Reviews for The Final Countdown
Caatmikmak chapter 10 . 10/19
Still enjoying the story. Since Lois has been pregnant for weeks I was thinking isn't Clark hearing a second heartbeat? Just curious.
beatrix.acs chapter 10 . 10/9
*cough cough* "I" lured you into the Dark Side of Star Wars? Me? That's preposterous! I would never do such a thing! But maybe... Actually... Well, yeah. I kind of did. :) It just didn't 'somehow happen', after all. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed ALL the Star Wars callbacks in the chapter, hun, thank you for them.

Damn, I really liked the basketball part, it made me to miss the game so much! Too bad I was kind of banned from the team games because well... in pursuit of the win, I eliminated both my opponents AND my team mates... Like physically eliminated them. My PE teacher wasn't happy. So that and basketball doesn't really go well with glasses unless you want to buy a new pair every week.

"There is no time like the right time." - oh yeah, I am on it with Pete. Just do it, Clark. Women - and especially Lois - do not need grand, detailed gestures where every single second of the upcoming proposal is planned and it's tied to some anniversary. All we want is just a sweet, nice and intimate mood and the man on his knees with a ring. It's yet ANOTHER reason to have an anniversary to celebrate, you know like "the day we met", "the day we got together", "the day we engaged", "the day we married" and birthdays.

Well, well, look at them... SEXTING IN THE OFFICE! Now how wonderful is that? And I expected that those two will cover Luthor's trial, after all, their knowledge of that man is second to none and they are the best duo in the city so... personal issues with Lex aside, they are the best choice.

Oh I am so with Clark - people can become evil because of love. No one says that it is healthy, good or inspiring, it's actually pretty twisted but yeah, it can also happen out of love if one has limitless possibilities and believes in the wrong ideals, blinded by one of the strongest feeling a human can ever feel. Evil people can love. Just like good people are incapable of love and capable of hate. It's not black and white and love doesn't equal good, just like hate doesn't equal evil and vice versa.

And hey, if any Star Wars discussion ends up with a smut like that, wouldn't be a world a better place, hm? Something to think about DLF. Make Love, not Clones.

Hmmm... that thing with the ship and globe was truly interesting. It's kind of romantic to thing that Clark and Lois were destined to be together and that whatever nasty things happened in the past actually led them to each other and to be together. I liked it! I guess it might leave him with more questions and answers but there is only person who can provided him with those... and that person is far far away. The real question is - is it truly important to know the answers? Or should Clark reach out to the universe and seek what his people are truly like? Is he exceptional? Or is it a norm? Something to think about...

Loved the chapter, now I am off to watch the general election results. Love ya and thank you XOXO
Blueowl chapter 1 . 9/12
So glad Dan is out now. Granted, I did enjoy him getting put down firmly by Lois. I am wondering when she's going to realize what's really going on with herself... Talk about ignoring the obvious.
Anyway, as for ideas, I'm a sucker for Superman rescues/screentime. And with Lois' 'condition' perhaps a visit to StarLabs?
Looking forward to more.
beatrix.acs chapter 9 . 9/11
First of all, I apologize for being late with my review, sweetie but I was in London and didn’t find any time or space to read anything besides news.

Now, to the chapter:
I kind of feel so sorry for Lois because the fear she has is eating her up. On the other hand, I understand why such nightmares bother her. She was but a hair’s breadth away from losing the love of her life so it is only logical she is tormented by ‘what if’ scenarios. She simply can’t believe her own luck that things eventually turned in her favour. Good to see that – luckily – Clark is always there and ready to console her in whatever way he pleases and she wishes.
I especially liked the sentence “she was the light in the darkness” – it gives a lot of perspective to Clark’s vision of his own life and why Lois is so important to him.

I absolutely adored that lovely, jealousy-filled banter! That was so sweet and entertaining! Lois did have a lot of fun with that.
Also, “Jealousy makes you greener than a green Kryptonite.” – LOL, somebody throw a shade on Zelena ;)

Lois, sweetheart, don’t get me wrong but please, do use your brilliant brain for the sake of everyone. You are SEXUALLY ACTIVE. To be honest, OVERLY SEXUALLY ACTIVE and NO contraception is a 100 % thing. The only 100 % contraception is NOT TO HAVE SEX so it is quite clear that even if you use some form, there is still the tiny percentage bit that says the obvious things. So... the whole “stomach bug” thing or “severe stress and anxiety makes me vomit” is bullshit and ridiculous.
Thank goodness that she has some friends with whom she can talk to because sometimes, she drowns herself in whatever is inside her head and her privacy and that is not exactly right for a good mental health. One should get a perspective of the other, whether it is Molly, Linda, Lucy or anyone else.

