Reviews for The Lone Wolf Pack and King of Hearts
Kein Sylvan chapter 14 . 5/27/2013
Excellent closure. Really good and all. Got a 'what' with the Andy/Mai scene XD. Well, i that's not love. I don't know the what it is.

Too good for the Terry and Ryo's endings. Overall the Ryo part, asking marriage to Alice ( XD ). But you are right, you needed a name or the scene.

I've already watch you made a sequel, so I'm gonne start reading. To good and glad you made this story with much energy and fun.

One of my favorite stories. Thanks for a little piece of your mind writting this. It's awesome.
Kein Sylvan chapter 13 . 5/27/2013
Just one word. Epic.

Now I see how Ryo actually made it to the final battle. Lin is a nice guy for being a Hizoku assasin, considering in his storyline he nearly kills Shingo for getting too close XD.

But the 2 epicness of the story, the Final battle, man, Terry ;o; The legendary wolf saves the day again. I know he got 50% help from Ryo, but still kick butt at the end of the day. Zero never got the chance to use his Desesperation Move (like the way you make the reference to the movie battle against Krauser, where Terry also used the power Geyser).

And Ryo! ;o; Man, the original AoF ending in KoF00 should be like this, Ryo saving King from Zero cannon instead of Takuma, but oh well.

Well, let's read the final chapter.
Kein Sylvan chapter 12 . 5/26/2013
Hey, excellent chapter. Now the two teams against the final boss. I like how you told the battle, the memories of Terry and Ryo vs Geese and Mr. Big, the goodbye moment.

The best part, Terry and Ryo teaming up and Terry quote:

*If only Joe had you brain.

Kein Sylvan chapter 11 . 5/23/2013
Woah, full adrenaline chapter. Like it! The best chapter from your fiction so far. Both protagonists were left damaged by theirs previous opponents (nice choice that those were K' and Lin).

The first battle, the mighty satan of muay thai against the master of kyokugen ryu! Way to go Joe! Pure clean fist!

And then King! Now she got better and helped the kyougen a lot defeating Andy the human weapon. Good fight and it didn't seem forced King victory!

Finally, the mother of classic battles, the lone wolf vs the invincible dragon (btw, you used in some parts of the chapter that Ryo in this story as the Tiger, but that's not Robert? O_o. At the end, you actually put Ryo as the unbeatable dragon, what the hell? )

Another confusion. Mary attacked Ryo as striker, but (I guess) you accidentally wrote:

*Ryo couldn't believe what he had just done. His body was frozen. He had saw King in his eyes and threw a Kououken at her.*

King? How? And I know you meant Mary, so then why he culdn't believe what had he done? Or actually he saw King as an illusion? OoO
I know Mary is too cute to be hit, but this is KoF XD

Then again, where the ... was Robert? Did Ryo forgot his striker?

Well, the final part, Buster Wolff vs Kaohsho Kouken. Mmmm... Guess it's about timing. But they trew their techniques at the same time, so I guess my money is on Ryo.

The best part, again Joe:

"I got… Beat… By… A girl… Again."

Hahahahaha. Joe, it's never shame to get your butt kicked by King, but oh well XD.
Kein Sylvan chapter 10 . 5/22/2013
I enjoyed the FFvsHero battle. I loved Mary taking out Ramon and Vanessa (even I think Vanessa could won), but you should let Andy take a little revenge on K' (even if he would loose, just to show K' s awesomeness :p ), but I guees you thought that would be too predictable.

Speaking of K', since I'm a K' hardcore fan, I liked the fight, but didn' like the personality. I know K' is bad ass but no 'bad'. I mean, the previous battle with Mai, i know he's kinda angry when fight but no sadist. Also that surprise attack on Mary, doesn't fit on K' style (I guess). Even so, liked that little rivalry with Terry, but K' is more concerned with NESTS, no the KoF or rivalry.

Anyway, loved the ending. Before it got bad, it was time over.

The AoF. Owwww shingo XD. Too bad for him. Benimaru fights were ok. Felt bad again for King, but Benimaru is one of the strongest.
But the hard battle was from Lin (if Benimaru wasn't strong and harder to defeat). Now it's time for inner Ryo? Hahaha, ok, no. Ryo mastered the Kaoh Shokoken at full and defeated Lin from one blast! Well, pretty forced but convince me.

The best part, (or funnier) Benimaru:


Benimaru slammed his palm on his forehead in disgust.

LOL XD XD XD. Even Kyo from far away slammed his palm on his forehead XD XD XD.
Kein Sylvan chapter 9 . 5/22/2013
Woah! The action everywhere. Damn, that Joe took the big part! He bullied Ryo and Whipn XD

KoF was epic reading this. The FF vs Ikari was good. Damn, like Andy winning, but Whip fought like a true warrior and almost defeated the FFT. I like how you portraited her and that last clever move to resist Joe's Screw Upper and win. Overall good fight, even if the Lonely Wolves won, I'm still impresed by Whip's fighting abillity.
The AoF was also good! But felt bad that Takuma owned Kim. I expected more from the Kim. Btw, the Strikers just go out 1 time per team battle on this fic? Well, no matter. AoF team still rules.

The best part, Joe:


Instead of seeing a dramatic comeback attack or even a calm forfeit, she was staring at the washboard ass of Joe Higashi

Hahahahhahaha. Best taunt ever. Joe, keep witting about him like this!
Kein Sylvan chapter 8 . 5/22/2013
Well, nice Chapter.

The Lone Wolves were ok, with all that Ikari stuff and all, but once again, Ryo and King steal camera.

