Reviews for Desire & Damnation: The 99th Hunger Games
Josephm611 chapter 14 . 11/14/2021
and finally, district one. the kids that i have seen very much talk about and therefore make me very, very nervous.

kieran... gosh i have trouble seeing this name without getting a ton of other associations. like dawn's kiernan or the d5 kiran (whom i love dearly and uh [redacted to avoid spoilers]). plus i think of a video game character so that's that. his s/ws are a pretty scattered bag that make me curious but don't give me a strong direction soooooo let's go!
oh my gosh he's a pianist. that instantly wins many many points as a pianist myself. and his father taught him piano! that's so AWWWWWWW gosh i love that. ok i do play the guitar some too but piano is my main one so i'm with you on this one kieran.
i like a good sibling rivalry backstory, largely because it's very real and makes the characters feel a lot more real too.
WAIT NO THIS IS SO EMBARASSING I COMPLETELY MISREAD. i thought "his brother's murderer" was a third person reference to himself but it was Not and i'd take that reaction out bc embarassment but i'll leave it in for your entertainment you're welcome. also i keep thinking siren is pandora and then realizing that it doesn't make sense and then getting confused again. problems of an overthinker.

reverie... i will admit that this is a super pretty name. but her s/ws were already littered with red flags and after kieran's intro... gosh this will be messy
four paragraphs in and i already hate her very much. and then she expected kieran to take her side like GIRL you off your rocker bye. i just. do not like her. ok so you were working class well that ain't gonna help your case in the slightest.
woah. so. aurelius had tried to. rape her? is that it? why does everything just keep getting messier i hate it here. but like. that doesn't really make her any better of a person since she killed/injured callista and just.
it seems like there were attempts to make her sympathetic but i'm not falling for it. sorry. no me gusta ella para nada y no me cambiarás

it seems kieran gets his own new category too. here's the final chart.
level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland, sergeant
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
not really but i enjoy your existence - kieran
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa, cassia
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly, reverie
Josephm611 chapter 13 . 11/14/2021

sergeant... can i say how much i love his first name. sergeant. it has such a good ring to it. it fits d2 very well. i like it Much. his s/ws don't give me much yet bc a lot of them seem very d2 except conflicted, but it's not like conflicted careers are unheard of
that's... certainly a first paragraph. and an opening scene. when i saw conflicted, this was not what i was anticipating. ohhhhh so this is an arranged marriage? i def don't see that very often in syots for careers, this is fascinating. (nvr mind that i suddenly realize that i have two arranged marriages in my own syot whoops) but man this is a tricky place to be isn't it. his family situation is terrible and it's spilled all over and ruined his own life too.
he's got an interesting outlook. as annoyed and unhappy as he is with him family situation, he almost seems unbothered in the sense that he hasn't really let it determine his attitude and outlook on life, which is really fascinating.
ooooooh his aversion to alcohol is SUPER interesting for him because most "rebellious" or adventurous kids usually use drinking as a way of living their own life, but he's so principled in this way. i love the way he sticks to his conviction in this sense; it gives him a groundedness that lot of "life my own life" kids don't have. and then that sobering conclusion and it's just depressing
all in all i like him. the more i think about him, the more i like him. hhhhh where do i want to place him on my list... i think i do in fact love sergeant

cassia... i remember her being super into the stars, right? her s/ws are certainly interesting and loud. idealistic is interesting.
awwwww we love a healthy mother-daughter relationship. but alas, as the parental figure in an syot, she is doomed to either suck or die, and in this case she dies. WAIT SHE WAS HOMESCHOOLED AWWWWWW i was a homeschooled kid too.
she seems so lonely. i did /not/ expect that from her s/ws which are usually indicative of very social and more popular kids.
(oooooh sergeant cameo)
i don't have as much to say about her i don't think. do i like her? somewhat? she's definitely sympathetic. but i'm not strongly feeling anything about her yet so she'll go in just "pleading_face:

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland, sergeant
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa, cassia
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 12 . 11/12/2021
now district three!

shaffa... ok i love her name? her s/ws also make me sad already
huh this is already super interesting. paranormal investigators? that's definitely new. THEY'RE GHOSTBUSTERS LOL. but shaffa's zoning out and LOL this scene is hilarious.
"none of us touched the cat" - she's a thief isn't she.
the name javasmith is cracking me up.
ah. she convinces people that there are ghosts in their houses and then charges them to clean the house of ghosts. that's. :woozy: so she is a thief, just in a different way.
awwwww i love to see a close father-daughter relationship. it's not that common in syots ig. and now she's lonely and sad and just. gosh.
question: why does she do the money stealing ghost thing? it's not like she needs the money? wait ok just reread she's doing it for her friends huh.
i like her well enough. not a huge fave but her motivations are sympathetic and i'm excited to see more of her.