And dear Clark – or Superman in this case – must truly learn his restrains. The world is both good and bad place and he can’t be everywhere in the same time to save whoever is in the trouble. Sometimes, especially after getting injured, you just need to rest. And rest means rest, not to pursue your girlfriend to call in sick and stay home because just rest is very far away from what you imagine.
However, that phone sex was GOOD. Like exceptionally good and so well-executed, bravo! No wonder that Lois was so horny the whole time and couldn’t wait to get home to have Clark for dinner (because who needs to eat when you have a man in the bed)!

“Look, all I want to know is one thing and you will never see me again.” is exactly that kind of sentence that is a blatant lie, Dan. No one believes you so just get lost. Besides, the “why him” whining is exactly the stupidest and demeaning way of approaching things. You have no special value to Lois. Clark, however, does. It is simple as that. So I truly hope you will finally get the clue.
In my sincere opinion, your voice has much more important job in certain MMORPG where you died twice and it is time for you to show up again. So be kind, dug yourself out of Torghast, find our beloved Banshee Queen and do something useful. You are not needed in Clois universe anymore.

For a moment, I was worried that Clark heard it all and will make something out of it that it isn’t. Thankfully, he finally came to his senses and it only deepened their love.
Brilliant chapter, hun. Can’t wait to see where you are taking us next!
beatrix.acs chapter 8 . 6/29
Well, work had me so occupied today that I didn't manage to read a single sentence until I got home but I am so glad to see a new chapter!

And right off the bat! Oh boy... Oh boy... Oh boy... Dinner with the parents and we all know what Lois' parents can be like. I think that even any of Clark's superpowers can save him from the ordeal he is about to go through.
I like how you subtly addressed what kind of relationship Lois have with each of their parents because - calling her mother Mother instead of mum, but calling her father Dad - that is quite obvious who she likes more and has better relationship with.
"Clark's smile was one of those warm, sincere beams that had never failed to soften even the hardest interview subjects he turned on." LOOOOOOOOOOOOL, good sentence
Okay, that story of Clark's attempt of a novel - was that a Castle homeage? If so, then pretty good one!
Hmm... Maybe the dinner wasn't AS bad after all. Time to stay optimistic!

"Then I can do with them whatever I want." CHEEK! I love it!
Those two seriously have better sexual life than anyone else on this site, heh.
Lois, you are a smart woman. Stomach bug - considering your recent plentiful activities that keep you blissful - isn't the ONLY answer to your nausea. I suggest to look into the other, obvious option.
I adored their playtime, it was so hot - hotter than the heat wave sweeping over Europe - and the good old army uniforms, just wow.
I seriously suggest to take this to AO3 as well and cross-post - AO3 has a wider, filthy audience than this (let's be honest) dying site although it seems that the ads are avoiding this fandom, unlike some others.
Ah, journalism vs. 'journalism'... The never-ending story. I am kind of on Clark's side, I mean - it is part of the journalism and it is not the same but in a way comparable.

Well, Clark - if you call putting a baby in the oven 'hurting' then it is what you did, lol.
The smut scenes are exquisite! Shall I have suggestion for you to use them in some seperate, one-shot stories that don't require too much plot? It's almost criminal to see such wonderfully crafted smut somewhat 'buried' in a chapter of a long story. Not that it is wrong, I love the scenes, I just think they would stand out more if they were flashed out in an one-shot and available to a wider audience who prefer a quick read.

And oooooooooooooooooooh, Lex cameo! And what a furious one! That man has no restraint.
"Yet, he would be always in love with her." damn, man... you are so screwed :D Just keep reading the articles and stay mad about it.

Lovely chapter AND with a hint of what might come. Can't wait for more!
beatrix.acs chapter 7 . 5/14
Okay, I think I need a cold shower after this one, this was a smut-filled chapter, wow!
But let's not get ahead, right?

The "correction" stuff is really cute - it really reflects how Lois stopped thinking about her and Clark as "you and me" and change it to "us". Shows perfectly her growth and I love that.
All the scenes in this chapter are so awfully domestic and not in a bad way, quite the contrary! Make the notes, show writers, this is THAT thing we want to see when you bring some couple together. Not drama, drama, drama, drama all the time. It's these little details and things that make it so special.
A note about rule three - it could be "make love as many times as we can; rule one doesn't necessarily apply." :D
Lois does have some pretty fantasies, doesn't she? Naughty girl! Reminds me a lot of the movie "Six Dayd Seven Nights" with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche (that was on TV two days ago, otherwise I wouldn't probably remember).
And you know, there IS something on what Lois says about fantasies with Superman and I relate to that (maybe just me, I don't know) but... when you know it's JUST a fantasy and it has no chance for it to be real while you HAVE someone else next to you with whom it can be real - you don't really allow yourself to go beyond certain lines.

