Reviews for Unnatural Life
Guest chapter 48 . 7/6
thanks to you for providing us with this wonderful story man, good luck in your other works :D
JamBasic chapter 38 . 7/5
Congrats in finishing this. Attaining his dream body seems to be the goal achieved and it's kinda sad now that it ends. Wanted to see more of Normal(?) Manaka and Abi but that's just my imagination running. Thanks for writing this amazing story. Keep on Writing!
A guy chapter 48 . 7/1
Thanks for the chapter, I absolutely loved this story.
Stay healthy.
danielsnow chapter 48 . 7/1
I loved it, thank you so much for this masterpiece!
T-B-R chapter 48 . 7/1
lovely story, enjoyed it all the way
Auxiliary Nexus chapter 48 . 7/1
A pretty satisfying end. Though I'm going to miss the Manaka lewd scenes. It's pretty tough to find good masochism stuff, especially ones where the characters don't shy away from actually getting hurt. Healing magic sure does open a lot of doors for that kind of stuff.
DamoV2 chapter 48 . 7/1
Thanks for this great story
Yay-man chapter 48 . 7/1
Ah... It's over... Yay
PathOfKuma chapter 48 . 7/1
This was amazing! Great work friend!
adriannyel22 chapter 48 . 7/1
Aw I want the story to still continue consdering I want to know what will happen to the tokyo grail war or the fifth grail war considering there is Gilgamesh to consider but okay just sad the story has been ended, well thank you for the story
Exodus12345 chapter 47 . 6/30
So when did he get together with Gil? You did not give us a steamy chapter for that. Also...OOOOHHHH NNNOOOOOOO MERLIN HAS BEEN UNLEASHED ON THE WORLD! I truly pity that world.
Yay-man chapter 47 . 6/29
Yay! Happy Birthday! Yay
Yay-man chapter 46 . 6/28
danielsnow chapter 46 . 6/28
that's was some cute interactions. Gonna make them mothers?
giovvaniauditore chapter 45 . 6/27
Wonder what's next
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