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natakuchan01 chapter 6 . 2/22/2006
I have an account I'm just to lazy to get in.

Name: Kaira Kazimir

Nickname: Kyla

Age: (has to be at least twenty) 26

Personality: (might change it slightly) Sometimes cheerful but is usually serious or depressed.

Appearance: Orange hair, Red eyes, pale skin, Tall, thin

Wears: long black trench coat with a silver cross on the back, full length black pants, silver tank top, black boots

Past: You decide

This story is AWSOME!
Ice-wolf-16 chapter 6 . 6/21/2005
poor bryan *_* *hugles bryan* that guy is so sick
Ice-wolf-16 chapter 2 . 5/13/2005
beybladekid chapter 6 . 1/14/2005
Name: Leea Molten

Nickname: Lava (because of her last name)

Age: 21

Personality: Leea doesn't like being bothered. She is more of the quiet type and is cold hearted. Yet she can show her emotions sometimes. Leea is tough and doesn't like being pushed around, though she is smart and knows when to be stubborn and when not to be. She is smart and keeps to herself. She also doesn't like talking about her past.

Appearance: Leea has long black hair that goes down to her waist. It is slighty purple but still seems like a blackish. The bangs stick up in the front (kinda like Motoko's hair from Love Hina) but only slightly. Her eye's are amber and are narrowed not big. Her skin is very pale (like Bryan's).

Wears: She wears no make up or anything girlie.

She wears no jewelery except for a black collar that is very tight. Leea wears black sweatpants that are sorta tight but have white stripes down the sides. There are two strings coming out at the front of her pants and they are elastic. Her shirt is completely black and she has a light blue fleece with straps on the shoulders that are black. She has a belt sort of thing that holds some money in one pouch (looks like a sack). Her shoes are maroon vans with black laces and black soles. Leea also carries around a sword on her beat thing.

Past: Leea had a mysterious past. Her family was wandering the streets of America. They were very poor and couldn't afford much. Leea didn't care because at school (they could afford her education) she was teased. Leea just fought back with the sword she made out of old wood. The teachers didn't care much. The teachers didn't care about anything. Leea's parents deserted her when she was 16 and she dropped out of school at age 18. She got some odd jobs and finally got one that required her to go to Russia at age 19. She lived in Russia near the Biovolt abbey and has seen them train.
Auroa chapter 5 . 12/30/2004
This story so far is great! (I haven't finished it but I can't wait to)I love it even though it is a bit abusive. Two things a spelling error with the Majestics you spelled Mejestics. And I heard that Bryan's last name is Kutznetsov. Hats over to you great fan fic!
Clio36250 chapter 6 . 10/27/2004
OK, have an OC. Infact, have a ten year older version of me.

Name: Casey Andrews

Nickname: Nutcase

Age: (has to be at least twenty) 23

Personality: (might change it slightly) She's usually quite shy, but can get very mad if anybody messes with her friends or flirts with her crush. Also, she usually drifts into space. Sometimes she nags people about the state of something (VirgoNeat freak)

Appearance: Two toned brown hair down to her shoulders (By two toned I mean her main colour is dark brown with lighter highligts), hazel eyes behind glasses, pale skin and short nails (Has a nasty habit of biting them, and tends to suddenly smack her hand when she does so (Which disturbs some people))

Wears: Usually wears a long sleeved reddish purple shirt, dark or faded baggy jeans and white overalls, with two beaded bracelets on each wrist (On the left wrist the bracelet is crimson brown, on the right it's white-jade green). Overall she's not really that picky.

Past: Casey (Unlike moi) was born and raised in Australia, and actually owns a rather tame dingo called Amber (Black fur, female, orange-amber eyes). She is quite the adventerous type, which is rather surprising because of her shyness.

Please pick Casey. Later!
Last-Limerent-Standing chapter 6 . 10/26/2004
OMG... I don't like Bryan's sister but, hey, she's family. XP Anyway, I like this story except for the whole rape, whipping stuff... Poor Bryan. T.T Oh, yeah, I liked it so much in a sense, I hope you don't mind Mad... But, I started a little sequal fanfic that takes place a month after Bryan was kidnapped. It contains OCs and I hope I won't be sued when I put it up... Ok, off topic there... Anyway, this is really good and interesting! Good storyline! - Keep on typin'!

- Kamaya
Black-Luna chapter 6 . 9/20/2004
no i dont hate ellan i love her. she's funny. keep her in the story. update next chapter soon.
Vampyre Neko chapter 6 . 8/8/2004
I think Ellan's weird... but the kind of girl who will sit there and laugh as the sun comes from behind the cloud.

Ellan: I invented the sun.

lena: why did you call it sun? it is a star is it not?

Ellan: I felt like it

...strange girl...
wacko-47 chapter 1 . 6/5/2004
Listen every one who has read this story, my friend Sabrina who wrote this passed away on September 28 from an elergic reaction. So far they are still trying to find out what it was... peanuts is what we think it was. So please, tell other people who have read her stories what happened. This story will not continue. I am really sorry to tell you this. Thanks for reading.
Bryan's Girl chapter 6 . 5/14/2004
Name: Evan
Nickname:Eva, Eve, Raven(her fave color is black)
Age: 20
Personality: Quiet at some times but when she's out she can get a little tough. At other times she can be funny and caring.
Appearance: purple(a little darker than Bryan's!) hair with blue streaks. silver eyes. 5'4. Tan skin
Wears:Navy blue shirt cut down the middle a little bit. Black bell bottoms w/ a silver chain attached. Black boots a little above the ankle.
Past: Her brothers, Matt and Steven, left home to explore the wonders of Europe. Her mother and father were murdered. At the age of 13 she went to live at the Abbey(SP?). Later escaped. Now she works as a professional singer.
Lullaby Lily chapter 6 . 4/29/2004
Hey, why did you stop writing this? Go on! Continue! Good stuff!
Joce chapter 6 . 3/27/2004
Name: Vine Falar
Nickname: V
Age: 21
Personality: Hyper, cheerful, short-tempered, funny...sorta' like Tyson.
Appearance/Wears: Black baggy bellbottoms, sleeve-less black shirt, white sneakers, brown hair, fighting gloves and a backwards red and blue hat. 5'2". Thin. Blue eyes. Pale.
Past: Father died on her 4th birthday, separated from her real family and put in a foster home when she was 13. Got in street fights and school fights everyday. Was almost killed when she was 17.
How's that? Or is it supposed to be guy? If yeah, then just change the shes the hes. 'Kay? Ellan's funny. I like your fic so far. Ja ne!
jtjtjt chapter 6 . 3/2/2004
er...o.o yay...u chapter ended *grumbles* Continue soon! :D:D:D
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