Reviews for Faded Memories
CelticGames4 chapter 5 . 8/25/2020
Alright, intros!
Slowly dying, so short review.
But I liked these tributes, didn't pick out Josephine from the crowd but now that I see her again I recognized her right away. She has a good shot at redemption here and her fiery personality really shows through here. Her cold personality is also going to show through for sure, but it will be to her advantage.
Gus is funny lol, but he's almost definitely doomed. It's good that Darcy and Synth are making him do the training at least, but I don't blame him for not wanting to, especially at the thought that soon he will be put up against the people he considers his brothers.
Keep up the good work!
BradiLain chapter 5 . 8/24/2020
I started off with Josephine thinking that I'd love her since she's a dancer and my dear Delaine was also a dancer, but big ooooooooof she went the opposite way I was expecting. she's such a hoe, but like not in a way that i'm vibing with. lke, if you're gonna pull a 'did i stutter?' maybe we don't follow it up with a 'i'm gonna call my mommy', you feel? She's kind of too full of spite with the only redeeming factor being that i really want to enjoy the dancer aspect of her character. i rate her six pirouttes out of ten.

gus hmmmmmmm not a fan. i feel like a tribute trying not to paint a target on his back isn't an entirely bad idea on its own, but paired with the melodramatic fake injuries just didnt work for me. His insecurity wasn't very entertaining for me either, i feel like you can't purposefully fail in front of everybody and be insecure at the same time. it makes it feel really insincere. but! we've still got many a few tributes to meet! i will rate gus 2 sweaty coaches out of 13.

Conflicted: Josephine
Dislike: Gus
BradiLain chapter 4 . 8/24/2020
The idea of these games causing a rift between Princeton and Shelby is genius. He has every right to be jealous of her having a child come home. these kids are practically adopted from birth - they're every bit as real as a child of their own blood. I think that their happy relationship needs something like this to keep it interesting, to keep it fresh.

I like that Katherine is going to be a trainer figure instead of a house leader. I think that keeps it a little bit more interesting than introducing just another house head. Love that.

you've got a really nice span of tributes it seems like ~ it's kind of hard to tell from just a blog, but i like a lot of the names and the faces and such. I'm excited to meet them!
Axe Smelling God chapter 5 . 8/24/2020
Josephine- this was nice to see that a tribute actually has something outside of the games that they do. Besides having these tributes having to loom over the games, she’s actually focusing on something outside of the games.

Gus- well I see that we have a big who has a heart of gold. This will be hard for him to push past but maybe he can be spared if his siblings understand or willing to protect him. He said in his quote he protects others so I’m glad to see what we will get from him.
Axe Smelling God chapter 4 . 8/23/2020
I love that we are able to keep up with the two of them and seeing why they are together and then looking to change some of these things up. This is surely going to be exciting and I can’t twist to see what you have in store for us.
Josephine- The quote shows that she’s extremely loyal and I’m excited to see what she has in store for us and her team.
Gus- another extremely loyal tribute and this might be a strong group but I can see that it can be their downfall as well.
Everest- well I can see that when we’re looking at how she might be a tad bit reckless from her quote.
Kalman- I notice that most of these tributes are all in the top ten. If they stay together this might be the chance to have a strong alliance.
Mariska- I can see we have an angry tribute and an attitude like that can be dangerous for a group.
Hiro- I like him a lot and his quote shows a lot of heart and when I’m looking at his placement he’s strong.

Ally- I love seeing the diversity in this story it’s the best. Being 17th as a first pic is surely interesting and I’m excited to see what she has in store.
Dash- well seeing that he seems to have a log to say in the wake that many tributes often have to see that they can’t make it all alone.
Phoebe- well from being in district five and to be in 6th place is a great segway. Also her quote speaks volumes that she is this way.
Pio- this was a nice sweet quote that was chosen and it shows that we have a funny tribute and I love funny tributes.
Altia- Hello my queen!
Raleigh- the name is nice but I’m interested to see where you take him since he’s so strong but died in 19th place I want to know more.

Carolina- so I can see that she’s from district twelve and she made into 4th place and now she has career training. I’m excited to see what you have in store for her.
Brandon- well I see we have a lot of tributes who have a sort of power and anger towards everything.
Lorelei- I can see that she has a lot to go on for and I can’t wait to see what she might have to win and get herself dirty before that can happen.
Collick- I actually like this name a lot, so he came in second place the first time. He has a lot riding in him into winning if he already came so far the first time.
Anetha- well this quote is interesting as well and now we have to look at what many can see that this is something to come from it.
Ponche- interesting enough he’s in the same games that my Alita was in, the first time around.

Hera- to see an angry tribute and to see someone form district three make it to the final three, I like to see it.
Iridian- I like the quote and I can see that he’s deep and that he has a lot going on for him.
Necessity- there is some truth to what she’s saying and what can make of this when we all know about the same thing.
Isaiah- so he seems to be adventurous and willing to take the leap when need be for these games and that can come in handy.
Alicia- I see a lot of these tributes have an attitude to them and I like it.
Seok- this quote means a lot and by looking at the strength that’s needed it for it.
Josephm611 chapter 5 . 8/23/2020
I'm so excited for the intros! It feels fresh—we could see them at any point in their lives! I love that it isn't as... predictable as intros tend to be. And I hope we'll get glimpses of the other tributes in the introductions?

