Reviews for Minor Arcana Pt 2: Pervinco
CrimsonRose18 chapter 23 . 12/20/2009
I like that Draco was falen in love without even knowing it and same with Harry through he still seems somewhat in denil.
wiccalaura chapter 23 . 11/16/2009
Great! love political plot, love HarryXSeverus and learnt to love RemusXDraco too! Truly great! And very well written!
Araea Swiftwind chapter 23 . 2/24/2009
Oh my god! I can't believe it ended like that... I can't wait to read the next one!
Araea Swiftwind chapter 22 . 2/24/2009
Another great chapter
Araea Swiftwind chapter 21 . 2/24/2009
Another lovely chapter. This story is quite enchanting.
Araea Swiftwind chapter 20 . 2/24/2009
That is so cute...but Draco is such a prat...
Araea Swiftwind chapter 19 . 2/24/2009
This story is very delightful. I read the first one as well (though there has been a nasty glitch going around preventing reviews recently) and it was delightful too. I am eager to see how this installment ends, and get to the next one. If this was a paper-back, I wouldn't be able to put it down!
Mar x Malfoy chapter 23 . 7/10/2008
fabulous, as was the first one.

i enjoyed the ending. i must say, i can not wait to start on the 3rd
tangledhair chapter 23 . 3/30/2004
Another fantastic tale.
Two things that left me confused- the struggle in the bathroom with the Death Eaters I had to read several times. I finally decided it worked because, seeing it from Harry's POV, I was also getting Harry's confusion- but for a while there, I really thought Draco was in on the attack, and that didn't make much since to me, even if Draco was pissed at Harry for getting Snape. Also, What happened with Karkarov? That dream (?) that Harry had seemed rather foreboding, or perhaps a twisted memory of something that was obliviated from his memory... I hope it comes up in Part I, because inquiring minds want to know.
Great story, but I'm going to impose some strength of will and not begin the next part until I've finished my own next chapter. because once I start reading your stories, I just can't stop.
tangledhair chapter 5 . 3/29/2004
This is like a Jane Austin novel.
my compliments.
Lisbourne chapter 23 . 11/16/2003
very very VERY nice. *claps and drops her cookies*

closedacc chapter 23 . 10/4/2003
The end? Just like that?

Please tell me there's going to be a part three of Minor Arcana!
azreial9621 chapter 23 . 9/18/2003
over all pretty good. Pervinco is much better then Declaro. I almost didn't read this. I started and stoped Declaro several times because it didn't catch my interest. I saw these stories on so many sites so I pushed myself to read them. I am really glad I did. Pervinco was really good, your writing style really improved. Declaro seemed choppy and disconnected many times, but Pervinco really started to flow. Pervinco was a wonderful web of interconnected relationships that seemed plausible. Draco and Lupin? No way! but you did manage to pull it off. I also liked the way that Snape didn't have an explained change of heart. Lucius was evil as ever. Your Ron was great! I don't think I have seen him so fully developed (since I don't read Ron stories thats not very surprising)

I also liked that way that you didn't fully explain everything. Its good to leave the reader guessing sometimes. I've seen good stories ruined due to over explaination. I like the little mysteries that you think will get explained later on but never do, its part of what draws interest.

A final note, I read "The Courtship of Harry Potter" before this and I had also skipped over that a few times before reading it. I think your story overall was better, I do know that I won't be so quick to pass stories over when the premis seems a bit odd.

Thank you for the story and sorry for the super long review, I had a lot to say :)

Sean chapter 23 . 9/3/2003
Well. Wow. I was shocked that this was the end, but then I suppose it does enough. I can't help wanting there to be more but brilliant story! I guess I'd like to see more of Draco.
Jolene chapter 23 . 8/26/2003
This has been most diffenantly one of my favorite stories. I hope you are going to do the sequel that you planned. I know one can get burnt out on a story that they have been writing for awhile but the whole plot doesn't feel totaly complete yet. What happens to the Rite? What was the whole purpose? Was it really Voldemorts plan or was it really just Malfoy's grab for power? What happens between Harry\Snape, Harry\Draco, Draco\Snape, Draco\Lupin? Do they sign contracts? I thought you would have Malfoy ask Snape to turn over Harry in exchange for Draco. Would Snape consider it? I also thought you might end it with a Harry\Snape\Draco relationship like in Snapes fantasy. Some of Snapes thoughts of how to handle this that and the other didn't seem complete as to what his angle was. Was he just manipulating Harry, Draco. Who does he really want? See you need to do the Thank You for a good story. Well done and I'm hoping for more.
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