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tetraforce theory chapter 18 . 4/28
It seems my last review wasn't too far off, Link has indeed found himself at odds with Hylians past and present, it'll be a wonder if he can be saved at this point. Do you have any references taken for the warped Gerudo forms, or just a monstrosity from the depths of your mind? Great stuff either way, glad to have finally caught up. Hope your new job is treating you well, man!

Also, obligatory 69th review- lmao
Bed22455 chapter 9 . 4/22
the visual of Link as a dark force of nature, riding on top of the Helmaroc king, firing arrows into a twisting churning storm... that's some epic Dark Souls imagery right there!
DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 16 . 2/22
You're not the first one to explore the concept of the Gerudo being cursed, and that's why there are so few men (certainly makes more sense than what OoT proposed). I like it. The ending took me by surprise, I was expecting it to tie in with some of the earlier Ganon references when they're fleeing from an unknown enemy, but I still like it all the same, and I can totally see why Ganon has totally lost it at this point.
DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 15 . 2/22
It's been a while since I've picked this up, but I thought I should since it's been a while, and boy did I forget Tetra's more savage side. This chapter kind of brings home a bit more the tragedy of the finale of your previous work. It seems only a portion of Hyrule's populace survived, so I totally can see why Ganon might be twisted and evil, demon or no...

I also like how you handled Aryll's character here, how she spared Mila despite everything. You've really added to her character... GJ!
James Birdsong chapter 17 . 1/31
Awesome chapter
James Birdsong chapter 16 . 1/18
Good six chapters.
tetraforce theory chapter 14 . 11/10/2021
I wonder if when Link faced Orca as Wrath if there was any residual fury for what his ancestor had done at Vure.

I had 4 chapters in backlog when I started reading, and damn if I didn't enjoy all of them. I wonder if this will be the same Ganon that we saw Link defending in a flashback earlier, or if they'll both be new incarnations.
DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 14 . 10/7/2021
I was expecting things to get brutal, and I did see the foreshadowing, which I thought was well implemented, but that was still fairly brutal. It certainly gives Ganon a fair reason to hate Hylians, and it kind of creates a narrative that the Hylians were the authors of their own demise, Ganon became evil because of both Demise and what happened in this chapter. I take it that’s what you’re aiming for. I did like the tie-in with Skyward Sword and the N64 games. It’s strange how the Golden Goddesses simply vanish from the Hylian pantheon in SS. Look forward to the next chapter.
DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 13 . 10/4/2021
Wow. Tetra was savage in this, she really needs to cool down a little lol. Poor KoRL. Knowing Zelda’s fate just made her words seem cruel, but such is the price of knowing what came before. Good chapter… a bit shorter than your usual fare, but a quieter chapter is a good thing now and then. I can already see that things aren’t going to end well with Aryll and Mila, but we’ll see. When it comes to your writing, I’ve learnt time and again to not get ahead of myself and think I know how things are going to go down (and that’s a good thing).
MaximizeCharisma chapter 12 . 9/18/2021
Hello again!

Not much to add on to my last review, but some interesting revelations in this chapter, namely how Link became the Wrath!

Aha, so I was right! It IS illusion-based brainwashing by Ganondorf. Didn't expect Demise to be part of it, though, and it's an interesting interpretation. And I'll acknowledge that the Gerudo may have been wronged, but it certainly doesn't give Ganondorf license to perform his various acts of evil, like destroying Greatfish Island (a giant magical sword creating massive fissures, huh? That's one way to destroy the place, Super Mario RPG style)!

I enjoy the depth of Ganon's characterization here. Even if none of it makes me feel any more sympathetic towards him, it's believable that he would try to win over his archnemesis in this context - if not for emotional reasons, then out of cold pragmatism - and really cool. But how is he more than 2,000 years old?! I have no idea where THAT little detail came from. Is he speaking of an older incarnation of himself that merged with Demise, and then was reincarnated?

I also can understand why Link would agree to the bargain - from his perspective there certainly isn't a lot of choice, and the path gave him a chance...or so he thought. Oh, poor Link...I feel so bad for him! D:

Something in Link's vision that immediately comes to mind is that I believe in canon Zelda, the Gerudo are an almost entirely female society and a man is only born once every 100 years, becoming their ruler and guardian (yeah, don't ask me how they reproduce). Yet, the guard that confronts Flashback!Link is a man and doesn't appear to be a kingly figure. I'm not sure if this is a divergence from canon for the sake of making more sense or an intentional lie by Ganondorf to make his story seem more sympathetic to Link (which does not bode well for the rest of this not-so-neutral slideshow).

