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ThePaleDarkness chapter 5 . 11/13
An interesting crossover, indeed
Noneofit chapter 5 . 8/13
A weird thing just happened. The exact moment I read the reaper saying “I aim to rectify this” or whatever it was, there was a graphical glitch of some sort that make all the text on my iPhone then blood red for a second. Cool coincidence.
LaMario chapter 5 . 7/21
Wonder how long before ONI shows and starts dicking around
Don Orbit chapter 1 . 7/3
I have but one question. What type of reaper are we talking about? They do differ in size and abilities after all.
TheRightPrice chapter 5 . 7/2
Glad to see this story continuing. I wouldn't mind seeing more scenes from alien perspectives. It really depends on what kind of story you want to tell though. Is there a main character in this story that the narrative will focus on and off so who is it? With big Halo x Mass Effect crossovers I personally prefer the narrative to not have one specific main character but rather there be multiple protagonists who drive the story forward and from who's perspective we see the broader story unfold (Ex: United We Stand and To Infinity are good examples.)

Also, I hope you keep in mind the technological differences between a Reaper and the factions of Halo. Although the Reaper will have a technological edge in some ways it will also be drastically inferior/out powered in others. Weapons, shielding, and FTL of Reapers are dramatically inferior than what is fielded by Halo factions. Nano tech, cybernetics, dark energy/biotics, and sublight propulsion favor the Reaper. AI tech is a toss up as to which is superior. Reapers may be the sharks of the Mass Effect galaxy but they'd just be big fish in the ocean that is the Halo Galaxy.
RandomReader chapter 5 . 7/2
I like the whole eldritch abomination vibe the Reaper is giving off in your story. That's what they had in ME1, but what was heavily toned down in the sequels.
Prometheus-777 chapter 5 . 7/1
Obiwan Prometheus KenobiVISIBLE CONFUSION] H-he's here?! OMIGAHD it's Sierra-Fucking-117! And. Omigahd, omigahd z OMIGAHD! He's got the HALO 1 MAGNUM PISTOL! Oh they ded...Deader t

Fools! I am betting my entire storage room of super deluxe ultra rare special edition one INA lifetime supply of Chocolate X that the massive ring is Forerunner, Baka!

Heh, I love how you're making the Autumn crew exact to the Chief like marines in Halo 2 and 3 all the way to 4 and beyond lol. That Hero Worship has gotta "stroke one's ego' in every sense of the word lol.

But did I mention that Chief has the VERSATILE HALO 1 MAGNUM PISTOL?! I did? Oh... well... Yes.. but you know... It's like so fuckin' OP that they added it to Halo 5 lol! How dope is that?!

"Yank me" she says... Anybody else get tantalisingly titillating flashbacks to that Halo moment(s)? Because I did... My umm, errrrr... "activated Energy Sword" can attest to that, dufufufu! Ah shizzzz, does it count as sex if one keeps "yanking" and "inserting" Cortana's data chip out and into the holoprojector? Kinda like the movie JEXI and how the AI in the phone asked it's USER to keep "yanking" and "inserting" her USB charger cable for those lovely tantalisingly titillating jolts of electric pleasure and bliss lol!

That's right! I just singlehandedly ruined charging your electronic devices for y'all! UMU! So every time you insert and yank your charger into your electronic devices, you're ACTUALLY "copulating" with them lol!

Ever watched the Sci-Fi movie SOLDIER? John 117 reminds me of the super soldiers featured therein...

Obiwan KenobiSPECIFIC Jedi hand mind trick* This is NOT the human-made intelligence YOU were looking for"

ReaperVISIBLE CONFUSION] ...This is n-not the human-intelligence that I-I was looking for...

Obiwan Kenobi: Heh, works nigh-every time! Now I wonder how effective Jedi mind tricks are on Graveminds and the whole of the Flood. Never mind the Adart Yakshi and the rest of the Mass Effect races lol!

Ah gahgdammit. Chief will get indocrinated... OOORRR, he would have the mental resistance/immunity to mind control and such that Doom Slayer has lol! Their anuses are not ready! I almost pity the Gravemind too now... ALMOST.

