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Emptybreeze chapter 62 . 4h
Congrats to 2 years.
Primus2021 chapter 56 . 8/13
I wonder if Shin will collect the Genbu and Haunglong fruits, so as to have all 5 saint beast fruits, giving a copy of them to Yasaka or Amaterasu might be a big boon in his favor with them, lol.
Primus2021 chapter 55 . 8/13
I'm starting to wonder if Shin's Queen is really Dobby, I mean, he is a master of stealth and disguise, it the church finds out about him there'd be trouble, I'm getting the feeling that Shin's Queen is Metatron.
Primus2021 chapter 46 . 8/12
Walter D. Harrison? I looked it up and can't find it, is it all yours? Like did it come from that character background perk from the start of this Arc, or did you just change the name of a real OP character?
Spacemonkey777 chapter 62 . 8/12
Phenomenal story! I binged it in three days! I have never even seen nor read One Piece but I enjoyed the journey as if I was one of the crew! Fantastic grammar and diction, JOKES were ON POINT! Dio references made me roll as this story is a breath of fresh air where you weren't afraid to completely derail EVERYTHING! AND IT WAS AMAZING! I am definitely subbing and favoring this story through the roof. I wish I could leave comments on every chapter but I got so engulfed in the story until almost 2/3 way through. Seriously, chapters 35-50 just kind of vanished for me from how fast the time flew for me! So I'll settle for a single long comment to reflect what I feel!

What I am a bit confused about are a few things, why is Shin even bothering with the whole subtlety and taking the insults from the Devil Council and Pillar Houses in the latest chapters 59-61? I mean, what is the point? Even the ruling 4 Satans can't so much as tell him what to do anything. Seriously, Shin has 8 Super-Devils in his Peerage alone! Why haven't the peace meeting members faint seeing such ridiculously overwhelming might ANNIHILATE Brigade forces? I think you have missed a great opportunity where Satans, Archangels, and Azazel are steading each other, completely disregarding formalities, as they sense 8(7) Super-Devils appear out of almost fucking thin air and give out so much power that a legitimate thought of 'they can take over the world with sheer brute force' is occurring to each of them as one of them accidentally voices it and others just nod while staring at 8 (7 if Diablo is hidden) Sirzechs look-alikes turning Brigade into cosmic dust! That would make Shin EASILY the single most influential and powerful person in the world. Shin's peerage has 6 further High SATAN level members. Their powers alone would be occupying places in The Most Powerful Beings from 7 through 15 with the rest of the members being all ranking in Top 50. Furthermore! Why did fight take so long. I get that we had a few true longinious users and fenrir, but 7 Suepr-Devils and 6 High-Satans with Rias's further 8 High-Satans should have wiped the floor with EVERYONE in a handful of seconds! But plot device, I get it. The fight was still good. Shin casually doing the 'Let there be light' was amazing as it synchronized with the music I was listening to!

Shiv played it safe and somewhat submissive with others because as was stated in Chapter 3 he had to first gain power and stall until he had a peerage of Super-Devils and then he can stop giving a fuck. I completely agree and would have done the same. Well, 600k words later he succeeded. If I were him, even if it would somewhat reveal my hand, I'd simply invite EVERYONE worth anything in EVERY pantheon he has encountered so far and beyond in his GRAND opening of potions and artifacts! With hundreds if not thousands of high-influential and powerful members from all major pantheons I'd orchestrate for someone very powerful like Shiva to cause a ruckus and call out Shin on his power before declaring that he is confiscating everything for an insult or whatnot. (Obviously using liberal amount of mind hazing and charming spells like in One Piece World Government set up). Before simultaneously every single member of Rias, Shin and Serafall peerages release their power displaying powers of a dozen HIGH Super-Satans and two-three dozen High-Satans.

And then Shin simply takes off his suppressor and no one feels anything before Shiva is smashed into the floor with Shin barely raising a finger (mind you it would be 2 months in the future) as he releases a literal Divine wave of power since he Presiged after reaching level 1000 which is only 80 levels away (which he can gain in two days if he wants plus he doesn't use his 10 and 20 levels ups for some reason). And then Shin gained another hundred levels. But those 100 were much more valuable since he finally got his rank changed from Mortal to 'Divine Champion' as he casually walks over to Shiva and snaps his fingers erasing 95% of his powers (actually Mythical/Divine level Sealing Curse which breaks only when the caster is killed, but no-one can feel it) scaring entire world of someone who appeared out of nowhere and in half a year went from a mortal human to someone who toys with Number 3. (Mind you he is already stronger than number 9 Sirzechs Lucifer who you already confirmed is weaker than him). I mean, in two months he went from level 500 to 920. Why can't he do even half of such progress now given he still spends time in his hub world pausing dxd world?

