Reviews for The Longer Journey
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7
Hope you update soon, this series was really good so far
Pup chapter 1 . 4/21
Updating yet?

I hope you do!
Arkham Knight22 chapter 1 . 9/15/2020
finaly! I was wating for a story like this!
ROCuevas chapter 1 . 9/7/2020
Really good work.
Warmachine375 chapter 1 . 9/5/2020
It appears that Kanji and his team are on the northern continent of Guiltena where they take the 100 Year Quest to have a vacation and also succeed where Gildarts failed. Although, I think it is pretty risky to bring a two year old kid since their mission will be sealing away the Five Dragon Gods and that they would end up fighting Diabolos, White Wizard and her mind-controlled Fairy Tail guild and the Five Dragon Gods themselves. Of course, Kanji and Erza can trust their friends on the team to handle and protect Elise from danger while they do the work on the 100 Year Quest.

Also, I have a bad feeling that the White Wizard will have the entirety of the Fairy Tail guild and Jellal Fernandez too as well be under her control with her "Whiteout" spell, making them her loyal servants and members of Rebellious cult she leads. They are all gonna be dressed in white cloaks and follow the White Wizard to Guiltena where Aldoron the Wood Dragon God is, waiting to ambush Kanji and his team upon arriving after containing Mercphobia the Water Dragon God.

Not to mention, there's Dimaria Lauren Yesta who is a God Soul user of Chronos and former Spriggan 12 member now a member of Fairy Tail here. It would be bad news if she was Whiteouted too and I don't think anyone can beat someone like Dimaria who can manipulate time easy as pie. By stopping time via Age Seal, Dimaria could easily kill or Whiteout Kanji and his teammates since slaves of the White Wizard can do it to others via eye contact or even break the five orbs that contain Aldoron's power faster than anyone would notice which would immediately awaken the Wood Dragon God and also free her and everyone under White Wizard's control after Aldoron nullifies the White Out with his bellowing roar.

Hopefully, Dimaria has divine protection provided by her God Soul Chronos and the White Wizard is nothing compared to a God after easily stopping her attempt of using White Out on her. Of course, she would end up as a hostage after being taken down by the Guild and Jellal under White Wizard's control and taken with them to Guiltena, and it's up to Kanji to free his mother and she helps him knock out the Whiteout Fairy Tail and Jellal.

Will you bring Gildarts into this? It would be interesting and scary to see him being under White Out for Kanji and his team to fight in Aldoron's five cities and he has knowledge of what's going on at the 100 Years Quest. However, he will remind the Guild and Jellal after they were free from White Wizard's control that Kanji and his team are under a Written Contract with Elefseria where they will not tell them of the real details of the 100 Years Quest and keep it as a secret and in addition that they cannot add outsiders like the Guild or Jellal too as well.

Pretty sure the Guild and Jellal would understand and head back home to Ishgar with the White Wizard either in their custody or somehow managed to escape after such humiliation of being played for a fool by Selene the Moon Dragon God who tricked her to unleash the Wood Dragon God, got her powers nullified by Aldoron's awakening and Wendy had separated her and Touka from each other depending on what happens in the next chapter of FT 100 Years Quest manga that updates every 2 weeks which is a pain in the butt.

On the other hand, I find it bullshit that Cana was apparently the only one not affected due to being drunk. White Wizard has control of her Magic with White Out and it was clearly Cana pretending with her act to fool them she is on their side and catch Lucy, Gray and Juvia off guard at least until Aldoron's awakening broke everyone from White Wizard's control free anyway.

At Chapter 28 of FT 100 Years Quest, Cana was clearly sober and looking mean back when White Wizard reveals Fairy Tail and Jellal under her control to a shocked Team Natsu inside the Rebellious temple on one of Aldoron's cities.

Juvia got a pass due to being broken free by Touka to warn Team Natsu about the White Wizard at the cost of unable to use Magic since her Magic power is still linked with the White Wizard via White Out until Aldoron's awakening had nullified the White Wizard's powers and also her hold over the Guild and Jellal.

On the other hand, I can't wait to see how Kanji and his team react to Diabolos, a Guild of 5th Generation Dragon Slayers who are said to eat Dragons and gain power from it despite the Dragons being apparently extinct by Acnologia and they are after the Five Dragon Gods. Kanji is gonna lampshade that Acnologia is rolling in his grave for not knowing about the Five Dragon Gods and Diabolos and joked that his reputation as the one who rendered Dragons extinct is ruined. I mean Aldoron is so freaking colossal even Acnologia could see it as a bigger target and that the Wood Dragon God was dormant at that time.

Kanji would also wonder why the Guiltena Magic Council MИP did not hire Diabolos to deal with the Five Dragon Gods unless they are a Dark Guild (in the manga, their status of either Legal, Dark or Independent remains ambiguous) instead of trying to attack Aldoron with a fleet of airships equipped with Uranus Cannons that did not effect on the Wood Dragon God or have their own military unit of Dragon Slayers to counter the Five Dragon Gods since Dragon Slayer Magic is apparently not so rare anymore this time around.

After all, it's a Dragon Slayer Bargain Sale which would be a good joke for Kanji to make. :)

Plus, it would be interesting how Kanji or Natsu react to Reiss the Spirit Dragon Slayer who was from Fairy Tail back in Makarov's generation before he died and became a literal ghost where only Dragons or Dragon Slayers can see him. It makes more sense if Reiss was killed by Acnologia who smells and slays Dragons or Dragon Slayers he encounters since the Spirit Dragon Slayer was looking for the man who killed him and get his revenge, and it is stupid that he died to a pack of monsters during a job mishap despite being a Dragon Slayer who are tougher than they look and dish out more damage on anything that throws at them.

It would be awesome if Kanji or Natsu convince Reiss to stay and help Fairy Tail one last time and if Reiss does want to pass on to the afterlife, he could give his Spirit Dragon Slayer Magic which Kanji can use a Lacrima to contain its power and keep it for future use.

As for Nebaru the Clinging Dragon Slayer, his fate is currently unknown after he got knocked out post-Dragonification when Irene in Wendy's body used Separation Enchantment on his out of control 5th Generation Dragon Force during their fight, and that he may yet to appear after the fall of Aldoron in the recent chapters. Nebaru could be an ideal ally to Team Natsu in the 100 Years Quest manga and also Kanji and his team in this story out of gratitude to Wendy for saving his life and he will be the one who gives exposition about Diabolos and their members especially the Black Dragon Slayer Knights and their Guild Master, Georg Reizen so that they will ready for the Dragon Eaters crossing their paths over the remaining Dragon Gods again repeatedly.

Anyways, this is an interesting FT story here and I will be looking forward for the next chapter. Faved and Followed. :D