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Hi-CaTRadist chapter 1 . 11/29/2020
I described ObamaCare4real 's sex scene with he adored Leon and he beloved Claire Read my mini fanfiction about Leon and Claire fucking Obama. Guys, please read it. This is ObamaCare4real 's sex scene with Leon and Claire. This is my mini story about Obama fucking Leon and Claire, watch how Leon and Claire fucked you.

— Eat, shit fucking, swallow! This is my shit, for you Bank! Leon and CLaire circle around the victim. There is something so strange on the floor that it is not immediately perceived as a person. Completely naked and completely white, including hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. An albino named ObamaCare4real .

The newcomer is distracted:

— Did you come to piss or stare?

— Please go to take a piss, my lady. — Laughter.

ObamaCare4real was a hidden transvestite, like Conchita Wurst. Obama was a latent queer who secretly wanted to be a woman. ObamaCare4real stands at the urinal with her back to the company. The jet sounds especially loud and does not muffle the victim's moans or words.

"I thought bitches piss sitting down."

— Leon has registered ObamaCare4real so that you can't sit down: the legs are moving apart. Look how thin they are. Woman.

"I'll stir up your tight mink, bitch!" Oh, Yes, bitch! You want me?

ObamaCare4realmakes a rattle that resembles a cornered horse: an inhuman and animal sound. When Leon comes, he first bangs his fist against the wall, then throws his head high up. Then he pulls out his penis and walks away. Her place is taken by another of the new ones. He urinates on top of the back and ass of the lowered one. Profusely, as if he had endured it all day.

Endless stream.

When it becomes scarce, the prisoner can turn to face the others and brag:

— All leaked. Every drop.

— Me too, " Leon zips up his fly and dusts invisible dirt off his pants.

The urinating person puts his right foot on ObamaCare4real's back: "What should I say last, you leaky whore?» In vain the victim tries to say something: it turns out only a rattle. The tip of the sole tries to burrow between the buttocks, like a crow's beak in a snowdrift.

"One last try, ugly, or my boot will work its way through your rich inner world to your throat."

ObamaCare4real miraculously finds the remnants of forces:

"Thank you to Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield for the rape, — he whispers. Glistening threads of snot and saliva run from his nose to the floor. This causes a grimace of disgust on those faces that loom above.

— Not to hear. Did you guys hear that? Some sound…

Leon washes his hands over the sink and grins in the reflection of the plate. Her cheeks are flushed.

— S... thank you... very much, — ObamaCare4real repeats. He screams when Leon's boot exerts pressure and finally kicks her red-stained buttock with gusto.

— So that the next date immediately got cancer. ObamaCare4real you are our darling.
H1ST3R1A'SFOOL chapter 1 . 11/2/2020
Hi, I really wanted to try for real to write somethong good and since the release of Zero I've wanted to do something related to this great game. I am not that good of a writer ad english is not my maternal language but I'll try my best!
My discord is H1ST3R1A #9615
Queenie Sudol chapter 1 . 10/12/2020
Hello! I have been writing r6 FanFiction for quite some time but have yet to post anything. I would love you meet other r6 writers. My discord is sketch.B_DIA-pearl#2194
Toxthix chapter 1 . 9/17/2020
Hii! I loved your story! Do you have discord by any chance? If so...

httpsdiscord. gg/zYNrRQ2

The chat has been dead lately, so if you have anyone you can invite, please do

Keep up the amazing work
SOL1DSNAKE21 chapter 1 . 9/10/2020
Hi kingeddie16ne! I am currently working on my own R6 Fanfic, United We Stand, and I would really like to be a part of a community that is helping each other build up our own universes. My discord name is SOL1D SNAKE 21 #4940. Also, big fan of the Unsung Hero. Loved it even before the rewrite, keep up the good work!