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Guest chapter 10 . 2/16/2021
Is this still gonna be updated?
STan herc chapter 10 . 11/13/2020
Will hercules appear in this series? I miss the best panda boi...
I still Stan hercules
201000266 chapter 1 . 11/15/2020
Aren’t some of these people dead though?
The Kobold Necromancer chapter 10 . 11/8/2020
There's something VERY bad about Monokuma showcasing the woods and the camp after giving off the motive about JASON VOORHEES! It's very thematic, and hopefully, none of our busty ladies at camp are going to die. That just wouldn't be right! They got SPIRIT! YES THEY DO!

Abitat Eco chapter 10 . 11/7/2020
Hey Crit! Sorry it's been a while and I don't review much, but it's the least I could do given it's your birthday XD Okay, I am LOVING this new adventure and cast! The dynamics are brilliant, everyone is memorable with their own role to play, we have so many different personalities and quirks and most importantly we are realising our former favourite survivors do not have the plot armour we perceived them to have! :O Rest in Peace dear Scientist, your end was horrific, but your actions justified in your sense. I honestly do not know what may await the group next, especially with this Psycho on the loose, not sure if it will be who we think it is, but it's certainly exciting! There were some cute moments this chapter, with all the animals, references from the LoD universe and more character development. I don't trust Konyu particulalry and Kasumi and Nerai are actually really sweet together :D I'm sure throughout all this Alice will grow in confidence, Shiori is just precious and Kosaku is fave big bro who I really hope will not follow the gentle giant trend in Chapter 4 :'( You continue to write Timothy and his posse wonderfully, it's really cute and refreshing and I just love everyrone so much! Frida is definitely up there with the favourites, I kind of really want her and Gaixelyn to settle their differences and get off together, but seems she's taken with Jin. Rene in this is so wonderful to see his softer side, he and Scot are really sweet even if they can be hot headed :D anyway, what motives await the cast next? Will this pool party go off without a hitch? I suppose we shall find out next time~ Keep up the brilliant work and I eagerly await the next chapter! And once again, Happy Birthday~ :D
Trust Me the Spider chapter 10 . 11/6/2020
Meow. Noelle here, still alive and kickin' it. Yours truly made it past the first trial, so you know we're not pulling any of that dumb decoy protagonist garbage. I'm invincible. Praise me.

Shuhei sus. Saw him vent. Got what he deserved.

Rene (from now on, I shall refer to him as Roach) said he wasn't sure what we're celebrating about, and that's to be expected of his tiny roach brain. I don't fault him. We must be kind to our lessers in life. Bask in my wisdom. Meow. We're obviously celebrating having three dead in less than seventy-two hours. That's like, gotta be a record. Kuma-Kuma Land doesn't count. That story sucks because I'm not in it.

By the way, I'm doing a kickstarter for that communal dating sim thing. Send me your money, thanks. It's totally not a scam, meow. Our first milestone at $100,000 is a beach scene. Oh, and pre-orders will get my nudes for free. It's not like you can just find them on the KittiesGoneWild subreddit or something. Or my OnlyFans. You should check out Shiori's OnlyFans too. She does stuff like succubus summoning rituals, and it's really satanic and stuff.

What a dangerous girl desu. Wait, that's not my verbal tic. I like giving head, but not *that* much. Bonus points if you get the reference. You probably won't. Meow.

Just so you all know, if you have a pet cat, it'll probably try to kill (and maybe also eat) your pet rabbit. I'm not saying I will, but I will. Meow.

Nerai's kind of gay for her gun, huh? What a weirdo.

Holle is tripping some death flags. I don't know how to feel about this, so I won't feel at all. I'll just go back to thinking about how to cook the Bon Bon. Maybe I'll do a spit-roast... Not like that, you perv.

I missed my chance to assassinate my competition for quirky redhead with big boobies. I'll get her next time. Little-know fact: BTC stands for Bridgette Torture Club.

Oh yeah, it's November 6th. Happy Birthday to what's his face. The guy who writes this story or something. Meow. Give me some kitty treats already.
Duublem - Discontinued chapter 10 . 11/6/2020
Love the details and locales described within this artificial landscape. Makes me excited to see what the other subdecks are.
McLogal chapter 10 . 11/6/2020
A ranch opens up for the students for some much needed R-N-R after a tough night losing multiple people along the way, should be a good time! All the ranch needs is some Llamas...I love hats. Alright time to talk about the chapter and some of the key points for me. Near the beginning of the chapter Galexialyn actually sounding quite thankful towards Alice and also "On my blood, I will return the favor someday," this could mean something for the future. Could this setup Galexialyn for killing the serial killer, that would be dope. Its also good to know that everyone has access to firearms, but I'm sure that wouldn't lead to anymore death...right? I do like the idea of the lake I hope we get a fishing fte in the future...wait is this location setting up for a "Turnabout Goodbyes" kind of case?

