Reviews for The Hitter's Girl
Elizabeth chapter 71 . 9/10
("Okay. Now I'm scared." Sophie said.

Eliot and I both looked at Sophie.

"I'm here," Eliot said.

"Eliot, you're what's scaring me." Sophie said.)
Love that part in episode
Sue chapter 70 . 9/7
Candy chapter 68 . 9/4
"Food is life” Eliot got that so true and in a sexy way.
Maggie chapter 68 . 9/4
("Food is life. Learn it. You will take this class seriously. Because if you don't, I'll throw your ass out of here quicker than you-" Eliot caught sight of Hardison, who was wearing goggles.

"I get to fire a laser." Hardison said, pointing at his laser.

Eliot had to suppress the urge to toss Hardison out. Hardison chuckled.

"Yeah. Geeking in the kitchen. Uh, make you want to dance." Hardison started swaying.)
Is my favorite part of episode seeing how pissed Hardison makes Eliot being his geeky self
Abby chapter 69 . 9/4
Elizabeth chapter 69 . 9/1
Great chapter can’t wait for more
Mike chapter 68 . 8/27
Love this episode great job
Elizabeth chapter 67 . 8/24
Love it and Eliot’s so romantic
Anna chapter 66 . 8/23
Love it
Sue chapter 66 . 8/22
Great chapter can’t wait for more
Daniela chapter 65 . 8/17
Abby chapter 64 . 8/16
Awesome Can’t wait to see how you do season 5
Elizabeth chapter 64 . 8/13
Love it Keep up the good work
Daniela chapter 33 . 8/10
Love this story
Alextheallycat chapter 11 . 8/11
awe the part where Eliot laughs and says,"Well.. When do the happy pills wear off?"
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