, clarke needs them. perhaps not emotionally. but they need to have more people to get this star alliance under control. poor virginia needs to regain her backbone, she needs to do SOMETHING. Clarke too. they gotta realize there's safety in numbers and theyre allowing their numbers to dwindle.

after so long in the safest position - minus debatably the position of being in the star alliance - zeph and zirconia are in quite the pickle. i'm surprised at how well they're handling it, though. i almost believe that they can make it out of this alive. ope. wait. there's my boy. nevermind. the deathless chapter streak ends here, i think.
BradiLain chapter 34 . 1/17
i am glad i'm not the only one that doesn't want poor little iggy to have to go through this little trial thing. i mean... i am a bit bloodthirsty myself, but i make an exception for her because i loooooove her. i know that it makes sense what nevaeh and sos want to do, but i'm still worried about it. this seems like the sort of thing that could go really wrong and split the alliance, especially with all the build up for it. i mean, we aren't hiding out in a courtroom for nothing! also, i want to say as a small tangent to my plot thoughts that i adore how seamlessly you incorporate the spanish into the dialogue. i don't speak a lick of spanish, but i find myself still being able to follow along with the gist of what's being said anyway, which i think is an impressive feat.

poor little dehydrated ellis. i feel that his moments with us are limited... and we're stealing water!? ope, bye boy. this is where you die. oh. wait. wait. azolla to the rescueeeeee. man, i hate siding with navarro, but they probably should've killed him here. like, they're in a death match. although, at the rate that ellis is going, i wouldn't be surprised if his dehydration was the death of him. giving him a swig of water probably won't make much of a difference.

azolla and navarro... man, they really don't even like each other. i don't know how the both of them are still alive and still together. i dunno man. she's got a merciful nature but she's also got this crazy hoe trying to kill anything that he sees move. what can i even do with them.

aghjksdfk;s i cannot. my heart weeps for yggdrasil. she is too precious. the way she tells herself that she'll just go back into nature when she dies? ppfpffopppp it makes my heart so sad! Sos has a big job on his hand, but honestly? i don't think there's a single tribute left that would be easier to defend. iggy would never hurt a fly. she is one with mother nature and she shares her candy and also i love her. so i refuse. i refuse to accept anything but not guilty. also... i am unreasonably excited for this trial.

not sostonio over here popping off? he's got a knack for this, he's totally right. what's the fun in killing this defenseless girl in a court? when they could make it exciting and have a chase or a battle or a trap or SOMETHING? Sostonio is too powerful, asking everyone if they can get out of the games with their humanity. bruh. i think that you have to give up your humanity card when you volunteer to go into a death ring and kill other teenagers. maybe that's just my opinion though. although my boy eros is still stirring up trouble, i feel like sos is planting some chaos seeds himself in this trial.

i cannot put into words how tense i became at this flip of a coin. like. god. way for adair to make this not his decision. of all the people to throw iggy a bone, adair is probably the last one i would've guessed. AND IGGY SHE LIVES?! oh ywessssssss.

ohhhhhhh lort. and nevaeh and ili are friends again! the glue has worked. iggy runs free. i have nothing to complain about. haha. i almost don't know what to say, other than thank mother tree!

BIG METAL HAND CLARKE! yes. this pleases me greatly. her wounded hand had me pretty worried about her well being. if their group got into a fight, she was going to have a hard time being useful, but with the gauntlets? she stands a fighting chance now. quite literally, may i add. zirconia and clarke are straight vibing, too. it's a nice breath of tranquility after all the drama in the court room and a break that i fully appreciate. and even though zeph and virginia are a more sobering pair, i liked their conversation too. it's just nice to have a moment of character building, y'know?

my sweet eros... it's been a moment since we've checked in. i love you, son. be good. well, like, as good as you can be while being a career. goldie made iggy? this is a revelation for me. why am i not surprised, tho? goldie is also very wholesome, very full of sunshine and butterfly kisses. i should've known!
BradiLain chapter 33 . 1/17
truly, joseph, i do not think you understand the strength of my resolve. i do not like navarro. nothing you do will endear him to me, i am fully on board the hate train. azolla will surely not get any sort of relief from her thoughts from him - the best thing navarro can do for azolla is to be quiet and let her sleep.

i'm glad poor ili got something to help with the whole singing in the acid rain fiasco she got herself into. i feel bad for her, even though she went a little bit off the deep end. i mean, they had to kill some tributes eventually right? adora's death really is the breaking point for ilithyia, tho, huh? and it happened the very first day. she's toast, man. Although, i think that Eros is on the right track keeping her close - if she has another little breakdown, he for sure doesn't want it to be aimed at him. 'what could possibly go wrong?' oooooooof, if that isn't the scariest way to end a little pov. lort.