They also are presented in a positive light in terms of not being racist, but considering their BotW attitude of not allowing men into towns, I think they actually still have some progress to do on the discrimination front. :P

In regards to Majora...this was a very interesting confrontation between him and Link, and it explains the latter's attitudes later on. It appears that the King's not trusting Majora led to him being surprised by the attack, and if it weren't for the suddenness of the attack, Link may have come to trust him again. But alas, it was not to be! I still don't really think that Majora should have revealed the truth about himself, but I can see why he would after all the pain and suffering his previous deceptions caused.

It's intriguing how Ganondorf knows of Majora's journey AND Majora knows of Ganon's objectives, given that Ganon was sealed away and the two never interacted directly in the previous fic, since Majora was in Termina when Ganon broke out and the flood began. I presume that at some point they must have met and exchanged words. And lastly, it seems that Majora has a way to exit the Great Sea, considering that he healed Neq somewhere beyond it - I guess he must have the map! Let's hope he still does, because Aryll and Tetra might need it! Barring the Triforce, it's the only shot they'd have at escaping...but something tells me that plan will be very difficult to pull off.

Not sure what'll happen next. If Aryll and Tetra head to Stone Watcher Island in search of lions, they'd likely have to pass by Greatfish...where lightning may or may not fill the skies! :D (Oh, and there's a chance they'd encounter their actual objective, the King of Red Lions, on the way. And I think Tetra would be even less willing than Link to put up with his arrogance, so that character dynamic is something I'm looking forward to reading!)

Continuing to love the extreme defiance of the standard "Link saves the day" story, by the way.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
MaximizeCharisma chapter 11 . 9/15/2021
Hello again! Sorry for my long absence; life got unexpectedly busy. I hope your streams have been fun and your life is going well!

An eventful two chapters! I think the decision to alternate chapters is a good one. It adds variety to the perspectives, reduces the likelihood of reader boredom, and makes the world feel a bit more alive.

First things first: THE INSUFFERABLE GREEN BUG HAS MADE HIS ENTRANCE! Although I have to say, I am moderately happy with this portrayal of Tingle, as he gets his just deserts. Insulted, humiliated, and pinned to the wall with a death threat by Aryll - exactly the kind of thing I'd love to see more of! I just wish they didn't let him go free...

I especially love these lines, and shared them with a friend of mine:
"Tingle!" Tetra exclaimed. "That name is public indecency all on its own."
"Just put on a little fairy dance and scare them away. Use your public indecency for good."
"When the moblins threatened to come in anyways, Tingle offered to share his Tingle Tuner with them. Which sounded just horrifying enough to scare the moblins away."

Everything about that scene was really, REALLY funny, and even Aryll's establishing moment of darkness in threatening to kill him couldn't stop me from laughing. Kudos to you for writing this!

I especially love the joke about the Tingle Tuner and how disturbing that name sounds out of context - I've never owned a GBA in my life so it's a completely useless item for me (relatable for many Wind Waker players, I'm sure), and I was always annoyed by that. His bottle is now useless too...

My one criticism of this scene is in this line: "Listen, I don't know what traumatic, childhood event trapped you in this deep psychosis, but it is not my problem, and it won't get me killed." It's funny, but characters using psychological words like "psychosis" in the Zelda universe...feels inappropriate. Where would the inhabitants of the Great Sea have learned what psychosis is? It gives the vague impression there's a university out of sight that Ganondorf and the Great Sea people attend with an uneasy truce while the narrator is on break.

It's considerate for Tetra to hide in the prison to avoid blame being pinned on any townsfolk, especially Gillian. Fits her hidden compassion. And speaking of her...

The Café Bar is one of my favorite non-dungeon interior locations in the game. If you enter during the Endless Night but before entering the Bomb Shop, there's special dialogue and you can see the lightning flashes from inside - giving it a weirdly cozy "oasis of peace" feeling. Ah, I'm probably just weird - but it gave me extra enjoyment reading this. I see you added a third floor to the building, which makes sense considering the island is home to sailors and they'd want to crash for the night after drinking Hylian milk.

However, I'm a bit confused about Gillian's technically-not-but-also-kinda-because-they're-not-welcome-to-stay-if-they-don't-pay eviction notice. Her stated rationale is "Yeah, but I'm tight on rupees and can't be turning customers away. You staying here means I have one less room to sell. I don't get many guests anymore with these raids." Yet, if she has few guests, wouldn't that mean there's a low chance others would want to pay for the room they're using? I'm assuming she has more than one room, considering there was a hallway with an implied four rooms at minimum. Even if she uses one herself, there'd be two free rooms, and there could be more rooms in that hallway (or on the fourth floor? These Windfall folk sure love to build towers!) She could at least allow them to stay until someone else needs the room...or for more than two nights. Moving on!