orion... huh i like his blog vibe, seems like a kid i will like. maybe.
of course his intro starts off with stars. his name is literally orion like what else would it be. and dang that's certainly a story. idk what i expected when i started this pov but i wasn't /that/ and yet there was something so fun and so... cozy? about the story? like it's something someone would read while sitting at the fireplace.
this boy is so sad in a completely different way. he's totally numb. and that hurts too. he's detached himself from his emotions so that he doesn't have to feel. he denies that he has any pain and yet he knows he must be hurting. yet he doesn't feel it. and he doesn't want to deal with it and would just rather continue on in his detached, cold world.
this is so sad. i really like him. idk why. i just do. his story feels very realistic. it's not melodramatic. it's just what it is, and he's trying to deal with it and just. gosh. this is so sad.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 11 . 11/12/2021
sorry if my reviews get shorter i think i'm starting to reach a limit but i will finish d3 as i promised to

jupiter... okok i like those s/ws that's kinda up my alley
this beginning of this intro is so calming? it's very nice. everything's just warm and cozy and nice? so her family's richer, but she feels more at home with the asburys and that's so fair of her. awwwww and this bit with dana and eating is also so :pleading_face:. and awww this friendship is just everything and i love it and just. the vibes and warmth and closeness i adore this?
she doesn't want to go into the games. but she's gonna do it anyway. and gosh this is already sad.
i love her a lot. it's a pretty simple story, but its a realistic one and that's good enough. she seems like a real person and i love that? it stands out amidst all the various tragic backstories we have in this cast.

kai... hmm he seems like standard cold career boy but we shall see OH GOSH WHAT IS THAT TRIGGER WARNING OH NO
oh my gosh he's a serial killer isn't he. and of course he has a tragic backstory for me to feel sympathetic. for now.
wait this is actually so sad. and their decision to join the ship and then his brother gets swept overboard and oh my gosh this is so sad and then a shark eats them up and GOSH OH GOSH THIS IS SO SAD and now he's going insane and uh oh...
yep. now he's a serial killer. he was consumed by a intense need for vengeance and it ended up destroying him.
i don't like him particularly. but he makes me sad. idk where to put that on my chart maybe he gets his own category look at him being special

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 10 . 11/12/2021
now for d5!

fioynder... oh gosh his s/ws are very very unnerving. then again, i thought crossland was going to be terrible and he wasn't so... idk? we'll see?
huh. they're watching last year's games, is it? this kind of reaction is not very common for district kids. tho i makes sense in relatively loyal d5. and calling the reaping the best day of the year? his interest in clothes is also so fascinating for district kids as well that AREN'T from d8.
child of capitolite! that makes everything make a lot more sense, i can see where he's coming from. his love for the games is just really wacky and fascinating and gosh it's gonna be dashed to pieces, won't it? i can't say i'm attached enough to him for that to hurt me but it's def interesting psychologically.
an oh my gosh he's just so out of touch with how much the violence of the games hurts people.
i don't hate him. at all. he's just so disconnected and oblivious and just. it's like. boi.

keesha... her name is so good it gives me sweetheart vibes. tho her s/ws are not sweeheart so we'll see?
so she's the thief of the cast! there's always one. and she just. straight up steals. huh. there's something strange about they way they steal. it's so... relaxed. like this is their hobby. and that's kinda questionable
oh my gosh home invasion. she's doing it for the thrill and. i'm lowkey kinda unamused sorry. LOL SHE STOLE FIOYNDER'S DAD'S THING. tho she's returning it?
sorry goldie i don't dislike her but. i also don't really get her. i'm just. a little confusion. not over information or specifics but over vibes and stuff.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 9 . 11/12/2021
anyway i am back? maybe i will get through intros? maybe i wont? imma at least try to get through d3 for sure tho

juno... no strong thoughts on her blog post, tho those s/ws def give me a vibe that i enjoy
she's an oldest child! also i love the d6 vibes you're going for bc it's very specific in a way that i rarely see. she seems like a good older sister too which i always love. tho there's mention of an incident so... another tragic backstory incoming?
awwwww basically tucking her brother in
dead brother? oh my gosh this is sad. esp that flashback. also that he overdosed... this is pretty real stuff, sadly. tho it seems like she wasn't /too/ close with him? still, family is family. vesta's grieving in her own way and it impacts the vesta and juno relationship it seems.
wait juno is such a mood. like the way she listens to all the gossip and can't really follow and really doesn't care but is trying to be a good sister. kudos to you i like you.
OH MY GOSH VESTA THAT'S JUST GOSH. i get she's grieving but also like juno's just trying to be good and responsible and GAH UGH
i love juno. she's probably my favorite so far gosh she's so good
question is, does she give me :pleading_face: vibes? not really. but she's def relatable in a way that most of the other kids aren't. a lot of the kids make me want to hug them. she just makes me want to be her friend.