The smut scenes are exquisitly written, my darling - keep that going!
The timing with the vaccine can't be better, lol. :D But I understand that she is worried, after all - it's a risk. Let's see where it might take us but it would be lovely to find some cure for Clark/Superman to stop fearing the stupid stone that makes him weak. For now, it sadly didn't work but the side-effects weren't too great.
So, Lois declined a promotion, hm? You know, I get it - promotion can be nice and it feels like something you should be grateful for but if it's a position that takes away everything you love about your current position, then it truly is the reason to turn it down.

Aaaargh, stupid Nazis destroying Clark's surprised party for Lois on her birthday! Take your warmongering elsewhere you piece of... you know what, this site would censor it anyway.
HOWEVER, the gift was absolutely perfect because I mean - a red swan pendant with such a legend behind its meaning? So damn romantic, I love it.
AND, how can anyone be mad now when the whole "deserted island" sort of "honeymoon" as a birthday party substitution is so sweet? It feels exactly like the fantasy Lois described earlier - the island, the azure sea, the lovely sun, the fire in the dark and nothing else under the stars... Sigh.
I wonder if the nausea dear Lois is plagued with have some future consequences? ;)
"Say you love me. Say you'll never leave me that you will always be by my side." That sounds in my mind like "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera so excuse me if I sing those lines and imagine Christine and Raoul. :D
And that sex on the beach (it's a pun on the cocktail, yes, although I prefer the variation with blue curacao so sex on the driveway but otherwise, I am gin and tonic person) was simply magical.

What a lovely, domestic chapter that perhaps wasn't full of action/drama and all but it's essential for Clois as a couple and you know what? I'd love to read chapters like that all the freaking times.
Thanks a lot honey for this one and can't wait to see more!
Dess chapter 6 . 3/27
I adore this story. I hope you continue this!
Blueowl chapter 6 . 3/18
Cool story. Glad they're both finally getting less stupid :p
beatrix.acs chapter 6 . 3/7
Well, here we go :)

I expected Clark to end up in his tree house but that even Lois calls his parents like “he is there, I know it” that’s actually pretty adorable. Either way, Clark – use your brain, please. Jonathan is right. Lois might be smart Mad Dog but even the smartest people get fooled once in a while AND especially by the people they trust because they feel they can let their guard down. Lois isn’t perfect just as any other person isn’t and never will be perfect. She made a mistake, you know she did but it shouldn’t whatsoever change how you feel about her, let alone to give up on the idea of being engaged to her. You have to learn to trust her. Work this issue WITH her, not just with yourself because it hurts, it hurts you both and the only way to heal is to be together and figure this out as partners.

Lois’ frustration is understandable and as a good reporter, she decided to write herself out of it, lovely!

You know, Scardino, what you are doing is STALKING and the problem with the guys like you is that they don’t respect the woman and her decisions but instead think what is better for them, egoistically thinking that they are the ones who is better for them. Even if Clark was nobody, completely nothing, then you STILL have no word in Lois’ choices, let alone take her as some challenge. Unless you get this, you are lost and doomed and both Clark and Superman will kick your ass.

Well, what to say next... I can be only glad that Lois eventually managed to call Clark and that Clark picked up so both made the first steps to the proper conversation they need to have. Broken trust is hard to repair although let’s be honest, it wasn’t anything that big. At least Clark does realize that what Lois went through was harassment, not some romantic affair.

And SQUEAK, finally! Look, storms make everything better (okay, beside TROS – way toooooooooooooo much lighting) so give me love-making during the storm as it rages above their heads anytime! The smut has so much drive, so much beauty, wow. And the needed conversation was great, naming the problem they have, not returning to the point when it all started and that’s, my dears, called growth.

I’m quite sure anyone could hear me yelling NO when Clark spotted the notepad because I dread there was something terrible that would make Clark upset and I really, really didn’t want that and you know what? I barely stand when I’m wrong because, as Frasier says, the world makes a little less sense and I hate it but in this case, I’m happy I was wrong and as the letter continued, I just yelled YES at all times.