VIRGINIA! She is really out here wanting to dip on Clarke? that sounds like a bad idea. i feel like virginia is sort of in a state where she wouldn't know what to do with herself without an ally dragging her around. they need to be picking off tributes where they can, honestly. if they aren't interesting enough, who knows when the capitol will start sending in little extra things to spice up the show? and that would not benefit anybody.

for a second, i thought we were gonna have some action here, but we've got the alliance back together! i'm surprised that clarke was so excited to see them, but i get it. it's a sense of normality in the chaos that's going on around them. the d12s have made it too far without danger, i do think. BUT! having them together as a foursome is a good thing. it's gonna be necessary if we wanna do some damage to the career pack. (although i think they're kind of doing some damage to themselves, but we are gonna put a quick pin in that.)

ven is the glue holding the careers together now, isn't he? when i first saw him, i definitely didn't think that he'd be the type to keep everybody together. in the training he was always the quiet shy one, but i think that he's got a good head on his shoulder. although, if he keep calling out my sweet boy Eros, then i'm gonna have to drop him like he's hot lol. our problem of not having water is fixed here too! nevaeh is stubborn, but she's got a heart. usually when we've got fights in the pack, i don't have too much hope for everybody getting along again, but this one is different. i think ili will forgive nevaeh, even if it's hesitant.

poor sos... he is too wholesome for the career life, man. did he really think that he'd make it out of the arena without killing anybody? surely he understands what he signed up for, right? even if he made it to a final two, it's so unlikely that he wouldn't have to kill the other person left with him. but my heart goes out to him anyway.

iggy is so precious, offering her candy to ellis. his thoughts are so true, man. i feel for him. to watch your district partner kill your ally? brutal. i like ellis a lot, i feel that he and i have a lot in common despite being very different on the outside. the two of them together are so sweet. WAIT. OH FUCK. IT'S THE CAREERS. OH MO NOFAOFIOKHIJUIDA i am concerned. i am worried. they're running and running and now they have to hide. the suspense. they've got our girl. they've got iggy. my heart is too feeble, i cannot even. and sostonio's inability to fulfill his role as a crazed career killer leaves ellis alive. but what about his partner that he just swore to protect? i am worried for our sweet nature baby, i don't want her to be a little actor in their game :sob:
BradiLain chapter 32 . 1/13
ruskkkkkk our homeboy. he be tossing and he be turning. i like his check in - i feel like the capitol moments are always some of my favorites in stories like these. i don't know, something about all of the technology and the way they treat it like celebrity drama just gets me hyped. i am but a simple girl. i just think it's neat, that's all. anyway, rusk has a solid list of things to do. there's a mystery that we have yet to unfold.

LET THERE BE RAIIIIIIIN! I am so happy to see Ellis meeting up with Iggy. two of my favorite things, truly. do i think they will live long? no. but i do think that i will enjoy the moments they spend together. so sweet of her to share her candy. ugh. i love them. okay, okay, but what's up with this rain though? my need for my flood theory came to mind immediately. i was thinking maybe we'd have rain until we get a big ol' flood, but with the itchiness? i dont quite think a flood is the right track anymore. if the water does weird stuff to the tributes, then i think the rain might be more to corral the tributes into fighting each other or something. making rain dangerous in a desert is so evil, joseph, i must finally be rubbing off on you.

aw yes, my sweet eros boo out here stirring up drama. i worry about ili just like the rest of them. i don't think killing her is a great idea, but like... i worry about getting on her wrong side. if i was one of her allies, i would tred VERY carefully around her.

azolla and navarro. still out here, still not getting along but also not tearing each other apart.

clarke is still my main hoe, even if she needs a dash of compassion. she's so edgy, she gonna give me a papercut. but i love her, don't get me wrong. virginia has proven her worth, but she needs to keep that fire going. without a will to survive, the arena will be tricky for her.

yikes, that rain is fierce, man. that's freaking scary. she's like boiling alive. that's so scary. it feels bad to see Ili suffer, but the way Nevaeh really put her foot down surprised me. They really did go through a whole lot of water, but I thought she'd make the exception for Ilithyia. It's some tough love in the star alliance. we're starting to see the cracks, huh?

this rain is really wrecking some of these tributes. our little d12s are starting to lose their patience with each other, huh? I'm sort of sitting and waiting for them to do something interesting - i wonder what fight they'll end up in? or if perhaps the rain will get them? or the mutts that have yet to be seen but i anxiously await? this'll be where i end up little review dump for the day, i'll be back in a bit.
BradiLain chapter 31 . 1/13
kiran and his superheroes... sometimes, it's nice to see these kids with interests that feel real for a twelve to fifteen year old to have. not saying that kiran is my favorite. or that i enjoy him. but i at least see the humanity in him.

ven and sos have very similar energies, i think. in another world, they could've been brothers. on the outside they're very different, but i think on the inside they're more the same than a lot of these other tributes. once again, i find myself agreeing with the tributes here. there are too many in the star alliance for it to not crumble or split in two. although, as inevitable as that split seems, i find myself unable to figure out exactly how i think it would split. i want adair out, no surprise there, but the others? I can't see Nevaeh leaving Ili. Eros is my own flesh and blood but I'm unsure of where he'd end up. Sos doesn't trust Eros, huh? interesting.

clarke is everything i need in my life tbh. i await her victory.