crossland... first of all that fc is literally a 28 yo but that's not really relevant so i pretend i do not see. also he has such villain vibes soooooo ig this will be fun?
he's hard working. ok. starting off with a good trait. tho i feel like this won't last. plus the vibes are very :woozy: already tho i can't put my finger on why. this methodical diligence tho so far is something i always admire
so. flashback. is this tragic backstory time.
yep. this is tragic backstory time. so far i like him tho i am so scared bc i feel like things are about to get twisted so fast. he's being so hardworking and taking the hit for the family even tho he grew up richer! gosh i really want to like him. i do like him for now.
uh oh. "until he met him." this sounds very bad. yep this is very bad. he's getting sucked in and this relationship is becoming his everything and i already know it's about to all fall down. and zhast is asking for money. i see where this is going.
and he exposes them in revenge. gosh. while i won't say he's justified... i also can't blame him and i'm not mad at him. i was also the kid that would snitch and tho i don't do it much i personally don't mind a snitch as long as it's not like. out of pride or self-seeking. this was out of revenge. so. i do not condone but i do not condemn.
i love crossland. hesitantly bc he gives me some :woozy: vibes but i do like him a ton

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 8 . 11/10/2021
oh? interlude?

LOL i was boutta say yep the subplot seems like self-indulgence but that's what we all do with our subplots to some extent, right? i'm not the hugest romance person but this was very well done. their dynamic is clearly defined and the chemistry works.

imma take a break for the sake of the next kids coming up bc my brain kinda goes numb after a few reviews and i'll eventually start hating everyone if i keep going lol.
Josephm611 chapter 7 . 11/10/2021
and now district seven!

ginseng... omg she's a smol. she seems very Good too why have there been so many Good kids this is gonna hurt
ok so far she seems like a younger sibling that's frustrated with the context she's been placed in. plus it seems like there's high standards for school in her family and she just doesn't care that much.
woah. be careful, girl. omg bird's nest! gosh when a character takes care of little animals, they're a million times more :pleading_face: than they were before. and aviary! tho i wonder if there's something up with crows?
WOAH. THE WAY SHE JUST. KILLED THE CROW. THAT'S. kinda scary? impressive? idek i did NOT see that coming and well. uh. interesante?

lucifer... i have heard much about this child. he's giving me cal from to coda vibes, but a little less calm? we'll see.
yep, there's the battle ring, the one i heard about. tho whom is he trying to see? gosh lucifer is obviously skilled, tho he's been fairly unreactive through this entire process. probably bc he needs that stoicness to survive.
trying to see someone in the brothel? so he's forced and stuck in this place bc of a gang, got it. or cult. this is so weird.
so. henrietta. they've been given over to this gang by another gang? woah. child soldiers. rival gang. undercover. this is all very very intense. and all this ruse they have to pull to be together.
idk yet how i feel about it? i wouldn't say i'm attached to him yet, though his story fascinates me. yeah. that's probably it for now. it'll have time to change, but for now, it's mostly his story that i'm interested in.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway -
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 6 . 11/10/2021
district eight!

dottie... can i say how much i love this name? her blog post makes her seem so precious too.
Those opening paragraphs already say so much about who she is and what she's like? with her imagination and her almost absent-mindedness. tho why is she doing it at school? LOL getting bored in class is very real and def feels like her. her relationship with her cousin is also very :pleading:. it's so good and so precious.
AW DOG. AND GUMMIES. Dottie's vibes are perfect and wonderful and just absolutely love.
WOAH SPLATTER AGAINST THE ASPHALT WHO DIED. paisley... her cousin, quentin's sister, then?
woah. that last sentence. just. wow. she's still in denial, she doesn't want to face the pain. she wants it all to have never existed, as a way to cope. and gosh that's just so sad.

delano... his blog doesn't give me strong vibes either way, ig i'll meet him now
what happened to his left arm? and woah-quentin? is it the same person? and criminal? what the heck there is much dissonance happening in my head right now this seems to be the same person but at the same time he's like totally different from the quentin dottie knows. like. criminal?
ah. he doesn't have a left arm. run over by the car. sorry to hear that, del. and oh my gosh quentin told del stories about dottie-now they're going into the games together gosh this just sounds sadder and sadder SINCE THEY'RE GOING INTO THE GAMES TOGETHER.
gosh i feel like things aren't going to end well for them in the skatepark. and how del's crying and that makes me sad like gosh.
i lowkey am more interested in his dynamic and his backstory than i am in him as a character, but i do enjoy him.

