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Anita chapter 1 . 10/15
Hope all is well. We have had an up date in a while.
TheaMama chapter 58 . 9/11
Baby Liam sounds just darling to me! Thank you so much for continuing to keep these lovelies alive for us, I can't tell you how much it means to me and I know others must feel the same way! You have such talent, I'm grateful that you generously share it with us. Hating Martin's parents as I do, I'm not looking forward to any more mischief from them. I wouldn't mind seeing Martin get an ego boost from some admirer, nothing to disrupt the family really just something to make him realize how great he is, he never gives himself credit for being attractive; lots of beautiful, accomplished women are attracted to brain power. If there were an intellectual equal who could point out his charms...I've always thought that could be delightful reading and possibly convince our Doc that he might just be worthy and desirable by our lovely Louisa, alas, I daydream.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/7
It's too bad Martin and Louisa didn't tell the parents-from-hell that it was fine for them to stay at the farm!

They should have handed them the key (any old key!), ushered them out, barred the door, turned off the phones, and gone to bed!

I have to say I am really stunned that they would even consider staying in Joan's farmhouse though. They are such hoity, toity nose-in-the-air types.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/7
It's too bad Martin and Louisa didn't just tell his parents-from-hell that they were more than welcome to stay at the farm, give them a key, and send them off into the night!

Oh, and lock and bar(!) all their doors, turn off the phones, and go to bed!
Anita chapter 58 . 9/6
hawthorn1102 chapter 58 . 9/7
Goodness! Those senior Ellinghams are about the rudest people I have ever encountered. I can’t imagine someone speaking to their son that way, especially one who has become a doctor. Louisa and Martin handled them very well…exactly as they should have. Martin is really doing well at trying to make everything right for Louisa on her birthday. He has come to better understand what is important and meaningful to her and she appreciates his effort. Thanks for writing.
ke0212 chapter 58 . 9/7
Martin's parents are such scumbags. Have they forgotten that he sold his flat (or maybe gave it to them in this story) in exchange for their interest in the farm? I guess they were hoping for whatever else was in Joan'spossession, perhaps some rare and valuable clocks. Ugh!
I love the name Liam. It will fit the little one perfectly
Chelsietx chapter 58 . 9/6
This is so good! Louisa really did well standing up to his parents. Martin was exceptional as well. Thanks so much for updating!
Anita chapter 57 . 8/30
Chelsietx chapter 57 . 8/30
How could she have not thought about the name Daniel and how Martin would react? Lol! I really love your updates and thrilled they are going to be permanently in Portwenn. Great update. Thanks.
TheaMama chapter 57 . 8/30
Daniel?! I was laughing hysterically when I read that, great one that is. As always you such a great job, Louisa is such a drama llama, and you nail her character every time, I really enjoy your writing style and always look forward to reading new chapters. Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts, keeping these lovelies alive for us!
hawthorn1102 chapter 57 . 8/30
Thanks for the new chapter and for the good news that our little family has decided to settle in Portwenn. Unfortunately, it seems they have simply exchanged one set of stressors for another. It looks as if it will be rough going for some time to come. At least Martin still has a job he is capable of doing and the pregnancy has a finite limit. However, it takes time to build a new house and that is never stress free. And bringing up two (hopefully) young children is a long term project, but usually a happy, yet busy time. I look forward to hearing more about how the family is coping as various changes to their plans come along.
ke0212 chapter 57 . 8/30
i have to wonder where the name Daniel came from, some kind of slip of the mind?
And what's up with the new head teacher?
Going to be a stressful four months ahead. Good chapter
ke0212 chapter 56 . 8/12
Lovely chapter interweaving Martin and Louisa's conversation with interaction with the villagers. I'm guessing that they will eventually settle in Portwenn. Will Louisa take the part-time maths position. Will she find a new ob to manage her pregnancy? Lots of questions. Thanks for the new chapter
Anita chapter 56 . 8/8
Excellent ️
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