VIRGINIA!? She's so powerful. ugh. yessssss. I love her. and taking out little kiran? wonderful. pop him like a mother freaking cherry, girl. we're over him. although, i do find myself saddened for ellis because i know it will make him sad. i do like him. i feel bad too for virginia because i know this must be hard on her too. i imagine killing a kid isn't fun, although i haven't personally done it. I just want my pair of badass girlies, is that too much to ask? i think that virginia was at least civil about it - she killed him quickly and hopefully as painlessly as she could manage. she could've been way worse - she isn't ili the slice and dicer, after all.

azolla is still much more than navarro deserves. she's too smart for him and too kind for him. but alas, my ramblings of distaste will do little to provide feedback so i will move on.

ili really out here acting like she didn't go a little bit psychotic a few hours ago. like, girl. don't be dumb. it's one thing to say that you're just 'a little off' but it's another to refuse to acknowledge that what you did was freaky and your allies are uneasy about it. this hunting party? it gives me bad vibes. it makes me nervous. i'm not sure who i'm nervous for, but i'm feeling the nerves.

iggy is such a sweet pea. i love her. give her more candies. she deserves it. it seems like a stretch to refer to anything in the desert as a garden, but we love iggy and her endless optimism.

YEEEEEEAAAHHHHH. Eros isn't that bad, he's my baby. we love eros in this house. i like the bantering in the arena, i don't know. we have so little time to meet a lot of the tributes so having these little glimpses into the lives they led before being reaped or volunteering is just... it's nice. nice to have a little bit of insight.

hmmm, i see. they have traveled far into the outskirts of the arena to find... more sand. i don't like sand. it's coarse and rough and gets everywhere. lol. i don't know what i expected, though. maybe even QUICKSAND? sometimes it shakes me to my core that quicksand is real, that there is sand like that in real life somewhere. it almost feels like a meme to me. nice chapter, bro. we're trekking through. i am read for more death and drama and ... anything else, really. i am prepared.
BradiLain chapter 30 . 1/13
adair is not to be trusted, man. i don't like him one bit. he's gonna betray again, i feel it in my toes. although, i will admit that i do quite enjoy our careers out here playing marbles with each other. it is sort of wholesome for a bunch of murder teenagers.

oh yes... this is what we need for clarke. she is being fueled for her win. did i not say this before? i'm a genius, man. purely genius. she's got everything lined up so good? i'm stanning clarke. i need a badge or something.

a rubber duck? hm. interesting. rubber ducks are used for bath time, in water. is this foreshadowing? is the dry dry desert going to flood? or maybe it's going to somehow help iggy find water? there are many possibilities but i totally agree with her. it wouldn't be sent if it didn't have some sort of meaning or use.

azolla has a heart, man. i still can't believe she's got a big enough heart to stay with Navarro though. She should leave him. leave him for dead in the middle of the night. he deserves much worse, if you ask me. i can't believe this kid has the nerve to be annoyed at her for having a freaking scrap of compassion. she's totally right - he couldn't get it. he doesn't have a heart and the only sympathy he can muster is for himself. i don't doubt that he'd turn on her in a heartbeat.

the image of ada, with her tear soaked cheeks and fireworks ready to be lit is such a dramatic one. like, if this were a movie or a tv show, i can very vividly see it. with the flicker of the match lighting up her still wet eyes? ohhhhh boy. She's skyrocketing for me, slowly becoming one of my favorite tributes here.

oh. my. god. i. um. i didn't expect this from Ilithyia. She went from zero to a hundred really fast. rip Ada. it's a bummer she couldn't manage to take out another career, just for her own sake. ili really pummeled her, too. she didn't need to be that savage. but you know what? i'm sort of here for it. i'm so down for her to slowly dribble into a waterfall of psychosis. I love tributes going insane. love it for them. Plus, most of our careers are just a little too nice. they're not good they're not bad they're just nice (i'm sorry my inner musical theatre major is coming out, my bad my bad).

sos, bold of you to come out here and have some humanity. i like the dynamic here between sostonio and nevaeh because they both make sense. Like, surely in a world where you spent your life preparing to go into a murder competition makes you ineligible to complain about people within that competition for not having morals, right? shaking my head at him, even though he makes a very valid point that butchering a tribute isn't cool.

virginia and clarke are the buddy cop murder pair that i really needed, to be frank. we are here for this. this is some girl power right here. clarke wants revenge and i want that for her so bad too. even if she doesn't make it to the victor status THAT SHE DESERVES, i hold onto a strand of hope that she at least gets revenge for Liat.

man, i don't know why zirconia is so upset that Zeph cares about their missing ally. even if clarke doesn't turn on them, they're a lot safer in higher numbers. There are still seven in the career pack, they can't take that on with just the pair of them. even a group of four, if clarke and virginia joined them, would be at a disadvantage. interesting too that the city suddenly ends. this brings me back to the thought of a flood, though. i'm tunneling, i can't help it. it must be my narcissism kicking in, my need to be correct at all times. i wonder what they're planning - because heading out into a possibly never ending desert does not feel like a good idea.

ellis and kiran are the energy we needed to finish off this chapter, i think. kiran is slightly more bearable here. although, positron does not feel like a real thing to me. isn't a positively charged piece of an atom called a proton? i didn't take a whole lot of science classes tho so maybe i'm the dumb one. i did take physics tho, maybe i missed that chapter lmao.