I have decided to change up my chart bc the old one doesn't match the vibes anymore.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway -
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano
kinda? -
no. -
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
Josephm611 chapter 5 . 11/10/2021
i am back with more reviews!

emilio... looking at the blog, he seems like just a good boy. but i saw a glimpse of a review that seemed to suggest that he's more than just a good boy soooooo ig we shall see?
puppet shows! that /is/ a very good boy thing to do. also a wood carver, it seems to be? so he makes his own puppets! ok ik this scene isn't actually /him/ yet but it's just so precious and :pleading_face:
awwww he seems a little awkward when he actually has to face people, instead of hiding behind the curtain. this is adorable.
but oh my gosh. bullies, huh? so his show was based on his own experience? who the heck is corvus and why is he deadset on making poor precious emilio's life terrible.
oH! so it's a family situation. gosh that just makes it worse. and now sad backstory with a dead father. and oh my gosh corvus is terrible and disgusting.
gosh i just want to protect him. he is a very good boy and deserves some good friends.

wisteria... awwwww her blog post also seems very Good i'm very excited to meet her
oh my gosh she's a victim of bullying too. she seems very introverted and quiet and just trying to mind her own business and i really like her already? she's not a fighter, she isn't the type to stand up for herself, so she runs instead.
and she's a poet too! plus a bit of a nerd?
ok her family situation is so sad too. children deserve to have stable parents in their lives and even missing one creates instability. it's just so sad. with her mother, just desperately trying to be enough for her children but also feel inadequate and then taking it out on the kids. and wisteria's just trying to run from it all.
i want to protect her too. she makes me very sad bc she deserves better

Win for Me!: Asahel, Falo (yes I love her too)
Yessssssss: Jillion, Emilio, Wisteria
I guess?: Artan
Ergh...: Mavis
Ugh.: Yuly
Josephm611 chapter 4 . 11/10/2021
whoops it has been a /very/ long time since i was here. so sorry brooke! but here i am now courtesy of narewrimo and i think i should have all my reviews in over the next few days?

also to my everlasting shame, this is the one time i broke my custom to not read a chapter unless i intended to review right then and there, because i already read d10 :sweat_smile:...

ofc he's my boy so i already knew the details about him but i love the way you've brought him to life? he's just a good farm boy with a massive crush. I relate to him very much with the annoyance at other people disappearing whenever something has to get done bc i'm also usually the one that has to do it.
I FORGOT THAT ASAHEL COOKS TOO. idk what it is with my kids but a LOT of them end up cooking in their intros or the pre games or in the games? it's like. 6 of them now. and i didn't even put cooking in most of their forms.
my man just braving the onion juice. it sounds dumb but chopping onions is seriously irritating and it's admirable to be able to ignore the juice in his eyes.
i know it's dumb to love my own kid so much. but it's been so long since i submitted him and he'd largely faded from my memory? and now it's all coming back and i can clearly see how i kinda inserted parts of me into his character but i love him anyway and no one can stop me.
awwwww he's self aware that his attraction towards her is kinda silly and dumb but he can't stop himself anyway.
oh my gosh ainara is so annoying and you write her so well. the "aya" kills me.
poor boy. no one acknowledges him. this is so sad alexa play despacito.

she seems polite. i like that. also not me conveniently forgetting that i've literally read her whole form. probably because i've actually forgotten the details of her form whoops.
carnal lip gloss is such a good phrase
i think the contrast between asahel and falo is so fascinating because it reminds me of maslow's hierarchy of needs. asahel's poor, and always working, so he doesn't have the time to really worry too much about the future. he does long for recognition, but even so he doesn't let himself indulge in it and just forces himself to keep going. while falo, though she has so much, it gives her the ability and energy to worry about her own dreams, what she'd rather be doing, and that frustration with how she feels trapped in a future. that's so fascinating to me.
tho she shares the "you're not allowed to feel this way" thing with asahel. she recognizes her privelige and therefore feels bad for discontentment.
i want to give both of them a hug.
poor her. she kinda blames herself for being trapped into this future too.
also the way she doesn't like asahel. this is going to be awkward...
gosh she's so polite and trying to say the things that'll make her father happy even though she doesn't really want it but she quashes those feelings anyway bc she's not allowed to feel that way. awwwwww :sob:

Win for Me!: Asahel, Falo
Yesss (Really Like): Jillion
Oooh (Curious):
I guess (Vaguely Positive?): Artan
Meh (No Thoughts):
Ergh (Conflicted): Mavis
Ugh (*?#): Yuly
Ripple237 chapter 14 . 10/25/2021
And at last we are here, the final intro chapter. It was a long time coming but these intros have been so fucking good brooke. I'm very interested in these two because they've been hyped up astronomically for months and months

Kieran: Already got chills from the opening line. Oh boy. Stop this piano shit is making me so soft, not him calling him "sport" Please I can't handle thissss. I really liked this brief sentiment on how the same machinations can result in two very distinct sounds, or outcomes. Very inch resting and methinks this is some foreshadowing. Oh boy younger brother situation, been there. I am 100% NOT surprised laney gave this mans a significant sibling relationship that ends in tragedy, usually death. It's nice to know laney has been into #siblingdeath for a long ass time! Wait so Kieran is playing the piano in a nightclub? Or his just imagining a different that is more "nightclub" than the one he is currently in? I don't really understand where I am but regardless, it is so interesting that his brother was in a band after all. Hehe I do be loving the siren metaphors. So apt and so sexy, and I love your prose here, it's so fucking sexy. Oh nevermind it's Kieran's band not his brother's. That makes a lot more sense. Oh his brother was ALSO in the band sheesh I am so sorry I simply have had to reread this section like 8 times. I FUCKING KNEW IT. She killed his brother holy shitttt. Wow. I knew these two were gonna have some juicy drama but this shit is fucking WILD, riverdale shit going right here (but actually good). A band that steals people's things during the crowd and then having a murder within the gang is so fucking wild and it's insanely creative and I love love love that concept. AHH I KNEW THE KEYS WERE FORESHADOWING. WOW. That is some amazing writing right here. She really got moved up for killing his brother huh. Kieran bestie please see a therapist this is WIDLY unhealthy to be involved with your brother's murderer like this jesus christ. Also I love how that last line can be read in two different ways, much like the keys that were so prevalent in this POV. Yeah this was really fucking good POV, I am so impressed with the cohesive metaphors throughout. A fantastic beginning and fantastic ending for sure. I will say that some of the stuff in the middle of the POV had me a bit lost and it was hard to follow what exactly was happening, but I eventually got there. Other than that little spot, I thought it was really perfect.

Reverie: Not one sentence in and the sass has already started holy shit. I still cannot believe she basically got extra credit for committing a fucking MURDER but I actually really love that and seeing this sort of glamor undercut with brutality in district 1 is really fun to see, it's a nice change of pace of the usual gold and stuff. Ok Ok I am really digging Reverie's backstory. I've wanted an exploration of the lower class of D1 for a long time and I had a character lined up that I will probably never make, so I am just very excited to see this explored with Reverie. Ok this entire paragraph that started with "she knew it was true" was fucking breathtaking. All the imagery and connection to performing and the stage and guitar was absolutely stunning and masterfully crafted on god. Ahhh Seeing the whole thing from Reverie's side of the story now. Mhmm yeah this is so so so good. God this is just such good writing I cannot stress this enough AH so there is where the trigger warning came in...sheesh. This is really gripping though. It was a really good decision putting Kieran first and then putting Reverie. It presented us with the situation and then said "oh you think that's all that happened? Guess again fucker." and slapped us in the face with Reverie's POV. Mhmmm the parallels of the ending here. Wow. Fucking wow. These two are absolutely so fucked up and are gonna have a hell of a time in the Games. I am so excited to see what you have planned for their story because it is utterly ingenious and perfectly set the stage (haha) as it were.

A really incredible to way to close out a stunning set of intros. You are such a talented writer and I cannot wait for more D&D whenever the day will come!

So here is my final tribute chart! A lot of these characters are reallly REALLY complex so placing them on a simple chart like this was extremely difficult but I'm pretty happy with my top 5 rn. Everyone in my Like and SEXY categories are really amazing characters and I think there would be a few more in the highest tier but I'm gonna try to keep it to a maximum of a top 5. Meeting the last of the careers was great and I uhhh am very curious to see what they're like. A lot of them have A LOT of baggage and one of them is a fucking serial killer so yeah. Lot's of crazy shit going on. Also I know I finished talking about this intro but I just once again needed to see how brilliantly their backstory was delivered, like, it's gonna be living in my head rent free for the next 10 years. Shit was absolutely bussin

