Reviews for A Desperate Vow
Ghostwriter71 chapter 11 . 6h
Well then...THAT escalated quickly. But hey-they're married, after all, so all's well (what can I say, I'm a very traditional person).

I just don't understand why Hermione is so stubbornly holding on to not telling him about her condition. I mean, he would literally move heaven and earth in order to find a cure for her. His love for Sophie would be enough by itself, let alone how he feels about Hermione. Besides, even if she were to die, she might as well enjoy all the love and affection they could give one another before she left.

Ah, another excellent chapter. Your writing is amazing. Can almost feel the sea breeze and taste the salt air. Great job!
Helena W.G chapter 11 . 10/27
OMG! Perfect as always! Im glad she didn't ruined the momment for them! Wow I thought she would make him stop at some point I'm just glad she didn't! Oh my! What's going to happen next?! Can't wait!
Kyonomiko chapter 11 . 10/26
Oh man he’s going to be so crushed! hermione please be honest and gentle and let him in! :,(
Guest chapter 11 . 10/24
If you don't have Draco find out and then move heaven and earth to save her from death, I will never forgive you. This story is so well written, but this year of all years, we NEED a happy ending please.
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 11 . 10/26
Uugghh! Talk about bittersweet! Now I just hope she tells him the truth about her illnes ASAP!
Dinobunny chapter 11 . 10/26
Ohno poor Draco! I imagine he will react quite badly when he finds out about Hermione's illness... I wonder if you'll make him find out about it accidentally hehehehe. More drama and heartache ahead!
LarryFND chapter 11 . 10/26
omfg! just binge read this whole thing and it's fabulous. I wonder how she is going to tell him
HarryPGinnyW4eva chapter 11 . 10/25
I am really glad you are finding time to write and give us this lovely, if painful at times, story. I loved his sleepy declaration and how well they fit together and how happy she was for a minute. This surprise thank you trip was a perfect idea of his and I hope it does truly help Narcissa heal. I am not sure how Hermione is going to get out of this and somehow get a happy ending, but I am keeping the faith. :-) Thank you! HG4eva
crookshanks the kitty chapter 11 . 10/25
Thank you! Lovely chapter. Oh Hermione. What a mess she’s in. Poor thing.
Afrancum1 chapter 11 . 10/25
wow! that was intense! I hope she tells him soon
pgoodrichboggs chapter 11 . 10/25
Awesome chapter! Gah! Such an intense beautiful chapter! Hermione definitely needs to tell him. I still have that secret hope for a cure coming from the Black side of the family. Very passionate scene I enjoyed this immensely.
shadowfax00 chapter 11 . 10/25
Hhoooo. This was amazing? Wonderful? And gosh, he's totally in love with her. I really really hope she doesn't break his heart the next day. Even if she thinks she's dying, she can't make him stop feeling what he already is. And to deny that would be cruel. I hope she can let herself go and love him and let him love her and be there for her. Even if it's for a short period of time.
Whit96 chapter 11 . 10/25
So good it’s killing me she hasn’t told him yet. I’m dying to see if she will and how
Smilesaway2201 chapter 11 . 10/25
I’m currently crying. I really hope she tells him. I love this version of Draco and Hermione! Thank you for an incredible chapter
Seakays chapter 11 . 10/25
What a beautifully written chapter. I love this soft tender hearted Draco who so needs to love someone. He is going to be both heart broken and feel betrayed when he finds out she is dying.

I love the scenes with Narcissa and Sophie - it feels like they both need each other.

Your wrote the tension between Hermione and Draco so well. Such a great chapter. But man, does Hermione have to come clean sooner rather than later !

Fabulous chapter in Such a wonderful story ️
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