such sweet little eulogies, too. you're really one of the best syot authors to me in the sense that no tribute goes overlooked. everybody has a place in your heart and you really breathe life into even the ones that don't last a day into the arena and for that i applaud you, joseph. even the littles that don't stand a chance get their moment in the spotlight in your fics. stunning. but, i'm still moving on. choo choo, here my review train goes to the next stop.
BradiLain chapter 29 . 1/13
despite the fact that i'm unsure of if my little heart can handle it, i'm so far behind on reviews and therefore will be trucking through these games. that bloodbath was a lot. i felt many feelings. our d12s that are left are almost to the point that they're a positive reprieve from all the death we just saw, but at the same time they clearly can't force a smile either. that's about

this sort of wind down with the careers is much needed. of course, the tributes are already going to be hunted down. there's truly no downtime in the arena sometimes, huh? there's undeniably going to be some death coming from that trio. i will try not to worry myself with thoughts of who it might be. Ilithyia worries me, tho, while we're on the topic of worries. she's struggling with how she had to leave Adora. I don't blame her, though.

i... i really don't like azolla and navarro. like, not even a tiny bit. This isn't the trope i mentioned before, it's got too much wrong with it. he needs her, but he needs her because he's injured. idk it feels very manipulative? and the way he just wanted to be so ungrateful for her help until she was really walking out? they feel like an abusive relationship, man. it wigs me out. not a fan.

kiran doesn't even deserve precious little ellis. little snot nosed brat. he really is holding on to this whole tough guy act, isn't he? Like, broooooo. i'm over. admit you need help so we can move ON. ellis is too good for that. too patient. listening to kiran whine is like listening to a toddler's tantrum. Hopefully Ellis can get somewhere with him so that Kiran stops DRAINING ME OF MY WILL TO LIVE.

oh clarke... oh dear. she doesn't know? that will make this even harder. Poor Virginia is really trying to help and be pleasant. I think that they could be a really good pair. virginia is a good some of mediator to clarke's constant stubbornness. and virginia for sure wouldn't last super long on her own in a fight, i think. these two need each other more than either of them realize.

iggy is too pure of a soul for this dry, hateful, dangerous world. i just want to wrap her up like a pig in a blanket and shield her from danger. i can't help myself. she's just a good girl and doesn't deserve this.

a courthouse is interesting. i almost found myself liking adair for a moment, with the two boys messing around like they weren't in a death arena. sometimes it's easy to forget that even the older kids in the arena are still barely adults. little moments like this are nice, but they never linger too long. cooping up in the courthouse would give them some shade, at the very least. and it seems like that sun is going to be killer in this arena - and i can only imagine it getting worse as the days go by.

ada is such a sneaky little thing. i can't imagine how scary it would be for her to be searching for her allies here, right under the noses of so many people that could kill her without a second thought. She's a fighter, if nothing else. I'm looking forward to seeing what more damage these bombs can do.

our star alliance on the MOVEOUT. there's already distrust stirring among them, huh? perhaps... even one could say that there's an imposter among them? mwahahah.

poor rusk. i can only imagine how demoralizing it must be to mentor some of these kids. it sort of reminds me of hiring at work, how you put so much hope and effort into people only for them to quit after a week. although, i'm sure that watching them die is much worse than watching them turn in their work shirts. and we've got DRAMA in the Capitol. I live for this, we've got a criminal on the loooooooose.
BradiLain chapter 28 . 1/13
poor ada baby girl. this is sort of her fault. like, i wanna hold out my arms to her and console her but it's lowkey kind of true. the explosions were her idea. at the same time, though, the plan was never to detonate them manually. plus, ace was as good as dead regardless. at least now he did a bit of damage to the people that would be the remainder of his alliance's biggest threats. he did good.

our double z d12 pair made it out alive. i was really fairly certain that we'd lose one of them. Mostly because I was pretty sure we'd have a fatality in their foursome alliance, but Liat sort of checked that box didn't she? we hate that. we are not fans of liat dying over one of the Zs. But the alliance is still fairly capable. and i think that liat's death will really fuel clarke and give her that nice victor arc, i'm just saying.

ellis and kiran, eh? interesting. i twirl my moustache. very interesting. didn't think they'd make it past a bloodbath, but i suppose there's still time to lose one of em. or both of em.

adora is in a bad state right now. even if she manages to make it out of here alive, she's so injured that i think she'll be more of a liability than a useful member. although, capitol sponsors are usually more generous for the career districts. she's got hope. but honestly it worries me quite a bit that ilithyia is coming for adora. it's putting them both in a rough place. i'm uncertain for them.

yesssss clarke. what a queen. i cannot explain why i love her so much, but, like, i do? you go girl.

oh... well. my uncertainty was warranted. i really did hope for them both to make it out. this is also a good thing for ilithyia's potential arc, but... i am still saddened by it. bye adora. you were a good one.

you know what? i'm glad i softened my heart for virginia. she deserved better than laforza anyway, i think. and if she wants to help out my main hoe clarke, then i'm not at all opposed to that. we stan. plus, it evens out the hole that Liat -sob- left in the alliance. i'm getting nervous for my boo, though. i keep seeing glimpses of him from these povs, but he's not really doing too much yet. which could be a blessing in disguise, but still.