Mine but I don't claim her: Mavis
SEXY: Emilio, Wisteria, Keesha, Shaffa, Reverie
Like: Jillion, Dottie, Juno, Fio, Jupiter, Sergeant, Cassia, Kieran
Neutral: Falo, Del, Ginseng, Lucifer, Orion
Meh: Artan, Yuly, Asahel
Dislike: Crossland?
Ripple237 chapter 13 . 10/25/2021
Hi d&d it has been a HOT SECOND but It's finally time for me to finish reading these feckin intros I promise

Sergeant: Oh shit we getting steamy right off the bat ! I always appreciate that you keep these scenes steamy but don't veer into gratuitous descriptions and smut territory. ANYWAYS Sergeant's internal monologue is so interesting to be because it's so eloquent and then it's "SHES HOT AS FUCK" and it's just fascinating to me. Oh now THIS is juicy. Arranged marriage situation but they're actively hooking up and one of them actually has feelings for the other while the other feels nothing. What a very sad dynamic and I like the little twist of the unrequited love within an arranged marriage. Ah yes here go, the age old district 2 tale of parents forcing lofty expectations on their kids. It never gets old because it's a slightly different dynamic for each character that shares this District 2 trope and I do be living for it every time. And speak of the devil, Sergeant likes fun facts and adventures! This is a fun character trait and I like how you made it clear that's he's not a #smartcareer(TM) but enjoys learning and gathering new experiences. I think that's a very admirable approach to life, one that I think would make people in our world happier. Anyways this last stretch of dialogue hit different. The alcoholism backstory and the fear of becoming your father via the yelling is ALL too real in my life, felt like it was literally from the recesses of my mind TBH. Sergeant is a really complex character and I realllllly like him a lot. Probably my favorite career so far but of course, there's 3 more to read!

Cassia: This POV is gonna make me emo I just know it. Star-gazing is pretty much a 100% guaranteed way to get me invested and upset. The way she said I love you mom in her head stop im upset alreadyyy. Also Xerxes is here again I guess. I'm with Cassia: "That doesn't sound good!" I would like to say a personal thank you to Cassia for explaining the Xerxes story for me because frankly I am too stupid to really understand all of it every time it pops up lmaoo. My brain just goes "uh huh" and moves on. The fact that she is now that isolated star and even an "alien" is so sad but it makes a lot of thematic sense with Cassia's concept but ): she deserves better I'm sad. Both these characters deserve better. These descriptions about the stars and Cassia wanting to be reunited with her mom is actually upsetting me so much I really did not need this I am so so so sad why does she have to go into the games why why. I guess my only question for Cassia is what her motivation is for trying to go into the Games because it seems like she got in largely because the frontrunner flopped last minute. I mean it's D2 so everyone "wants" to go into the Games but she seems so removed from the militaristic culture of D2 (compared to Sergeant at least) that I am very curious to learn more about her thought process about the Games themselves. Maybe I missed an illuminating line but regardless, I feel like there is more to her than meets the eye and I am eager to learn more about what she's like in the realm of earth, since this chapter was Cassia in the realm of the stars, and it was quite beautiful.

Mine but I don't claim her: Mavis
SEXY: Emilio, Wisteria, Keesha, Shaffa
Like: Jillion, Dottie, Juno, Fio, Jupiter, Sergeant, Cassia
Neutral: Falo, Del, Ginseng, Lucifer, Orion
Meh: Artan, Yuly, Asahel
Dislike: Crossland?
Mykindleisawesome chapter 14 . 8/20/2021
okay idk when ur gonna get this review but i'm starting it now to liveblog my son his not-gf that i've already read. oh right and it's you style cus i finally got the chrome extension to copy and paste so let's do this shit

