Reviews for Silver King
demonhunterlennard chapter 31 . 5h
super cringe..
Trace Reading chapter 47 . 5h
stop. typing. would of.
would have could have should have must have
Would've could've should've must've

don't write stories on a phone.
Osiris Sundavr chapter 63 . 9h
Nice touch having the champions face multiple opponents. I haven’t seen it before and it’s a very original idea, as far as I have seen anyways.
Mckenray chapter 94 . 9h
This is really not going to look good for fudge
christianoonline1 chapter 94 . 10h
off topic indeed there are 10 official books and atleast 3or 4 addons . author is rick riordan and he usually writes on mythologies for ex. greek,egyptian and asgardian
poetryboss chapter 94 . 15h
there are technically ten books in the Percy Jackson series. The five "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" books with a book of short stories. As well as 5 "Heroes of Olympus" books (The sequel series) with another book of short stories. The short story books go in between the 4th and 5th books.
Uday Sra chapter 94 . 16h
Awesome. Please update soon
spitfyre1 chapter 94 . 16h
Oh I would love a Pj story,especially a crossover with A
Harry potter...either way, looking forward to next update
Arctic Wolf Fury chapter 94 . 18h
Woo, Percy Jackson is awesome. Don’t forget to read the Heroes of Olympus books after, which are greek and roman, and then another series about norse demigods
PECHEUR chapter 93 . 19h
People who don't read your stuff just cause you're follow Islam are not worth thinking about.
Seud chapter 1 . 19h
This is webnovel tier work. Which isn’t at all a compliment.
DZ2 chapter 94 . 19h
You wouldn't happen to be a fan of TNA/Impact Wrestling, would you?

The chant reminds me of a wrestler from that brand whose fans would chant something similar.

Even so, I love how Harry's basically decided Umbitch's hour is up and she's officially crossed the line.
Rebac chapter 94 . 20h
Great chapter!
To AN 4. yes it give more books to Percy Jackson. The Heroes of Olymp are 5 Books and the it gives the adventures of apollo. If your are interessted in other Pantheons than you could read also the Kane chronicles whit Egyptian gods or Magnus Chase whit the nordic gods.
Valkyen chapter 94 . 20h
Im looking forward to this lmao.

About Percy Jackson, I would love to see a crossover with a Harry Potter of your style(one with balls xD), going by canon dates Harry is 13 years older than Percy so it could be interesting what would happen if an older Harry gets in the Percy Jackson books.

Besides, most of HP/PJ crossovers are in the HP world, the only one I can think its not is Harry Potter, Squatter which is an awesome FF btw.
MrSunshine744 chapter 94 . 20h
Harry and jet have an army of snake minions? why am I not surprised haha, great chapter!
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