Reviews for Harry Potter and the Angry Grim Reaper
old-crow chapter 24 . 8/11

A wonderful tale. Thank you for telling it to us.


FriendlyFire59 chapter 24 . 8/10
A fun and well done 'Harry goes back and gets to do it right' story. The only thing I found off was there was barely any Luna Lovegood, sigh, I just like how her character can be... special. Well I'm positive that I know who the painter was that Thanatos alluded to but who was the violin OH, I'll have to look up and see if Stalin played.

Thanks for posting.
Talonwalker chapter 24 . 8/9
Great story!
TorterraFan493 chapter 12 . 8/8
"Yes," said Harry. "Doors and locks.

What about that dumb rule, present in Gryffindor (unknown if it also applies for other houses), that allows girls to enter the boy's dorm, but not vice-versa? I'd have either removed both 'locks', or set both, so as to avoid the obvious double standard.
Goes to show Rowling's bias, it does...
peggy77 chapter 24 . 8/8
Aww, great ending!
peggy77 chapter 12 . 8/7
You stuck with Rowling's horrible name of Fleamont but used Dorea instead of Euphemia? That's definitely different. Most authors that don't choose to use Euphemia also don't use Fleamont. They just use Charlus and Dorea instead.

Oh, but I should have said this FIRST - this is a great story so far and I really like quite a few things you have created.
HarryPlays chapter 14 . 8/6
You know your in trouble when a Malfoy AND a Longbottom work together against you
gginsc chapter 19 . 8/4
I thought the basilisk was Glaze?
Kuroshi Ansatsusha87 chapter 24 . 8/2
Loved this story sooooooooo very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much! I absolutely LOVE a good/awesomesauce/amazeballs comeuppance of Dumbleydore and ze 3 portioning Weasely Weaselys!
Schorlite chapter 24 . 7/30
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 24 . 7/17
I enjoyed the story, but adding in Millicent to the mix there at the end didn’t make any sense to me, because of the fact that Harry and Hermione were “soulmates” and Harry didn’t want anyone other than Hermione (from what I understood from prior chapters). I’m going to go with the assumption that Harry had to marry someone else to pass on the Slytherin title and that rather than be intimate with Millie, they chose the muggle method of IVF. Then again, it wouldn’t really be fair to Millie to not have any affection from her husband at all, so perhaps they developed a romantic relationship that developed “behind the scenes”.
jaqmaq77 chapter 24 . 7/15
Another exceptional and well written story. Loved it with perhaps the only niggle being the last bit... Adding Millicent, that I absolutely detested. You could have added a resurrected Bellatrix, or even the Inferi Bellatrix... or Nymphadora, or Fleur, who they met on honeymoon in Paris... But Millie? (Shudder)
Please... I feel sick now...
I can't believe such a brilliant writer has such a cruel streak... It was like finding a dead rat flavoured any flavour bean... but... I suppose it was better than Gingin... Gods teeth... I'd pair Harry with Umbridge before Gingin...
Detsella Morningdew chapter 5 . 7/15
I always thought that Snape was always such wasted potential. We had this really gripping backstory of loss and regret... then nothing really came of it other than to gain sympathy to offset the horrible things he does in the present. (Interspersed with a few actually good things he does, but it's not that many, if I'm honest. There's more evidence to suggest he's truly working for both sides than for the side of the good.)

Which is why I tend to like fanfiction Snape better than canon Snape. Because he has the same origins but something actually is done with him. (Most of the time. Sometimes he's just a good guy for little to no reason, and I don't like that.)
Detsella Morningdew chapter 1 . 7/15
Love this version. Follows the challenge while picking on it just a little. Like, "Why would I care if you got fired?" or "How stupid are you for getting mad at me for failing again if I had the exact same knowledge each time?" Or even, "Why shouldn't I just go to heaven to see my parents instead of having to fix everybody's messes for the umpteenth time?"
TLD110166 chapter 15 . 7/14
You keep misspelling connection as connexion.
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