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Mastersgtjames chapter 4 . 3h
Always love it when an issue with a story or a chapter is resolved almost instantly. In this case, Harry went back to Diagon on his own and looked into his Family Accounts. We obviously don't know yet what he discovered. But that he looked into it at all is relieving.
Mastersgtjames chapter 3 . 5h
Honestly, I think one of my biggest issues with intelligent HP fics is when the MC gets his key, knows someone else has had access to it his whole life(or close to it), and that they could and likely have, through that, had access to his vaults. But then never tries to review his bank/account/finances, if that is a service they offer anyway.
It's the equivalent of finding out someone else had somehow gotten their name added to your Family accounts years ago, has administrative access or your safe deposit box key or whatever, and then never checking to see if they actually used that access/authority to rob you.
Umbryvern chapter 104 . 12/5
Congratulations on the marriage
Stray-Kids-ALL ROUND THE WORLD chapter 108 . 12/5
Hi JB21. I am a huge fan of your work, I mean, like, who isn’t? Actually, strike that, my neighbour doesn’t like you, he doesn’t even like Harry Potter! Can you imagine? Actually, I can. *Leans in and casually whisper “He’s an eight year old pervert” and leans back* And I am so not joking. He really is a pervert. And he’s eight! Anyway, enough about my stupid neighbour pervert, he’s not worth my time. And also, this fanfic is awesome. I’m not telling you to, you know, update immediately, but can you plz update soon. I’m literally dying to read the next chapter, the anticipation is killing me. And anyway, congrats on your wedding!
Cradig07 chapter 104 . 11/28
congrats on the marrage
Cradig07 chapter 93 . 11/27
I have read many of your stories and I am blown away with your high level skills of writing, in every single one. well done and thank you for creating countless hours of comfort and entertainment for me
major wallace chapter 108 . 11/27
Awesome work
Guest chapter 108 . 11/24
No more chapters? This is good, I like it a lot
Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90 chapter 108 . 11/25
Very interesting chapter please post again soon thanks!
themadmartian chapter 107 . 11/24
This is an awesome story, kudos on a story with hardly any grammar issues.
On another note, I was reading some of the reviews, I only got through 3 lists and was made nauseous by a couple of so called " reviews " that were either racist rants or adverts for kiddie porn. An the author, you have a responsibility to review them an delete crap like that. I believe fanfiction give you up to 36 hours to check posted reviews. I realize that R/L can make it hard, but disgusting crap like that is enough to confirm in my mind that ol man Satan is alive and well on planet earth.
I can't wait till our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns.
Anyway take care n God's blessings to you and yours.
HowlnMadHowie chapter 108 . 11/21
erm...perhaps I'm missing something but...previously it was indicated thatHarry's little battle with Tom in Ministry Dec. There has been no, clear one anyway, indication when that happened but given there was a distinct lack of Christmas I'm inclined to think this was a rather...sped up time point.

Also, Fudge would only have a potrait in Minister's office if he was...dead.
Trainion chapter 39 . 11/18
Damn it Bobby
Royaussie chapter 93 . 11/17
Just read the part you feeling the need to out yourself by religion. It shouldnt matter. You let us read your work, its you doing everything and we get to ride along with you. I honestly dont even know if your a guy or girl as i dont think that matters either. You seem nice and you have talent. I dont need to know anything else unless you freely share. Im not a follower of Abrahams religions and its not up to me to judge others. There are to many idiots already who belive they hve the right to not only judge others but to also harm others who aren’t just like them.
Thanks heaps for your stories as ive read most of them in the last week.
Guest chapter 104 . 11/10
Harry Jet and Thor together stronger with the help of their friends family allies and snakes. They'll protect their Hogwarts school staff teachers students houses and their home. Lots of love support and appreciation
Jakulo chapter 108 . 11/12
I want moarreeeeee!? Gimme moooaaasrreeeeseensnamam!
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