Reviews for Silver King
tsougrhs.59 chapter 2 . 8h
i dont like how the snake talk and act like a normal human.. yea they can talk but not like that and not have full dialogues like that.. maybe this is a small change but make the story to Au with no reason!
RedKnight21 chapter 92 . 16h
You should of had Harry get a Fez, Fez's are cool.
RedKnight21 chapter 61 . 22h
Jet is the go-to hype-man!

Eternal Glory to Jet!
suraj chapter 84 . 8/11
torture umbidge fudge rufus scrigmore wasa it karkAroff snape with imperius cruciatus fear of the killing curse cutting curse
ANUBIS the god king chapter 105 . 8/13
i just have to ask do you put lemons into any of your fics or have I just missed them when reading them
suraj chapter 2 . 8/10
tracy davis and astoria greengrass and pansy parkinson u li chochang susan bones hannah abbot fleur delacour gabrielle delacour
Lewis James Potter chapter 69 . 8/11
the vamp one sound neat also a wear one might be fun
Lewis James Potter chapter 59 . 8/11
like this version of the world cup better.

Never made since to me one of the Wizarding world's most high security events with so many Aurors and magical people would like something like that happen so easy.

On the other hand, now i been reading fan fiction, we eight betters than JK. We seem to understand cause and effect.

On the other hand, no her then we would not be writing this.

Grat story very good
ironspike68 chapter 105 . 8/9
Harry is definitely a bad ass here. It’s going to be interesting to see how V pulls this out. Or if he has to reboot…
ironspike68 chapter 104 . 8/9
Woah! Awesome post battle follow up!

I’m so using that last line should I ever be told ”I’m just following orders”. Love it.
Squarekiddo chapter 75 . 8/9
Last two chapters feels incredibly forced, like you wanted canon events to happen, so you forced it, even tho it dosnt make much sense.
Guest chapter 105 . 8/2
well that's a pretty nice fanfic there, and it didn't take you long-long years to write it, unlike the other authors, so good job
The combat scenes aren't bad, but showing thoughts and hidden emotions could've been a nice addition. DoM fight could've been a bit more entertaining and thorough as well. But anyway, good job. Still Tracy takes way too much time to come around as 1 girlfriend. Some bits of scenes with light erotic and sexual teasing could've spiced up the story as well (like the one with the mother Zabini, but not really required to use other girl than what HP already has... Had some interest in seeing a scene with Draco's mom as well... yea.). Somewhat way too much with the swearing sometimes. Good job anyway.
Guest chapter 98 . 8/2
what if Severus just loved James but is too afraid to accept his feelings towards a male? Already imagining the situation where they both stare at each other hatefully while Lily and the rest are around and then just get into snogging each other to everyone's shock.
Guest chapter 97 . 8/2
i suppose the ritual had really messed up with the head of Voldemort so that he actually is fond of Potter but just doesn't understand in which way certainly
Guest chapter 95 . 8/2
The ending with the Wolves army... sorta idk, Potter may be claimed as another Dark Lord.
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