zeph and zirconia, just out of reach of danger. they've gotten out practically unscathed. good for them.

frick adair.

y'know what? i think i would've chosen scythe over navarro any day. i would've been happy to see navarro and adair take each other out. but instead we lose one of the most solid bug types of the first gen? bummer. big bummer. BUT! Navarro is going to need something to happen about that wound, or it'll cause him issues in the future. he is weak. retweet.

phew. my boo. my sweet eros baby. he made it out of this. i did worry that my absence would mean i'd be reading his death very quickly, but i'm glad he's alive. i'm glad clarke is alive. I think I'm the most shaken by Liat's death tho. i was honestly not expecting that. not even a little bit. i'll miss electra too. and i'm truly shaken to my core that little yggdrasil made it out of this alive too.
BradiLain chapter 27 . 1/13
undeniably a bloodbath chapter is one of the most iconic chapters of any hunger games story, and it is most definitely my favorite. So much death. So much uncertainty. I'm not sure how I'm going to try and structure this review here, but I apologize in advance for how messy I know it will be.

I guess I'll start on arena thoughts and come up to add as I think thoughts. A desert cowboy sort of old west arena is what's immediately coming to mind and you know what? we're into it. I think that it would definitely give the D10s a hand up, since they're more used to that sort of environment, but Joseph giving D10 an advantage would not be out of the question. The idea of a desert also is cool because it'll make water truly a resource worth having - not only will the tributes be hungry but thirst will be a major component. i think that'll be interesting.

ohhhh! actual bombs in the cornucopia. i like that a lot. this early into the chapter, i'm not quite sure if i think that they'll make it all the way to the bombs, but it would definitely make the games a little more interesting if they had access to explosives this early. the non star alliance tributes really need something big to have any chance of breaking up the careers early, and these bombs could be just that. Scythe has a slight air of safety here, but will he go for the bombs and put himself in danger?

noooooo! Clarke got to the bag faster. it's smart of her to grab something and get gone. i don't blame her for the decision, but it definitely put thomas in a dangerous position. thomas and mati don't have time to try and find iggy - every second they spend in the cornucopia is a huge risk to their lives. OH GOD ITS DISTRICT TWO. the tension the confusion, they're dead meat. the horror.

and there is mati as our first death. I'm not necessarily surprised - so many of these younger tributes were a sort of toss up that I couldn't pinpoint which ones that would live and which ones would die. But I do think it's sad to see regardless. Ellis making a move to help out Iggy? Iconic. King moves. Iggy needs to get out of there ASAP if she wants to live - and lordy i do sure want her to live.

this lapse of kindness from Nevaeh is nice, even though i know that it won't last very long. Not only was Liat safe here, but Nevaeh lets a bit of her humanity shine through. if we ended up with a victor from the star alliance, she's one that i really wouldn't be that mad about. this is a nice moment.

not much to say here from Azolla's pov. i don't think i would've saved navarro, but y'know. sometimes these tributes do things that i wouldn't really agree with and that's A OKAY. Liat paying it forward with the water

i was really worried for our girl Clarke for a moment. Wowza. what a way to rip away my victor prediction real quick. AND BY LAFORZA'S HAND? joseph. i would've had to riot, and not like the paramore album, i mean riot in a way that is not fun and not chill. HOWEVER, we have a knight in shining arena armor coming to our aid! Laforza was not one that I expected to lose so quickly, but lowkey good riddance bc ya girl was not a fan

tik tok tik tok, the bomb plan is slowly coming to fruition, i see. these kids got balls, i'll give them that.

Ah! Should've known that Liat would be the savior for Clarke. As much as i think that Clarke doesn't want to trust Liat, saving her life is a pretty big weight on the scale of trustworthiness, if you ask me. WAIT WAIT F&&*( JOE!? YESEPH?! I SHOULD'VE KILLED YOU IN AMONG US, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID ME THIS DIRTY. not liat. no no no no. wtf joseph? and to ADAIR? THE AUDACITY. the straight up DIRTINESS you just did us. my ship!? my KISSY KISSY?e;HUIPHJSVD i cannot control my emotions. i scream. i fall to the floor. i writhe in anger.

frick kiran. i do not have the will to have sympathy for him. not after my ship was brutalized like this. how could this happen to me. frick kiran.

well... at least one of my guesses was right. a bogo, if you will. ace and ada couldn't both live, i just don't think it would've been feasible. i knew that electra heading back into the chaos would be dangerous. it was her heart that earned her this death, though. her inability to leave anybody behind. and for that, i give her a soft and sullen salute. goodbye electra. goodbye ace.