Thank you so much for this emotional, lovely and downright gorgeous chapter, sister XOXO
Luna chapter 5 . 1/26
Please, there has to be more to this story!
It is a great storyline. Please comtinue.
beatrix.acs chapter 5 . 1/22
Aw, lovely to have a new chapter around!

It's so sweet to see them working together because it's also such a good middle finger to all the writers of different shows, you know? IT CAN WORK, you idiots, stop separating couples for no reason because you think drama is needed. And Clois is the proof.

That house definitely sounds like a bargain - murder or no murder, take it, Clark!
I love Clark dreams about having a little girl - I feel that is kind of rare in fics - not that the boys would be always preferred but just you know, that the man actually WANTS to have a girl, that's barely mentioned.

What a rich movie offer, I'd go with The Untouchables - quite obviously! But yeah, Tango and Cash... My friend was super into Sylvester Stallone and I mean it to the point that she started kickboxing to become like Rocky (not to mention she once got a birthday cake with Sly's image on it).
Either way, she LOVED Tango and Cash and made me watch it. Since I am the one with the glasses and she was the one without one, 10-year old us were pretending to be Tango and Cash on the school corridors, much to the chagrin of our teachers. I still have the vivid image of both of us pressed to the door with our fingers imitating guns as we "arrested" our class teacher. :D We were an odd bunch. :D

They are so domestic, I am here just doing awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the whole time.
Hmm... The Dance of the Seven Veils was very erotic, good job! A very unusual and unique seducing technique, I appreciate that. :) The whole smut scene was just exquisite (chef's kiss). The multiple-course meal we all love to read.

Wait, does Clark really do that? Why it never occur to me?! To get the real deal from the state of origin... Okay, I need a Superman now who would fly to Italy to bring me the best pizza, to Japan for the best sushi, to Mexico for some enchilladas...
I read the part with the hygiene aisle after I returned home from grocery shopping where I spent some time in the hygiene aisle so... This is getting too vivid, lol. There was actually some couple doing a very similar thing like those two but instead of condoms, they looked at FFP2 respirators :D

Oh my, have you used the real Beirut explosion in the story? It would be probably very inappropriate to say that it's well done but yeah, it's well done.

Hm, Scardino is back, ey? And planning something shady, ey? How I am not surprised... And he proved that right away, I see. So lovely from Perry to interfere, without it Lois would have probably gone for that lunch and things could go differently but this might have prompted Dan to behave like an ass he is and oh, boy - did I love how Lois dealt with him. You go, girl!

Ending was bittersweet yes, but it's in character. As you said in the chapter, Clark is "the man who is physically the strongest man in the world, yet the most vunerable mentally" and that fits. He is insecure, no matter how many times Lois or anyone else will tell him that he should trust himself so even if he had seen her slap Scardino, he would have still need some time to think. So let's hope he will think right.

Can't wait for more!
beatrix.acs chapter 4 . 12/21/2020
What a Christmas present! Now I know what you meant yesterday when you said “You’ll my Lana soon enough.” ;) And it has been written in the stars – every day (except Sunday) I solve a quick crossword on Guardian and today, there was a clue for one word “Inert gas, Kr” and guess what it is? Krypton, indeed!

And whoa, that was such a domestic, sweet and HOT return to the work, I loved it. There is something about elevator sex, I just don’t know. If I take it personally, I can’t see myself doing it but reading it... a whole different story, lol.
Loved the girls talk, just the way it should be and I’m glad Lois has a friend she can talk to, albeit withholding certain information but for the sake of everyone’s safety and peace.

Now, let’s see if Lois realizes her plan to visit Lex and deal with him once and for all (at least for her). It’s important to deal with things like it, to spoke personally to the person that hurt you (although it hurts as well) and sort it out in yourself so you could be free. Something we have recently seen on Mr. Mercedes with Lou and Brady. And I’m glad she eventually did and said her part. If it works for her is something we still need to see but the most unpleasant part is done and I’m proud of her.

Oh, Dr. Friskin dissected Lois perfectly, bravo! Sometimes, we need to hear about the not-so-good pages of our personality to realize what we do wrong, Lois.
One thing about the window seat – I understand the love for using it. A couple of years ago, I went to Milan and the windows in the hotel had a large window ledge you could comfortably sit on and stare out the window. It was my favourite thing to do when we were in the hotel and I still think of it fondly. Unfortunately, I haven’t been accommodated in any other hotel with such an opportunity, though.

