Reviews for I'll let life take me
RenegadeSon chapter 11 . 10/11
I hope your semester goes well! This story is quite good. I felt the emotions you were conveying in this chapter. Im interested to see how this affects the future for the leaf shinobi.
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 11 . 10/5
Damn this chapter got really visceral and dark. Can't wait for the next. Well done.
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 1 . 10/5
Well that's dark, but that seems more in line with his character.
RenegadeSon chapter 10 . 10/5
I knew she was plotting an assassination mission. Now this is quite interesting. She wants to kill Sasuke and Naruto wants to get him back. Talk about a conflict of interest.
RenegadeSon chapter 9 . 10/5
A vengeful Sakura is something else. I'm very interested in this development. Sakura is smart enough to come up with quite a plan as well. hmm. I bet this causes conflict with Naruto, or the manipulation of him. Kakashi may want to join in. well well Weill
The endOfTheEnd chapter 10 . 10/2
why does naruto want to bring sasuke back knowing what the bastard did to sakura? sakura is suffering and even she wants sasuke dead and naruto is like nothing happened here...
RenegadeSon chapter 8 . 10/4
The idea of shinobi receiving a pension never crossed my mind before. It would make sense. I like when fics explore scenarios like this and seeing the effect it has on the world in general. Kakashi's feelings of guilt and anxiety seem very real in this context. I get the feeling things are going to be really different.
RenegadeSon chapter 7 . 10/4
I think what you wrote here allowed us to see even more of what Jiraiya may have been thinking than the actual show did lol. I like that.
RenegadeSon chapter 6 . 10/4
Well written chapter. The way you slowly built up to Naruto noticing Sakura's condition was great.
RenegadeSon chapter 3 . 9/29
Sakura's paralyzed from the waist down? That's my guess at this point. Hmm, this can go in quite a few ways. I'm interested to see what happens.
RenegadeSon chapter 1 . 9/27
now that's quite an ending to a prologue. I wasn't expecting that big of a change early, and I like it.
AnonReader2020 chapter 6 . 9/7
Man it's been a while since a fanfic piqued my interest and this one has. the story is promising I hope you don't screw it up with an op god like naruto or a naruto x harem like the most of the shittie fanfics out there.
EconomicalBorrowing chapter 7 . 9/7
Guys, fell free to review. I know I don't seem to interact much, but your opinion is welcome. Write about something you liked or didn't like, suggestions, questions etc.

I see a lot of people reading and keeping up with the story but not saying anything. I know it may sound a bit petty, but every interaction counts, it really does motivate me to keep writing.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter.
Reedz22 chapter 6 . 9/3
that ending is juicy
EconomicalBorrowing chapter 6 . 9/3
Just asking out of curiosity. Did you guys see this one coming? Was this plot twist predictable or mah?
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