Josephine: She's a dancer! And oh gosh... it'd be annoying to have cameras around always. I couldn't live like that. And her attitude! Tell those cameramen to get out, girl! I find it so interesting though that they're told early on that they'll fight to the death. Like there's no surprise to it. I completely understand and really agree with Josephine on this one—getting close when you're told so early on is asking for pain later on. And Eve! She's the prankster, right? Oh man, the way they talk about "getting picked up" feels so much like regular life THIS ISN'T OKAY!

Gus: I vaguely remember Gus from the blog... Titanium determined boy, right? Right. At first the line about killing someone you like made me think he was going to close off like Josephine does, but he does the complete opposite—he's trying to get the others to feel attached? You trickster! And he fakes an injury! I didn't expect this from his blog post at all, and it's kinda annoying? But it's also kinda funny to read. I don't remember Kalman... but Hiro's the family one! And aww he's being nice! This little section is just as telling of Hiro as it is of Gus, and I like him. This little bit also shows Gus' soft side though—he wants to be helpful, be useful.

Chart! I don't do standard charts; I want it to be clear that these are my feelings towards them as /people/, not as /characters/. I'm sure that any tribute that made it is in a well-made character. (Parentheses) represents characters that have appeared without actually getting a POV yet.
WIN FOR ME!: Anetha
Ooh!: Josephine, (Hiro)
Umm: Gus

"Umm" is for conflicted. I like parts of them but other aspects are annoying or off-putting or something else negative enough to be significant to me.
Josephm611 chapter 4 . 8/23/2020
Hey! I love getting reviews, so I'm gonna do my best to give thorough reviews of every chapter. And that means doing the dreaded blog review. I hope you enjoy it because that's what makes doing it worth it.

But first, the chapter! Oh man... I hadn't considered this aspect of the Rebirth idea—the victors... their kids are killing each other... Gosh that's sad. And they're a cute couple. Broken and tragic, but also cute. I feel so twisted saying that, like I /enjoy/ watching their pain. I'm not kidding when I say I don't.

The way they call them parents is still so heartbreaking. And WHAT THE HECK? I still can't figure out what role Eden has in all this. UGH I hate her right now. So... Katherine is a trainer AND a mom? And Shelby and Princeton are raising the kids together! Mom AND Dad!

So the blog. I'll do it by House and lump each House into a big paragraph since it's easier that way for me.

House McKenna: Josephine seems like a blunt, direct person, seeking fame and fortune but not exactly cold? Gus is interesting—his song is Money Money Money but he has such a kind quote. Eve looks like she'll be a lot of fun, especially in this growing up together environment. Kalman also seems headstrong and determined. Mariska is obviously abrasive, but I don't know more than that since I don't know the lyrics and I don't got the time to search up every unfamiliar song. AND HIRO is another nice guy; the family aspect of his character is gonna HURT in this story.
Overall vibes? We have a nice mix, with two nicer boys, two resolute people, one jokester, and one mean one.

House Hazel: Ally is interesting with her hijab—how would that even work in this format? I doubt Hazel is religious. She has inner fire vibes. Dash is another headstrong boy. Phoebe is the dramatic one in this house! Pio is also fun-loving. ALTIA! The first one I knew before this story (Axe smelling god, I think?)—I'm excited to see what remains constant and what changes. And Raleigh is our soft boy. So far the soft kids have been boys?
Overall vibes? We've got three quieter ones, with Ally and Altia being colder and Raleigh being soft. And then the other three seem more extroverted and fiery.

House Katherine: I'm super interested in this house, since Katherine clearly has a role to play in the story. Carolina's section doesn't give me much to work with, though I think she's one of the furthest placing kids we've had so far? GOSH Brandon I know you're originally from 10 but I don't like that attitude. Lorelei seems ditsy and spacey. Collick doesn't give me much to work with either—but he was 2nd place! These first four all placed pretty far. Anetha's my girl! And Ponche! Also from Forever Neverland with Altia—if they get their memories back, the two will remember each other?
Overall vibes? This house seems less energetic than the other two, with more subdued energy, even though there definitely is some attitude going on.

House Lovely Couple: Hera seems like an antagonist right off the bat. I'm having trouble understanding Iridian, though I find it hilarious that his song is Pumped up Kicks. Necessity is the smart kid! Isaiah seems impulsive, ready to dive into things before he's thought it through. I'm still figuring out Alicia. And Seok... is that arrogance? I can't tell.
Overall vibes? I just don't know with this house yet. I'll have to wait for all their intros.
LadyCordeliaStuart chapter 4 . 8/23/2020
Oh I forgot to say my favorite food is cotton candy tbh
LadyCordeliaStuart chapter 5 . 8/23/2020
I think if I was Josephine I'd just be a dancer all my life instead. If my whole family threw me out, they're not a good family anyway.

