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AnimeFan13579 chapter 25 . 9/25
Nice update and it looks like things will get a bit more interesting as go along. Overall the first magic is likely one of the most overpowered of them. Simply because it could potentially be used to "force" the effects of any of the other magics. One of the general things about the Fateverse is if you have enough raw power you can force a result. That's the key though most don't have the power to take a brute force approach. Shirou though merely has to create something that can get the job done. The Holy Grail basically does this using pure power produced by the heroic spirits and gathered mana and piggybacking their return to the throne as a jump off to the Root. Even the granting of a wish I believe was implied as able to use your own methods and overcharge the effort with excessive mana to accomplish the goal.

Poor Saber getting teased and unknowingly being set up to have a "date" with Shirou. Of course you just know Irisveil is going to be insisting more that she call her Mother. After all in Irisveil's opinion they not being officially married is merely a formality. I'm also predicting the moment they do get married Irisveil is going to get worse with her teasing about children. Including describing how she thinks they will look or act likely flustering Artoria into imagining it herself.

Things are also looking to be interesting at the Clocktower and with that reveal of what Sakura did it sets up the Tohsaka as having a Monopoly on a unique type of jewel. The interaction with Luvia will be entertaining

As for that bit of getting Shirou gifts technically speaking there's another category he can't copy. Merely making something by hand and presenting it. The history of it would be unique compared to buying the same thing and would also likely be imbued with the intent or emotions of the crafter. The knowledge of it's history would be special on its own.
Zarathustra ubermensch chapter 1 . 9/25
dude the story should be just a slice of life at this point characters are too op plus shiki
Curious About chapter 25 . 9/23
At this point shouldn't there be a happy ending? The way I see it, Shirou and Artoria won already.

They have a butt-load of Servants with them. Countless . Allied MAGICIANS! Gil killing demon pillar holders. Melusine. With Shirou and Artoria alongside allies literally being op and a Merlin who ensures the baddies can't even get their plans started as seen with Maisurberry.

Hell, only thing that might threaten them is the hidden plan known as CHALDEAS since nobody, not even Atlas's super computor, was able to figure out Maisuberrys true plan which is rather awesome as an accomplishment. Doubt even our clairvoyant users could see that plan coming.

But otherwise, Zoukens gang and all others, feels like they can't do squat now as villains as the heroes that op to even be threatened.
Arthias chapter 25 . 9/24
Is Hakuno gonna get together with Gilgamesh? Because I love the HakunoxGilgamesh ship.
Blanchimont chapter 25 . 9/23
Finally, the offical courtship between Shirou and Arturia, love the scene for Shirou's birthday as well, though what is the appearance of Chloe? Similar to Illya with a slightly tanner skin tone (not as tanned as Prillya)? At least Miyu gets to be properly cared for this time.

And fem Hakuno appears, another girl for Shirou to heal, pity she's not in his harem, who is confirmed by the way? Arturia, Rin, Sakura, Ishtar and Ereshkigal is what I believed to be in.
omegadramon2 chapter 25 . 9/23
Good Chapter should be interesting to see how you intergrate the Fate Extra characters also when is shiro going to address the "Hunk of Metal" (I'm assuming that's Poseidon) resting in the bay of his Reality Marble
ccplays1 chapter 25 . 9/23
Since Hakuno is not gonna be part of shirou harem, does that mean your gonna give her, her own harem? I've seen quite a few ships of her with Nero and the other servents in her game, BB included. Also it would be hilarious to see how the Tosaka's react to finding out that an entity that is like a divine spirit looks like their other daughter ( I forget if BB and her alter egos were or were like divine spirits since I never played the game or read much material on them)
grant.walker581 chapter 25 . 9/23
holy shit this is awesome!

also I just read all of the side stories and I am very happy for getting so much to read today.

thank you!

love the chapter and can't wait for more!

EnkiduKingu chapter 25 . 9/23
If Hakuno’s here I wouldn’t be surprised if Nanashi decided settle down
Darkjaden chapter 24 . 9/23
Will we see a Tohno Shiki in this story?
shade5280 chapter 3 . 9/23
I just started reading this and I'm so glad I found it. that is all
Aikun Sorata chapter 25 . 9/23
Or give that acquaintance to Shirou if Gray decides to take it for herself.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/20
I love this story you are doing a fantastice job and i have a idea for you.

Shirou's new Aria to Invoke his reality marble.

"I am the soul of my creation."

"Infinite is my body and Divine is my magic."

"I have made over a thousand weapons."

"Have defied fate, waiting for the Future."

"Having seen the ending, I continue to walk down this road"

"It is my only path. My whole life had been,"

"Unlimited Creation Works!"
red skull 564 chapter 1 . 9/18
Hey this is just a fun little feature that im going to tell you alll for those who are having a hard time reading this or people who like audio books if you download the fanfiction app it has the ability to stories into Text to speach or tts and its free it helps me get through a lot of fanfic stories thought I should put that out there just to lets you all know to those who read this anyways i hoped I helped
Guest chapter 25 . 9/14
Honestly. The story is quite hard to read, and I've been trying for several days to muddle through it. I think overall its overly ambitious and needlessly complex. Your summary also felt like bait tbh. I'm one of the people who came for a Shirou/Saber story and instead we have to deal with Shirou being a child (not to mention with ridiculous powers), a budding harem, and this weird role you've thrust Saber into.

Also I'll be honest. Its truly hard to write a harem story and actually do the relationship justice. If you've never been in a polyamorous relationship before, then I highly doubt you'll be able to do so effectively. And you'll just potentially anger people who do identify as poly if you dont do so properly. And you're going to anger the 3 readers who came for Shirou/Saber who haven't bailed on this story yet lolol. People who fixate on harems have apparently never actually been in a serious relationship and have no idea how much effort it takes to maintain a healthy one lol.
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