And here we have the first mention of Lana Lang, amazing. Everyone who knows me knows my feelings towards her Smallville version but I am giving your version a shot. The other one was just too over-the-top.
Well, high school reunions are things I often read, often enjoy but avoid in personal life :D This one doesn’t seem too bad and I like Lana. She is daring and self-confident so basically the same as Lois. And that “handle with care, content is priceless” sentence... Ouch. You know where to put it, sweetie. ;) That dance among the stars was one of the most romantic scenes I have ever read, period. And the idea with the globe and the message as Clark touches it together with his soulmate was indeed so beautiful. My heart swells with joy.

As for P.S. Might be a certain... witch, one third of a sisterly power? ;)
Thank you so much for the chapter and keep it going!
beatrix.acs chapter 3 . 11/26/2020
New chapter, yay!

There is something so special about "morning afters" that are not full of regrets and worries, just full of love and hope for the future. And I love this one so much because it indeed was special for Lois and Clark, including the typical "we need you, Superman" moment. And I understand that Lois is concerned for Clark's safety, it's in a way unnecessary but adorable because it shows how much she cares for him.

Just as adorable is that they are tentative about their performances and seek the approval and appreciation in each other. It shows that they aren't afraid to be vulnerable in front of each other and we all know that this is what you have to be in order to "make it work".

Honestly, the steaming scene between those two could melt Antarctica - I mean, he IS Superman with special powers, right? Be careful there, Clark! :D

And although I am not good in writing them, I adore and love to read domestic scenes between the couple and the parents. And Kents are... One of the best parents in the whole world. Martha is indeed right and very thankful to Lois for everything she's done and simply just for being so important to Clark. That some "secrets" slip away from time to time... Well, that happens. Lois would have found the truth one day, anyway.

So a good thing she knows and they talked it through because there are still some details they might not know about each other.

Overall, this was a good talking chapter with re-assurements and comfort, with a little bit of angst that was always fixed and mainly, it was full of love and that is something we can't ever have enough of.

Thank you so much for writing, darling, and keep it up. Can't wait where you will take us next. :)
beatrix.acs chapter 2 . 10/13/2020
Oh wow, here we go... Finally the cliffhanger gets solved...

I would expect from Lois to think that Clark's joking because hear something and actually believe in it are two entirely different things and she needed her proof.
I like how Clark avoided showing off his powers and instead chose to say something only Lois and Superman would know - it's more believable, intimate and sweet.
And I understand that the lies did stung Lois in a unimaginable way. I mean... She fell in love with both Clark and Superman and decided to choose Clark who revealed his secret to her under that circumstance so if she hadn't chosen him, would he have kept lying to her? Let's be honest, he probably would have as if it hadn't been for the first time he exploited Lois' interest in Superman.
And that part about Lois being the reason Superman even exists? That's what you should tell her in the first place, Clark.

But Lois isn't all that innocent, either, we all know it. She needed her time to work this out, pause and reflect, realize and interpret a couple of things... Including stuff about herself as we see later. Too bad that Clark is giving up all too easy, instead of fighting. But sure, it's easy to jump to conclusions and all, even going as far as burning your suits, damn it Clark!
You are doing the same thing as her - you are not giving any space or time for reflection and explanation. What a perfect pair of idiots.

Yeah, a pair of idiots that eventually reached the same conclusions, thank goodness! And what a delicious goodness it was ;) Love everything about these two together like that, it's so delightful to read. And I actually realize that now I know two "flyboys" - Clark and Harm.

Well, I can't wait where the story is headed and what else you have in front of us. I mean, they still do have a lot of things to work out to be a proper couple. Very good job, my dear and keep it coming!
beatrix.acs chapter 1 . 9/1/2020
I am so glad that you decided to write for a different fandom because it can get so refreshing. I know it feels in the beginnings like you are basically cheating on yourself but as the time goes, you just know that you can spread your love to multiple fandoms and write for them. So I am sure that you will finish Familiar Faces, just like I will publish some new TIVA story but for now, we both need a quality break after carrying the fandom on our shoulders.

It was my endless pleasure to rewatch Lois and Clark with you, I remember myself in my childhood watching it and it was very nice to see it again. And although I am not as invested in Lois and Clark as you are, I will gladly sit down and read your story, darling.

I think that you set up the mood in the first chapter very nicely and I can only praise Clark for wanting to talk before taking the next step and I see it as very honourable that he wants to confess to let Lois know what she is actually getting herself into. I am also very glad that he said it right away and as the cliffhanger queen you are, we have to wait for second chapter to see Lois' reaction, of course.

Thanks a lot for writing and I can't wait to read more :)