Well written and told. Nice. I didn't like King being assaulted but since Ryo saved, it's ok.

The best part, Ryo:


Finish those bastards, Ryo!

Good chapter.
Kein Sylvan chapter 7 . 5/21/2013
Yay, terry and Mary are back!

Ok, enough. Good chapter. Very romantic. Too bad the game doesn't exploit the relationship of the Terry/Mary couple and they finish as just friends, but the moment, the dialogues, the thoughts, were well wroten.

I don't like it too much the part where Andy is nearly defeated by Kula, but it's ok. I hope Andy gets better.

The AoF part. Inner King strikes again and poor Ryo pays for it. Even so, it ended pretty well for both warriors. Also liked when Takuma lectures King. Father in law rules.

The best part, Ryo and King (and Inner King)

Everything! The fight, the discussion, the part of the moshi, all. Good job. Even I like a lot the kiss scene from Terry/Mary, I enjoyed more the Ryo/King part.
Kein Sylvan chapter 6 . 5/21/2013
Mary's pissed off, RUN!

Oh man, classic scene, still good. Loved the inner thoughts of Terry and Mary XD.

But the real deal, Terry vs Iori. Man, is weird to watch a Terry who doesn't want a fight. I mean, it's understandable since Iori isn't Terry's objective, but anyway I enjoyed very much the fight. Well, it was like the begining, then, Terry just fought with all his might as always. If there are few who can stand the legendarywolf, Iori is one of them. Also when Mary came in. Nice. Anyway, I think that Iori was a little... overpowered? :p. Well, maybe it's my Terry fanboyism speaking, but after the Buster Wolf he just walked away? C'mon! At least you should left him unconsious :p.

Now, AoF part, Inner King strikes back! I love it! Also the diaogues between Takuma and King and the way of the Heart training. Very clever.

And the last part of the crossover stories where King calls Mary and watch her agony of seeing her beloved in pain. Great!

The best part, King and Ryo:



Man! LOL! Typical women, XD.
Kein Sylvan chapter 5 . 5/21/2013
I'm reading all in one day, but there are some many things I want to comment in this story that just saying at the end 'good story', wouldn't be enough. So, sorry if I leave my comment each chapter, but i feel that I have to say something. Anyway...

The FF part was ok. Overall the ladies meeting and wow... Mai can be a little bitchy when drunk. Anyway, also a little of discusion between friends it's ok. Felt bad about Mary when she realized that Terry tricked her. But I hope she doesn't get too angry. King was the surprise.

The AoF part was very entertaining too. But I liked the King part when she discused with... Inner King? :p

Well, the story goes well. Can't wait to read tomorrow. Don't know XD

The best part, Mai:

"You don't have act to so manly in front of us King. We're not going to rip your shirt off"

Oh Mai, insensible (but sexy) bitch XD.
Kein Sylvan chapter 4 . 5/21/2013

Oh, you meant 'Krizalid'? Well, anyway good fight with Terry, but I felt sometimes confused when you called the oponent the 'suit' instead of 'the suited man/guy/dude/fighter/etc'. Forgive me, is just that my native language is spanish, so I don't know for sure if that's a fast way to called a suited man.

By other way, Mary is too cute. Man, that girl is a dream. Being nervous and all, but she is the type of woman that put nervous to men. Also as a detective, I imagine her as someone though. Anyway, I like the way you used her in your story. Very bad Terry for lying her :(

Now... Iwoken? You didn't get it. It's Terry sadist side when he tells his oponent, obviously, winning a fight. His opponent is tired but as the hero, Terry asks if he's ok. The confused opponent doesn't know what to say, so simply answer relieved 'i'm fine Terry, thanks...' But it's when Terry show his real trick and 'Bustaaa Wolf!' And the opponet is defeated in a physical and moral way. That's the truth of the 'are you ok'. (Ok, no. Actually it's ok if you use 'Iwoken' :p )

Back to Kyougenryus, that chat between King and Yuri, LoL. Nice humor part. Also the training very clear and entertaining. How Takuma explains how to improve the Kouken was very inspiring.

But the best part, Yuri


Hahahahaha. Oh man, since today, never thought in a possibility of Khushood/Yuri. I'm actually liking it XD.
Kein Sylvan chapter 3 . 5/21/2013
Good chapter. By the FF part, i'm intrigued by Terry looking or Rock. I don't know why he simply doesn't ask for Mary's help, but oh well.

For the AoF part, good story. I'm liking this a little bit more. Love King adapting the Sakazaki style, the training and the food.

Minor errors of grammar, but it's ok. Don't worry for reviews, your story is good by itself, but i know better that a review help improvement and encourage to write better.

By last, the best part, Andy:

"Thrust… Thrust… In… Out… The… Impurity,"


Mai, what the hell? Can't blame her, since Andy doesn't make his move, it doesn't surprise she is so horny XD
Kein Sylvan chapter 2 . 5/21/2013
Good way of telling the story. You used the actual storyline as reference, but you put your own style in some dialogues. Well done.

The best part, Robert!

"That's easy, just get a parrot. Same buck, different dime…"

Btw, you left Robert and Yuri as friends more than lovers. Good point.
Kein Sylvan chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
Nice chapter. Love the intro. (The Ryo/King first encounter). The rest is new. The FF won KoF 99? I'm also an old school gamer (played since FF1 and AoF1 were realized) and somehow hated when both protagonists began to step aside en the KoF universe, so I'm very interested in reading how this end. Too good this is complete so I don't have to worry about you don't finosh this.
TitanNegro chapter 14 . 5/31/2008
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