Reviews for Healer Harry - A Fanfic
SkyWolf-24 chapter 9 . 4/29
My dumb ass tried to read this In school. I had to literally bite my tongue to not hysterically laugh throughout the day. Thank you so much for making my day absolutely hilarious.
DowLane chapter 9 . 4/29
DowLane chapter 9 . 4/29
yaaas lupéęë and the mystery girl! shame she turned out to be such a dud at the end. some things just aren’t meant to be. more stuff i loved from this chap: the crinkly eyes shoutout (albeit a little backhanded...), the bully sign—perfect, yay to more ron and hermione, and even though i haven’t read the actual story, the ITT bits were hilarious.

also, i’m gleefully anticipating Harmony’s arrival on discord. o/
The Last Rising Of The Phoenix chapter 9 . 4/29
Petrificus Somewhatus chapter 9 . 4/29
As usual, I loved it. You know this, but my fave subplot of this whole thing is the power dynamic between Harry/Hermione and how they take turns having the upper hand. I honestly can't decide if they bring out the best or worst in each other. But what I do know, is they would both be lost without each other.

My one big critique? I know that his fic relies on subtlety, nuance and restraint to convey the plot and overall themes, but I think you missed a real opportunity to delve further into the outrageous handsomeness of Swiftie Stan. I think it's pretty clear to most reader that this god among men is the real protagonist of the story, and that his outrageous handsomeness is the main driver behind the characters motivations...would like to get a bigger glimpse into that.
Uday Sra chapter 9 . 4/29
Lupy the White Knight chapter 9 . 4/28

I loved it! Great job Sal, Tal! The rapier/long sword joke from the most recent Mighty Ducks episode was amazing, and The Princess Bride references were perfect! And of course you found a way to bring in French girl! Hahaha!

-Lupy, aka Lupéęë, STS’s resident White Knight
Hank1967 chapter 9 . 4/28
Excellent chapter! Loved it! ROTFLMFAO! Just love how droll and bored with life Harry is, yet he still manages to make everything humorous. Actually surprised that he and Tracy haven't gotten together yet, or have they? And now Harry has agreed to Hermione's expansion just so he can have less hours and Minions... Should be entertaining! Update soon please!
Ajjaxx chapter 9 . 4/28
I write this review in honour of all men who've hit the gong the 69th time and ruined the night.

All is not lost, however, composers and conductors around the globe have researched tirelessly in pursuit of a cure. They say 2 in every 3 men, at some point in the musical careers will hit the gong early. Some musicians hit the gong early every night, some only do it a few times in their life.

I speak for all the readers when we say we're very interested in this side plot of Larry Lotter, Fleur Felacour, Haphne Heenhass and Natalia Natlova. Dare I say it, this story might even warrant approximately, if I was just spitballing here; 55 chapters and 563,700 words. It might even, and I can't stress the might enough, get in return; 4532 reviews, 8,933 favourites and 10,388 follows. Might, nothing is set in stone.

A man with a Spanish-Portuguese accent might even one day extoll the virtues of such a story whilst sipping on orange juice.

Also, is there any chance we could possibly get a restraining order out against that outrageously handsome man? I don't know why, I just get the feeling like he might be obsessed with Hermione. And himself. Just think about it.

'Concise yet not. Funny yet poignant. This was the French-girl-meeting, name-gathering, premature ejaculation metaphor the world needed.' - Eucla Morning Herald.
stevem1 chapter 9 . 4/28
Harmony makes an appearance and then hides. Funny chapter.
Hank1967 chapter 8 . 3/17
D mn! That was hilarious! Don't see how Harry puts up with Hermione. Don't see how Tracy puts up with her either... Come to think of it, why does Tracy work there? Is she secretly in love with Harry? Loved it!
Hank1967 chapter 5 . 3/17
ROTFLMFAO! That was brilliant! Gabby probably died of sugar overdose... Feel sad for Harry, though, if he had this and lost it. Also, looks like the author overdosed on Christmas retail shopping. Too funny! Also, your description of the kitchen caused me much laughter as I contrasted it to my own dumpy little one filled with dishes, pots and pans that have all been scrounged from various mission shops. Brought a smile to my face.
MakhaiArcanum chapter 1 . 3/11
Reminds me of House a bit. The references to other stories that I noticed were pretty fun too. The fact that this has 8 more chapters threw me for a second, since I got to the end with that feeling of finishing a one shot.
Moilanen chapter 7 . 2/27
Damn guys, this is so much fun and it's so obvious that you guys are having a blast writing this wonderful nonsense!
Alpenwolf chapter 8 . 2/21
Well, their lives are certainly not boring after all was over.
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