Reviews for Haven
Kathy chapter 3 . 10/24
so great to see a new chapter here and it was worth the wait, so good, I liked how Sam took Cas outside after his nightmare and let him fly and how Sam is trying to get more info to help him and even Dean was trying to be nice and help Cas after realizing he had hurt him, really good story so far, so I hope for more soon, thanks
Zalia chapter 2 . 9/29
Ten bucks on Sam slapping Dean over the back of the head. :)
ScealaiTheRakker chapter 2 . 9/19
Oh poor Cass. Oh clever, kind Sammy & slightly dumb Dean. You gotta finish this, there's gotta be a happy ending!
Black Fungus chapter 2 . 9/18
This is good. It is wired that Sam is the one bonding with Cass and not Dean. But it works. Thanks
Black Fungus chapter 1 . 9/18
That was a lot to take in. So how old is Sam? and how big is Cass? like a kid? or are they big(older) Thanks
Fanatic2018 chapter 1 . 9/7
Oh I really likes this! You writing is so good
Thxs for this
Katy chapter 1 . 9/6
what an interesting concept, in a way John saved the angel by buying him, and good to let Sam take care of him and nice that John did the surgery, and even used a numbing agent, hope you write more in this soon, thanks