kieran locke:
-"There were lots of ghosts in Kieran's past. Ghosts of several things that had been lost: a childhood, a brother, a lover." fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou whyyy this is the fIRST SENTENCE you didn't have to go this hard
-i looove the beginning of his intro and the emphasis on sincerity. god he's such a sweet kid why'd i do this to him. anyway it's such a sweet sentiment and he's a dork
-"Awestruck, Kieran copied his father once more. Where the first one had been joyful and carefree, this one was somber and almost tragic— deeper, and rawer, somehow. Kieran was rendered speechless how the same keys could create such different melodic combinations. The only difference between the two scales that Kieran could see was the initial note." i'm such a whore for music that this collab feeds me and i get shit like this. talk music to me i love it so much
-"Music is your gift, the wink seemed to say. Not your brother's." get absolutely fucking dunked on aurie go cry to ur mom
-"it was even in their fucking names," AHAHA YEAH I THOUGHT I WAS SO CLEVER WITH THAT SHIT the golden one and the little dark one ;-;
-"It was kind of difficult to be jealous of someone who was buried six feet in the ground. No, his childhood resentment for Aurie had taken on a different vessel, hopping sanctimoniously from his brother's bloodied corpse, along the knife that had been stuck in his chest, and finding a home in his murderer instead." STOP AHAHA WHY DID I ACTUALLY SNICKER HERE i mean,,, that's what happened,,,
-"He had been playing mindlessly the entire time, but his fingers were cold and stiff as if in rigor mortis." this line is so sexy... rigor mortis like his dead bro ayooo look they have something in common now
-also i saw pandora's name and went EEEEEEE
-"Kieran couldn't go there without wondering whether Aurie's murderer was on his heels, whether the ghost of his brother still haunted the dressing chambers, whether the ghost of his band still haunted the stage." WOULD YOU SAY SHE,,, HAUNTED HIS DREAMS,,, GOD I'M SO FUNNY AHAHA- (cries)
-"Something about that voice held an alluring, siren-like quality. It led men to their deaths. That same voice had later proposed robbing the patrons of the club for the hell of it, the same people that watched them perform with their hearts in their throats." oh god and i'm already starting to see where this whole siren thing is going UR SO SMART FOR THAT ONE UR MIND,,,
-"Prepare. Perform. Party. Grand larceny." the definition of well THAT escalated quickly
-"Well," Aurie whispered, breaking eye contact. "It was her idea." fuck u for using my dialogue... aurie ur a whore...
-"Kieran just watched her walk away, and he couldn't forgive himself for it." honestly me neither kieran but also this is my fault and it's not like i blame you
-"Is this peer pressure?" "Only if you want it to be." i would like to once again state that i love pandora with my whole heart and ass and soul look at her have you ever seen anyone doing it like her
- "The De Lu Iris. The patrons. The lights, the drinks, the atmosphere, Aurelius, R-… Aurelius." bro the way he can't even say her name :sob: yo actually lemme just
-bro ur so fucking smart for this. he doesn't even say her name for most of this pov
-i keep reading this pov going "god brooke ur a fucking genius"
-"Pandora would have to smack the back of his head to make him stop going on his tangents, yelling "Tell her, not me!" god he's such a fucking nerd :sob: i teared up i can't beLIEVE i did this to him
-"It drove him insane how all of these things coexisted in the same person, in the same set of keys. The difference was like C major and A minor. Only she could uplift him and destroy him in the same breath. It was the way she had looked so beautiful with the mink coat draped around her shoulders, and the way that Kieran had still thought she looked beautiful with Aurie's blood smeared on her face." okay this did it for me THE WAY IT CAME FULL CIRCLE IN THE END... FUCK... I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT BROOKE HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME...
-"The end of the Games was going to be the end of his life, in more ways than one." no thoughts only :hee:
-"Readier than I'll ever be," he said. "Nothing will get between us in that Arena." this is so ominous... also i see you with that parallel bullshit at the end of their povs...

umm tl;dr i'm obsessed with this entire pov it will be what haunts MY dreams so jot that down. somehow i forgot how dearly i love him and this pov just forced me to remember all that i've done to him. you fucking nailed him brooke, you really did. i love the little flashbacks scattered through it and how fucking emo they made me. i loved seeing how much of the backstory you got into a single intro? and it felt so natural? on god idk how you did it but this was really amazing and i could write an essay on it if i wanted to and like,,, maybe i will tbh just not tonight