Some interesting exposition and relationship building in Chapter 11! Tetra's matter-of-fact business approach to resolving conflicts actually kind of appeals to me, and feels very in-character for her; I actually love this part. I also enjoyed the recap; usually I find recaps boring, but it's interesting here because a) new information is imparted to the reader, they're not just reading the same scene twice, and b) because of the character dynamics, especially the mental evaluations Aryll and Tetra are making of each other.

Interesting that Windfall Island was raided two days earlier than scheduled. I suppose Ganon and/or the Wrath decided to investigate the island early after their cyclical escape; but thankfully, they managed to hide (and pin Tingle to the wall :D). It's possible that if Ganon had deployed actually intelligent minions, they might have found the evidence of Aryll and Tetra stowing away in the bar, but well...Moblins. I wouldn't expect them to make the connection. Good help is so hard to find!

(Now I'm picturing the Moblins hitting each other with their ridiculously wide swings, and laughing :D)

I still wonder what happened between Cyclos and Link after the escape. His reasoning for helping them was surprisingly heartwarming, actually (I went "awwwww" when I read this). And speaking of Ciela (can't help but think of the Spirit of Courage, haha)...Tetra certainly has mommy issues too! The interpretation is intriguing. I find it strange that after a little over a hundred years (if Anju was the great-grandmother), Tetra's link (heh) to the royal lineage was completely forgotten by Tetra and her pirate crew. The people on the crew must have been REALLY good at keeping secrets for that one to stay buried. I think in WW canon it's somewhere around 800 years which makes more sense, but I could be wrong.

I also have to wonder what happened to the rest of Tetra's crew? Gonzo and company haven't been so much as mentioned yet, and they're conspicuous by their absence.

So the dynamic duo's goal at present is simply to flee the Great Sea? I can't imagine that will be easy, for a number of reasons. Based on your comment, I suspect the Endless Night will come into play at some point, and I am really excited for that. Majora and the KoRL are unpredictable characters...Ganon and the Wrath really want to steal the Triforce of Wisdom...and there are any number of other reasons why they might be drawn into the epic quest involving the Triforce.

Though I'm not sure if collecting the pearls will be necessary...Link has drawn the Master Sword, so possibly the Tower of the Gods has been unlocked - but it's also possible that Ganon brought him there. It's also unclear if Link possesses the Triforce of Courage. The Triforce pieces are morally neutral power amplifiers, so it's possible that he does - but how would he know where to find them? I doubt he's had Tingle's help, considering Tingle didn't seem to recognize him when mentioned. :P

Tetra's talk of opening a Din forsaken hole in the sky made me laugh, and also made me think - what if they succeed, and Din really does come down through a Din forsaken hole in the sky? That would be very interesting to read!

And lastly, Aryll's discussion with doesn't really qualify as a revelation, given that we already knew this, but it was impactful nonetheless. Aryll pausing to hold in her tears was just really sad. :( But well written!

Pausing here, but I will continue the review in Chapter 12.

No comma between "expansive" and "stone"
"Tetra bantered" is a possible typo - did you mean "Tetra bartered"?
"anymore games" should be "any more games"
"Any who" should be "Anywho"
"believes himself" should be "believes it himself"
No comma between "traumatic" and "childhood"
"out the top" should be "off the top"
DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 12 . 7/18/2021
Wow, there are certainly a few references to your MM story here that I didn't see coming. Fate hasn't been kind, but I daren't say more. An interesting chapter and I had looked forward to finding out exactly what happened on Great Fish Isle. Your direction with Narg was unexpected, considering I thought I had him figured out last chapter. The transition into first-person was a tiny bit jarring but that might just be me. It took me a moment to realise who's POV we were seeing (and I'm assuming it's Link, but I've long since learnt not to make assumptions about where your stories are going :)). All in all, a fun read once again and I look forward to the next chapter.
WhereIcannotbecrucified chapter 12 . 7/13/2021
shit so that is how he when all psycho damn ganon is a two-faced bitch by getting in link's head fuck you both ganon and demise you bunch of fucks

DragonRand100 -the eagle1989 chapter 11 . 7/11/2021
Milk that makes you tipsy? Huh, I’d forgotten about that. :) It was nice to have a slightly quieter chapter here, although there was an interesting bit of reveal towards the end. I kinda guessed where the Windmill story was going when you mentioned there had been a terrible accident, but I have no guesses as to what caused it (I am curious, though). And oh goddesses, I didn’t expect Tingle in there. Tingle is my least favourite character in the franchise, but that was still a fun scene all the same. I was expecting the raid to take a darker turn but I thought the way you wrote it worked well. I almost felt bad for Tingle. Interesting shift in Aryll’s characterisation too. I can tell from this chapter that the events of the story so far are taking their toll on her. Look forward to reading more!
WhereIcannotbecrucified chapter 11 . 6/28/2021
delightful keep going i need more

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