Gus doin his best to do no work. A philosophy I can sympathize with. OMG he's the reason everyone hates group projects. Thanks a lot, Gus
Paradigm of Writing chapter 5 . 8/23/2020
Well, Caleb, the devil works fast but you work faster I must say! This was a lovely set of intros, and my eyebrows perked up at a lot of familiar faces. It’s almost nostalgic, seeing Josephine here, and to see her be the first introduced character just threw me for a loop, haha but she’s just as refreshing and delightful as she was in Recrudesce, and I cannot wait time see what you do with her later on, happy to be McKenna’s first choice for a girl. But... Gus on the other hand does perplex me, even though he’s 12 in the snapshot... someone faking injury to get out of fighting won’t work long forever, and he’s got a lot of jokes to him - interesting to see Hiro and Kalmin together, I knew where they come from - but his development will definitely be something to keep an eye out on.

Wonderful job, Caleb, it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to!

~ Paradigm
chcolate chapter 5 . 8/22/2020
quick updates... i love you so much right now, and it literally came at the perfect time haha. but i love Josephine, she's literally amazing, and i love her and eve together. gus cracks me up, he's actually pretty similar to me in some ways and i'm here for it. also i swear your comment section is something else, like i don't know but it's great, you know what i mean?
ladyqueerfoot chapter 5 . 8/22/2020
WOW... first batch of Tributes and I am so excited to meet the rest already.

Josephine: I don't have much to say but I really enjoy her. She's so poised and proper, and this intro showed that as well as the whole system of how this is going down. I'm not sure how much of a threat she'll be in the arena, but she seems like she'll be a competitor for sure.

Gus: WOW okay he is baby baby! I def have a soft spot for this guy already, and it was so nice to hear from Darcy and Synth again. Their role as trainers is certainly intriguing but wow Gus is such a cutie patootie and I like him a lot.

Mine: Phoebe
Like: Gus
Neutral: Josephine
david12341 chapter 4 . 8/22/2020
Well, *cracks knuckles* it's blog review time. Your blogs always look stunning, and this one is obviously no exception. Fantastic aesthetic as always. It's a bit hard to do any extended sort of first impressions without traits, so instead I'll just point out the ones that stood out to me.

Gus Chilkat-Godet is a unique name, and that quote is such an instant love lol. Not a bad theme song either, he's one of the ones I'm keeping an eye on.

Everest seems so precious, and I feel bad that she's probably in for an awful time here considering the amount of tributes who seem like manipulative/asshole types. Name sounds vaguely familiar, wonder what story she's from.

Ally's name sounds even more familiar, and it's bugging me that I can't remember from where. I stan that theme song though, and that's a really great quote. Not a great OG placement though. One of my faves so far.

Hazel's #1 pick is a Career that bombed out at 14th, hm. That's already interesting enough by itself. Other than that I'm not getting too much, aside from that he's not a total asshole Career, so it'll be interesting to see how that ends up playing out.

Pio's theme song is literally one my alltime faves and also just an awesome song to describe a tribute haha. He'll be a fun one.

Carolina: yes. although I think you meant to put 4th, not 14th. First pick for House Katherine go and slay Carolina.

Brandon: lmao, love that quote.

Collick: well, he's Celtic's so I already know I'm gonna be in love with him. House Katherine is looking stacked rn.

Ponche: I think that's what weak means tho. That plus a 23rd placement. . . it's really interesting how so many of the tributes here had really bad placements the first time around. Expected a lot more top 8 finishes where people submitted them as a salty runback (like me with Carolina lmao), but instead we're getting a lot of people who didn't do so hot their first go of it. Wonder how that'll end up playing out.

Hera: Golden Days is such a fantastic song and a great one to describe a character. That, plus the quote, plus being the first pick, plus 3rd OG placement, plus that awesome name? Ugh, stan.

Iridian: Same as Hera, everything about him is fantastic. Interesting theme song for an (assumed) career, though. Curious bout him.

Isaiah's quote, ugh, I love it. Also, wow House Shelby/Princeton is stacked in terms of OG placements.

Cannot overstate the amount of hype I have for this story. I was so sad to see Carolina go, she's one of my absolute favorite portrayals of a character ever and I cannot wait to see what you do with her in this story. I sadly don't seem to recognize a single other character lol, so rip me, but I look forward to getting to know them all!
santiago.poncini20 chapter 4 . 8/22/2020
CelticGames4 chapter 4 . 8/22/2020
And the process starts again! This is interesting in a way that though time keeps going , it stands still. Eden truly is heartless, isn't she? Goodness, they're practically a family.
I am anxious to see how different Collick is being raised in a more supportive environment without money issues, as opposed to how rough and tough he was back home. It's going to be like two completely different people.
I only recognize three people on this list which I find very interesting! I guess I'm out of touch with SYOTs nowadays, boy do I feel old.
Anyways, looking forward to meeting the tributes!
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