Reviews for Underneath the Willow Tree
Guest chapter 43 . 7/21
I love this fic so much, cannot wait for the next chapter ️️
TheGirlWhoWaited chapter 43 . 7/21
Oooh! PeterCharlotte-yes please! Also, that ending. O.O Is her Mother going to show up and ruin graduation? I can totally see that happening as the ending of that toxic relationship. It was, as always, another fantastic chapter. I always seem to forget about the update until I see it in my inbox. Then I'm really happy. Thanks for making the middle of the week so enjoyable! _
JosieNightOwl chapter 43 . 7/21
Loved this chapter. Your characters are always so believable x
MissingIdeas chapter 42 . 7/15
Thanks for the update!
I'd love to read more of Jasper and Willow in the summer also with her and Richard too.
Can't wait!
Froglin the goblin chapter 42 . 7/14
… I should make Jasper and Willow in Sims…
Itachisgirl88 chapter 42 . 7/14
i think both ideas are good. love the story.
ViciousGingerLady chapter 42 . 7/14
I would like to see the summer before New Moon please and also Willow doing human things: shopping, cooking, painting, movie nights, picnics with friends and the family, gardening with Esme, video games & mechanics with Emmett and Rosalie, and college dorm shopping & move. But I'm more excited for Willow to hopefully tear into everybody about Jasper feeling everybody's bloodlust(bella edward drama) and maybe her and Jasper(Emmett& Rosalie) live together in Canada permanently away from the others(specifically Bella Edward). Excited for more updates:)
A fandom obsessed lesbian chapter 42 . 7/14
I love how you handled this chapter and how you didn't have Willow get involved. As for the jumping into New Moon question, I think you should do it because I'm excited for that book specifically
PenforPerfection chapter 42 . 7/14
honestly id love for you to skip right into new moon. i'm rly excited to see what you do with the book! love this chapter and literally love this story
Readerholic90 chapter 42 . 7/14
Nice chapter. Give them a good summer before Bella and Edward f*** stuff up. And if you could tweak New Moon a bit- everyone was left hanging if they weren’t Edward, Bella or Jacob ( it rally wasn’t my favorite or the series)
Ellixwolf chapter 42 . 7/14
Gotta agree with you on the whole ballet scene there's only ever been like maybe 2 other fics with the OC not being involved especially since its been overused so many times.
I adore the sweet moment with Richard gosh he is an absolute gem really. Well from what I understand is Willow is waiting to finish school before she becomes a vamp if all goes well and I want that for her she isnt Bella in fact no hate but Bella will never reach lane of Willow.
Aw Eddy is such an angle and I loved how he did a reversed and sorta went a little back to how he was before Bella. Eddy was always nice and seemed genuinely interested and had a better friendship with Lucy and bickered with Willow but they got along great. But once Bella entered he became way to obsessed with not being to read her mind and then the whole blood thing nah fam. Although I still think he's a bit of a psychopath you know only really caring for Bella and those he formed close bonds idk to me it seems like he has it easy because of the mind reading so he doesn't try hard on the friends spectrum.
AxidentlGoddess chapter 42 . 7/14
Love this! Was great getting those moments, they're such a part of who Willow is...and the bit with Edward helps remind me why she doesn't give up on him for being a fuckwit. He's actually been a really good friend to her in a lot of ways...he's just also being an absolute dumbass about things now. Would really love the summer stuff...especially if there's any incorporation of the complicated relationship stuff upcoming. But this also isn't a Bella story, really. But I can't help but think Willow would want to make the absolute most of summer before college, and that would be interesting to see.

Also...LOVE Jasper and Willow's relationship. Seriously...GOALS.
silentmayhem chapter 42 . 7/14
Have the summer written out , this is the oc story and she deserves to have fun and bonding with her family and friends and vampire clan. Shopping trips with alice , rose, Esme olympia. Maybe a week away to visit Charlotte and Peter with jazz after the birthday fiasco just a lovers getaway. ( She is legal and about to go to college plus she is ditching the psycho mother, I think Richard will approve). Pool / beach party with her hum friends plus vampire family ( plenty of beaches in forks they can go too) . Catch her dad mystery date text and spend the summer trying to figure it out...and failing;)
Just let the girl have a life
ThisMayFlower chapter 42 . 7/14
Dad has a rugby injury? Self insert
Gonna count how many times willow says fuck

Her fucking mother, I could strangle her, Edward actually being useful for once was so nice tbh and I wonder if it's Bella's influence

re-newmoon- look the question stumped me cause we don't really get to see like the summer in the book so it might be nice?
Ellixwolf chapter 41 . 7/13
It took the whole day to read this it honestly caught my attention right away especially since I've been looking into more Jasper/Oc fics they are my absolute fav!
Im honestly looking forward to what is happening like obvi this is Willow's story and adore that so much you have no idea. So we've seen Jasper be overprotective and he even said so before how they would protect their mate and when the incident happened Jasper would've felt if anything went wrong right so my thinking is hey
Jasper ran as fast as he could to see her and protect her or igs maybe a nomad that maybe mightve caught her scent idk. Im so excited to see what is in the future chapts. I just wanted to also say your attention to detail and making all characters come to live is truly great. Reading this story has been like watching the film itself and instantly transported myself with them.
Here's to wishing you update soon but I also know everyone has busy lives and all but im just so damn invested its been an absolute pleasure to read this. Ive also wondered how I havent come across this book before cause this is amazingly done seriously a stunning piece of work.
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