Also, I'm a little confused. Why did Shin not max out his level to a thousand before leaving One Piece world? Why have his heavy hitters like Shion and Jibril gained only 15ish levels in almost 40 chapters? Why did Game become suddenly uncooperative in terms of granting powers to Peerage members?

Which devil fruit does someone like Jibril get? Hopefully, something which amplifies her Heaven's Strike. Seriously, imagine going to a world that wouldn't mind ample destruction (some Cultivation World perhaps. Tales of Demons and Gods. It has a stupid high ceiling. If I were to estimate in the Draconic Ruins Realm 'mid world' even lowly peasants with Heavenly Fate powers would be considered Super-Devils. Heavenly Star would kick Indra's butt and Heavenly Axis who are dime-a-dozen are easily Trihexa level. Likes of Dao of Dragon, Martial Ancestor, Diety, and then Emperor would literally obliterate lower dimensions with their presence if not carefully contained. Utter monsters from Rank Supreme and above who are from a world above the Draconic Ruins Realm can be approaching the power level of conceptual manifestations like Death if I were to take a guess. Or not, but you get my point!

You mentioned that the stupid behavior of characters from the last couple of chapters will be explained. Well, I'm all for it! Sub and Fav!
Guest chapter 62 . 8/11
ah, btw, provide some more bullshitting lessons in the fanfic - quite fascinating
Guest chapter 62 . 8/11
well, overall it was quite fun to read. The downside is that I don't really like One Piece, especially considering their style (the female faces... i just can't find them attractive enough - and you put those into such M-rate fanfic and waifu-ideals). The story in that world was pretty alright though. The namings of the fruits are embarassing though.
Sometimes heard Shin as Shit via the synth-voice. And sometimes feels like there's too much of the 'game info' (though ofc there's some who are paying a lot of attention to it, comparing all the stats).
Pretty much no more other downsides.
Would've been nice to get some MILFs into the relationship, like the fox-one, or maybe even Rias' mother, or Akeno's... or even Lily, lol. I suppose Gabriel isn't going to get it, even though MC could reverse her back. Though there's quite a lot of girls already, considering that he's not even sleeping with every one of them all the times.
Guest chapter 61 . 8/11
so Ophis will come around then as well? as she's actually really ancient inside.. as you're changing MC's race for that fetish
Guest chapter 58 . 8/11
well it was somewhat cumbersome to read all those PoVs
Guest chapter 48 . 8/11
all those unlimited perks "increases reputation, obedience.." - they increase the chance of an occurence to get the increase or why is there pretty much always 10, 20, 30... such numbers and not like 11, 14
Primus2021 chapter 38 . 8/12
The more I hear about Shin's Queen, the more convinced I become that it's Dobby.

Also, I kinda wish that the 1st jump was to either Shino's world, Sakuya's world or Morgiana's world. The first to because I'm curious about how that stuff went down for them, the I wanna see Morgiana kick her former enslavers asses.

Maybe even "How not to Summon a Demon Lord", or "Overlord", or even "Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody". These 3 would be easy enough for an Isekai whith Shin taking the place of the MC's: Diablo, Ichirou Suzuki/Satou Pendragon and Ainz Ooal Gown.

Would also be funny if he went to the MCU and got mistaken for and replace Loki.

Also if they went to "Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon" they'd have to deal with all those Gods and their Familias, lol.
leblanq chapter 24 . 8/11
Harry was 12 not 14 when he was bitten by the basilisk. First years attend Hogwarts at the age of 11 and his Birthday is in July.
Guest chapter 38 . 8/11
well... reading about One Peace xover is not really that fun, considering that I haven't read nor watched it... but then the sheer info you've provided in this chapter somewhat makes it interesting
Guest chapter 33 . 8/10
is there an additional quest for all this or why do they continue with the Britain? If getting more earth for the weeds then why not just make an island on his own
Guest chapter 30 . 8/10
Merlin needs to put taboo spell onto her own name
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