Alright time for some early predictions, since we've already lost three students I believe the next case will involve just one killer and one victim. I also wanna believe the serial killer will not be involved in the next case. I think keeping the waiting tension for several more chapters would do them more justice. Typically when a new area opens up a death could occur there, I do believe big areas like the forest and ranch could hide a body for a while making a more challenging case with the time of death. I'm betting on a kill with a firearm in the next case as well, maybe setting up the killer to frame Nerai.

Anyway thats my review, awesome stuff as always, and Happy Birthday Senpai!
SqualinaTralala chapter 9 . 10/24/2020
Shuhei the Science guy!
Shuhei the Science guy!
(Poor dude!)
Shuhei the Science guy!
(People melt when dropped into acid)
Shuhei the Science guy!
(First twenty now seventeen)
Shuhei, the Science guy!

...Okay, I'm sorry. I just had to do it! But seriously, poor, poor Shuhei, self-defense murders are just plain unfair! I didn't have a precise idea of who the culprit was before this chapter but in hindsight now that I think about it, it makes sense for Shuhei to die early. This arc was about Mr Psycho
Shuhei was the one who explained to others who he was and a bit of his past with his dead sister
Plus, he's a character from the original FH (who also survived), we already know him quite well, and with two "new" characters already dead, I think it'd be a little disappointing if another new oc died without getting to know them well (nobody that was a suspect for the first murder really gave strong dead flags imo)

Damn, Shiori's lucky charm was more of a bad luck charm, Kikuko shouldn't have stolen it for a bad purpose (of successfully killing someone), by doing this, she filled it with negative energy! In any case that was truly one of the worst attempt at murder I've seen yet, to try to attack one of the biggest guys (even though it wasn't planned), I suppose desperation overrules common sense...

As for the second "victim" of the case, *insert scream emoji* ! Although her act was foolish, I felt pity and sadness for the Child Star's death, it is an entirely different thing for Daniel! Geez, I knew this man wasn't right in the head from his first appearance in Oasis, but still, necrophilia, on a girl who happened to look like a child? Holy fucking yikes! Also, I just realised something truly Fridge Horror...If Daniel survived this trial and a few others, the cast will eventually discover that he molested all the victims until then (well it depends on if he just does it on girls or on everybody, but would a necrophiliac even care about their gender, he's into corpses aaaaaaaaah) Thank goodness for Mr. Psycho's early intervention! (I can't believe I'm thanking a serial killer, lol)

Speaking of them, I personally don't believe it's going to be Hayate this time, this is a reboot with a mostly fresh cast, so I'm expecting a whole new plotwist behind their identity! Like, what if they weren't a man, but a woman (or a nonbinary person but I highly doubt it was Galexialyn)? I have the feeling that Mr. Psycho is probably going to be someone close to our dear Field Medic, maybe Nerai? It wouldn't be the first time Alice's love interest turns out to be a serial killer... Although she did said that she was stationed away the day of the Fenrir massacre... Another theory I have is that Amanda could be Mr. Psycho. RandomStranger48 already said it, but her job would probably have given her the occasion of hearing plenty of horrible stories about abusive adults and seeing Daniel doing...that, well that would definitely shock someone like her. Also, her talent is Child (Psycho)logist, see how the truth is written right in front of us here? Okay that was dumb, aha, inb4 it is actually someone nobody would expect like Bridgette or Kosaku...

As a final thought, I'll try to make a guess on what Shuhei whispered to Alice before his execution. I feel like it's something more innocuous than a deduction about Mr. Psycho's identity because he would have used it as a defense argument otherwise. Something like: "You know that badass sniper girl you've always been close friends with, she definitely has a crush on you!" (probably not worded like that but you get what I mean) After all, he did had quite a deep conversation with Nerai not long ago, and although Shuhei is much more a man of logic than emotion, he certainly can analyze people well!

Well, that's all for now! As you may have noticed, a large part of this review has already been stated in the Discord but I still felt like leaving a review anyway. Sorry I haven't been able to write more of them, maybe one day I'll catch up and review the previous chapters...In any case, this was an amazing first case! I'll be looking forward to your next update :D
McLogal chapter 9 . 10/23/2020
What a great courtroom chapter! This might be an odd thing to say, but I'm glad there is a serial killer on the loose still. I do have a few theories for who they are, I'm happy it'll give me something more to look forward to down the line and keep us in suspense. Shuhei was one of my picks for the killer, but I guess no one will know that since I forgot to do my review last chapter *sadface*. Self-defense can be rough in a killing game, since you are not planning a murder and thinking it out before doing the deed. Shuhei did ok in covering his tracks for being put on the spot...and also lucky in buying reversible lab coats.
I see why people will hate on Daniel and know but on the other hand this shows the author is willing to commit to what is on the submission sheet...wait you sick people what else did you write down for your character! I knew Koin was an interesting one but this...jkjk

Awesome stuff as always Crit, I'll try not to miss any more reviews either sir!
TJMike chapter 9 . 10/19/2020
And there goes another character I would have liked to follow in this story hahaha. Well crap, I really didn't see that one coming. When Shuhei's deceit was first admitted, I honestly thought this version of Shuhei combined both the scientist's personality and our dear Dylan's psychopathic traits. But you had to go and make it a case of self defense for it to hurt even more lol. Hat's off and despair up a notch already.