A CLIFFHANGER?q?q? A TWO PART BLOODABTH? joseph, who has raised you to be such a tease? the audacity pt two. i cannot believe this. i cannot waste time with my rambling, i must push forward.
BradiLain chapter 26 . 1/11
adora is suddenly giving me a fright. she has something up her sleeve, i can absolutely smell it.

ven is a mood. he's tired. i'm tired for him. honestly, i worry about him in the arena. i just don't quite think that he has it all in him? I don't know, maybe he'll surprise me.

ilithyia and her endless optimism... i have hope for her. part of me isn't sure why i do, but i do in my heart. i think that she's kind of a a happy glue keeping bits of the alliance together. i think that her compassion may bite her in the booty, tho.

my sweet baby boy, my little platinum haired cupid... he is in danger. i think. the bonds in the star alliance are strong - there are clear pairs ringing throughout the group, pairs that Eros is unfortunately not in with. i hope that he can turn it around in the arena or he will be a swift death.

sweet ada... in another world, i think she could amount to so much. i would've probably pegged her as a bloodbath death before, but her training score kind of surprised me. i think that she has a lot of surprises in store for us.

ace... poor baby. he tugs at my heart strings here. his friends will surely not make it too far. at least not all four of them. the odds are def not in their favor.

Azolla definitely is one that i have trouble pinpointing where i think she'll end up in the rankings. she doesn't have anyone watching her back, but yet my soul read is telling me to keep an eye on her. i cannot explain it, sometimes you just get a gut feeling. she's definitely better off without Navarro, though, even if it means she's going in alone.

frick navarro. i don't like him one bit. i do like that he apologized, tho. he needed this. now i'll be less mad if he makes it out of the bloodbath. good on her, tho. good on azolla for refusing to take him back. we love that for her.

precious little electra, oh my goodness. she's a bloodbath in any other story, but joseph does not like to play the game of killing the obvious choices. oh no, joseph sits above us, the strings of the puppets hanging over us readers as he bellows with evil laughter. i know joseph. i know how you be.

gosh dang it kiran has broken me. i feel the empathy for him. or maybe i feel the alcohol, it might be both. either way though, i sort of feel sad feelings when i think about his slaughter.

gah! not laforze too! if i am gonna be this sympathetic then i am going to struggle through a bloodbath, joseph. i'm just not capable.

also poor little thomas. laforza lashed out at him and that is so rude.

yes, liat. i love the inner dilemma we're having. she is so unsure about her decision, as am i. i'm glad she did it, but i'm not sure if it will benefit her. i hope that it does. that's all i can do is hope.

adair can suck my ring finger. that is all.

Virginia's moment was so quietly profound. i just like her. i feel like i didn't like her that much before but she is coming through very suddenly and very strongly. i don't know how to explain it any better than that.

and ellis continues here. they are in a cloud. they are floating. and they share a simple hug. like, so soft? so tender? this is even better than kissy kissy, joseph! what is this. this is very good stuff.

liat is doing clarke a little bit dirty, but you know what? frick joanne. we don't care about that. we ship clarkiat in this house. liarke? wait, i like that one much better. I love Clarke. I would die for her. RIght here, right now, she's my victor prediction. i'm just going out and saying it. she has stolen my heart and my liver.

poor mati, his pov is taken over with my ever growing love for clarke. sorry that i'm not sorry. he's a precious bean too, though. i'm gonna be said to see him slaughtered.

this little peek into nevaeh's insecurity is nice, i think. we've seen so much of her resilience, of her strength and her poise. but in the wee hours of the morning, we get this glimpse of someone who is not as perfect as she portrays, and the most revalatory thought of all that she knows it.

he will probably get a kill under his belt. sos might not be sure, but i do think he will. the regret will eat at him, though. the way he hopes to make the right choice is digging at me in a sort of way that makes me think it's some dangerous foreshadowing. i love that for him.

i cry for iggy. she will live on in my heart forever, even if she doesn't make it through the bloodbath. i love you iggy.

scythe is me lmao, i'm attached too. nobody is safe from iggy and her preciousness. not even scyther.

love the imagery of the tributes being in a futuristic hexagonal cage. it feels very fitting, but i think you really portrayed the tone of the room. curt, but effective.

zeph is a great end to the thoughts of the tributes, just an inevitability of what is to come really ends us on a tense moment. there are about to be a lot of deaths. there is nothing left to do but hope for the best.

aghhhhhh there's a bath of blood coming our way! i know these thoughts were brief, but i just cannot contain my excitement. i know this has been sitting here waiting for me as i struggle to catch up, but you know what? I AM HERE NOW AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. I'm gonna catch up, just you wait. Anyway, I already mentioned that my victor prediction is Clarke, but I also have a few guesses for bloodbath deaths. I don't know how many you'll decide need to die, but I'm gonna guess six possibilities just because it's a nice number. I think that our deaths will be Yggdrasil, Electra, Ellis, Kiran, Adair, and Ace. I'll see you tomorrow for some more reviews!
BradiLain chapter 25 . 1/11
the idea of nevaeh bringing her own dress to wear in the capitol is so on brand. we love that for her. I like these more laid back, dialogue heavy POVs. I feel like I usually feel the need to make so much happen in a POV to make it interesting, but your dialogue always keeps me invested while clearly adding to the characters. Like, there's not always a huge amount of action going on, but it doesn't feel like wasted words, if that makes sense? anyway, nevaeh and sos are so precious and i love every moment between them. adding eros is just a little bit of icing on the top. and icing is my favorite part of the cake, mind you. very cute. very sweet. i love when the star alliance tributes have the facade of victory slowly ebbing away from them, when they slowly realize they don't have as much control as they think that they do. scrumptious.