All the sweeter I guess...

I wonder if this means the Librarian might come into the story much sooner and Give Chief and Cortana her "GIFTS" to her "children' lol.

As for the Alien Vs Human POV focus... How's about you list off the benefits and drawbacks of either option...? IMHO though... I feel that it's an immesurably obscenely large loss to do either/or. Rather, a kiclx of the two instead f committing to ONLY ONE would be much MOAR entertaining...

WHY?! This IS an XOVER correct. So naturally it makes logical sense to allow the reader to see how either universe REACTS to each other's moves on the proverbia Cosmicl Chess Board lol. For example, we could even get an ECHO-419 reaction to flying with CONCERTED Corvies without ginning each other down unlike on the canon Halo Universe where if it initially starts in Halo 2 and climaxes in Halo 3, the whole humans and aliens cooperation towards mutually beneficial goals.

This gives of the hives of the Flood constantly making its enemies work with it in temporary truces throughout the original trilogy of Halo -with the exception of Halo 1 though. Quite exhilarating I daresay.

Rather, if this story wer a chess game, then the first few Reaper/Aliens chapters were Faction White making the 1st moves. Then nowand beforewith the humans, it's Faction Black making their counter moves too. But evidently Keyes hates REACTIING and has decided to hide Cortana in thelike his complimentary speech to the Chief mentionedthe luckiest SOB in the cosmos lol! In other Words, Cortana is the Black Faction QUEEN and Chief is the Black Faction KING. Then this would mean, Captain Keyes is the Black Faction ROOK/CASTLE as he has the Pillar of Autumn as a Carrier too, capable of long range FTL travel in ONE DIRECTION (No, not the former band lol), just like how the ROOK only moves in a limited number of directions over long distances.

By that logic, Cortana is the QUEEN as she can move in ANY DIRECTION (Better than the band lol!) once she's, umm, errrrr... "penetrated" any system. She's not even limited to the DIGITAL world either. She can manipulate ships too in the material world as we know it too! And as such Chief is naturally her KING as humanity's fucked if he dies and/or it captured and made an enemy if Humanity by either the Flood or the Reaper via their variations of mind control...

Heh... Your mind control fetish is showing again O Author mine! Dufufufu~!( T_T
Blackberry Avar chapter 5 . 7/1
The alien scenes were pretty good, because we got to see the covenant from the perspective of people who weren't self-inserts. Nothing wrong with the good ol' Sangheili SI fic, but it's nice to have a change. My one gripe about this chapter is the overly chatty marines / navy. If they know what's up on the bridge, then that's a minor breach of operational security, especially 'an elite admiral talking to captain keyes' which is something I'd keep on the down-low.
eyeswatcher chapter 5 . 7/1
You really outdid yourself in this chapter, great work!
Qrs-jg chapter 5 . 6/30
Wooo neat stuff, glad to see you’re back
Cooldude101011 chapter 5 . 6/30
What happened to Thel Vadam (the Arbiter)? Did the (partially?) amnesiac Reaper turn off his indoctrination systems? Also don’t Human AI typically also use gender pronouns and view themselves as Male or Female? There are exceptions like Black Box though.
Mangoose chapter 5 . 6/30
OOOOOOoooo... I love me some exposition. Also, you definitely nailed the eldritch horror theme here. I absolutely adored the part where Cortana was explaining things to John.

A subtle reminder of how there are so many things out in the void that we don't know.

The Reaper maybe trying his best to be friendly, but he has no idea it actually makes him more frightening. No one in the Halo-verse truly understands what his existence means.

As for my name, well when a man and a goose love each other very mu-

Guest chapter 5 . 6/30
a mix of both
Jack Smith1 chapter 5 . 6/30
You could do a Interaction between the Reaper and the UNSC, I'd love to see that.

As always keep up the good work.
Siphon 117 chapter 5 . 6/30
So, as good of a chapter as the previous ones.

Regarding aliens scenes, I'm perfectly ok with having alien scenes interspersed within the story, helps to get other points of view that can't be gleamed from the human perspective.

Will be waiting for more.
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