On another note, we still have the mystery of Daniel's killer. I think this one will be the running mystery in this story, and I'd like to place my money on Kaiyo. I'm pretty sure she was the only other person who change clothes (gonna have to re read last chapter as well to make sure she didn't provide a reason tho lol). And we also have that thing Shuhei said to Alice... What could have that been?

Anyways, thanks for the chapter! The Legacy series is definitely still worth reading, even after the reboot :)
Jedi2020 chapter 9 . 10/19/2020
Well played, very well played, I’ll have to admit that the killer completely slipped passed me this time. While I figured the mask was likely planted, it never crossed my mind that one of the two who found it was the one who planted it. I’m at least glad I figured out Kikuko’s role in this beforehand, so I can hold onto my pride in that sense. Poor Shuhei though, he got Leoned even harder than Leon actually did, it’s always pleasantly frustrating how self-defense means absolutely nothing in a killing game. A relatively innocent character can end up being the blackened, which makes it harder to profile for a case. I will say that I’m oddly not that sad to see him go, which is weird for me because he was my favorite character in Final Horizon. I guess it’s because we already had a full adventure with him, and I know in an alternate universe he got his somewhat happy ending, so it’s eases the despair of his death. I will also say that I’m liking what you’re doing with Mr. Psycho this time around, by having them get away with murder, you’re establishing them early on as a very real and present danger, but by murdering that bastard Daniel you also highlight the sympathetic aspects of their character. It will be interesting to see how the paranoia caused by Psycho’s presence will work on the students.
PotatoSorcerer chapter 9 . 10/17/2020
Alternate Chapter Title: Bad Luck Charm. Seriously, that thing killed two of its bearers in one night. Shiori needs to get her magic fixed.
I've noticed something about these first three deaths that mirror one of my earlier reviews: Each of them is part of one of the three "groups" I mentioned. Kikuko was an entirely new character, Daniel was a character from a previous story, but had nothing to do with Horizon Station, and Shuhei was part of the initial crew. On top of this, Shuhei was also a survivor(admittedly, everyone from the initial crew was one), so you've established two things with this first case:
1) None of the teams are safer than the others, it's free reign.
2) Previous survivability does not translate to this story.
Sure, both of these things are probably pretty obvious to any reader, but seeing it in action is different from just assuming it.
Damn, though, I really liked Shuhei. He was always one of my favourites, and I was excited to see more of him. Can't wait to see how the group carries on without him. Gotta say, though, you really had me going for a minute there. I honestly thought it could've been Galexialyn. Whether it was them or Shuhei, I would've contracted Big Sad, so I guess it was a lose-lose situation for me.
All in all, in terms of Danganronpa-like trials, this one was a really good job. A real rollercoaster.
...Also, nothing has contradicted my theory that Hayate is a stowaway. I don't care how annoying or desperate I sound, I will die on this hill!
TJMike chapter 8 . 10/14/2020
I feel like there's more to the story here... Sure, Daniel was odd and eccentric. Didn't exactly screamed necro-pedo to me, though. A real shame if he was, he was my favorite character before this reveal. But... what if the killer, Psycho, placed him in that position? Sure, it could have been as it looks like, and someone (Psycho) got furious at the sight of it and decided to punish Daniel with all those scalpels.

Then again, assuming it was Psycho the one who killed Kikuko in the first place, why risking being discovered by killing a second victim? I can think on 2 things right of the bat.

1) Psycho killed Kikuko. Maybe because they targeted for a while, or because it was an easy opportunity in the moment. We don't really know at this point. Then, Daniel does in fact some nasty stuff to her body and Psycho catches him in the act, and kills him too. Meaning the second crime was more of a "don't mess with my kill" kind of thing? As in, "show more respect for my work" vibe or sorts.

2) Or... The one who received the machete and mask wasn't Psycho and killed Kikuko because she was an easy target. Then, maybe the real Psycho catches Daniel with her body and, since it was established both the machete and mask are the real thing, Psycho kills Daniel with the first lethal object they find, which was a bunch of scalpels.

All of this also leads to more questions. Someone got the machete and mask. Was that the real Psycho? or someone else? Also, I might have to read the last 2 chapters again, but I think the only person who got a clothes change was the Diver. And I don't recall reading about anyone having blood on them or hiding their usual attire. Plus, both deaths were particularly messy. Then how did the killer(s) managed to remain clean? Assuming, of course, Psycho isn't actually hiding in the ducts as others suggest.

AAAAHHHH So many questions lol. Thanks for the chapter tho! Gives me something to think haha.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/11/2020
May I join this Discord group?
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