you really threw the more wholesome tributes in here for this little tea date. so cute. I love the added bits of worldbuilding about the capitol just being a dirtier version of district one. the capitol is so often described in a way that makes it feel larger than life, something almost impossible to even imagine, so seeing it be a disappointment is a welcome change in my book. something about the capitol really screams this false sense of grandeur, a mirage of words that are built up so seamlessly that you can't see the truth that's underneath. It's almost blasphemous for Adora to be so underwhelmed by it and I like that. I also enjoy how she wasn't forced into the games necessarily, but more expected to be a part of it and unable to stand up for herself. definitely a more interesting play on the power dynamic of a career

ah geez ah fuk, why is Kiran out here being so EDGY. why he gotta be like this. He really... he really knew a kid name jeggings? joseph, this is too far. i know you like district themed names, i know. i get it. i too suffer from a love of district themed names, but... jeggings. gosh dang it, i'm gonna make a tribute named jeggings now. just you wait. back to the important stuff, though, it's nice to see Alva making some progress with him. there are so many kids that are like this, so as much as it makes me annoyed with him, i get it. i get the whole 'fake it til you make it' mantra of being tough. we call that toxic masculinity tbh, we're here for little ngry Kiran. but i still don't like the little shit, lmao.

OH LAFORZA. She's trying to reel me in with the trope... the letting people in trope that i mentioned a mere half glass of wine ago! i see that you are trying to make us empathetic to all of these tributes, just to make it worse when you slaughter them. very powerful, joseph. it is very powerful of you. honestly, i think her interview was going fairly decent until she decided to leave. i love wearing heels, they are an absolute dream for us short girls haha. taking off her shoes during the interview could've been such a power move, man. of course she had to run off and ruin it. just when i was starting to have a little bud of interest in her, too. oh welllllll, it happens to the best of us. If nothing else, she's at least going to stand out in the interviews as a bad one instead of a forgettable one.

the littles of these games... i'm surprised they don't want to be am 'official' alliance. what difference does it make? They're either going to get sponsors or not get sponsors, at least they could have each other's backs. I love precious little iggy and i truly will lose my shit when she dies. it's fine, tho, it's fine. i will recover. The idea of a big marque showing tribute popularity is a really cool image in my head, too. nice touch there. we stan for the alliance names too, fab. there ae a lot of loners, though. loners always worry me the most because they don't have the other tributes to sort of bounce off of, y'know? but i am certain that alliances will break and merge and break again a few times in the arena, so i'm not too caught up worrying about it. i could probably answer your question better if i wasn't so eager to hop into the arena, so sorry sorry, i will see you in the next one.
BradiLain chapter 24 . 1/11
Lmao at this group. I still am not really totally endeared to the D12s personally, but I can definitely see why other people would root for them. They're an odd pair, for sure. Liat is the perfect foil to Clarke. The fact that she really wants to go in there and get a 0, although I respect entirely for she is the most stubborn of jellies, would probably not be beneficial. The reverse psychology that Liat is springing is fabulous, love her for that. Liat makes a good point, too. Living is the only thing you can do to make a difference in these games. They're sending you in to die - prove those hoes wrong I do say.

I feel like Zeph is the realist of this group, huh? If I were in the games (and we're going to pretend that I would be anything close to a threat for my own narcissistic desires, mind you) and a Career wanted to join my alliance, my first thought would be spy too. With that thought on the back burner, though, Liat does make the most sense to send in the farthest. She's safe from the girls of the star alliance - and i don't see the boys seeking her out, personally - and she's capable enough to probably take on most other tributes that might try to attack her. I love how Clarke isn't losing her edge, despite having this weird sort of will they won't they relationship with Liat. Even more so, I love how it is simply water down Liat's back. Their dynamic is constantly shifting and keeping me on my toes.

Why was this such a heartwarming moment? I mean, clearly this was the aim, Joseph, I do not doubt your abilities. But this is such an unexpected place to find it. Definitely I saw a lot of nervous tributes and a few careers getting ready for the big opening night performance, but i was not ready for the FEELS that I have received here with this tributes... So precious. Precious little beans. I hope they don't do absolutely awful.

Y'know, there are a million tropes that people love. Even I, as mighty as I may be, occasionally give in and waddle along to the bandwagon for certain ones. And the whole 'I'm too tough to have feelings OH NO wait i might actually have a soft spot for good people' trope is perhaps the wagon I waddle to with the most speed. So, even though Scythe is trying very hard not to let these tributes into his heart, he has already lost the battle. I don't think I could fight a battle that consisted of little Iggy batting eyelashes at me either tbh. She's such a great tribute to have in comparison too, since she's clearly so open to everyone. Her welcoming heart is great to contrast to Scythe's closed (but prying at the lock) heart.