reverie berlusconi:
-"For some reason, Reverie's district partner seemed to have a problem with her. Admittedly, it wasn't just for some reason. Killing someone's brother would do that. But Reverie wasn't going to waver, especially not in the face of Kieran Locke" this intro makes me snicker every time. gee i wonder why he has an issue. oh right it's because i DID kill his brother but i had my reasons and he should respect that
-when she takes initiative :unf:
-"a tangy melody she couldn't seem to forget even after all these years." yeah ah ha ha the melody of blood
-"No amount of scowls and insults from her peers would have deterred her from doing what she needed to do. In fact, it was the thought of surpassing and spiting them that fueled her even further." she's built so different. i love her so much reverie berlusconi owns my entire heart
-"Jade City Whore, my rendition," she smirked. "Not exactly for the faint of heart." BABY GORL I GUESS YOU ARE MY LITTLE JADE CITY WHORE!
-"Plus, it didn't hurt to have her own walking, talking wallet at her disposal if she ended up needing more pocket change." personally i'd like a walking wallet that knows when to shut the fuck up but personal preferences
-i've done this whole pov out of order snippet wise and i THINK they're in order but also shhh don't pay attention if they aren't
-oh also i brought that up just to say this is a violet anti account
-"In that moment, Reverie couldn't remember for the life of her who had had the brilliant idea of hiding in a supply closet after almost getting caught with the stolen coat, or who had leaned in to make the first move, but she wasn't going to complain." WAHHH I LOVE THEM
-"He did nothing as she was hauled off the premises; offered no words, no consolation, and didn't even let her explain herself or give a sign that he would listen." baby girl :pensive: i hate to break it to you but he DID just see his brother's dead body idk what you wanted him to do in that moment
-"And they decided the best way to reward her was to put her a year ahead so that she and the fuckhead whose brother she had killed would enter the 99th Annual Hunger Games together." yeah they're kinda fucking stupid for that one ahaha what kind of dumbass would come up with that idea ahaha dumb whores
-... anyway...
-"Ah, yes. Shoving her knife into that bitch Callista's mouth was vital for Reverie's well-being." rev really said if ur gonna rebound at least make her worthy of coming after me
-"To think that he had once been… her person." third time reading and that shit still hurts!
-"There had been a time she believed him when he said there was good in everyone, but now she knew the truth. Humanity was ugly, and Kieran Locke was the shining example." noooo don't say that ur so sexy ahaha it makes me emo
-i can't believe you've done this i've suffered like seven different strokes this chapter
-also no further comment was needed for her but he still needed to say a bit more dumb bitch (i love u baby boy)

me reading this chapter felt like that tiktok trend where a robber or something shows up and they go "don't move or i'll shoot the people that caused this" and brooke starts dancing and maggie and i get shot. idk if that was coherent but it's how i feel. anyway i still love my adopted child so much it makes me look stupid and i hope she manages to find her happiness as well

goodnight i hope ur sleeping well with my crushed dreams also here's my chart it stayed the same but yanno continuity

mine - kieran (d1), also kinda rev (d1)
i would sell my soul for you- emilio (d9)
bless you *kith* - asahel (d10), wisteria (d9), dottie (d8)
you exist :) - delano (d8), jillion (d11), falo (d10) artan (d12)
no thank you - yuly (d11)
mavis: mavis (d12)
ladyqueerfoot chapter 12 . 8/9/2021


shaffa: no because it's the way i am absolutely in love with miss zorp? was i expecting this? pretty much... since she's a d3 girl who is nearly a ginger, but the point fucking stands shaffa zorp can fucking marry me right now thank you and come again. so this whole ghost busters thing is so fucking sick of her. i love the lil dynamic you set up for her and her friends and the way i just *UNDERSTOOD* right away whomst these three hooligans are? mwah that is fucking brilliant of u. the totally scammed the shit out of mr. javasmith and while i did lowkey feel bad for this poor divorced gay, i got over it pretty quickly because of how funny this pov was, genuinely call shawn mendes because i need stitches up in here. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! hey alexa play daddy issues by the neighborhood. gahh this part made me real fucking sad, because it is sweet that my girl shaffz wants a relationship with her dad but he said "nah sorry fam i have to go put plastic in capitolite titties." its clear he also wants to connect he is just caught up in the swing of his relationship, and shaffa is too just... afraid to say anything to him, almost like she has accepted the two of them simply are screwed and that makes me very sad very muchly yes yes stan shaffa

orion: oh why hello there other star bitch. i must say, as biased as i am, i believe in cassia cosmos supremacy. he simply is not as out of this world as she is. she is the superior star bitch. but whatever, i will discuss orion. but first i will discuss his book report on xerxes lmaooo ur writing here was beautiful and you are so fucking creative for coming up with this shit, but honestly the story of xerxes was more exciting and interesting than orion. he just sort of... exists and is such a nihilist. it's like he's given up on life but not even in a suicidal way more like he's just too fucking tired to deal with being alive and like MOOD? but also... he's just rather boring. normal tributes are obviously very appreciated, i just do not think it bodes well that a made up constellation was more interesting than him. he's... alright i guess. i don't see him living past the bloodbath.

IM DONE! and the question is the same as D2 so i dont gotta answer

My Spawn: Cassia (2)
I Want To Adopt You: Del (8)
I’m Korekiyo’ing: Emilio (9), Wisteria (9), Ginseng (7), Jupiter (4), Shaffa (3)
Very Naisu: Asahel (10), Falo (10), Sergeant (2), Juno (6), Keesha (5)
You Exist: Artan (12), Jillion (11), Dottie (8), Lucifer (7), Fio (5), Orion (3)
No Poggies: Yuly (11), Crossland (6)
Feeling Homicidal: Mavis (12)
Makes Mavis Redeemable: Kai (4)
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