Awwwwwww yeahhhhhh boyyyyyyy! We got some scores here. But let me first acknowledge the absolute STUNNING piece of prose we have of 'her laugh rolled into his. it soaked his bones...' oh my lord, joseph. i weep. the angels above, they gifted us this rad bit of words. i don't know why, but i felt it so deeply in my SOUL. anyway, back to the scores. Our dreamy d2 boy, oh yes we love that, we love him. I'm not even embarrassed that my son is here with the lowest star alliance score so far, man, he don't need that with his pretty little face. I also feel the need to note a few other outliers, like our sweet little Clarke out here with A SEVEN? Zero score my ass, man. I do think that I expected D12 to do better, to be completely honest. But we've got quite a few fairly high scores trickled in there in places that I wouldn't have guessed. But overall I feel that all the scores are leading up to an interesting launch.

Lord, Joseph, don't even ask me how I would handle all of these children, I'd be fired after the first few hours in class. Although, my sweet Eros baby would be skipping class to make out in the locker rooms, I can assure you of that. Also, I can totally see little Iggy just refusing to sit still, being the LIGHT OF MY LIFE? Okay? she passes. don't even give her an assignment, she passes by her mere existence. and CAN YOU IMAGINE trying to deal with Clarke? oh gosh. oh geez.

anyway, bye.
BradiLain chapter 23 . 1/11
Man, these tributes are all far too wholesome to be our Career pack. It makes me crazy that I like all of them so much - in fact, I think the only one that doesn't tickle my fancy is Adair. I think Ili and Adora feel like a pair of girls at a sleepover, Eros is my own little bean, Ven has a charming sort of awkwardness. Liat is a main hoe, and our D10s are such a wonderful slice of Hispanic culture that we don't really see a whole lot of. Even as someone who knows a lot of people that are part of the farmy sort of scene in real life, I think that having a bit of the Mexican culture in there is new to me still which makes the pair of Nevaeh and Sostonio something familiar yet foreign. With everyone together getting along so well, it really gets my cogs winding - how is a group so large and so solid going to fare in the arena? Will there be an unexpected fall? Will there be an insider to split the group? There's gotta be something brewing, the foreshadowing is there. But I'm still looking forward to figuring out where the kink is in the chain.

You know... You know how I am, Joseph. You know how badly my shipper heart feels the need to see Clarke and Liat do the kissy kissy. But the tension is so HIGH. I honestly didn't expect Liat to leave the star alliance, I didn't think she would grow the balls. Clarke's reaction is so different than I was expecting. You can tell that she doesn't really like the idea of Liat joining. I think I would even say she's just more afraid of Liat becoming an enemy if they don't let her join. Honestly, though, I think that Liat is a really important element to Clarke's alliance. With how large the star alliance is, they need all of the extra man power that they can afford. Clarke's sudden change from defiance to fear... I can see the coals starting to burn. There will be flames here. There is danger.

Everyone loves a beefy metaphor. I'm a straight up slut for metaphors, so Sos and Nevaeh's cactus conversation is chef's kiss. I might have needed to google what the heck a napale is, but you know what? We call that GROWTH and a queen always has room to GROW MORE POWERFUL. this is merely my standard power level, you see. I like that Liat's leaving the group has stirred a little bit of insecurity - with these solid careers, we need a little bit of that to level out their strength and confidence. Little perfectionist Sostonio is growing on me too. I never disliked him, but he flew under the radar a little bit more for me so I'm glad to add a little bit of spice to him. Nevaeh keeps me on my toes, too. Like, I wonder if she'd side with Sos or Ili if it came down to it? The fact that I feel the need to ask, I think, tells me that he just might have to.

Oh ho ho ho! I see Navarro is out here showing us his vulnerable side. He needs help and he refuses to admit it to himself and is crying and not wanting to let people in. You know what that makes me feel... WELL A BIG DIDDLY SQUAT, THAT'S WHAT. Big jukes over here, boyo, because I REFUSE TO GIVE IN. He is a meanie and I will not allow my sympathetic heart to open up to his violence. Absolutely not. He can take his sorry, teary-eyed ass straight to the grave for all I care.
goldie031 chapter 37 . 12/10/2021
ok shorter pre shabbat review before i forget everything i just read, but i feel less bad because you got my thoughts real time! so balance

zeph makes me sad. clarke makes me sad. sos makes me sad. everyone makes me sad.

im still :eyes: about whats gonna happen with rusk? you do so much that's just slow and steady wins the race but im very curious where we're going with this because it's all v sus.

man, this career pack is going to boil over soon, isn't it? tension between ili and nevaeh, tension now between eros and adair, sos incapacitated and poor ven just caught in the middle. i think im most excited to see where this goes because there's so many different options and permutations and probably death? i feel like the more deathless chapters that we have the more likely it is that things are gonna mega boom with the careers. and of course there are still the bombs so that'll be fun.

that azolla navarro convo was really telling tbh. i think it added a lot of good depth to both characters. admittedly, i did not read this pov as carefully as i could have bc i clicked the spoiler. but i do think the arc from here is going to get interesting. i really do not want azolla to die for navarro - but i kind of like the idea of navarro dieing for azolla. much to think about.

and of course the end of the chapter ;-; iggyyyyyy my sweet baby she was so bold to go ask for help im kinda proud. but now things look very bad for her. i can understand clarke's motivation to attack but nononononon please dont hurt my baby. though i guess if any time now is the best because the next 3 placements are ones i dont have. anyway i dont like this at all. not one bit.

great chapter? keep going? ouch
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